tagBDSMAgent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur


London would be our first and last stop on a summer vacation traveling through Europe. The trip was fantastic! The beaches were sandy and entertaining in the South, the mountains in the center breathtaking, and the fjords in the north spectacular! Now it was time to head home. We had a few hours to kill so we wandered from store to store in the duty free area. Soon enough I was very surprised to see a lingerie store. I'd never seen one in an airport. I guess it makes sense if you've been naughty while away or are planning on it when you get home.

We went in to see just what they were selling at Agent Provocateur. Picking up a brochure while Kay looked at the negligees and bras I found myself staring in disbelief. The models weren't just showing clothing, they had accessories too! The women were holding whips and crops in some of the photos. I was losing myself in fantasy land, thinking about being in the picture. I felt myself being pulled, physically, out of my reverie.

Kay wanted to try on some things and spoke with a clerk. A stunning, raven haired woman guided us to the fitting room. I guessed her to be in her 30's. She was wearing a tight leather skirt, fishnet stockings, topped with a lovely black bustier with a red rose on one side and the store logo on the other side. It was her sly smile that had me wondering.

"Come on slut" Kay whispered, pulling me along.

We went into the back room which was comfortably laid out with a sofa, an over stuffed ottoman and a coffee table with their catalogs facing the sectioned off booths for trying on clothes. The floor was covered with a thick carpet. She left me with the hand luggage and our other purchases as she disappeared into the booth to try on a few things.

I stood there, waiting, not sure what to do. As I moved to sit on the sofa, the clerk, whose name I later discovered was Sindy, told me the seats were for clients only. I was about to say something when Kay called for me. She was wearing a brocade corset, a garter belt and stockings. She watched me as I eyed her up and down.

"Like what you see?" she purred. I nodded, speechlessly. "Step back so you can get the full effect."

I backpedaled through the curtain and bumped into Sindy.

"Oops," I said. "Sorry."

"I'll accept your apology if it's done properly." Her hands went to my shoulders and gently pushed me to my knees. "Try again, boy."

I looked up at her, wondering if this was really happening. "Please forgive me, uh, Ma'am?"

Her smile confirmed that I had it right.

"Stay there until your Mistress comes out."

Sindy moved towards the dressing room to pull back the curtain and lead Kay, I mean Mistress Kay out.

Kay looked down at me and grinned. "Hmm, not a bad way to greet your Mistress, but some-thing's wrong." I looked up with curiosity. "You're wearing too much clothing. Strip, Slut!" she commanded. I looked around to see if there was anyone else around, wondering if she was serious. She had never behaved like this before. "Didn't you hear me Slut? I said strip. Now!"

I hurried to comply and was shortly back on my knees fully naked. The business end of a crop poked through my legs as Sindy ordered me to spread my legs wider.

Kay looked to Miss Sindy and asked about some other items she looked at in the catalogue. "Oooh, Yes Ma'am. Sindy disappeared with an evil giggle. Kay looked down at me again. "Are you nervous, my slut? You're about to have a big test. Let's see if reality matches your fantasy. I want you on all fours, with that beautiful ass up in the air. That's right. Head down, legs wide so you're on display for Miss Sindy. Isn't she gorgeous?"

"Yes she is" I agreed.

'SMACK'. Kay's hand came across my butt.

"You will call me "Mistress from now on. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress"

Miss Sindy reappeared with her arms full. The women proceeded to put restraints on my ankles which attached to a bar placed between my legs. Cuffs were buckled around my wrists and a belt with loops around my waist.

"Up" I was commanded. I rose and my arms were pinioned to my sides.

"He is a good slut" said Miss Sindy. "Let's see if he's any fun". She started caressing my shoulders, arms, down my back and finally to my ass. I moaned as she passed over my hole. She giggled with delight. "Oooh I see we've hit a sensitive spot. We'll just have to investigate that further, won't we? How does the slut like 'this'!? " Her question was punctuated by a strong quick slap to my ass. I jumped at the impact. Several more rained down on my exposed bottom. She reached between my legs and grabbed my cock and balls in a firm grip. Directing me to a padded platform I was ordered to kneel down. It might have been easier if my wrists hadn't been pinioned and if she had allowed some slack on my package. Instead, as I went to my knees she pulled harder, forcing my genitalia backwards at a rather painful angle as I was fully erect from the attention. She was still pulling as my head touched the platform, forcing me to rise from my knees. "SMACK" came a paddle across my ass.

"I said on your knees, slut" I pushed against her grip to lower myself. Several more swats and I was assured my ass was a lovely shade of pink."Now let's go exploring." Miss Sindy turned to Mistress Kay "Please open the cupboard and take out whatever most appeals to you Ma'am. Everything is sterilized and ready for safe use, of course".

Kay, I mean Mistress Kay, chose a paddle, a flogger and a rather large dildo that could be used with a harness. She tested the flogger on my back and moved her way down to my bottom. By now I was squirming, jumping and crying out at each kiss of the flogger.

"Be quiet slut! Stop moving and take it like a good boy." Raking her nails across my ass, Mistress Kay dripped liquid down my crack, positioned the dildo at my lubed anus and slowly entered. I moaned as she filled me. "Yes, you like that, don't you, my little bitch?"

"Yes, Mistress."

She reached forward and grabbed my hips as she picked up speed, thrusting faster and harder. In the meantime Mistress Sindy kept her grip on my cock, occasionally rolling my balls in her fingers.

"He's dripping" Mistress Sindy announced.

"He's not the only one" replied Mistress Kay. "I think it's time to put his mouth to use. Would you take over, Sindy?"

"With pleasure". Mistress Sindy gave my sack a squeeze, stood up and stepped into the strap-on harness. Grabbing my hips she rammed home the dildo and declared "I just love a good fuck. Don't you, Bitch boy?"

Mistress Kay milked my cock and caught the liquid on her finger. She slid her finger over my lips.

"Taste." she ordered. "Good boy.

As she slid onto the bench, Mistress Kay lifted my head by grasping a handful of hair and brought my lips to her pussy. "Eat!" she commanded. I started by lapping gently in long, soft, strokes of my tongue. I sucked her clit in and out of my mouth pulling hard. Mistress Kay raised her hips to grind her pussy on to my mouth. "That's right, bitch boy. Suck that clit. Harder! That's it. Don't stop."

I gripped her clit lightly between my teeth and started to flick my tongue over it. Her moans told me that her climax was building so I started to alternate between sucking, lapping, flicking and tonguing her pussy as I lapped up her flowing juices. Meanwhile, Mistress Sindy picked up the tempo of her assault on my behind. After a while rocking me as she pounded my ass, she decided it was time for a change. Some more spanking to redden my ass cheeks were followed by a new sensation.

"Mistress Kay?" she asked."Has your slut ever been fisted?" She began working her fingers, all the tips squeezed together, into me, opening me up as Mistress Kay shook her head 'no'. "He will be now." With that, Mistress Sindy slid her hand all the way in. "There's nothing like the feeling of really being inside. It's different than a dildo. I mean, fucking a guy is great but fisting is well, deep. Hey! I could be a ventriloquist, watch! Moan slut" she commanded as her fingers brushed my prostate. Of course, I did just that and rather loudly. "And I didn't even move my lips!" she laughed.

My moan seemed to be just the thing to put Mistress Kay over. She started bucking against my face and reached out to grab my hair to keep my head and tongue in place as she road my face to orgasm. Mistress Sindy's prostate massage was having a similar affect on me.

"I think he's about to cum, Mistress Kay."

"Good. Turn over slut."

Mistress Sindy pulled her hand out of my ass allowing me to obey. "Give me his legs." Mistress Sindy grabbed my ankles and passed them to Mistress Kay, effectively folding me in half. "Now slut, I want you to cum. You are to bring your cock to your mouth and cum into it."

Mistress Sindy leaned over and whispered something to Mistress Kay that made her laugh with delight.

"What a wonderful idea! Slut, whatever misses will stay where it is through our next flight. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Good. Now pump your cock. I want to watch you jerk off and cum into your own mouth."

The order was punctuated by several more slaps to my ass. I rubbed my dripping pre-cum over the head of my cock for lubrication and slid my hand up and down.

"Faster slut! Pump it harder." Pushing my ankles down, Mistress Kay said "get that cock into your mouth." I was hitting my face with my hand by now, pumping away in spite of starting to have trouble breathing. Just as I was about to cum, Mistress Kay let go of my ankles. I struggled to keep my cock near my mouth. I did quite well and caught all but a drop that landed on my cheek. We all rested for a few minutes before we realized it was soon time for our flight. We started cleaning up but when I moved to wipe my face I felt a hand on my wrist.

"No you don't, slut. That stays. You can wash everywhere else but not there."

I paid for the items Mistress Kay chose, thanked Mistress Sindy, and heard our boarding call. I noticed a few people staring at my cheek. The drop of cum must have stood out nicely against my blushing face. As we went through the gate the stewardess looked at my passport and then at me. A big smile spread on her face as she wished me a pleasant flight. As I passed her she touched my arm to get my attention. Leaning in closely she whispered "I hope you enjoyed your experience in our boutiques" followed by a grin.

"Yes Mistress" I replied.

"Good boy! Have a very pleasant flight."

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