tagGay MaleAgape Ch. 04

Agape Ch. 04


"Please," Dmitri gasped, "Take me, Dusty. Make me yours."

Dusty kissed his lover's eyelids and then put his lips next to the boy's ear. His tongue traced the curve of that ear while his hips worked, bumping their blood-filled pricks together. The feeling was akin to being mildly electrocuted; to say that sparks flew would be a gross understatement.

Dmitri groaned, arching his hips and cock up at Dusty. He bit down hard on his lower lip, pouting at the man who was responsible for his delicious torment.

"I think we've both had enough of this game," Dusty grunted, sliding down his lover's body. Little kisses like liquid heat traced a shining path down between Dmitri's nipples, curved down over his belly and stopped at his navel. Dusty cupped the boy's ass in his hands, urging his legs up. He worked his way down, pausing only briefly to leave a kiss on his lover's cockhead. Moving further down, his tongue blazed a trail that parted Dmitri's cheeks, opening him up. His tongue teased at Dmitri's entrance, soothing and exciting all at once.

Dmitri let loose a low moan when Dusty's tongue slipped into his ass; his hips arched and his muscles tightened before relaxing once more. Dusty picked up speed, fucking that tender hole gently. And then he stopped, leaving Dmitri writhing on the bed.

"You want to be taken, boy?" Dusty growled over his shoulder as he rifled through Dmitri's drawer full of goodies.

"Yes!" Dmitri proclaimed.

Dusty turned back to Dmitri, hands full and a smile on his face like that of a small child on Christmas morning. He silently thanked the younger man for the precious gift he was being given, at the same time that he wondered, Really? All this for me? I must be dreaming.

Dusty unloaded his burden on the bed next to Dmitri. From the pile, he selected two lengths of soft rope. With them in hand, he gestured toward the boy in front of him.

"Where can I tie them?"

"There are bolts in the bed frame."

"I like a man who keeps himself prepared."

"Like a boy scout," Dmitri whispered.

Dusty tried not to laugh. He failed miserably.

"I don't think this is what the boy scouts had in mind," he chuckled.

"And this is much more fun."

"I'm sure as hell not gonna argue that point."

Begging for attention, Dmitri's dick bobbed toward Dusty. The older man smiled at his sweet companion as he felt for the eyelets screwed into the wood by his feet, unable to see him in the gloom that was barely relieved by the light of the candles. After a few moments, he managed to get the two lengths of rope knotted securely through the small metal rings. He grasped Dmitri's left wrist firmly but gently and knee-walked up that side of the bed.

"Boy... Beautiful boy, I want you to look at me when I fuck you," he growled.

"Fuck. Yes," Dmitri panted through tightly clenched teeth. His prick drooled in anticipation.

Dusty secured the first wrist using a slipknot that would hold his lover even if he thrashed but would be easy to release if there was a need to do so in a hurry. Then he straddled Dmitri, briefly grinding their crotches together on his way to the other side of the bed. He took his time tying the boy's right wrist, enjoying the feeling of the quickening pulse there.

"How's that?"

Dmitri flexed his arms, testing the ropes that held them akimbo. His muscles seemed to threaten to jump right out of his skin, and Dusty noticed – not for the first time – how magnificently sculpted his little Greek god's body was. He wasn't too buff, he was just perfect; strong but still cuddly.

"I cannot move," Dmitri whispered, "Not enough to get out of these."

"And that's what you want, isn't it, honey?" Dusty smiled at his captive audience of one, anxious to get on with the audience participation segment of the performance but savouring the sweet, nervous energy that filled the air.

"Yes!" Dmitri whimpered. Then he fell silent, an expression of sweet submission creeping across his features.

"Thank you," Dusty murmured into Dmitri's belly. He nuzzled the fur there, dark and thick, before following the boy's trail of hair down to the base of his cock. He grasped its throbbing shaft, hard but not too hard, and pumped it a few times. Then he let it drop from his fingers. It bobbed several times before coming to a rest, angled slightly back towards Dmitri's body. The younger man moaned involuntarily, needing Dusty's attention but enjoying the teasing manner in which it was being doled out.

"Up, babe." Dusty prodded Dmitri, lightly scratching the underside of the boy's thigh. "Let me get closer to you."

Dmitri obliged, bending his knees and tilting his pelvis so that he was nothing if not vulnerable to his new lover. Though warm in the room, goosebumps rose on his flesh.

"Good boy," rasped Dusty, taking in the sight before him, still unable to imagine why the lovely creature in front of him – beneath him – had chosen him from all of the men at the bar that night.

"Before I accept this gift that you've offered me," Dusty began, then nervously cleared his throat. "Will you promise me something? And only then if you honestly mean it?"

Dmitri looked puzzled but nodded his head.

"Okay. I want to ask you something when we're done. And I don't want you to tell me what you think I want to hear. I want the truth. Will you try to give it to me?"

The bound man nodded once more, his eyes locked on Dusty's.

"I could not lie to you if I wanted to."

"You're something else, kid. Thank you." His curiosity temporarily abated, Dusty wrapped his sweat-slick fingers around Dmitri's ankles. With the boy's feet on his shoulders and hips arched up off of the bed, he thrust his tongue deep into Dmitri's sweet, musky entrance.

Dmitri whimpered, eyes cast down at the top of Dusty's head. He wasn't used to being treated so gently by tricks he met at the bars... But then, Dusty might not be just another trick. Or was he just getting his hopes up?

Dusty nuzzled the crevice between Dusty's cheeks, taking his time making the narrow passage open itself to him. When Dmitri's legs began to quiver and his wet tongue encountered no resistance, Dusty backed away. He kept his hands on his lover's ankles, drawing those long, well-muscled legs back with him. He ran his fingertips up to Dmitri's knees, under his kneecaps and then back down to the ankles before speaking.

"Don't go anywhere."

He was rewarded with a coy smile.

Back to the little pile he'd made on the bed, which remained more or less undisturbed by their actions. That would change soon enough. Dusty sat back on his heels. His eyes met Dmitri's for a moment; he drew his playmate's gaze down to his cock, standing proud. Knowing that the boy would keep himself entertained this way for a few moments, he looked to the bedding. There he found the condoms, tore one from a strip and made a show of slowly opening the wrapper. This was tossed back in the general direction of the heap o' toys and Dusty drew the rubber down over his dick. Looking back up over the younger man's body and finally settling on his face, he saw that Dmitri's attention had not strayed from his cock. The boy sure knew what he wanted.

"I wonder what I should do with my young friend now," Dusty leched at the other man.

Dmitri's face pleaded with Dusty. Please. Now. Fuck me. Claim me. Make me yours.

"Don't worry, little one. I think I have a few ideas."

Dusty took the bottle of lube he'd found amongst the other items in Dmitri's miniature play chest, drizzled a long, cold stream down over his own cock. He made a big show of slathering it over himself before taking the excess and working it into Dmitri's asshole. He slipped one finger inside the boy, then two – neither was a challenge. He'd done his job well.

He reached, moving his fingers and looking to nip that little spot that is a source of so much pleasure. Dmitri made little happy noises. A third finger slipped inside and Dusty fell in love with the look on his lover's face, worshipful and down in the gutter 'fuck me now' all in the same moment. Even bound and silent but for moans and whimpers, the boy made demands that Dusty could not help but fulfill.

Dusty moved toward Dmitri, who flowed with the older man's body as if it were an extension of his own. A flutter of movement, and then olive-coloured legs were draped over Dusty's shoulders. Even as Dusty pressed the tip of his cock to his lover's entrance, Dmitri suddenly became impatient. He pushed toward Dusty, engulfing the head of his cock. Dusty hissed, throbbing and caught off-guard.

He went to draw back, to tease the boy just a bit longer. The look on Dmitri's face told him that he would wait if he must, but he could not think of a worse fate just then than having to bear the loss of that piece of Dusty's body within his own. Continuing Dmitri's game, Dusty pulled back until his dick was barely inside the boy; then he drove forward and buried it completely.

Dmitri cried out, "Yes! God! Yes!"

Dusty worked in and out of the boy, alternating his rhythm just when Dmitri had adapted to it. He wanted the boy to know that he would belong to Dusty. They struggled with that delicious power, the cadence of grunts and thrusts, until Dusty forgot to think and just fucked.

When Dmitri's muscles clenched around Dusty's cock, demanding its release, he knew he would be powerless to hold back for much longer. He reached for his lover's throbbing prick to caress it while they both flirted with the heat that danced throughout their joined body.

Dmitri came first. Dusty milked his cock lovingly, dancing his fingers over the shaft while spurts flew into the air, coming back down to splat against the warm, dark skin and disappear into the thatch of curly hair that surrounded that gorgeous dick.

It was the contented little sigh from Dmitri that pushed Dusty over the edge. His own cock danced deep inside Dmitri, spurting warm spunk into the latex wrapped around it.

"Give it to me. I want all of it." Dmitri gasped, relishing the heat he could feel even through the condom.

"For you, baby?" Dusty grunted, now working his own cock for every last drop. "I'll give you everything I've got."

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