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Age Difference, The Sequel

byDG Hear©

Note from DG Hear: I wrote this story and most comments wanted to know what happened next. I'll give a short synopsis of the first story so this story will be able to stand alone. If you haven't read part one, you might want too read it first. As always a big thank you to my editor, Techsan, for making this a much better read.

In part one, our story teller was looking for the right woman. He dated younger women and women his own age but didn't feel comfortable till he met Ellen. She was thirty years older than Ted who was twenty-four.

Not only was the age a slight problem but Ellen was married to a politician who, she found out, was in a gay relationship. She has two adult children: her son, a lifer overseas in the service; and a daughter whom she called Cindy Marie, thirty years old and married with two kids of her own.

Ted, our storyteller wanted to spend Valentine's Day with Ellen. They had been lovers in secret for over a month at that point. They were to meet at a very discreet place named The Hidden Hideaway. It was kind of a clandestine hangout for those with secrets. I'll begin this story from what happened at the club. Happy reading!


Wow, I wondered what the surprise could be. She told me she would do anything for me. I wondered what she had planned.

I got off work at five on Valentine's Day, went home, and cleaned up. I packed an overnight case for the motel at which I had made arrangements. I stopped at the store and bought her a bouquet of flowers and a box of candy in a big heart.

I arrived at The Hidden Hideaway a little early. I wanted a good table at the back of the room. There were a few couples there already kissing and touching each other. I saw one good looking woman sitting by herself in a booth across from where I was sitting. She looked vaguely familiar to me. I thought I would talk to her till Ellen arrived.

"Excuse me. Do we know each other?"

""No, I don't think so. By the way that's the oldest line in the book."

"I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to pick you up. I thought you looked familiar."

"Look, Sweetheart, I'm married with kids. Besides, I'm thirty and probably a little old for you."

I had to laugh. Here we go with the age difference again.

"Just so you know, I'm waiting for my girlfriend. I really wasn't hitting on you. My name's Ted. What's yours?"

"Um... Marie, just call me Marie."

"Well, I really am Ted Baxter. It is my real name."

Right then a good looking black woman came over to see Marie.

"Hi, Cindy. How long have you been waiting for me? Who's your friend here?"

"I'm Ted. Just waiting for my girlfriend. She should be here in a few minutes. Are you waiting for someone? Your friend, Marie ... I mean, Cindy is waiting too. I guess we can all wait together."

"I'm Shala and Cindy was waiting for me. Glad to make your acquaintance, Ted."

With that she sat in the booth next to Marie/Cindy and started kissing her. When I saw Shala put her hand on Cindy's thigh and move it up to her crotch, I said, "Holy shit!" a little too loud.

"You've never seen two women together, have you, Ted?" asked Shala.

"No, I can't say I have."

I heard Shala tell Cindy she would be back in a few minutes; she had to go to the ladies room.

After Shala left, I looked over at Cindy. "Does your husband know you're doing this?" I asked.

"No, it's my little secret and I love having a women touch me. So what's it to you?"

"I'm not judging you but just trying to understand two people of the same sex together. My girlfriend found her husband with another guy and, believe it or not, that's what brought us together. Do your parents know you have a female lover?"

"God, no! I'd be crucified if they found out. My dad's a politician. He'd freak out for ruining the family name. My mom - now there's a story for you. A school teacher all week long and a Sunday school teacher and choir member. Talk about a woman who would spaz out."

Shala came back and sat across from Cindy. "Ever have a woman of color, Ted?" She spread her legs to show me her black pussy.

"Can't say that I have."

"Do you have something against women of color, Ted?"

"God, no, just never had the opportunity. Of course right now I'm in a relationship. I'm a one woman man."

"What about your girlfriend with the fag husband. Is she monogamous to you?" asked Cindy.

"Yes, I believe she is. Ask her yourself. She'll be here any minute."

Cindy got up and pulled a chair in front of Shala who was sitting on the edge of the booth. She sat down and put her hand right on Shala's crotch. They started kissing right there. This place was a little wilder than I thought.

I can see why they called it The Hideaway. Just about everything was going on around me. I couldn't wait for Ellen to arrive so we could leave and go to our motel. Shala and Cindy were going at it like they were in a private room somewhere. Each had their hands on the other's twat, oblivious to their surroundings.

I looked up at the door and saw Ellen coming in. She had on a black coat and was smiling as she approached me. She opened her coat to show me that she was dressed like a real slut. I was grinning at her, knowing she did it for me. She had on a halter top and no bra, and four inch high heels. Her nipples pushed through her top. Her skirt barely covered her ass and she had no panties on. She lifted the front of the skirt to show me.

I stood up and handed her the bouquet of flowers and the box of candy.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Ellen."

Cindy and Shala stopped what they were doing and looked at Ellen and me.

"Cindy Marie!" screamed Ellen.

"Mom!" screamed Cindy.

"Cindy Marie, what are you doing here?" Ellen looked like she had seen a ghost. She had to sit down for a minute.

Now I saw why Cindy looked so familiar. She was a young Ellen; she was a little thinner and her hair was dyed a reddish color.

"Mom, you're dressed like a whore. My God, what are you doing? This guy, Ted, here said he was waiting for his girlfriend. Are you his girlfriend, Mom? You're old enough to be his mother. Please tell me that you're not a prostitute, Mom. My God, I've never seen you dressed like this. Oh, God, Mom, no underpants and you shaved yourself down there. Why, Mom? Please tell me what got into you."

Ellen was shaking but was able to talk. "You aren't exactly Mrs. Saint either, young lady. Since when are you into women? What about Leonard and the kids? Does Leonard know about this other life your leading?"

Shala the black chic interjected, "Hey, Cindy I'm out of here. Your family is way too fucked up for me. You like women, your mom appears to be a hooker, and your dad is a gay politician. It's way too much for me to deal with."

"Hey, Ted, if you ever want that woman of color, look me up. I'm here on Saturdays. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone."

Shala left and Ellen looked at me. She closed her coat and said, "Ted, I'm so sorry. I can't be with you right now. I need to be with my daughter. Cindy and I need to really talk. I'm sorry. I'll call you tomorrow. Thank you so much for the candy and flowers. You are the sweetest man I know and you deserve much better than this."

She kissed me lightly before she and a very nervous Cindy walked out of the club.

I thought about getting hold of Shala and just shagging her but the problem was I was really in love with Ellen. I just sat there in the club and watched all the action between the different couples. I overheard one couple saying they wish they had a room for the night so I walked over and gave them the key to the motel room I had rented for me and Ellen. I wouldn't be needing it. The guy smiled at me and asked if I was sure. He gave me fifty bucks even though I didn't ask for anything. I told him the room was pre-paid for and just to leave the key on the dresser when he was ready to leave.

They both had wedding rings on so my guess was they were both married, just not to each other.

I stopped by a grocery store and picked up a few wine coolers and a video to watch. I ordered a pizza just the way Ellen liked it, pepperoni, mushrooms and green olives. Wasn't the best Valentine's Day; I was hoping for a lot better. I fell asleep on the couch wondering what the next day might bring.

I didn't get a call from Ellen so I called her later in the day.

"Ellen, it's me - Ted. I really need to talk to you."

"Oh, God, Ted, I'm at the school and can't talk now. I'll call you when I get home. Honey, I'm so sorry about yesterday. We'll talk later. Bye."

Well, at least she called me Honey; I guess that was a good thing. She did call me later from her cell phone on her way home.

"Ted, I'm on my way home. I know you have a thousand questions and I promise you I will answer all of them. If you don't mind, I'll come and see you Saturday at your apartment. I have just too much to tell you and don't want to do it over a telephone. I do want you to know that I do love you and you don't deserve any of this turmoil."

"Ellen, it's you and only you I'm worried about. I don't want to lose you. I don't care about our ages, I don't care about what your daughter thinks and I damn sure don't care about your fag husband."

"Ted, please..."

"I'm sorry, Ellen, I'm upset. What he does is his business but if it upsets you, it upsets me. Ellen, just tell me that you aren't going to leave me. That's all I want to hear right now." There was a very long pause and I was getting nervous. Then I heard her voice.

"Ted, I love you, I really do. No, I will not leave unless you don't want me, but we still need to talk."

I was confused. She sounded like we would be together but then again she seemed a bit distant. At least she told me we would be together ... I think.

On Saturday, Ellen was at my door. She was dressed in slacks and a nice blouse, kind of like a school teacher. I ordered us in some Chinese food and it arrived shortly after she did.

"Chinese! How did you know I liked Chinese food, Ted?"

"We're soul mates. I figured if I liked Chinese food then you would too."

She leaned over and kissed me gently. "We need to talk while we eat Ted. I don't know where to began. Let me tell you about Cindy first. It's a little easier to explain.

"Her name is Cindy Marie Williams. She told me to tell you how sorry she was for her actions. She did say she didn't lie to you since her middle name is Marie," Ellen smiled.

"Her husband, Leonard, is a workaholic and is always away. They got in a big argument about his working and never home with her or the kids. She was invited out with a group of gals from work. They went to a dancing type lounge. She didn't want to cheat on her husband but got involved with one of the girls who works in the lounge. One thing led to another and she ended up drunk and in the girls apartment. It was Shala, the black girl she was with. She said it was so different and she felt she was getting even with Leonard at the same time.

"She made the date on Valentine's Day with Shala because her husband was out of town again. It had nothing to do with love or the date. I explained to her that cheating with a woman or a man is still cheating. Either she and Leonard should work out their differences or divorce. The life she was about to get into would really hurt her kids who are only seven and five. Hopefully she will heed my warning, but only time will tell. She really is a good daughter.

"She asked me about her dad. She said that your girlfriend told you she caught her husband having sex with another man."

"I'm so sorry, Ellen. I wouldn't have said anything if I knew she knew you, let alone being your daughter."

"It's okay, Ted. It's all out in the open between Cindy and me. She really hates her father right now but I'm sure she can deal with it. She hates more what he did to me than being gay which now she has to deal with. At least he's still in the closet where Cindy says she hopes he stays." That brought another smile from Ellen.

"Okay, Honey. What did Cindy have to say about you and me?"

"She actually said she thought you were nice but way too young for me. She mentioned that you seemed to have a shy boyish charm about you."

"What did she have to say about you?" I asked Ellen.

"I had her scared to death. She thought I had gone crazy and taken up prostitution. She hugged me and cried when we first got in the car. I actually had to calm her down. It's kind of funny now when I think about how stupid I must have looked."

"Not to me, Ellen. I thought you looked very fuckable. I'm sorry! That wasn't a very good word to use."

She smiled at me, "To you I looked good, Ted, because you care for me. To any other man I would have looked like an over-the-hill prostitute. Believe me, it's true.

"Anyway, I told Cindy the whole story about us, right from the time when the car broke down. She had tears when I told her how I care about you and thought you cared about me. She told me, 'Mom, it will never work out between you two. The age difference is just too great.' She could be right; the difference between us is thirty years."

"Shouldn't we at least try instead of just throwing our love away? I know we haven't been together very long - just a month or so - but it feels so right," I remarked.

I continued to listen to what Ellen had told her daughter.

"I told her we were never together till after I found her father was with the other man. Up to that time in my life, I was totally faithful to her father. She knows I'm here with you tonight. She wants to know what happens after today."

"Happens? What do you mean?" I asked Ellen.

"Richard and I - Richard is my husband - I forgot I never told you his name. We had a long discussion about our future and his political career. Also, we had to discuss his new love life.

"Ted, before I say more I have to remind you that we have been married for thirty-two plus years. I always thought we had a normal, maybe even a better than normal marriage. I do feel I owe Richard something for all that time together and for our children, even though they are grown."

"You're going to stay with him, aren't you?" I asked.

"Ted, please hear me out. Richard asked me if I would stay with him through the next election which as you know is in November. For that he will give me enough money and financial help for the rest of my life. It's either that or we would be going to court and get a fifty-fifty split with him getting the house anyway. It's actually in his parents' name. He came from money. He just doesn't have a lot of fluid money. Most of his assets are investments. If we go to court and I make his gay life public, he'll lose everything and probably the election. At first I wanted to hurt him, but not now. Maybe his friend is his sole mate like you are mine.

"I want to stay in the marriage till November elections and then I'll move out to my own apartment. I can retire from teaching in a few years."

"What about us, Ellen? Is there an 'us' in your plans?"

She was looking down at the floor, not a good sign for me.

"Yes, Ted, I do have an idea for us. I think Cindy is right and our age difference is a big issue."

"Please, Ellen, give us a chance..."

"Let me finish, Ted. Our age difference could be a problem up the road so I suggest we stay as lovers. I will come and see you twice a week or whenever we can get together till after the November elections. I have to stay and live in my area so I will be close to the school. I think marriage for us is out for obvious reasons. My daughter and grandkids are a big part of my life too. After the divorce, I'll introduce you to the grandkids as a friend of the family. Then you won't feel as uncomfortable when they are around. Even though you mean the world to me, so do my daughter and grandkids.

"Ted, I'll understand if you don't want this part-time relationship. It's just that I love you and want you in my life but there are other issues..."

"I'll do it. I just want you in my life too. I'll take what I can get for the time being. Do you have to go or can you stay for awhile."

"If you want me, I'm yours for the night. It's to make up for Valentine's day. I'm so sorry. I wanted to be with you so bad but once I saw Cindy, it kind of changed everything."

"What about your husband? Is he good with you being here with me?"

"First off, I told him I have taken a lover after what he did to me but he doesn't know it's you and I would like to keep it that way. Secondly, he doesn't have any say-so in my life anymore. My only promise to him is to be discreet and at his side during the election season. We are moving my stuff into the guest room. I no longer want to sleep with him, especially since I now have you.

"Now, I know you got a glimpse of my surprise for you last week, but would you like to see it up close and personal?" She was smiling at me.

I knew she was talking about shaving her bush off for me. I couldn't believe she would do that for me, but I did get a nice glimpse of it that night before the shit hit the fan.

We both stood up and I was slowly unbuttoning her silky blouse. When her bra began to show, I bent over and kissed the top of her breasts lightly. She pulled my head tightly to her breasts. She was so soft and smelled so good.

"Ted, we have so much more to talk about but I don't want to do it now. All I want right now is for you to hold me and make love to me."

I slid her blouse off her shoulders and placed in on a chair. I reached behind her and unclasped her bra releasing it from her mounds. We walked a couple of steps over to the bed and sat down. I laid her back and began sucking on her nipples and massaging her breasts. I knew we had the whole night and was going to take my time for both of us to enjoy it.

I began to kiss my way down to her tummy. She was making soft moaning noises, not really loud but enough for me to know she was enjoying what I was doing to her.

As I reached her tummy, I sat up and unhooked her belt and unbuttoned her pants. I pulled the zipper down and saw her white panties. I stood up and took her pant legs in each hand and quickly pulled them off, receiving a big laugh from Ellen.

"I love you so much, my young Teddy," she spoke.

I never liked to be called Teddy, but when Ellen said it, it seemed special. I never objected being called Teddy by her.

I saw her mound pressed against her panties. I reached up and pulled them off her legs. Her shaved mound was glistening with a lotion she must have applied. I put her legs over my shoulder and kissed her pussy time and time again. She was smiling and moaning as my tongue darted in and out of her. I would continually kiss her shaved mound. So very soft was her skin. I brought my hand up and separated her cunt lips and kissed at the pink opening underneath I pushed two fingers in her pussy and fingered her till she was moaning louder.

"Teddy, Teddy, it feels so good. Finger me harder. I love it so much. I'm going to come. Teddy, I'm going to come."

She screamed out and I felt my fingers getting soaked with her juices. After her first orgasm subsided she moved up to the middle of the bed as I disrobed.

I laid behind her and pressed my hardened cock against her backside. She reached back and guided it into her already moist pussy. We knew we had the whole night and we stayed awake making love most of it.


After that night we saw each other pretty much according to plan. The only people who were aware of us as lovers were Cindy, my boss, Brad, and his wife, Julie.

Life was good. Of course I would have liked to see Ellen more often but we settled for what time we could have together. Brad and Julie were used to us being together. We even went out with them a few times. They thought a lot of Ellen also, although they could never understand our being together with such a vast age difference.

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