tagNovels and NovellasAgent Amanda Ch. 02

Agent Amanda Ch. 02


This is the second chapter about British secret service agent Amanda. It will probably make more sense if you read the previous chapter first.


Hamid phoned me the next morning. He told me Hasna wanted to go on another shopping trip. I agreed to meet her at 4 pm outside Selfridges. So far I had made precious little progress in securing copies of the documents in Hamid's possession, so I figured any contact is better than none.

I found her waiting for me outside the department store, wearing her burqa again. I could see her eyes smiling though as she took my hands in hers.

"Shall we go in?" I asked after exchanging greetings.

"No, not here. Come." Hasna said and took me walking down Oxford Street. We soon turned into a side street and down the stairs to a small shop. Despite there being no shop window there was no mistaking what sort of shop it was.

"You're kidding" I said to Hasna.

"No kidding. You come" said Hasna and continued down the stairs.

The first room was full of videos and magazines. A big black guy sat behind a small counter. He nodded at us as we walked in. He seemed a bit surprised to see a lady in burqa, but didn't make it too obvious. He didn't give me a second glance. I followed Hasna through to the second room which was full of adult toys. Hasna casually browsed through an assortment of dildos and held up two, one very large blue one and a smaller pink one.

"You like?" she asked.

"Oh I think I prefer the pink one. More my size."

Hasna giggled.

"I like big" she said.

I absentmindedly picked up a pair of love balls.

"You like?" Hasna was watching me.

"Mmm, maybe. Always wondered what these would be like."

"I buy for you."

Hasna picked a pair of nipple clamps and then a pair of fluffy blue handcuffs and giggled.

"Hamid likes."

She put all the toys down on a cabinet in the shop.

"This" she said and indicated all the toys she had just picked, "for tomorrow. You, me Hamid." My knees went slightly weak at the thought.


"Yes, tomorrow. Today no time. Meet my sister."

She then turned and walked towards the counter and paid for her toys.

We quickly left and walked towards a corner café.

"I didn't know you had a sister here, Hasna."

"Yes, young girl. Student."

We found a table and order a couple of cappuccinos. Hasna was looking around but obviously didn't find her sister.

"Always late" she tutted but I could see her eyes smiling.

Finally a young girl was waving in our direction from across the street. As she crossed over I could see the family resemblance in her face but there was certainly nothing similar about their clothing. Hasna's sister was wearing hipster jeans and a tight T shirt which didn't quite reach the jeans exposing a strip of tanned, toned stomach.

"Hello Hasna" said the girl and kissed her cheeks through the burqa. Hasna spoke to her in their local dialect and the girl turned to me and smiled.

"Hi Amanda. I'm Saida. I'm studying here in London."

Her English was pretty damn good, you could hardly tell she was a foreigner. She ordered a latte with all the confidence of a young woman in her element at the chic café.

"So I guess you've been shopping" she said to me.

I nodded, not knowing whether I should expand any further.

Saida turned to Hasna and spoke in their local dialect again. Hasna soon shook her head and Saida pouted her lips. The expression made her look even younger than she probably was but she was very cute. I guessed she was probably only around16 or 17 but she certainly had the body of a young woman rather than a child.

When Saida turned to look at me she could probably tell from my face that I was wondering what they were talking about.

"I'm sorry" said Saida apologetically. I'm just scolding my sister for not letting me come along on your little shopping trip. I couldn't help thinking I not surprised Hasna didn't want her along.

"And she won't even show me what she bought. God, everyone treats me like such a child."

Her choice of expression surprised even me and Hasna picked up on it to and scolded her. To take attention away from it I said:

"To be fair I'm not sure if they would have let you in." Saida turned to me and snapped.

"Oh not you too. I'm 18, you know." Then she continued more calmly:

"I do look young though don't I? I get ID'd all the time in clubs."

I was getting the impression that Saida was a bit of a wild child. Saida and Hasna got into a longer conversation, eventually interrupted by Saida.

"Hasna asked me to apologise. I'm sorry Amanda but we have a lot to catch up on."

"Don't worry. I should be going soon anyway. I'll just finish my coffee. I quite enjoy listening to you both talk though even though I don't understand a thing."

And that was true. I had only just got my head around being attracted to Hasna and now I found myself just as attracted to her sister. She was young bubbly and vivacious. She had the same beautiful smile and flawless olive skin as Hasna and even more of a spark in her eye. A few minutes Hasna stood up and excused herself. Saida just smiled at me and then watched Hasna walk into the café. As soon as Hasna had walked through the doors she giggled and dived down under the table to pull out Hasna's bag.

"Now let's see what she bought" she said and winked at me. I felt like I should protest but Saida's cheeky conspiratorial grin stopped me.

"Oh kinky" she said and pulled out the nipple clamps. Her only comment to the big blue dildo was:

"Mmm she likes them big." Then her face brightened up as she pulled out the love balls.

"I love these" she exclaimed and rolled them in her hands.

"What did you buy?"

"Actually those are mine" I nodded toward the balls in her hand. There was something so natural and straightforward about Saida that I didn't mind answering such an intimate question to a virtual stranger. Saida smiled broadly.

"I knew you had taste" she said. "My family thinks I'm too young for sex. They really ought to wake up to the times. We live in swinging London, don't we Amanda?"

I wasn't quite sure what to make of the smile on her face but suddenly Saida did not look so young and innocent anymore.

When Hasna came back they started chatting again. I just said there and let the sounds wash over me, but I noticed that they both shot glances at me every now and again. It might have seemed intimidating but I was quite enjoying the attention of these two beautiful ladies and just smiled at them.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom and when I came back Hasna was alone at the table.

"Time to go" she said. Hamid had told me earlier that they had a dinner engagement in the evening.

I briefly wondered if I wasn't going to say goodbye to the lovely Saida, but she soon appeared from within the café. I couldn't help but smile when I saw her and she beamed as she walked towards us.

"Shall we share a taxi? You can drop me off on the way" I said to Hasna.

Saida was one step ahead of me though.

"Got one."

She'd hailed a cab just driving past and we all got in.

They cab driver quickly took me to my street and I kissed Hasna goodbye. When I turned to Saida she said:

"I'll get off here too, I'll walk from here."

"Wait" shouted Hasna as we got out and rummaged around in her shopping bag.

"Don't worry I've got them already." Saida held the small box containing my love balls. "Bye sister" she said and kissed her before continuing "Claridges Hotel, driver". She banged the roof of the cab and it took off. "Sorry" she said and handed me the love ball box.

"It's empty."

"Yeah, I know. Sorry, I couldn't resist."

"Resist what exactly?"

"Trying them out." She smiled somewhat hesitantly. I didn't know what to say at first.

"Are you saying... Are you..?"

"Yes." She smiled a bit more confidently now, moving her hips as she spoke. "They're great aren't they?"

"Mmm." I wasn't going to let her know I hadn't even tried them. "So are you planning on giving them back?"

"Of course" she protested quickly. "Only... I can't really take them out here."

"Oh, I guess you'll have to come back to my place" I said curtly, pretending to be annoyed although I was really looking forward to taking her back to my flat. I wasn't going to have this young little girl twisting me around her finger though, no matter how sexy she was. I turned and walked towards my house. I could hear her follow me but didn't turn around until I reached the little sushi stall next to my front door.

"Are you hungry? I'd love some sushi."

"Yeah, sure, that would be great."

I bought a couple of packets and went to open the front door of my house. I lived in a converted flat on the third floor. I pointed to the stairs.

"I'm sorry the lift is out of order." It was a white lie. "My flat is on the third floor." From the way Saida's hips swayed as she walked up the stairs ahead of me she seemed to have guessed the reason I let her go first. She had a gorgeous tight little butt. What those love balls were doing to her as she walked up the stairs I could only guess.

I let us into the flat and put the sushi down on the dinner table.

"I think I'll have some white wine to go with it."

"Can I have some too?"

I raised my eyebrows.

"Yeah I know. I'm such a bad muslim girl aren't I?"

I wondered to myself just how bad. I was hoping to find out soon. We finished the sushi quickly. I topped up our glasses with New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

"Let's get a bit more comfortable as we finish the wine off" I said and walked over to my black leather sofa. Saida giggled. Bad girl or not I don't think she was very used to drinking wine because she seemed to be getting a bit tipsy.

"Oh!" she giggled again as she sat down. I guess the love balls were moving around.

"So what do you think of my sister?"

"She's a beautiful woman."

"She is, isn't she. More beautiful than me?"

"No just different."

She smiled, pleased with my reply.

"But then you have seen more of her than me." I wasn't quite sure what she meant by 'more' so I just replied:

"I have."

"Which reminds me, I owe you something." She unbuttoned her jeans, lifted her butt of the sofa and slid them off. She had gorgeous long slender legs. She slipped off her knickers too. Seemingly unconsciously she put them down next to her on the sofa, right next to me. I could see they were soaked in her juices. She put her hand between her legs, moving her fingers up and down. She turned to me and giggled.

"The cord is gone." She turned quickly and put her left thigh up on the seat of the sofa. "See." She lifted her leg, resting against the back of the sofa, giving me a perfect view of her neatly trimmed pussy.

"I'm sure you can find it."

"Maybe, I'll try." She let her fingertips slide along her pink puffy lips a few times, each time pausing at the top to play with her clit. The sight of her sitting there playing with her pussy wearing only a tight T shirt reaching her waist was incredibly erotic. I couldn't help but smile and said:

"I don't think you'll find it like that."

"Oh sorry. I'm just so horny." She made a bit more of an effort though and let her fingers slip into her pussy. Our eyes met briefly but I couldn't stop myself from lowering my gaze to her pussy. She soon pulled out the love balls. Seeing her lips stretch as she pulled them out made me just want to jump in. She held them up in front of me.

"They're a bit wet."

I took them in my hand. They were slippery against my fingers.

"Play with yourself." I said. I couldn't pretend this wasn't turning me on anymore. She smiled and took off her T shirt before leaning back against the armrest and resuming the teasing of her pussy.

Her breasts were not as large as her sisters but they were stunningly firm and shapely. Beautifully crowned by two hard looking nipples too. Her left hand searched one of them out and gave it a good squeeze.

I raised the love balls to my mouth and let one of them slip between my lips, tasting her juices. I could hear Saida moan as she watched me.

"You want a taste?"

She leaned forward towards me and I held the other ball out to her. She gently licked and nibbled it before taking the whole ball in her mouth. I could hear the wet squishy noises as she kept fingering herself. Suddenly she stopped and squeezed both her hard nipples with her wet fingers, spreading her juices over her luscious breasts. She moaned as I took one nipple in my mouth and in too much hurry to wait for me to taste her other nipple she threw herself back on the sofa and spread her legs again.

"Lick me. Please lick my pussy."

I couldn't resist. I slid down on the floor and pulled her legs over so I could get easy access to her hot pussy. I slowly lapped her outer lips savouring her juices. Teasingly I let my tongue flick over her clit every now and again.

Saida said something I couldn't understand, then:

"Make me come. Please make me come."

Enjoying seeing her so excited I kept teasing her though until she expelled a string of incomprehensible words again before pulling me up onto the sofa, turning me over and sitting down on my face in one seemingly easy motion, so quick I barely knew what happened.

Not that I minded really. I grabbed her firm arse as she ground her pussy into my face and this time I obliged by sticking my tongue out so she could pump her clitoris against it. Before long she was coming.

"Yes, yes, yeeees... Yes!" She collapsed against the back of the sofa for two seconds before jumping up as if she'd been struck by lightning.

"Oh, jees Amanda, I'm so sorry. I don't know what got over me."

"Don't worry honey, I enjoyed it too."

She took my face in her hands and kissed me lightly.

"Your face is all wet" she said and giggled. "I'm sorry, I was just so horny. When I met you at the cafe my sister told me what you'd been up to yesterday, I wanted you straight away."

"So much for being too young for sex huh."

"Yeah well, I have had sex before. But never with a woman" Saida said and I could swear I saw her blush. "So when I heard it was your first time yesterday..."

"It gave you ideas huh? I'll have to have a word with your sister about what she's telling you."

"Oh please don't tell her anything about this. She wouldn't appreciate it."

I looked at Saida and smiled.

"And what would you do to stop me from telling her?"

"Anything. Anything you want." She started unbuttoning my blouse. "Please let me."

I just leant back against the sofa and let her take off my blouse and bra. She gently caressed my breasts before kissing them and sucking the nipples. My need instantly becoming more urgent I slid off my skirt and knickers in one motion. I took her hand and put it between my legs.

"So wet" she said. She soon found my clit with her fingertips.

"Wet for you honey. Wet for your tongue"

She slid onto the floor. I spread my legs wide opening myself up for her. Seeing her sit there, kneeling between my legs, with her sweet face and her pert breasts, was a sight to die for. She played gently with my lips spreading my pussy open.

"Having second thoughts?"

"No" she said emphatically. "You try and stop me. It's just so beautiful."

"It's also very needy, honey. I need to come."

She just smiled and leant down to slide her tongue straight between my lips. She slipped one, then two fingers inside me, pumping in and out.

"You didn't mind me sitting on your face?" she said suddenly.

"No not at all." I ground my hips, fucking her fingers.

"You looked so sexy, your face all covered with my wetness."

"You want to try it?"

"Please" she said and lent back on the floor without taking her fingers out of my pussy. I crawled on all fours over her body and put one knee on each side of her face. I slowly lowered my pussy letting her lift her head at first to nibble at my lips and clit. She moaned appreciatively. I soon felt her right arm move and looked back to see herself play with her pussy again.

I quickly swung around into a 69. She giggled excitedly and tasting her pussy again I was suddenly as horny as she'd ever been. I ground my pussy into her face and head muffled:

"Yes, yes, that's it, yes."

She grabbed my arse, pulling me onto her face even harder and I could feel her stabbing her tongue deep into my pussy as I ground my clit all over her lips and chin. Saida's juices were leaking down between her arse cheek all over my carpet but I didn't care. I let my fingers slide down her crack and fingered her arsehole. It made me so hot I could feel my orgasm building.

"Oh god, I'm coming, I'm coming" I shouted before plunging my tongue down onto Saida's pussy again. I felt my hands clench tight as I came and one of my fingers slipped into Saida's arsehole. Muffled screeches told me she was coming too.

We just lay there in a heap of flesh for a few moments before either of us moved. As we eventually sat up I smiled at her wet face.

"You're right. A face covered in pussy juice is very sexy."

"Thank you. It's the first but I hope it's not the last time this face gets wet."

"Don't you worry honey, I'm sure it won't be" I said and wiped her chin dry with my hand.

Eventually we got off the floor and got dressed.

"I guess I should be going" Hasna said hesitantly. I grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled my mobile number down.

"Here's my number honey. Give me a ring when you want your face wet next" I said and smiled.

"I will" she said, still hesitating. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure honey, go ahead."

"You see I have this friend. She's from Pakistan, but she has some family here. She's studying with me."

She seemed to hesitate again.

"She's the same age as me but has never had sex. And she's not likely too until she finds a husband, or her parents find one for her. She's very curious though but she's afraid to have sex with anyone she knows, or anyone that knows anyone in her family."

She looked up at me.

"Problem is she doesn't know anyone that is not known to her family and she doesn't speak any English. None at all."

"So what are you saying?"

"Well, when I tell her about my wonderful time with you she's bound to be jealous. And get even hornier."

"Are you wanting me to shag her?"

Saida just smiled.

"She's very pretty. Please, as a favour to me? I promise to make it up to you."

Suddenly thoughts about what I would say tomorrow at the morning meeting with my boss regarding progress on the case came into my mind. But right now I didn't care.

"Sure" I said. How could I refuse a request like that?

But first I had to get through tomorrow and I suddenly felt that my meeting with my manager might be a breeze compared to my meeting with that giant blue dildo.

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