Hi readers here is my true story about Agde the big Naturist resort in the South of France. It really is a small town with I would guess about a population of 30,000 plus at the height of the holiday season.

The facilities there consist of five large apartment blocks each with its own shopping complex of super-markets, boutiques, bakers, butchers shops, restaurants and bars, swimming pools etc., there is even a bank and two estates of small villas. The beach is well over a mile long with a very large, well appointed, naturist caravan and camping site behind it. The town also has it's own marina with a Harbour Master and a small boatyard even it's own police station.

There is no need to wear clothes at any time, even to go shopping. During the daytime most people are naked in the streets, shops and supermarkets though some cover up just a little. It's even stranger walking naked into the bank, especially for me, because I used to work in one.

At first I was shy and wore a pareo but I tied it at the neck so that it would flap open completely down the front as I walked to show my pouting and very bare sex lips, you see I shave all of my pubic hair off and as my vagina is quite large the swollen lips can always be clearly seen. After a couple of days, though, I dispensed with the pareo and went shopping naked just like everyone else, though that's not so sexy. It's a strange feeling bending over the frozen food cabinet in the supermarket knowing that anyone behind me can see everything that I have between my legs with an uninterrupted view of my bare arsehole and the naked, pouting lips of my always excited and moist glistening pussy lips peeping between my thighs, then standing at the check out with the cashier who is dressed, looking at my naked body and straight between my legs at my shaven sex and maybe even my clitoris peeping out from that fully exposed cunt.

Some of the hairdressers in the town even offer a pubic trim. You can either have your pubes shaped or removed completely by the hairdresser. It is quite a sexy sight to see a naked woman sitting in the hairdressers chair with her legs spread wide while a young man or woman shaves between her legs completely exposing her cunt, parting the delicate lips as they shave the hair away.

It is surprising though how some people are not able to escape from their customary attitudes. We had heard a story of a lady who walked naked into a shop then asked for the changing room in order to try on a dress.

Total nudity is the norm during the daytime but it is in the evening that the ladies dress up in the sexiest outfits, but more of that later

It is expected that everyone is naked on the beach and of course we were no exception. We always went for a stroll along the full length of the beach to get some exercise, and because it is so much cooler walking than lying down on the hot sand. We would boldly walk right past the notice board marking the end of the Naturist section of beach and into the part where everyone was dressed, albeit in beachwear and even though some ladies were topless we both walked amongst them the only ones who were totally naked and without pubic hair I really was totally naked. I suppose that for us it was a safe way of exhibitionism as the people there had at some time walked along the nudist beach. Anyway it gave us a thrill to be the only two people amongst a lot of people who were naked and therefore we were the centre of attention with all eyes on us because of it and for me so proudly and blatantly displaying my hairless and swollen cunt lips, glistening with excitement and Chris his shaven prick and balls for all to see, perhaps a hundred people who were all clothed. I constantly had a tingling feeling between my legs thinking of all those conventional people looking at my naked body and seeing the large deep pink lips of my shaven cunt and bare breasts, nipples proudly erect. I was very different from them, not only because I was naked but because, like a young girl there is no hair to hide my pussy, but unlike a young girl my lips are so much bigger and always pouting with the inner lips hanging like flaps. My very excited sex was proudly on show to everyone. On a couple of occasions I even wore a pearl drop, earing clipped to my engorged lips which drew all eyes down between my legs. It looked as though my cunt was pierced and the pearls resembled a drop of cum hanging from it. I loved being the centre of everyones attention.

Back in the nudist area the boutiques are full of the most exotic and often erotic clothes imaginable, clothes that would be considered totally outrageous and sold only in specialist shops anywhere else. Transparent, crochet and lace dresses and tops, open front, crutchless panties, peephole, chains, leather, plastic and rubber, whatever takes your fancy and the beauty is that however outrageous and revealing it is you can wear it out of the shops and in the streets and at the restaurants, bars and discos.

On one occasion I was offered a free ticket to a special "Disco, Sans Slip" in the old town, this meant that the girls must not wear panties. I don't know if it was required to prove that one was knickerless but that could have been very interresting in itself. It would have been ideal for me because I don't wear any undies anyway. Unfortunately it was in the old town and we didn't have transport to get there.

As I said it is in the evening that the sexy fashion shows start. It is quite normal to see women out in the town wearing nothing more than a brightly coloured or transparent mini thong with high heeled shoes their breasts naked, nipples proudly erect, sometimes coloured to match their lipstick, with jewellery, perhaps a long necklace looped round a naked breast, or a waist chain or decorative belt, maybe even nipples pierced with pretty rings or bars through them. Naked buttocks, breasts swaying sexily as she walks among the crowds in and out of the shops and bars proudly showing her sexily clad body to everyone.

See through French knickers are often worn usually with nothing else. Dresses, like mine, that clearly show that the wearer is not wearing any underwear. Micro mini skirts sometimes just a pelmet, so short that it doesn't even cover the wearers naked sex and shorts cut high and with a crutch little more than a string so that the pussy, pubes and bum cheeks are not hidden.

I was no exception it was in the evenings that I really went to town, literally, almost naked. On one occasion I wore my totally transparent, black nylon kaftan which covered me from neck to toe but hid absolutely nothing, it is as sheer as glass, with it I wore just black stockings and suspenders, which nicely framed and clearly displayed my otherwise naked, shaven cunt. Nothing of me was hidden. We were in a dark area of the marina when a Spaniard thought that I was available and asked Chris if he could fuck me. We declined his offer and made a very hasty retreat back to the bright lights I can tell you. It was a wonderful feeling walking around the shops showing my stockings and suspenders in this way as well as my nipples and cunt.

Another long dress that I sometimes wore is in white transparent nylon with a halter neck, although this covers me it hides nothing. I have worn transparent and lace dresses, open fronted pareos, very short skirts always with see through tops and blouses with all the buttons undone so that not only were my tits visible through the transparent material of the blouse but also as it opened all would be revealed, well anything that is really sexy and you would be locked up for anywhere else and always, of course, ensuring that everyone can see that underneath I am not wearing any underclothes except perhaps those stockings and suspenders, well I don't have any knickers or bras anyway.

We enjoyed the many impromptu fashion parades as some of the girls who work in the boutiques wore, paraded and modelled their most outrageous and revealing clothes outside the shops or at organised fashion parades in the various bars in the evenings. Fashions that often covered but did not hide the breasts, nipples and pussies, fetish clothes that were designed to expose, enhance and draw attention to the wearers naked sex organs.

It's great though to be able to wear such blatantly erotic clothes and I always ensured that my nipples and my shaven cunt were displayed in public amid crowds of people and never hidden.

As I have said I am always naked beneath my dress and I ensure that this fact was always very obvious. If I do not wear a transparent skirt then it will be a micro mini or a button through skirt with all of the buttons undone or removed so that as I walk it swirls opens from the waist down and when sitting at a bar I always ensure that it is spread open to my waist as I sit with my legs apart inviting everyone to see my knickerless, excited and usually gaping, bald cunt. Being shaven of course means that my puffy sex lips can be very easily seen and never hidden behind horrid hair. It is a super feeling to be able to walk about in the town with my naked tits and shaven cunt on show to everyone.

On one of our evening strolls around the town, we came across a bar with a crowd of people outside it. The reason for this was a naked girl standing in the centre of the little dance floor whilst a man was twining fine golden chains around her shapely body. The chain was wound around her breasts, her waist and between her legs parting her pussy lips. When he had finished she stood, legs spread, posing for people to take photographs of her. What a shame she was not shaved!

One day as we came off the beach we stopped off for an ice cream at the Baskin Robbins parlour when we were approached by a Frenchman who asked if he could take some nude photos of me. Don't forget we were naked at the time and so was he. I was very flattered and we agreed to meet him in about a half hour.

We took him to our apartment and onto the tiny balcony. He started with classic nude poses but very soon the poses that he asked of me quickly got much sexier and very revealing, what is called continental, fully open with everything showing. Legs spread wide, bending over looking between my legs with the camera looking up between my cheeks at the dark rose of my arsehole and my very sexited and open cunt lips pouting and smiling between my thighs. He took close up photos of me like this and I loved the attention that he was paying to me. I was so excited behaving so outrageously and showing every detail of my gaping sex in such a pornographic manner to a man who was a total stranger with a camera, I had never posed nude for anyone other than Chris before and even he had never seen me posing like this. Chris loved every minute of it when other people can see my naked cunt and commented to Bernard that his obvious interest seemed to be because I was shaved. Bernard replied that in his opinion a girl is not naked until she had removed all of her pubic hair to show the real beauty of her cunt. We both agree with that sentiment. Bernard said that he thought that my thick lipped cunt was particularly beautiful because it was so visible and he loved to see my large clitoris peeping out so lewdly. More of this at another time though.

Suffice to say that as soon as Bernard left I was more than ready for Chris' cock to part those eager sex lips and slip inside me for a wonderful fuck. To feel that hard cock sliding between my engorged lips was heaven. I had never before felt so decadent and sexy. I had never before displayed myself in such a pornographic way to anyone not even Chris. We regret now that we let Bernard go before we fucked, he could have stayed and photographed us fucking, perhaps it would have made him hard as well.

That holiday was my first real encounter with body art especially piercing. On the beach we often saw girls wearing rings through their nipples and pussy lips. All of those with pussy rings were shaved so that the rings were obvious. One woman had a long, fine gold chain looped from one nipple ring, up around her neck and down to the other nipple, it looked very attractive, another had thick rings through her large nipples and five more thick rings in her shaven cunt, one in her clitoris and one in each of her inner and outer labia, she lay with her legs spread very wide so that everyone could see her shaven, pierced cunt. Some ladies wore gem stone pendants dangling from their cunt lips. I had not seen anything like it in my previously very sheltered life but I found it very interesting and sometimes attractive. Chris would love me to have my cunt pierced and ringed but I am shy about what our friends might say. As I said though I did sometimes wear the earrings clipped to the lips of my cunt in public and even on the textile beach and I enjoyed that.

Even when we went out of the naturist town I still did not hide the fact that I was not wearing a bra as the dark shadow of my nipples and the swell of my tits could be clearly seen through my lacy or transparent and open blouses and I still left my mini skirt unbuttoned to show, as it swung open as I walked, that under it I was naked, there were no knickers and no hair to cover my sexy cunt, and I sat with my skirt wide open and my legs apart at one of the many water side, al-fresco cafes while we took our coffee or as I bent to look at something in a window display allowing my mini to ride up displaying my bare arse with gaping cunt lips peeping from between my thighs.

One evening we invited another couple who had travelled with us on the coach to our apartment for a drink. We were all sitting naked with a drink in our hands when Chris and I started to get amorous. I stroked his prick to erection and as his fingers slipped between my legs to stroke my bare cunt my legs almost automatically opened wide to show everything and he slipped his fingers between my open sex lips. The other pair were doing the same and his cock grew to a full erection. Before long I leaned forward to kiss the end of Chris' cock and then slip my lips down over that hard prick to suck it deep into my mouth as the other couple watched. After a while we retired to the bunk and as Chris lay on his back with his rampant cock standing upright I climbed over him and slid my eager pussy over it and sat down as the others watched it disappear up inside me.

Whilst this was going on the other lady lay beside us with her legs spread wide as her husband was caressing her bare sex, slipping first one, then two, three and four fingers inside her cunt eventually his whole hand disappeared completely between her lips right up her cunt up to his wrist as she writhed and groaned in ecstasy. They both said that it was their party piece and that they loved doing it especially when they were with friends to watch them perform. That was quite a feat to take his whole hand inside her cunt.

In summing up I really love Agde because of the total freedom to be able to walk naked in the town and be able to wear the sexiest of clothes in the evenings and of course to be naked in the lovely sunshine during the day. It's a place where I can become a total exhibitionist, openly, outrageously and sexily displaying my naked body, my bare tits and shaven cunt for everyone to see and I hope admire.

If you have not visited Agde then I am sure that you would love it just as I do.

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