tagErotic HorrorThe Old Coroner 02: Age 22 Red Haired Female – Alive

The Old Coroner 02: Age 22 Red Haired Female – Alive


The young woman was the spitting image of the woman Garrit had raped. His lips started unconsciously quivering. Suppressing all his thoughts and reactions, he keenly observed his supervisor introduce the young visitor.

His supervisor was a woman in her mid forties. The shoes were large blocky British country woman's shoes. A bad curl job made the supervisor look like stepped out of a downpour. Large brimmed glasses suggested maximum visibility and minimum sex appeal.

The young visitor on the other hand was a red head. The nose, the eyes, the mouth, the body shape, everything was the spitting image of the young woman that Garrit had raped three years ago. The difference was that his rape victim had a summer like and bubbly appearance.

The young visitor had straight red hair. Gel put the hair into firm place and gave her a sleek look. The black eye mascara and dark red lipstick outline painted her as a goth punk. A leather spike collar around her neck was intimidating. The black leather jacket was thin, smooth and made a rubbing sound with all her movements. Her fingers were covered with rings that held druid symbols. The piercing through the middle of her nose septum scared him the most.

The situation was impossible, because he had raped the woman, when she was already dead. The woman had been lying dead on the morgue table. He had watched her get cremated. He had visited the anniversary of her death every year. There must be a weird trick. Perhaps, bodies got confused and a weird kind of resurrection after the fact. He felt the shakes crawling across his body. He had to weight each of his words on a gold scale to avoid giving up his rape secret.

"Garrit, this lovely lady is Grenada. You surely remember the Jane Doe from three years ago. Grenada is her twin sister. She is on a journey to trace the last hours in the life of her sister. Because you spent the night with her, she would like to see where she was prepared for her service. We usually don't do that kind of tourist tour. However, in this case Grenada has nothing to hold onto from her sister, not even a grave stone. Give her a little tour and send her off."

His supervisor turned around to hold Grenada's hand with both hands. She sent a warm smile and left. Her lab coat fluttered in the air. The echoing shoe steps on the floor grew quieted to leave awkward silence.

The punks in the public squares of London had always scared Garrit. They made him clam up, become rigid, hold tight to his lunch box, and hope to be ignored. Grenada was less than half his age. She seemed to weigh only two thirds of the weight of the tall Garrit. Yet, her face and body were bulky. Her movements were sharp and energetic.

To seem less conspicuous, Garrit seized the initiative: "Grenada, I am very sorry about your sister. It is always sad, when a person arrives without identification. Here is the morgue, where she spent her last night. Look around. That's pretty much it."

The morgue was in the basement. The room had a copper tone to it from the poor lighting and all the stainless steel autopsy tables. A big wall with square doors exposed the corpse refrigerator. His worn desk filled a corner. A cupboard filled another part of the room. The room was sparse and worn. Yet, because everything was built for water washing, it was clean.

Grenada looked straight into Garrit's eyes. The darkly lined eyes were even more dramatic. The spikes and leather made Garrit's vision twirl. Grenada's green eyes had a terse fire: "So, you saw Jessica naked, completely naked?"

Garrit immediately grabbed the side of his pants driven by nervosity: "It's not like that. I see naked bodies every day. It's part of my professional work. I become numb to it. There is really nothing sexual about a corpse."

"You act awfully guilty. I get it. Dead people turn you on. I have spent a night in a graveyard. It was very sexy. However, I ask, because Jessica always wanted to get a bunny tattooed on her groin, just where it would be covered by a bathing suit. I wondered if she was able to fulfill that dream before her death."

On one hand, Garrit was relieved that Grenada wasn't testing her. On the other hand, he had tasted how strong his subconscious was trying to talk about his rape.

"Of course! No, she did not have a tattoo."

"Would you mind, if I'd lie down on one of those autopsy tables. I'd like to experience what it must have felt for her?"

"That is a strange request. Yet, I don't see a reason not to. It's not like a morgue is a sterile surgery room."

Grenada slipped her backpack down the shoulder. She hopped energetically onto the stainless steel table. She wore black combat boots with thick rubber soles. The neck of the boots extended high. The black shoe strings were wrapped around her calves multiple times. Lying on her back, the black leather jacket parted. Between the t-shirt and the pants, a skin square revealed her tender navel button. The navel was smooth to the surface of her slender abs with the slight muscle definition. A tattoo of twisting and bending rose limbs surrounded the belly button.

Garrit breathed deeply to calm himself. Grenada's body was as sleek, youthful, and sensual as Jessica's button. Images of licking Jessica's nipples and placing his penis on her lips flashed through Garrit's mind. He was softly sweating, as he struggled to push those images out of his consciousness.

"Was Jessica lying like this?"

"Close. Our corpses don't interlock the fingers on their belly. The arms are at the side."

Grenada adjusted her arms. She dreamily looked at the ceiling. She tried to take in the feel of the room, the heavy yet quiet atmosphere. Her eyes closed. Calm breaths lifted and lowered her chest and abdomen. Garrit observed her quietly trying to quell the mixture of fear and attraction.

"You are very sexy," said Grenada.

"I beg you pardon?"

"Coroner-shatzi, you are very sexy. I am attracted by everything related to death. I have a real skull at home. You get to be with dead people. That is so sexy. Do you ever have ghosts and spirits visiting?"

"No, there are certainly no ghosts around here."

"I could teach you. You have so much dark energy collected around you. I can see the swirls of dark energy around you, when you move. They'd love visiting you. You might even be able to summon a demon. It is very sexy."

"Child, you watch too many horror movies. This is a place of science."

"You say that with so much fear, like deep down you know that your science fairy is merely a wash clothes over your eyes to make you feel safe."

Garrit's eyes were wide open. All the tension about hiding his rape and the spooky talk was eating away at his ability to keep his composure. Grenada slowly walked towards him. She placed her hand on the middle of his chest gently. The hand lingered. Garrit felt himself pinned between the wall and Grenada.

"Garrit, you don't have many friends, don't you? You can't even make friendly small talk."

"That's none of your business," snapped Garrit back.

"I brought you a gift. I guess you don't want it." Grenada made a pouting face with a lowered lip. Garrit melted at the look of it and gently touched her elbow.

"I am sorry. Talking people can startle me."

Grenada's face lit up with excitement. Garrit let out a deep breath. Grenada immediately went to ruffle her backpack. She was bent over showing her trim butt in black tight jeans to Garrit. Garrit couldn't help but feel happy for coping a glimpse.

"Garrit, here is a cake for you. I have made Jessica's favorite cake recipe. And, I have given everyone who helped her on her final journey a piece."

Grenada handed Garrit a white box. Garrit walked back to his desk. With gleeful eyes, he opened the box. He pulled a fork out of the drawer. A delicious short cake piece with whipped cream, a lemon ring, and strawberry slice was inside. Because of his poor city salary, he hadn't eaten a cake in years. This one was fresh. It had the light smell of sugar and lemon about it. His face gleaned big.

Grenada sat on a stainless steel autopsy table nearby. Her feet with the heavy combat boots happily dangled back and force.

"So, death-boy, you must have some great stories to tell with all the dead people coming in. Have you ever had a severed head?"

While munching on the cake, he cheerily replied, "yeah, automobile accidents decapitate unlucky drivers a few times a year. This one time, we had an axe murderer, a decade ago. He cut his victims into body blocks. That was a sight to behold."

"Garrit, you live in such an interesting world. Have you had to play any detective? Any mystery autopsies?"

"Yeah, when I was young, we had a body with no cause of death. They never told us. However, I believe he was an MI-6 agent. I was young and ambitious. I spent the whole night investigating the body. When the sun came up, I had investigated everything twice and thrice. So, I started smelling every square inch of the body. Around the thigh, I found a strange menthol-honey odor. That turned out to be a very exotic contact poison. Had I touched the spot without gloves, I would have been dead in 30 seconds."

"You are such a cool old man. I wish you could tell me all your stories."

Garrit's face glowed with excitement that someone was listening to him. He loved reading Grenada's facial reactions: The eye brows that slowly, questioningly raised, the wide starry pop of her eyes at surprises, and her lips tracing the words that he said, as if she were a little retarded or overly engaged in his words.

"Grenada, you are a very pleasant girl, despite your scary appearance. However, visiting hours are soon over. The security guard will come on his round and clear everyone out."

"Garrit, can't you hide me? We could spend the whole night together. All my friends will be so jealous to find out that I was in a morgue overnight."

Grenada exuberantly bounced on her feet. She cuddled up to the side of Gerrit to softly beg. Completely unabashed, she could feel the small balls of her breasts pressing against his body. For an almost sixty year old man, feeling those apples of youth is such a seductive thing. Her body was small, yet very warm. He could feel her like a little stove.

"Okay, we'll bend the rules a bit. I can already hear his steps. So hurry, stand behind the door."

Grenada bounced with many little triple steps behind the door. Her hands were swinging behind her butt to accent her cute ass even more. She was such a young puppy with all her excitement that always made her move her whole body.

The security guard came. He was a middle aged male of average trim. Yet, the giant uniform, belt, and pockets puffed him up easily twice the size. He quickly glanced through the room and nodded at Garrit. Then, he walked on like a dumb pig.

Grenada waited behind the door for the security guard to be completely out of earshot. The hospital basement was completely quiet. Everyone except for the two had left. There was no white background noise. Night had fallen outside. Even though there was no window, the room felt darker. Garrit was too nervous to work. He sat idly at his desk waiting for Grenada to appear.

Grenada appeared almost shy from behind the door. It was as if the earlier luster had left her. With elegant rather than energetic steps, she coyly stepped in front of Garrit's desk.

"Could I ask you for a favor? (Her face made scrunched folds.) Could you put me into the ice box like one of those corpses? I want to feel what it is like."

"Grenada, it is really cold in there. The cold keeps the corpses from deteriorating and smelling."

"Just for a little bit?" Grenada showed her teeth wide like a chimpanzee to beg.

"You are one unique cookie!"

Garrit waved his body side to side like a good uncle giving in. He got up slowly due to his unfit state. Grenada swiftly danced ahead waiting with a jiggling body. Garrit opened the black stainless steel door with the big handle. He pulled out the long stainless steel gurney. There were handrails along the gurney. A raised edge was there to collect any blood or bodily fluids. The scratched stainless steel reflected the overhead light in round yellow circles.

Grenada jumped and climbed effortlessly onto the chest high gurney. She lay down flat with her arms at the side, as she had learned earlier about how dead corpses lie. Her head faced the inside of the refrigerator. Her boots pointed out. The soles showed a fresh clear sole profile. Those young people always have new and fresh stuff, because they are too young to accumulate anything old.

"One more thing, could you put a tag on my big toe. That would be so rad! Just take off my shoes."

Garrit busied himself to undo the shoe lace knot. He lifted her foot to undo the rounds of shoe laces around her calves. Girls' have smaller shoes. The smaller size is not an exact miniature of the large size. The smaller shoe sizes always look so much curvier and cuter than his stretched out big shoes. He had large shoes, because he was very well endowed.

He pulled the right boot off. A dark pink sock with black stripes appeared. Her sock appeared moist and softly conforming to her foot. The arches of her foot were very pronounced and made her foot sexy. A thin outline of fog on the stainless steel gurney had gathered around her body from the body heat and moisture against the cold steel. Her foot instantly produced a big cloud of fog on the metal gurney.

The sock came off with a little tugging. He instantly smelled the cheesy foot smell. It made him feel aroused. The particular cheese smell was exactly the same as Jessica's. He tied a string with a white tag around her big toe. The skin was so tender on the toe that he would have loved to kiss the toe right there. Yet, he had to restrain himself.

"It's completely dark in there. Just knock and I'll pull you out right away."

With that, he pushed gurney with Grenada into the freezer. A strange sense of power rushed through him for locking up the young, energetic, and sexy woman. Her backpack lay on the floor. He could have rifled through it without her knowing. Yet, he know that was bad. So, instead he counted the turns of the seconds arm on his watch to make sure that he didn't leave Grenada in too long.

After five minutes, he pulled her out. Grenada was shivering over her whole body. Her face was flushed red from the blood trying to warm her. She had been tough in her quest to be strong. Garrit was dazed for a moment and arrived that he had waited too long.

However, Grenada jumped off the gurney. She pressed her little body against his thin tall body: "Warm me, warm me, I am so cold!" He was stunned by the sudden intimacy. He hadn't touched a warm woman in years, let alone a young one. Spurred by her shivers, she held onto his body without any polite reservation. Her whole being clung to him. Garrit felt oddly touched and stimulated by so much emotion.

He slowly guided her to his desk, where he sat on his chair with his feet on the desk. Grenada was curled into a fetal position on his lap leaning against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her. They silently felt each others' breathes and her shivers. Garrit felt cozy and transported back in time to when he was little kid and got nurtured. His whole façade of being a grumpy old man that nobody talked to crumbled down. And, a forgotten warm, caring expression spread over his face.

The stayed like that for longer than Grenada was cold. He smelled her hair without moving, light smell of fresh shampoo and strong smell of hair gel. She felt his old, coarse clothes without moving, a standard issue lab coat and an old man's shirt from ten years ago. Garrit slowly swayed side to side to further soothe Grenada.

Grenada startled the moment: "Jessica is sexy, right. You saw her."

"Yes, your sister is attractive."

"No, she is not only attractive, and she is very attractive and sexy."

"Yes, Jessica is outstandingly beautiful."

"So, did you have a hard-on, when you washed her?"


"Don't be an ass! I am so open and vulnerable with you. And, you give me that corporate customer service bullshit. What an asshole!"

Garrit thought it over for a moment. Grenada was very impulsive and eccentric. She would understand.

"Yes, I had a hard-on for a little bit."

"I knew it." Grenada pinched her lips together and shook her head forward and back knowingly. "I want to see it."

"That's crossing a line!"

"C'mon Garrit. Help me grieve for my sister. You got to spend the whole night with her. I didn't get a single second with her. I want to know what it was like, every little bit, even if it seems immodest."

"I'll get fired for entertaining even the idea!"

Grenada looked sternly into Garrit's eyes, like he was someone in need of counseling: "Garrit, you'll get to see my boobs in exchange. I'll even go first."

With that Grenada leaned back on his lip to grow distance between their chests. She lifted up the front of her paper thin t-shirt with devil worshipper stars. The leather jacket fell to the side. Without the protection of a bra, her boobs fell bare. They were medium sized, the firm round balls. The areola was especially raised, almost like plastic. The nipples were big round ball shaped. The skin was so smooth and slick on her pink nipples that Garrit was starring.

Grenada placed his hand on her boob: "Touch them." Garrit pinched the nipples. He pinched them hard, because he knew that many women liked what would seem as painful stimulation of their nipples. They loved it. Grenada bit her lower lip hard, holding in the air to feel her nipple. Garrit didn't dare using all his force. He knew that some women liked that. He wasn't sure about Grenada.

She put her t-shirt down: "Now it's your turn."

Garrit loved the idea of showing his penis to a young, hot red head. He didn't even hesitate. Once she had implicated herself enough, he felt safe enough to expose himself. With her scooted down to his knees, there bare penis stood between her and his belly. His pant was unzipped. The lab coat was pulled to the side. The limp, naked penis was in the center of a nest of pant, shirt, and lab coat fabric.

His eyes glanced away into the room in a temporary moment of modesty. He felt the weight of Grenada slipping off his lap. Two seconds later, he felt a wet and warm sensation around his penis. Startled, he looked down onto the punk girl having sucked his whole penis into her mouth. His heart did a double punch.


"Grand pa, please, Jessica had you with a hard on. I want to see the penis how she saw it."

"What makes you think that Jessica saw my penis?"

"Relax, grand pa. Doesn't it feel good?"

"Just a minute and not longer. I'm counting the seconds."

"Have you ever felt a tongue piercing on your penis? Doesn't it feel awesome?"

Grenada rolled her tongue around his penis in her mouth. Garrit melted into bliss with the young energetic hot mouth working his member. He didn't keep track of the seconds. The moment was so luscious that he surrendered to it. His penis hardened. He loved feeling the little youthful hands explore his penis shaft and balls, while her mouth moved up and down the penis head.

He looked down at her. She had that wonderful facial expression, where the mouth is pulled forward to fit around the dick. It looks so goofy. Her makeup was lightly melting and getting blurry around the edges. She looked worked. He smiled.

The happy wave of feelings stopped. Grenada had taken his penis out of her mouth. He was almost disappointed and ready to call it an end as he had announced. To his surprise, he saw Grenada pulling down her tight black jeans. The jeans got stuck around the knees and ankles. She wore no panties.

Within the same second, she was straddling his lap and had guided the penis inside of her vagina with a focused look and pressed lips. His dick sent immediately messages of bliss and paradise to his brain. The moist pussy pressure around his dick felt delicious.

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