Agent K Pt. 01


Please note, this is not only my first posting here, but my first ever attempt at erotic fiction. Please don't judge me too harshly, and I promise to get better.

As a note for potential readers, this first part is only mildly erotic. Think of it as an aperitif; a little taste to whet the appetite. I will post more if this one goes down well enough.


Kaylee Harlow stood outside Director Baxter's office and brushed her black regulation-length pencil skirt down nervously. She straightened up again and took a moment to compose herself.

Slow deep breaths, Kaylee. You know you can handle this, whatever this is.

It was true, and Kaylee did know it. She had worked damn hard to get where she was, and where she was in the Data Analysis office of the UK Intelligence Services. She was the best deep analyst the agency currently had here in London, and her reputation for clean, professional efficiency was well documented. It was only natural that her abilities would gain the attentions of those above her, she thought to herself, as she made a quick check of her crisp white blouse. Noticing one of her buttons was slightly unfastened, she took a moment to quickly slip it back into its proper place.

Unfortunately it was at that moment that the door in front of her opened, revealing the spacious office within. Startled, Kaylee froze for a moment, with her slender fingers delicately wrapped around the ivory button.

"Miss Harlow, please, come in. My name is Miss Penny."

Kaylee turned towards the voice, and found a tall, middleaged lady holding the door open for her. She was dressed in similar attire to Kaylee, white blouse, black skirt and heels, as regulations stipulated, and she kept her blonde hair pulled back in a neat bun. She smiled warmly, and Kaylee found herself relaxing, dropping her arms to her side as she entered the room, smiling back at the older lady as she passed.

"Thank you, Miss Penny." She felt a stray black hair slip down in front of her eyes and reached up to brush it away as she looked into the other lady's striking green eyes. "I'm here to see Mr Baxter?"

"Actually," Miss Penny smiled, "Baxter isn't here. He's currently balls deep in his wife's little sister, not that it matters." She grinned at what Kaylee realised must have been her shocked expression, and continued. "You're here to see me. Please, sit down, and let me explain." She motioned to a pair of large leather armchairs in one corner of the office, and a confused Kaylee moved over and sat down, absently brushing her skirt down again as she did so. Miss Penny slipped her elegant frame into the seat opposite, and looked her in the eyes.

Kaylee found herself beginning to feel uncomfortable under the direct gaze of the confident woman sitting opposite, and shifted slightly in her seat. She could feel the hairs on the back of her arms slowly rising, sending tickly little shivers up her spine. Despite this, she found herself keeping her gaze firmly fixed on the emerald eyes in front of her, determined to keep her composure despite her confusion.

Miss Penny held her gaze for what felt like forever, and then smiled, a surprisingly gentle gesture, Kaylee thought. "My apologies, Miss Harlow, for the slightly.. unconventional.. methods of meeting you, but we have certain protocols that have to be observed. Obfuscation is the key. Hide the truth behind a veil of misinformation and petty detail. You will find that, if anybody feels the need to check, Mr Baxter was here, meeting you, and not out sacrificing his career and marriage for a quick squirt in a lukewarm sleeve."

Kaylee couldn't stop herself from gasping at Miss Penny's colourful turn of phrase. Who was this woman, and what was going on here? Was the whole meeting a setup? Was she only here to provide her boss with an alibi as he met up with his horny sister-in-law? Kaylee's mind raced, and she felt her face flush.

"So, I'm not really here to see Mr Baxter? He didn't.. I mean.. he hasn't asked for me?" She couldn't keep the disappointment from her voice, and felt a quick pang of shame. She needed to stay professional, despite what she had just heard. "And if anybody asks me what he wanted to see me about?"

Kaylee noticed the corners of Miss Penny's mouth curl upwards slightly as she replied. "That depends on you, Miss Harlow, and how you choose to proceed when this meeting finishes. You can choose to return to your desk, as the proud owner of this Agency's first 'Employee of the Month' badge." She leaned forward with an exaggerated mock conspiratorial wink and continued, "With all appropriate rewards and benefits, of course."

Kaylee stared at the woman incredulously. "That's your cover story? A bogus staff reward scheme?" She found herself slightly disappointed. "It's a bit obvious, isn't it? I mean, it's an awful lot of bother just to hide a quick romantic tryst. Won't all this just draw more attention to things?"

Miss Penny leaned back in her chair and crossed her long legs. Dancer's legs, thought Kaylee from out of nowhere.

"Oh, do you think so?"

It took a moment for Kaylee to register exactly what Miss Penny was hinting at. "Well, don't you-Oh! You do!" She stared wide-eyed at the elegant lady sitting opposite her, looking so prim and butter-wouldn't-melt. "You want him to get caught!?"

Miss Penny gave another small smile as she replied, "Of course, my dear. His little bit of bimbo makes him a security risk, and the Agency doesn't like security risks. I don't like security risks." She uncrossed her legs and stood up slowly. "Mr Baxter dealt his own hand. He may still prove useful, temporarily, but his time with the Agency is marked. A replacement will be appointed in due course."

As she spoke, Miss Penny turned and walked away from her chair, towards the centre of the room. Kaylee found herself watching the woman's tight calf muscles flex as she walked away, and knew she was right about the older woman being a dancer or similar. Kaylee herself had gymnast's legs, a legacy from her high school years, and she recognised the signs of years of work and effort in a fellow athlete.

She started when she realised that Miss Penny had stopped walking and was turning back around. Kaylee quickly brought her gaze up to meet Miss Penny's, as a thought hit her.

"So what was all that bit about hiding things? Aren't you doing the opposite? You're exposing Mr Baxter's affair.."

"By hiding it quite badly, yes," Miss Penny almost laughed, "and that's not the best bit, Miss Harlow. Do you want to know what the best bit of all this is?"

Kaylee found herself nodding automatically, waiting for the best bit.

"This is all a cover for the real reason I called you up here, Miss Harlow."

Kaylee sat forward in her seat and stared open-mouthed at this new revelation from Miss Penny. She didn't even notice that the movement had caused her tight black skirt to rise up her thighs, exposing just a hint of stocking top.

"Don't get me wrong," Miss Penny continued, "Baxter was on his way out anyway. We just brought the operation forward a few weeks. The point is, I needed to speak to you, quite urgently, and now here you are."

Kaylee could feel the pulse at the base of her neck throb, and she had to make an effort to keep her voice steady as she spoke. "I'm sure I really don't understand..", but found herself trailing off as Miss Penny raised a single manicured finger to her delicate lips.

Once she was sure of Kaylee's silence, she continued. "I head a department within the Agency that specialises in undercover work. We place people within organisations that come to the attention of the Agency, and we keep an eye on them. One such organisation that came to our attention recently is known as Elysium, and it's been actively recruiting some very powerful people."

This was all getting a bit too much for Kaylee to take in, and she made to speak, but Miss Penny cut her off with a casual wave.

"There will be time for questions later, Miss Harlow. Now is the time for you to sit still and listen, understand?"

When Kaylee didn't immediately reply, she found Miss Penny suddenly standing directly in front of her, her tall frame bearing down uncomfortably close to Kaylee's slighter figure.

"Do you understand me?"

Kaylee swallowed uncomfortably and managed to stammer out a reply. "Y-yes, Miss Penny." She struggled to keep her gaze fixed on the older lady's eyes, looking for a hint, a suggestion of humour or something, anything to explain what was currently happening to her, but found nothing except Miss Penny's cold emerald gaze burning back. Seemingly satisfied, the older lady gave a small smile as she turned away again and continued her instruction.

"After some extensive groundwork, we located the head office of Elysium, right here in London. As to be expected, of course." She gave another small smile. "And so we set about getting one of our men inside." For a moment, Kaylee thought she saw something flicker behind those impassive eyes, just for a moment, but she couldn't be sure. "It wasn't easy, but we managed it. Put one of our best in place, and waited for him to report. And waited."

Miss Penny turned away and faced the bare wall. "And waited."

She paused, possibly to collect her thoughts, possibly for dramatic effect, Kaylee couldn't be sure. When she continued, there was a new timbre to her voice, an emotional note that had been missing up until now.

"Until last night. Last night, Agent O got a message out. On it was a flight and seat number, and your name, Agent Kaylee Harlow."

Kaylee felt her pulse quicken. "You want me to fly somewhere? I.. I don't.."

"Relax," interrupted Miss Penny, "the flight landed.."; she checked her watch with a swift, practiced gesture; "forty-one minutes ago, which means we should up our tempo, Miss Harlow. We don't have much time."

Kaylee made to stand up, but Miss Penny waved her still. "On the flight was a young girl by name of Carol Keen. Nothing in her file to indicate any unusual behaviour or affiliations. Unremarkable, except for one little thing." Miss Penny walked closer to Kaylee again as she spoke, her tall frame overshadowing Kaylee's smaller figure still sat in her chair.

"She looks exactly like you."

Kaylee found herself gaping open mouthed in shock. How was this possible? Was this possible? She tried to collect her thoughts, but there was just too much to take in, too many implications Kaylee wasn't sure she wanted to consider. "W..what does this mean?"

Miss Penny's eyes flashed. "It means Agent O is in trouble, and has given us a way to get another agent inside to aid him. And by 'another agent', I mean you."

Kaylee felt the blood drain out of her face. "I..I'm not an.. undercover.. I mean..", she found herself stumbling over her words, her thoughts, as she felt herself spiraling out of control. "I'm data entry!" she almost cried.

Once again, Kaylee found herself looking up at Miss Penny's stern face, her ruby lips tight. "Be quiet, little girl." She spoke softly, but with such authority Kaylee found herself obeying without question. "You are what I say you are, and from this moment, you are Carol Keen. Do you understand?"

Kaylee could only nod meekly as Miss Penny continued. "You will take the place of the real Carol Keen, gain entry to Elysium, and locate Agent O. You will then await extraction." Miss Penny stood back and motioned for Kaylee to stand up.

Kaylee hesitated for a brief second, but quickly stood once she saw the corner of Miss Penny's mouth give a little twitch. She straightened her skirt out with her hands and stood up straight in front of the most intimidating person she has ever had the misfortune to meet. Kaylee could feel her legs shake, and she willed herself to keep it together.

Miss Penny took a long moment to look Kaylee slowly up and down. Kaylee couldn't be sure, but she thought she saw Miss Penny pause briefly at her chest. Kaylee became gradually aware of the feel of the soft cotton blouse against her nipples, followed by the realisation that they were hard as rocks, little bullet points of hidden passion, of something awakening underneath all the fear and confusion; something Kaylee wasn't quite ready to acknowledge.

It was at that moment that the door burst open, causing Kaylee to jump with shock. Miss Penny didn't even blink.

Kaylee spun around to see a tall, slightly disheveled man rush in, breathing heavily. He carried a small plastic bag in one hand, and a mobile phone in the other.

"Is this her?" His eyes quickly took Kaylee in, analysing her in a way that made her feel.. what? Judged? Violated? Naked Kaylee shuddered, exposed and unnerved under this stranger's dark gaze. He turned towards Miss Penny, dismissing Kaylee with a gesture.

"She had better be ready for this, Miss Penny. This can't go wrong."

Miss Penny glanced at Kaylee before answering. "She will do as required, Sir." Kaylee was surprised to hear a note of deferral in Miss Penny's voice, so strange was it coming from those hard red lips.

The man glanced over at Kaylee again, his dark eyes boring into her. "She's smaller than the mark. Not shorter; slimmer." He looked Kaylee directly in the eyes, and she felt like her legs were going to gave way right there and then. "Have you lost weight recently? Diet? Illness?"

Kaylee could feel her throat tighten under his interrogation, and she barely managed to stammer out a reply. "Y.. yo.. yoga.. I started.."

His eyebrows arched. "Yoga?"

"Y..yes, y.. yoga.."

He paused, and his dark gaze held her nervous eyes in his, unwavering and unreadable. She felt the blood rush to her face, flushing her cheeks with colour. He turned his gaze away abruptly, leaving Kaylee suddenly gasping.

He faced Miss Penny. "She'll do." Miss Penny nodded softly in reply.

He turned his attention back to Kaylee, and she found herself jerking upright, trying to stand to some form of attention under his scrutiny. Her erect nipples pressed hard against her blouse, betraying her inner turmoil. She wondered if he had noticed. How could he not notice?

He held out the items in his hands to Kaylee, and she reluctantly took them, fumbling with the phone when her hand brushed his. "These are Carol Keen's possessions. Her only possessions. You will change in the car." His words sank in, but Kaylee did not understand their full meaning until later.

Without a glance back at either Kaylee or Miss Penny, the man strode towards the door. "Come, Carol Keen." His tone held no room for disagreement. "You have a lot to do."

Before she even had a chance to think about backing out, Kaylee found herself stumbling in her high heels after this strange man, clutching her newly acquired plastic bag and phone in one hand, while self consciously trying to hide her betraying nipples with the other arm.

Kaylee Harlow, what have you gone and gotten yourself into?

If either of them had bothered to turn around as they left, they might just have seen, for the briefest of moments, the lone figure of Miss Penny, slumped and somehow smaller, lesser, sigh and turn away into the shadows as they passed out of sight, but neither did.

They also didn't see the other, shadowy figure extricate itself from the dark recess of the far corner once they'd all gone.


To be continued

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Excellent start

Congratulations on your first post! It is a great start and I would love to know more about what happens next!

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