tagNovels and NovellasAgent Provocateur Ch. 03

Agent Provocateur Ch. 03


Copyright 2006 Alexandra Lee


At nine o'clock the next morning a knock sounded at their door heralding the arrival of one of Chief Inspector Gupti's officers. They were driven in polite silence to Delhi police headquarters and met by the senior police officer himself who was beaming as though they were long lost friends.

'Welcome, welcome Mister and Mrs Price, I am so glad that you could come.'

Danielle couldn't suppress a smile at his congeniality and the pretence that they had any choice but to be here.

'Mrs Price, this is Senior Sergeant Anwar,' he turned to a stocky female police officer who nodded curtly at her. 'If you could be so good as to accompany her and answer a few questions that would be most appreciated.' Danielle was caught off-guard by the idea that they would be separated, but nodded and accompanied the Sergeant.

The interview room was small and brightly lit with three chairs and a small rectangular table. Sergeant Anwar lacked the social graces of her superior officer and wasted no time at commencing the interview.

'Mrs Price, why did you feel it necessary to come to India so suddenly?'

'Because I heard that my husband had been arrested...'

'But he is not under arrest...'

'My government told me otherwise,' Danielle sharpened her tone to indicate that she did not like being interrupted. 'Naturally I was concerned and came to see what assistance I could give.'

'Did your government tell you why Mr Price had been interviewed?'

'No.' It was an easy lie to tell.

'Do you know why?'

'No, nor does he and we would very much like this matter to be cleared up. Perhaps you could enlighten me?'

'Mrs Price, your husband had contact with a leading scientist who is suspected of,' the policewoman paused, 'suspected of selling information.'

'Are you accusing my husband of being involved in espionage?' She tried to sound indignant.

'We aren't accusing anyone of anything at this stage,' the policewoman answered smoothly, 'just interviewing those who have been in contact with the scientist.'

'My company, JetAAI employs several leading scientists...'

'Yes, yes, we are aware of that, however this gentleman is not one of those employed by AAI.' Danielle felt that there was an implied threat in using the name of the Indian parent company rather than that of the subsidiary, but refused to be intimidated.

'Perhaps we should seek the services of a lawyer.'

'Perhaps,' Anwar replied non-committally. Danielle had to award her high marks on being unflappable. 'But the involvement of lawyers invariably leads to publicity and perhaps at this stage we do not want this?'

'No, I suppose not,' Danielle backed down. The interview lasted another ten minutes, largely covering her previous business trips; who she met with regularly and the nature of JetAAI's business.

'Do you love your husband Mrs Price?' The question came out of the blue. Danielle had started to relax and thought that the interview was almost over.

'What? Yes, of course, but I don't see what that has to do with anything.'

'Of course, of course. And is your sex life...pleasurable?'

'How dare you!' Danielle was genuinely shocked and offended by the question.

'I'm sorry to ask,' Anwar said, sounding anything but sorry, 'but there are...rumours that this is not the case.'

'Well I'm happy to answer those rumours by saying that my husband and I love fucking each other!' Danielle felt a stab of victory when the policewoman flinched at the obscenity, guessing that quoting rumours was their way of letting them know that they were being watched.

'Is that all, is this interview over?'

'Um, yes, yes, thank you, Inspector Gupti will be in shortly.' Anwar fled the interrogation room and Danielle allowed a small smile of self-congratulations at getting to the policewoman. A short while later Stu and Inspector Gupti entered the room.

'Ah, Mrs Price, I am so sorry to take so much of your valuable time,' his head shook and his gold tooth sparkled. 'I believe that this matter will be resolved within a day or so.' He stood aside and indicated that they should leave, following them into the foyer and shaking their hands before ushering them into the care of the policeman who had driven them to the station.


'So how was your interview?' Stu asked once they were back in the room. At first Danielle thought that they shouldn't discuss it while they knew that they were being spied on, but of course to do so would appear normal.

'She was tough, completely unfazed by me until the end.' Danielle recounted the line of questioning and her answers and listened to those asked of Stu. They had been parallel questions and Stu had provided similar answers to hers, particularly to the questions about JetAAI. Danielle realised that he was a good listener, having remembered the correct answers from her discussions over dinner the previous evening.

'Then she asked about our sex life,' Danielle added.


'You weren't asked?"

'No,' Stu shook his head. 'What did she ask?'

'If it was good, because there are apparently rumours about us.'

'Really?' he raised his eyebrows.

'I told her how much I love fucking you,' Danielle told him, looking him right in the eye. 'What a pity she hadn't seen us yesterday before dinner, she wouldn't have had to ask then.'

'Ah, no,' he replied.

'Look, I don't want to sit around here all day, do you want to go shopping?'

'Nah, yesterday was enough for me. I might stay here and watch cable,' he said and flopped onto the bed.

'Okay then, I'll come back after lunch sometime.' She walked over to him and kissed him, allowing her lips to linger on his. As she walked from the room she thought back to how turned on as he had been during their simulated lovemaking. He had probably relieved himself in the shower, she thought, unless he thought that the bathroom was under surveillance, in which case he might not have had a chance to relieve himself. In which case he was probably feeling somewhat tense, she thought.

On her way out she dropped into the hotel's health spa and ordered a "Special Full Executive Stress Relief" massage pack. Feeling smug with herself after winning the final points from Anwar and for providing some sense of relief for Stu, who she had to admit to herself, was becoming more likeable each hour, she caught a cab to the up market shopping precinct.


Two hours later, clutching bags of purchases, she stopped outside their room. She was forced to put everything down to find the plastic card to unlock the door. Danielle pushed open the door and was about to call out for Stu's help when she heard a groan that was unmistakably one of pleasure. She froze, torn between wanting to leave, wanting to watch and not knowing what she should do as a wife. She had after all ordered the "Special" massage pack and was well aware the implications.

'You have such a big cock,' a heavily accented voice accompanied a second groan. Danielle slipped inside the door, holding her breath as she ensured it closed silently behind her. She tiptoed past the bathroom door and peered around the edge of the wall. A slender woman, garbed in a beautiful traditional Chinese dress knelt on the bed, knees drawn demurely under her. Stu was completely naked, though a towel lay next to his hip. The woman was slowly pumping his erection, which glistened with oil. Stu's hips rose to meet each of the downward actions of her small hand and Danielle watched in rapt fascination as the bulbous head of his erect penis appeared and disappeared into the tiny fist. She felt a flutter in her stomach and let the thrill of vicarious pleasure run through her. Stu gasped several times then a jet of thick white semen leapt into the air and fell onto his thigh. The masseuse continued her ministrations, milking several more jets from him until he was finished. Danielle thought she had been seen when the woman half turned to pick up a flannel and commenced to wipe Stu clean, revealing her beautiful round face and full lips. Danielle couldn't drag her eyes away from Stu's penis, which despite having come was still more or less erect.

'Oh, you are still hard,' the masseuse giggled.

'Yes, but that was very good.' Stu's voice sounded thick.

'You would like more perhaps?'

'Ah, no, no, my wife might be back soon.'

'Oh, okay, perhaps I go now?'

'Yes, that would be good.' Stu struggled to sit up and Danielle stepped back out of sight and crept back to the door.

'Thank you, that was very nice,' was the last thing she heard him say as she left the room, her heart racing. Danielle was glad that the corridor was empty as she stopped to collect her thoughts and the bags containing her shopping. With her breathing under control she simply knocked loudly on the door.

She hardly had to wait when Stu, who was dressed in a robe, opened the door. The Chinese masseuse stood just behind him and Danielle saw just how perfect she was. Her complexion was flawless and her eyes had a dark, dreamy look that seemed to bore into her soul.

'Oh, I'm not interrupting am I?' she asked with a grin.

'No, no, we've just finished,' Stu replied. The woman smiled demurely. 'I believe I have you to thank for that?'

'Just thought it might help you relax,' Danielle replied. They stood aside to let the other woman leave.

'Thank you Mister Price,' she said with a small curtsy.

'Thank you,' he replied with a broad smile.

'You gonna let me in?' Danielle asked and was gratified when he took almost all the bags from her. 'Was it a happy ending?' she grinned as the door closed behind them.

'Ah, what...'

'Its okay,' she smiled, 'I was in the room and saw it.' Danielle had already made the decision to tell him, so that those that were listening knew that there were no secrets between them.

'Oh,' he blushed.

'It was quite a turn on,' Danielle admitted, then reached over to pull him in for a kiss as he put her bags down.

'For me too,' he replied, obviously feeling somewhat emboldened by her openness and returned the kiss.

'Do you want to go and get some lunch?' Danielle stepped back.

'That'd be great, just hang on while I dress.' Danielle was caught off-guard when he dropped the robe, revealing his nakedness and picked out some clothes and dressed. Again her eyes wandered across his chest and his now slack penis. Things were getting interesting, she thought.


'I'm so sorry about last night,' Stu said as they ate.


'About, you know, about getting hard.'

'Oh.' Danielle put down her fork and sipped from the bottle of water. 'I was flattered.' Silence fell between them as they thought through their situation.

'What are you thinking?' Danielle asked.

'Oh, nothing,' Stu lied unconvincingly. 'What about you?'

Normally she wouldn't have answered a question asked in response to one of her own without receiving an answer.

'That we need to do it again tonight.'


'They have to see us as totally relaxed, and the best way of showing that is sex.'

'Pretend sex.'

'Um, yes, that's what I mean.' Danielle felt the blush spread on her cheeks. It was what she had meant, but the fact that Stu had heard a different meaning embarrassed her. They took a motor rickshaw and took a tour of the city, then went straight to dinner at the hotel. Unlike the previous evening she accepted the invitation for a drink and they spent some time dancing at the hotel's nightclub surrounded by a mixture of western businessmen and affluent Indians.

'So tell me, have you enjoyed such a happy ending massage before?'

'Sure,' he smiled at her. They had retreated onto one of the hotel's balconies overlooking the pool.

'And what does Naomi know about it?'

'What happens while I'm away, stays away.'

'Really?' The statement didn't really surprise her. Naomi possessed a constant undercurrent of supreme sexuality. 'And what about her while you're away?'


'What does she get up to while you're away?'

'Nothing.' The look on Stu's face betrayed the fact that he had never thought about it before now.

'Really? Or what happens while you're away, stays away?' Stu was looking a bit stunned and Danielle was suddenly concerned that she might be going down a path that could distract him from the serious roles they had to play.

'C'mon, dance with me again.'

Within ten minutes the look of concern was gone as they danced, then ordered more drinks. It was after one in the morning when they staggered into their room. Once inside Danielle kicked off her shoes, then threw herself into his arms with a giggle.

'C'mon Jeff,' she said, deliberately using her husband's name to ensure Stu knew that it was all about play-acting, 'let's get naked and make love.'

Stu's kiss was open-mouthed and alcohol fuelled and Danielle met his tongue with darting movements of her own. She wasted no time in unbuttoning his shirt and dragging it from his shoulders. Without thinking she lowered her head and licked his nipples as her hands wandered lower to release his belt and work his fly down. As she did so the material of his pants bulged outwards as his erection grew to full length.

When Stu was standing in just his boxers, she stood and turned her back to him. Unbidden he lowered the zip on her dress and helped to draw it down over hips and she stepped clear of it. Stu lead them to the bed where he let her push him onto his back.

'Do you want the light off?' Stu asked, reaching towards the switches beside the bed.

'No leave it on,' she murmured, then reached behind her back and unclipped her bra. She let it fall to the floor and revealed her B-cup breasts to him. Her nipples were rock hard and as she fell on top of him she rubbed them across his abdomen. With the alcohol in her blood giving her added bravado, she reached down and pulled at Stu's boxers. He lifted his hips from the bed and then he was naked, his erection pulsating at her. Determined to maintain the role-play, Danielle lowered her head to his crotch, allowing her hair to fall forward and obscure what she was, or rather wasn't, doing. Stu's shaft brushed her chin and cheek as she bobbed her head up and down to give the impression that he was in her mouth. She could smell his scent, his male odour and felt the dampness spread between her legs. Finally she stopped, sitting up to look at him and licked her lips.

'Let's fuck,' she said and pulled the covers up over them. She started on top, deliberately rubbing his hardness against her belly. They kissed and gyrated against each other until Stu took over and rolled her onto his back and Danielle wrapped her legs around him, trapping his hardness against her. Their mouths met as Stu thrust against her, his hands reaching down to play with her breasts, which were visible now that the sheet had pulled downwards. Then suddenly he stiffened and Danielle felt the warmth of his seed as it spurted onto her belly and was smeared between their bodies.

As Stu came down from his climax, Danielle could see the look of shame in his eyes at what had happened then he rolled away and flicked off the lights.

'Thanks Jeff,' she whispered.

'That's okay, thank you,' he mumbled in return. Danielle wanted to talk to him, to reassure him that it was in fact okay. But she wasn't sure how to do so without the conversation sounding strange to those who were listening. And watching. Without realising, Danielle fell into a deep sleep.

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