tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAgent Hill's Lewd Training Class

Agent Hill's Lewd Training Class

byGrandflasher C.©

[NOTE: I was inspired to write this story after noticing how hot S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill was in the Avengers movie. The timeframe of this story takes place a few weeks after the Avengers movie, so S.H.I.E.L.D. is in the middle of rebuilding the Helicarrier. Just a note that there isn't any actual full-on sex in this story - just a lot of nudity, humiliation, teasing and fingering. And there are no superheroes other than Black Widow.

Also, I know almost nothing about wrestling or grappling, so please don't email me saying the training session all sounds like bullshit ... because I already know it is! This is simply a story coming from my warped imagination...]


Natasha Romanoff, aka the Black Widow, was in training room twenty-four aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, surrounded by a group of muscular male S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in gym tights, ten in total. As always, she commanded and received the group's rapt attention. After all, it wasn't every day that you received training from someone who was part of the Avengers.

She was dressed in her usual leather uniform -- black, tight and hugging her voluptuous curves to the point that worried the other male agents in their tight shorts, wondering who'd be the first man to pop a boner in front of everyone. Short curly red hair framed a beautiful face, but it was her tits and ass that had always caught the interest of every man in S.H.I.E.L.D. Natasha was the only one in the room wearing shoes, since she was only instructing and not participating in the training bouts.

Just then Agent Maria Hill stepped into the room, known as the other female S.H.I.E.L.D. operative that had the men's tongues wagging, as well as the highest ranking officer after Director Fury. Agent Hill was taller and more statuesque than the Black Widow, but was just as pretty with her dark brown hair always tied back in a bun. She had a smaller rack than Natasha, but had a set of long, slender legs and a stunning teenage ass to compensate. Right now Maria's ass was in the tightest pair of blue spandex shorts that the men had ever seen her wear before, along with a tight black sports bra.

"Oh great -- thank you for joining us, Agent Hill," said Natasha, "and thank you for agreeing to teach and spar with the men!"

"My pleasure," Maria replied, looking at the group of ten big, muscular men apprehensively. She didn't have much experience with giving this type of training before, but since there some down time at the moment, Director Fury had given his blessing for her and the Black Widow to proceed. "As you know, even though S.H.I.E.L.D. gives various types of military training to its operatives, from martial arts to weapons training, all the way to black ops type of stuff. We have found been found lacking in one area, though."

"And that area is in assassination!" said Natasha. "In the past month, two S.H.I.E.L.D. officers have been murdered. Now, while every S.H.I.E.L.D. operative is trained in the usual counter-assassination techniques, these two officers were killed in bed. It looks like there is a skilled spy out there, seducing our agents, and killing them when they are at their most vulnerable. A beautiful, naked woman always lowers a man's guard, right, Agent Hill?"

Maria coughed and looked down at the matted, spongy floor. "Correct, Agent Romanoff. And after some investigation, it seems as if the two officers did try and put up a fight, but ended up smothered or choked by the ... by the spy's thighs!"

The group of men grumbled at that remark. One of them joked, "Shit -- could be a nice way to go, mate!"

Natasha stared at the man who said that with her eyes narrowed, humorless. "But a dead agent is useless to Director Fury, so he figured that we need some extra training. You are our top field agents, so we are starting with you for the time being. You may be wondering why I won't be sparring with you all," she continued, knowing the men would love to get their hands on her hot little body, "and while I am the best fighter within S.H.I.E.L.D. -- Agent Hill is the best grappler. She can wrestle any of you men to the mat, gentlemen!"

There were a few whistles and grumblings, since they were burly, macho men after all. But they knew Agent Hill must have a superlative military skill set, otherwise she couldn't be in the position where she was in S.H.I.E.L.D. now.

Raising an eyebrow at them, Maria smiled and said, "Do you want a demonstration, gentlemen? Let's start wrestling then!"

For the first bit of training, Maria got on her hand and knees, had a man get behind her, and then start trying to bring her down. Within a minute she had his head between her thighs and an arm extended behind him, twisted in a way that he had no choice but to tap out. The men were duly impressed, and even more so when the lovely brunette did the same thing to all of them. When this was accomplished, Agent Hill had broken out in a light sweat and was breathing harder than everyone else in the room.

"So as you can see, gentlemen, that it isn't just strength that will win your battles. In a close and intimate battle, Agent Hill is more than a match for any of you!" Natasha said bluntly. "Now -- imagine if Agent Hill were naked, straddling your face in bed. Then all of sudden, she squeezes your testicles and then tightens her thighs around your neck! How would you counter that attack?"

All of the men were looking at Maria, thinking that same thought. A few of them popped a boner, but that didn't stop them from ogling the lithe, brunette beauty, who now had a bit of color on her cheeks.

"Let's -- let's try to get into this position now!" She had discussed this training session earlier with Natasha and it didn't seem so bad then, but she was now beginning to regret her decision to train this class. "Okay -- Agent Stern, lie on the mat and I'll -- we'll simulate this position!"

With a big shit-eating grin on his face, Agent Stern quickly got onto the floor. No one said anything about the growing thickness in his tight gym shorts as Maria carefully placed her feet were at the sides of the agent's head, and then knelt down so that her crotch was a few inches from his face. The agent was in heaven -- he had a great view in between her legs and that junction where Maria's inner thighs met her shorts, deliriously sexy.

With her face turning a deeper shade of red, Maria continued, "Now -- as you can see -- if -- if Agent Stern were performing ... oral sex on me ... see how I could easily squeeze his neck? Like this ... and then I can also reach behind me to grab his ... testicles!" Maria raised her hand backwards but stopped a few inches short of Agent Stern's balls.

"OK -- let's have the two of you fight it out, then!" said Natasha, a wicked smile on her face. "Now pretend you are performing cunnilingus on Agent Hill, please!"

"Yes, sir!" said Agent Stern enthusiastically, grabbing onto Maria's slim hips to grind her pelvis against his mouth, his lips now suddenly in contact with her crotch. The only thing separating his mouth from her pussy was the thin spandex shorts she wore, and he breathed in her intoxicating feminine scent with joy.

Meanwhile, Maria had to stifle a surprised yelp from the suddenness intimacy of her situation. She turned a bright red but could not bring herself to stop the man's actions or admonish him; it wasn't as if he were really eating her out, right? So Maria let the man grind his mouth against her most private parts, much to her embarrassment.

"You can try and 'kill' Agent Stern any time you want, Agent Hill!" Natasha said in a mocking tone.

Frowning, the gorgeous brunette abruptly moved into action, squeezing her thighs together and then reaching behind her, succeeding in grasping Stern's thick crotch in her hands. Stern reacted by trying to pull her slender thighs apart, but he wasn't in a good position and couldn't pry them apart. He flipped over to his side suddenly, but this gave Maria an even better opening and she wrapped her legs around Stern's neck, while she still held onto the man's crotch, his penis thickening underneath his shorts from her firm grasp.

The man tried flipped over so that Maria was now on her back, trying to pin her down, but she held on tight to his neck, and it was clear he had lost the match. He eventually tapped out, so Maria released him. Both of them lay on the floor, breathing heavily from their exertions. Maria realized she was still holding onto the man's crotch and pulled her hand away from him.

Natasha nodded her head. "Very well done, Agent Hill! Actually, in real life the match would have been much shorter, because - once Agent Hill grabbed your testicles - you would have been in a world of pain, Agent Stern!" Just then one of the men raised his hand. "Yes?"

"Agent Romanoff," he started, "I think in reality Agent Hill would have been even more successful than you have noted, ma'am!"

"And why is that?" asked Natasha.

The man continued, "Well -- if this was real, Agent Hill would be naked and -- honestly -- every man here would be distracted by her nudity. Another factor would be that Agent Stern would be naked as well, and ... the truth is, I'd imagine it'd be very hard for a man to fight without any clothes. At lease, I've never fought naked before! These two variables would become big strikes against us, ma'am!"

"I see," said Natasha, "and do the rest of you men agree?"

All of the men nodded their heads, and then one of the men in the back said, "I thought Director Fury said that this class would train us for real-world scenarios?"

The Black Widow smiled wickedly. "Yes -- he did say that, didn't he? Agent Hill, Agent Stern -- could you two remove your clothes? I want you both to wrestle in the same position once more time!"

Maria blinked in shock. "You -- you're kidding, right, Natasha?"

Meanwhile, Agent Stern had already taken off his tank top and was in the process of pulling down his shorts, his erection quite visible to everyone, and still quite hard. Maria gulped, trying not to stare at the man and his boner as he stood in front of her. Everyone in the room was now staring at her expectantly.

"Agent Romanoff!" Maria said, shaking her head in protest. "No one said anything about me taking my clothes off!"

"Tut tut!" said Natasha, scolding her. "We're all professionals here! And the agent was right -- we should be training in as real-world conditions as possible! You could be saving a life with this training, so don't be so childish!"

The lovely S.H.I.E.L.D. agent's shoulders sagged, as every person in the room watched her intently. Maria bit her bottom lip, her brow furrowed, worried and desperately trying to think of a counter argument. All S.H.I.E.L.D. agents trained with live ammunition -- meaning live rounds, explosives, and weapons - so it sort of made sense in this case as well.

She replied back in a low voice that was almost a whisper, in resignation. "Alright -- you've made your point, Natasha!"

Slowly, the lovely brunette unhooked her sports bra and let her apple-sized breasts spill into the open. The men couldn't help but stare at them, perfectly proportioned on her slender frame. Her tits were soft and real, her strawberry nipples hard and erect in the cool air of the room. Next, after some hesitation, Maria hooked her thumbs to the waistband of her tiny shorts and pulled them down in one smooth motion, stepping out of them gingerly, giving her trainees a good look of her bare, lush pussy before she placed her hands to cover her nakedness up.

Natasha didn't let the moment last long. "Please get into your positions again!"

Agent Stern was even more enthusiastic this time round! He laid down on the mat, waiting for the brunette, his hard seven inch cock sticking straight up.

"Oh God!" Maria murmured to herself, not really believing the situation was really happening.

She stepped over the man, straddling his head, and then lowered her pussy down over his mouth. This time Agent Stern quickly grabbed the girl's hips, fully mashing her delightful hot-box against his mouth. The man's hot breathing bothered Maria, as did the way he stared at her so lasciviously. Glancing behind her shoulder, she could see his thick cock, his lust not stifled anymore, visible for all to see and jutting straight up. In fact, Maria noted in dismay that all the men were staring intently at the junction between her thighs. She knew she had a lovely, delicate cunt, but now so did every man in this room!

Maria shot an angry look over at Natasha. "Well?"

Natasha simply smirked back at her. "How are you doing down there, Agent Stern?"

"Mmmfebbmemmbmeme!" he replied.

With eyes opened as wide as saucers, Maria yelled, "Don't speak!" The man's lips were moving and the intimate contact with her pussy lips was too much to bear. She wriggled her hips and quickly raised her pelvis up by a few inches.

"I could lie here all day like this, Agent Romanoff!" said Agent Stern, finally able to say something. "Wow -- you smell amazing, Agent Hill!" Some of the men sniggered at that remark.

Flushing a deep red, Maria bit back a retort. What could she say? The man complimented her, but it was a damned humiliating one. "Oh fuck!" she then said, mostly to herself. Just now, in this position with her hips lewdly raised above Stern's lips, the men could all get a very good viewpoint of her pussy. She looked back at Natasha questioningly.

Natasha shrugged her shoulders. "Any time you want to begin, Agent Hill!"

Sighing, Maria lowered herself back onto Stern's face, smothering him once again with her pussy. All of a sudden she felt an intrusion -- the fucker's tongue was inside of her, wriggling around in her most intimate of places! She didn't want to say anything - after all, how much humiliation could she take in one afternoon? Maria looked down at Stern with a slight disapproving look, careful not to let the others know of her predicament, but he took this feeble admonishment as a reason to continue on with his secretive tongue licking.

So the brunette did the only thing she could do, which was to begin the match. She suddenly squeezed her thighs together and then reached behind her, fingers clutching on something hard. In the meantime, Stern was digging his fingers between her slim inner thighs, and the two began to roll around, trying to gain the upper hand on one another. Natasha ended the match after a few more minutes.

"Again, I'll give the win to Agent Hill," said the beautiful redhead, a naughty grin on her face, "but minus a point for grabbing Agent Stern's cock!"

Looking back in shame, Maria realized she still had Stern's hard dick in her hand, and she let go of it quickly. She had reached for the man's testicles but had grabbed onto the dick first, which was in the way.

Natasha continued, "His testicles would be a lot more vulnerable in this case, especially in Agent Stern's ... aroused state! Wouldn't you agree, Agent Hill?"

"Yes, but I'd say I still got him!" replied Maria, even in this compromised state remaining fiercely competitive.

"Alright, next man!" said Natasha, pointing towards another burly trainee. "We'll try the same position with each and every one of you!"

Maria groaned inwardly -- the training session was getting worse every moment! For the rest of the nine men, she then had to sit on their faces, lewdly naked and feeling completely humiliated, and was forced to wrestle with them with their heads between her thighs. Most of the time they let her grab their testicles at least once, before they tried again and blocked her moves. The nastiest part was that they were talking amongst themselves, and now each and every one of them were sticking their tongues up Maria's sweet little cunt! She didn't dare say anything out loud, or protest to Natasha, so Maria took the wriggling, probing tongues as a small indiscretion and tried to ignore the indignity of it all.

After this round of training, the men were all naked and grinning, sporting huge erections as they gathered around the equally naked Agent Hill. She was beaded lightly in sweat, her slim, lithe body looking quite sexy as she breathed heavily from her exertions. Maria was getting quite the workout!

"Very good, class!" said Natasha, smiling sweetly. "Our instructor here is getting a little sweaty, which actually is good since it'll give us a more real-life simulation of how the conditions would be when you are in a situation like this. When you are having sex with the assassin, you will both likely be sweating and slick, so you should try and anticipate what this will be like."

All Maria could see were hard dicks points sticking out at her, since she was in the middle of what looked like a circle jerk, kneeling on the floor. She was just about to get up before Natasha stopped her.

"Wait, Agent Hill! The next position we'll practice is when the man is performing oral sex, but with his balls out of reach. Please lie on your back, Agent Hill, and spread your legs!"

Mara coughed, but did as she was told, but had her hands covering her bare pussy. Agent Ramsey was chosen as her first partner, and laid face down on the mat, his head between her thighs.

"Please remove your hands, Agent Hill!" said Natasha. "Now, Ramsey, simulate cunnilingus on Agent Hill and then she will try to smother you in this position. Ready? GO!"

"Oh God!" Maria groaned to herself. Ramsey had his hands on her inner thighs, pushing them apart, as his lips pressed against her hot cunt, tongue lapping away without concern of the others seeing other than Agent Romanoff, who was watching from a different angle than the rest of the men. Maria knew then that the other men would do the same and eat her out, and shot Natasha a concerned look.

Natasha either didn't notice, or pretended not to notice. The busty redhead simply stood there with her hands on her hips, waiting for them to begin. Grimacing, her pussy now on fire and getting really, really wet, Maria waited for the Ramsey to move his hands down to fondle her ass, her hips bucking up invitingly. Then she struck, quickly wrapping her legs around his neck as she arched her back, the brunette's arms trying to maintain leverage. Ramsey wasn't in a good position to get up, and was rapidly losing air. He struggled for a bit, but soon Natasha put an end to the bout.

"Very good!" said Natasha, clapping her hands. "What Agent Ramsey should have done at that point was perhaps stick his thumb up Agent Hill's anus, which might have got a reaction that might have saved him!"

This caused a rumble through the group of men, as they nodded to each other in agreement. Maria, on the other hand, grew alarmed at what the Black Widow said. This was getting to be much more than she bargained for!

"Before we get to that," started Natasha, "let's continue without any thumbs or fingers, okay! We'll do the same exercise with the rest of you men first."

Maria didn't get a chance to ask Natasha what she had meant about that last comment, but instead had to disconcertingly get back into her awfully exposed position. So once more she wrestled each of the other nine men in the same manner as Agent Ramsey, legs spread wide as they nestled between her open thighs, kissing and giving her deep tongue licks up her increasingly -- and alarmingly -- wet snatch. Each man became less and less worried about Agent Romanoff catching them doing this, since she didn't even bat an eyelash at their antics, which made them bolder and bolder, eating away at one of the sweetest pieces of pie they'd ever had.

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s second-in-command had to begin quickly to cut in on time the men spent munching on her cunt -- so she got into action as fast as she could. The first five matches went her way, but the last four she was getting more tired. It was getting harder to win since her new partners were much more refreshed than she was, but she just barely managed to win. The fact that the men were getting an eyeful and mouthful of delicious, shameful pussy probably was a factor in her wins - but as each match wore one - her sopping pussy began to smear more and more juices onto the men's faces.

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