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The scene: a text-only cybersex chatroom. "MistressLisa" has just invited "bi_curious_debbie" to a private chat. The following conversation ensues.

MistressLisa: Hi, how are you?

bi_curious_debbie: fine thanks, you?

MistressLisa: Good thanks. A/S/L?

bi_curious_debbie: Sorry i'm new here. Whats ASL?

MistressLisa: Age/Sex/Location.

bi_curious_debbie: Oh right ok. 28 female UK.

MistressLisa: 35 f UK here. What do you look like.

bi_curious_debbie: 5'4, slim but not skinny, short dark auburn hair, blue eyes, small boobs 34A but a nice bum i think. Trimmed not shaved.

MistressLisa: Mmm I like the sound of that. You say you are bi curious. Ever done anything with a woman?

bi_curious_debbie: no :-( too much of a coward. i just know that I like girls as well as men and i would love to explore that.

MistressLisa: Well youre in the right place. Would you be interested in a little roleplay.

bi_curious_debbie: yeh that would be great. i do a bit of that with my bf, he likes spanking me.

MistressLisa: Sub eh?

bi_curious_debbie: yeh sort of. That direction anyway. How about you.

MistressLisa: Dominant, definately. I can get pretty hardcore, I should warn you.

bi_curious_debbie: OK well maybe lets try and we can see if i'm up to it. What do you look like btw?

MistressLisa: 5 ft 7, leggy, 36DD bust, black hair, blue eyes, fully shaved.

bi_curious_debbie: wow sexy!

MistressLisa: Thank you. So how about teacher-pupil?

bi_curious_debbie: yeh as long as I am older pupil - about 18, i'm not comfortable playing younger than that.

MistressLisa: Thats fine. So - shall we start with me having asked you to stay behind after class?

bi_curious_debbie: Yes do you want to set the scene.

MistressLisa: OK. Use square brackets [] if you need to say anything out of role.

bi_curious_debbie: [ok :-)]

MistressLisa: It is an expensive girls private school. It's the end of Friday. Class is dismissed but I ask you to stay behind. You are wearing school uniform with short skirt, blouse, white socks. I am in a skirt suit. I say, Debbie, I need a word with you.

bi_curious_debbie: (I am sulky and un co operative) What is it Miss, cant I go home?

MistressLisa: Not yet Debbie. And stand up straight when you're talking to me. I am very worried about your attitude and behavour, young lady.

bi_curious_debbie: (rolling my eyes) what am i supposed to have done?

MistressLisa: Well to begin with your skirt is far, far shorter than the regulation length. You risk bringing the school into disrepute looking like that.

bi_curious_debbie: Oh miss thats really unfair. And anyway I dont have the shortest skirt. I think youre picking on me. Have you seen how short Nina's skirt is, and she doesn't get into trouble.

MistressLisa: (smiling) Yes, Debbie, I have seen Nina's skirt. But I'm not talking about Nina, I'm talking about you. And besides that

bi_curious_debbie: What now?

MistressLisa: I realise that the school rules don't actually state that senior girls should wear a bra or singlet under their shirts, but I would much prefer it if you did.

bi_curious_debbie: Oh Miss, whats the point? I've got small breasts, I hardly need a bra at all, I'm much more comfortable like this. It's not like I bounce all over the place like Nina would if she didn't wear one.

MistressLisa: Still, Debbie, it's a question of the image you project while in the uniform of this school. You need some one to one corrective discipline.

bi_curious_debbie: What do you mean Miss?

MistressLisa: I would like you to spend the weekend at my house for some intensive behavioural tuition.

bi_curious_debbie: Really Miss?

MistressLisa: Yes. My house adjoins the school. Come to my front door at 8 o clock tonight. Do not tell anyone, not even your parents.

bi_curious_debbie: should i wear school uniform?

MistressLisa: To begin with, yes. You may go now. I will see you at 8.

bi_curious_debbie: (its 8:00. i knock at your door)

MistressLisa: (I open the door. I am wearing tight black leather trousers, spike heels and a black silk shirt)

bi_curious_debbie: Wow Miss you look different!

MistressLisa: Come in, Debbie. Does anyone else know you are here?

bi_curious_debbie: No Miss. I asked Nina to cover cos I'm seeing Jason, and told my mum i'm staying with Nina.

MistressLisa: Good. Before we go any further. To correct your delinquent behaviour, you will spend the weekend as my slave.

bi_curious_debbie: you mean like the ancient Romans had slaves?

MistressLisa: Kind of. You will do everything, i mean everything, I tell you. No questions. And you will call me Mistress, not Miss.

bi_curious_debbie: Yes Miss ... er ... Mistress.

MistressLisa: (smiling) good start. (We go into the house. it is a huge old victorian mansion, dark and atmospheric. Through a door you can see into a living room with leather furniture and a glass topped coffee table).

bi_curious_debbie: Wow Mistress what an amazing house.

MistressLisa: Thank you Debbie. We will be in that room later but first I will take you to the dressing room (we walk up the stairs)

bi_curious_debbie: Dressing room?

MistressLisa: (I open a door from a corridor on the second floor) Yes Debbie the dressing room.

bi_curious_debbie: I follow you into the room.

MistressLisa: (The room is full of mannequins and stands holding all different items of fetish clothing). Debbie, I would like you to choose a corset to wear.

bi_curious_debbie: WOW Mistress this is AMAZING!!

MistressLisa: (Smiling) Choose carefully, Debbie. You will not be wearing anything else.

bi_curious_debbie: (I am looking at all the amazing corsets on the mannequins) Oh Mistress I love this one (it is in blood red PVC, designed so as not to cover the breasts).

MistressLisa: An excellent choice, Debbie. Take all your clothes off, and I will help you to fit the corset.

bi_curious_debbie: All my clothes, Mistress?

MistressLisa: Remember, Debbie, you are my slave.

bi_curious_debbie: Yes Mistress. (I take my clothes off. Once I am naked I look small, nervous and vulnerable. It is chilly and my nipples are really big and hard.)

MistressLisa: Good girl, Debbie. (I take the red PVC corset off the dummy and place it around you. I go behind you to lace it up. I lace it extremely tightly).

bi_curious_debbie: (I gasp) Mistress ... I can hardly breathe ...

MistressLisa: (I pull the corset even tighter) There ... that should do ... this is all part of the disciplinary training, Debbie. Take a look at yourself in the mirror.

bi_curious_debbie: (I look in the mirror. Naked except for the corset. Boobs, bum and pussy exposed). Mistress ... its amazing ... it hurts but it makes me look incredible. Such a tiny waist. And it makes even my little breasts look bigger. I wish Jason could see me now.

MistressLisa: Follow me, Debbie. (I stride down the corridor).

bi_curious_debbie: (I hobble after you. The floorboards are cold under my bare feet, and I am gasping and puffing because the corset is so tight.)

MistressLisa: (I open a door). This is one of my training rooms, Debbie. (You look inside. In the dimly lit room is a huge wooden St Andrews Cross with shackles on it. There are whips and canes hanging on the wall. A candle is burning on a table).

bi_curious_debbie: [Sorry - whats a St Andrews Cross??]

MistressLisa: [Diagonal cross, like an X rather than a +]

bi_curious_debbie: [OK thanks sorry]

MistressLisa: [np]

bi_curious_debbie: Oh my God Mistress, whats that?

MistressLisa: A cross, Debbie. You're going to spend some time on it.

bi_curious_debbie: (I start crying) Oh but Mistress, I'm frightened ...

MistressLisa: Too late for that, Debbie. You should have shown more responsibility at school instead of flaunting your legs and breasts while in the school uniform like a cheap little whore. You are my slave now. You will submit to my training.

bi_curious_debbie: [just want to say this is making me horny as fuck!]

MistressLisa: [Me too! Glad you like it!]

bi_curious_debbie: (crying and trembling) yes Mistress ...

MistressLisa: Stand in front of the cross, Debbie.

bi_curious_debbie: (I obey)

MistressLisa: (I carefully shackle your ankles and wrists to the cross. You are stretched out in all directions as far as you can go)

bi_curious_debbie: (I am whimpering with pain and fear. As you stoop to shackle my legs I can feel your breath on my pussy. To my horror, I can feel I am getting turned on as well as frightened)

MistressLisa: (I can smell your arousal) Well well, you seem to be enjoying your training more than you'd like to admit.

bi_curious_debbie: Yes Mistress but ... but ... I'm scared ... I want to go home. I want my Mum.

MistressLisa: Your Mum can't help you now, Debbie. You're mine.

bi_curious_debbie: (I burst into tears)

MistressLisa: Look at you, Debbie, your eyes are as wet as your pussy. (I finish shackling you. I go to the table and pick up a leather riding crop)

bi_curious_debbie: [sorry - riding crop?]

MistressLisa: [small whip like horse riders use]

bi_curious_debbie: [ok thanks]

MistressLisa: [np]

bi_curious_debbie: Mistress ... what are you going to do with that?

MistressLisa: (I do not reply, but brush your nipples with the leather tongue of the riding crop)

bi_curious_debbie: Ohhh mistress i dont think my nipples have ever been so hard

MistressLisa: (I give each breast a sharp little slap with teh whip)

bi_curious_debbie: (I moan in pan and pleasure)

bi_curious_debbie: *pain

MistressLisa: (Now I rub the end of the whip against your pussy)

bi_curious_debbie: (I shriek) Oh Mistress Mistress you're going to make me cum!

MistressLisa: Not yet! Learn some patience, girl! There is a long way to go yet.

bi_curious_debbie: Yes Mistress but you are turning me on so much!

MistressLisa: I can see that. Your clit is swollen and there is cunt juice oozing down your legs. You are a horny little whore, arent you Debbie? What are you?

bi_curious_debbie: I'm a horny little whore, Mistress.

MistressLisa: You fucking love it, don't you? You love being my horny little whore slave?

bi_curious_debbie: Yes yes I fucking love it Mistress I want to be your slave always.

MistressLisa: Language, young lady! (With the whip I give you a sharp slap on your hairy pubic mound)

bi_curious_debbie: Aaaaaaahhhhhh

bi_curious_debbie: [sorry - just a sec - be right back]

MistressLisa: [ok be quick]


At exactly this moment, out there in the physical, three-dimensional world, a car is pulling into the driveway of a house in a quiet residential street in a London suburb. An attractive, fortyish woman gets out of the car, extracts from it some shopping bags, and approaches the front door. Inside the house, a man of similar age is sitting at a desk with a computer on it. He has heard the car pull up and his hurriedly fastening his trousers, slightly hampered by the fact that he has an erection, although it is subsiding rapidly. Once his cock is away, with a slick and practised routine he deletes his browser history and temporary files, and shoves into his pocket the tissues that he had placed on the desk in readiness. He opens his e-mail application just as his wife walks in.

"Oh hello sweetheart, that was quick, I didn't expect you back for another hour or so!" he says cheerily as they peck each other on the cheek.

"The hairdresser had a cancellation so they could fit me in early. And this way we get to see a bit more of each other today, which is nice! What do you think of the colour?"

"Nice. Bit darker than last time? It suits you."

"Thanks pet. I thought so too. Could you give me a hand with the rest of the shopping? Or were you doing something on the computer?"

"Oh, I was just checking e-mail. Just junk. Nothing from Tina yet."

"OK. I got some stuff for a barbecue, it's supposed to be nice tomorrow ..."

They disappear out of the front door.


Meanwhile in the chatroom:

MistressLisa: You there, Debbie?

MistressLisa: Debbie?


Elsewhere in the physical world, about 100 miles from the previous location, in a small room in a student hall of residence, is a much younger man, aged about twenty. He is completely naked. He is holding his erect penis in one hand and typing on his laptop with the other.


MistressLisa: Debbie?

MistressLisa: Debbie?

MistressLisa: You there?

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