tagNovels and NovellasAgent Provocateur Ch. 07

Agent Provocateur Ch. 07


Danielle found herself unceremoniously layered in Indian styled women's clothing and bundled into the back of a waiting car driven by a young man who didn't look at either her or her two companions.

After thirty minutes of driving through winding back streets and alleys, the car pulled up outside a line of ramshackle houses. Not a word had been spoken during the drive but once they were inside one of the houses, chatter in Hindi broke out amongst her liberators.

From the rear of the house and elderly woman approached her and gave her a broad, toothless smile. Her face was badly scarred and Danielle guessed that they were burns. Despite the horrific disfiguration the older woman's eyes twinkled.

'Welcome.' Her voice was raspy with age.

'I don't know how to thank you enough,' Danielle offered a smile.

'There is no need, we are all part of the sisterhood, and your actions in saving Nayana are thanks enough.'

Danielle bowed her head in gratitude.

'We have limited resources to get you out of the country...'

'There is no need for that,' Danielle interjected. 'If I could be taken to the Australian High Commission I will be able to get home.'

'Of course, that is simple then.'

They shook hands, then Danielle reached out and grasped the older woman in a warm embrace. Twenty four hours ago she had wondered what was to happen to her, now she was about to return to the sanctuary of her government, which in no small way was responsible for getting her into the predicament that she found herself.


After two hours of sitting in the waiting area of the High Commission, she finally was escorted into the bowels of the building to meet a "trade" attache. His office was bare apart from a desktop computer, a large map of India and a fax machine.

'We have been somewhat concerned about you Mrs Price,' the attache began.

'Not as concerned as I have been. Has there been any talk from the Indian government about my subsidiary here?'

'Ah, no, not that I am aware of.' The question clearly caught him off-guard. Danielle was no longer concerned by her own safety; her focus was now on the survival of her business interests.

'And Stuart?'

'Well, we were hoping that you might have news...?'

'I've heard nothing since we were arrested.'

'Well, according to the Indian police, you weren't arrested...'

'For God's sake,' Danielle interrupted, 'it wasn't the police, it was some sort of intelligence team. I was held under guard by people who appeared to be from the military.'

'Military intelligence then eh?'

'You tell me!'

'Makes sense and explains why the police don't know about your arrest. It is also good news in a way, as military intelligence won't want to admit to your escape, so they won't admit to your arrest either.'

'Good, then get me home on the next flight...'

'Ah, can't do just yet.'

'Why not?' Danielle was becoming increasingly annoyed as the stilted conversation went on.

'Because we need to find Stuart.'

'What's that got to do with me?'

'You probably know where his contacts are, better than we do.'

'I don't know anything...'

'I understand that you accompanied him on his last meeting.'


'We'd like you to return there and see if you can find out anything about him.'

'Why don't you go?'

'Because his contacts don't know who we are and won't trust us.'

'They don't know who I am either...'

'But they know Stuart trusted you.' The looked at each other in silence, contemplating their next words.

'I am known to Indian authorities, I can't risk getting arrested again. I'm not leaving this building without diplomatic protection.' They attempted to stare each other down, and Danielle felt a small stab of victory when the attache looked away with a sigh.

'Okay, we'll give you a diplomatic cover, but you have to try and make contact with Stuart's contacts.'

'You really want what he's got, don't you?' Danielle knew that they were taking a huge risk by giving her the diplomatic cover she had asked for. If the Indian intelligence services had any concrete evidence and arrested her, it would spark a major scandal.

'Yes,' he shrugged. 'You'll go in disguise, you have the right build and hair to pass a cursory examination as an Indian.' He stood up and offered his hand, which Danielle shook.


The smog filled air was darkening as she stepped from a cab in the old bazaar. She was dressed in a fashionable yet not too expensive Salwar Kameez and the skin of her hands and lower arms, neck, face and ankles had been darkened. She almost didn't recognise herself in the mirror.

Now she stood near where Stuart had taken her the night she had watched him making love to the Indian woman. He had been making love to her, not just having sex, and she felt a stab of compassion for Naomi. Whatever the arrangement was between Stu and Naomi, his making love to the same woman here in India would not have been part of the deal.

Danielle had reflected on this apparent deal a number of times. She had realised that if Jeff had asked her for a similar arrangement she would have been offended and hurt. Yet she had turned around and had sex with Stuart, and now Nayana, without his knowledge and most recently without hesitation. And yet she knew she could go back to Jeff and slip into her life with him without a second thought. It was hypocritical and she knew it. The reason she could not have tolerated a reciprocal arrangement with Jeff was because she couldn't trust him not to become emotionally attached to other women. That is what the danger was to her, not the physical attraction and sex.

Without having to think too hard Danielle found that she had re-traced her steps to the silk merchant. Taking a deep breath she entered the small shopfront, to be greeted by one of the women from whom Danielle had purchased several expensive silks.

'Hello,' Danielle ventured, noting the slightly startled look of the shop assistant at the Australian accent.

'I'm not sure if you remember me from a few days ago, I was here with...' she was unsure what name to use, 'my husband. He had business out the back and I purchased some beautiful silk.'

'Yes, yes.' The woman looked alarmed and seemed to hesitate before saying, 'please wait,' and disappearing into the back of the shop. Within minutes the burly shop owner appeared, bustled past her to stare in both directions along the street, then returned to take her by the elbow.


'With me please,' he urged. She complied and allowed him to lead her through the warehouse and down the dark corridor to the back of the shop.

'Mister Stuart was here three days ago,' he said, 'but he has gone somewhere safe. I will contact him and find out what to do with you.'

'I need to speak to him.' Danielle was startled to hear that Stuart was free.

'No, it is too dangerous. Please wait.'

He left her in the same room where she had watched Stuart have anal sex with the Indian woman. The thought sent a buzz through her belly and she silently chastised herself for such thoughts and feelings given the situation. She realised that her sexuality had broken free over the past week and that in that sense, she would never be the same again.

'Mister Stuart has sent for you,' the burly shopkeeper said when he reappeared ten minutes later. Again she was taken by her arm and led to an alleyway at the rear of the warehouse where a battered Ambassador stood belching smoke. She surmised that the driver was one of the shopkeeper's sons as she climbed into the back. Danielle was pressed into the seat then thrown forward as the car lurched forward. Settling into the seat she looked at her driver and realised that not only was he not a he, but it was the girl she had seen Stuart with. Her hair was drawn very tightly back into a bun.

'Hello Mahdi,' Danielle spoke. The flicker of the woman's eyes at her in the mirror was the only acknowledgment that she had heard.

'Do you love Stuart?' These words elicited a startled turn of the head.

'What does it matter, he will not leave you.'

'Perhaps not,' Danielle mused.

'Do you love him?' The question startled Danielle and she looked up to see the curious, and beautiful, dark eyes of her driver inspecting her in the mirror. She had been put on the spot now.

'I'm not his wife,' she admitted. 'His wife lives in Australia...'

'So you are another mistress?'

Danielle was about to deny the title with a laugh, then realised that in reality she was. Both her and this Indian girl had shared their bodies with Stu, knowing that he loved his wife. She offered a small smile and nodded.

'So do you love him?'

'No,' she shook her head at her driver.

'I do,' the driver shrugged. Danielle was about to speak when they pulled up abruptly outside a small bungalow on the edge of New Delhi. 'He's in there,' her driver pointed. Danielle climbed from the car.

'Do not tell him that I love him,' her driver said before accelerating away. It was almost completely dark and Danielle hurried towards the front door, which was opened before she could knock.

'Hello dear,' Stuart said with a smile. Unable to help herself she smiled back and they hugged warmly. There was the smell of curry in the air and she realised she was starving. It must have shown on her face as Stuart asked her if she wanted to eat.

As well as Stuart there were two other men in the bungalow who she was not introduced to, nor did they speak to her.

Over dinner they told each other their stories, Danielle laughing to hear that Stuart had escaped simply by jumping from the car that was presumably taking him to whatever safe house they had earmarked for him. He told her that they would have to remain in the bungalow for the night, his protectors were not willing to move in the dark, especially to the High Commission.

'What about the chip?'

'I had it concealed...in me. They didn't find it. This time I'll hand it to the Commission.'

'Thank God for that then.' Danielle still felt apprehensive about what the final outcome would be for JetAAI, even if she made her escape. Perhaps without either of them in custody and no evidence of the chip, then what she had been told at the Commission would happen. She knew that there was no chance that JetAAI would ever get Indian Defence contract work however.

After dinner another man arrived and the first two local men left. He was introduced as Satchin, the owner of the bungalow. Satchin was tall, elegantly dressed and a strong jaw framed his boyish good looks. He wore his black hair stylishly unkempt with a long fringe and in Danielle's estimation would have been at home in the movies. Unlike the two men who he had replaced, Satchin was open and friendly towards her. At one point, when Stuart went to the toilet, Satchin told her that Stuart had refused to go to the High Commission until he had heard what had happened to her. The revelation stunned and to some degree, embarrassed her. She had been ready to fly out of India and leave Stuart to his fate, yet he had been prepared to risk his own safety in order to find her.


There was only one bedroom in the bungalow, and only one bed in that room. Stuart offered to sleep on the floor but she dismissed the offer by drawing him to her. They kissed, their bodies pressed together in the humid heat of the darkened room. They undressed slowly, kissing and exploring each other until finally they lay on the bed, Stuart on top.

Danielle parted her legs and he pushed into her, a driving wedge of heat that threatened to send her into a climax almost straight away. She wrapped her legs around his hips and trapped him inside her.

'Satchin told me that you could have gone to the High Commission a few days ago but didn't because of me.'

'Did he?'

'Mmmm,' she replied as he pressed his mouth to hers. She loosened the grip on his hips and allowed him to thrust in and out of her a few times. The lust burning in the pit of her belly wanted to let him continue, but she fought the raw emotion and trapped him deep inside again.

'Is it true?'

'I guess.' The expression on Stu's face told her that he was keen to get on with the sex and less of the talking. She decided that they could finish the conversation later and loosened her grip again.

'Fuck me then,' she whispered. Stu obeyed, re-commencing his eager thrusting, the passage of his shaft smoothed by her juices that were pooling liberally between them. Danielle began to match his thrusts, lifting her hips to draw him deeper and pushing her clit onto the top of his shaft as he pulled back.

Stu's body stiffened and he stopped thrusting into her momentarily and for a moment Danielle thought he was about to come, which given her own state of arousal would have been very disappointing. Instead he slid fully into her, leant down and placed his lips next to her ear.

'Satchin's listening to us outside the door.'

Danielle ran her fingernails lightly down Stu's back. They had tried to be quiet, and in fact she was pretty sure that they had been, but the lack of internal doors in the bungalow reduced the privacy one could otherwise expect. An image of Satchin's cheeky grin flashed in her mind and Danielle found herself becoming more aroused at the thought that he was standing outside their bedroom listening to them.

'Keep fucking me,' she whispered into Stu's ear. Again he began his slow thrusting, and again she matched his thrusts. She pictured Satchin leaning against the wall, his eyes closed as he strained to make out the noises from within the bedroom. She pictured him with a bare chest, his brown skin smooth and his dark nipples hard. In her mind he was caressing his bulge through his loose cotton pants and at the thought a moan escaped her. In the dark silence it sounded loud and Stu responded by thrusting faster.

'He'll like that,' Stu murmured and his encouragement elicited another moan. With each inward thrust she allowed the air in her lungs to escape with a soft moan, wanting to provide a back beat to accompany Satchin's self pleasure. The thought was too much for her and with a groan that was louder than she had intended she came, eyes closed and arching her back, her hands and legs trying to pull Stu into her body. Waves rolled through her and a white noise blocked out the sounds that came from her throat.

'Go to him,' Stu whispered as she came down from her climax. He was still deep inside her and began to thrust in very small movements, enough to re-kindle her lust without over stimulating the raw and throbbing nerves in her pussy.

'What?' Danielle tried to sound shocked, indeed she was, but her heightened arousal was such that at that moment she was willing to do anything.

'Bring him here,' Stu whispered. The hoarseness in his voice betrayed his lust and Danielle came again, the unexpected orgasm catching her completely unawares.

'Oh fuck!' She cried out, writhing in ecstasy, her gyrations pulling Stu free from her. Before the throbbing between her legs had subsided she slid from the bed and walked, weak-kneed, to the doorway. As Stu had told her, Satchin was just outside and jumped, clearly startled as she appeared in the doorway. She was equally startled to find him completely naked and with an erection bigger than any she had seen before. His erection was so big, she guessed about ten inches long, that it bowed slightly in the middle and the tip pointed downwards.

She caught him moving his hand away from it and knew that he had indeed been stroking it while he listened. Danielle dragged her eyes from his member to his face, seeing the whites of his wide-open eyes in the darkness. Maintaining the initiative she stepped to him, reaching out and taking his wide girth in one hand while she placed the palm of her second against his chest. Beneath his smooth skin that was warm with a light covering of sweat she could feel his heart hammering in his chest. It mirrored her own and she tried to soothe them both by beginning to pump the huge shaft in her hand.

She tilted her head up towards his and invited him to kiss her, which he did with tenderness that surprised her. The kiss was somewhat awkward, his breath tinted with the aroma of cinnamon, and Danielle thrust her tongue into his mouth. Her boldness clearly excited Satchin and he turned towards her, his hands sliding down to her waist. She allowed Satchin to pull her to him and pushed his erection down and stood on tiptoes to push it between her legs.

Like a child sliding down a banister she began to rub her wet slit along the top of his shaft, her hands on his shoulders as they kissed. Satchin's hands rubbed her sides and back and then ventured upwards to grip her breasts. His hips were moving in small jerky movements as the wetness from between her legs lubricated his long shaft. Danielle was scared by his size, but wanted him inside her regardless.

'Dani?' Stu's voice was soft but cut through the intimacy she was enjoying with Satchin, reminding her that she had started her sex session with another man. She was suddenly full of self-doubt about the prospect of sharing herself with two men; she had never had a sexual experience with more than one partner. But then again, until the previous night she had not had a sexual experience with another woman. Much had changed.

She slipped from Satchin and saw the look of disappointment in his eyes change to surprise when she reached down to take his length into her hand. She led him like that into the bedroom, enjoying Stu's wide-eyed expression as he saw Satchin's length. Stu was still hard and the prospect of these two men filling her with pleasure almost made her sick with excitement.

Danielle hesitated when she reached the bed, unsure of what to do next. Stu took over; standing so that she found herself sandwiched between two naked bodies, Satchin's hardness pressed against her back, while Stu's probed her thigh. Stu's tongue invaded her mouth as Satchin devoured her shoulders and the back of her neck, his large hands cupping and spreading her buttocks. Stu's hands raked down her sides and he slid one between her legs to cup her sex. His finger began to flick across her clit and her body trembled at the contact. At the same time Satchin began to caress her opening near her anus, the tip of his finger probing into her. She pushed back almost imperceptibly and Satchin thrust his finger fully into her.

'Oh fuck,' she moaned into Stu's mouth and both men increased their tempo. The climax, her third, ripped through her and both men were forced to hold her upright so that she didn't fall to the floor. The pleasure was so intense that she thought she had passed out and was vaguely aware that she had been placed on the bed. Satchin entering her from behind as he drew her hips upwards and slid into her in one smooth movement rudely interrupted the warmth of the afterglow.

'Oh Christ,' she muttered as his length penetrated her, and his width stretched her, ending sparks racing into her belly. There was no pain as he entered her, indeed the ease with which her body consumed him surprised Danielle. She pushed up onto her elbows to give her leverage to push back against Satchin. She looked over her shoulder at him, brushing her hair to one side to watch his beautiful smooth body as the pushed into her. The muscles in his abdomen rippled with each thrust and his chest was hard, the muscles in his upper arms tense as he gripped her waist.

Danielle was glad that she had come three times and was as wet as she was. The look on Satchin's face told her that had she been drier and tighter, he might not have lasted very long. Stu took her lifting her head as an invitation and sat on the bed, moving in front of her, his legs parted with one outside each of her arms and his penis pointing upwards at her face. The feeling of wanton lust consumed her again and she did as he wanted, lowering her head and taking him into her mouth. Danielle felt that she had to stretch her lips more than normal and wondered if Stu's erection was bigger and thicker than she had remembered or if it was only in her imagination. She worked her mouth up and down his length, feeling the spittle dribble from the corners of her mouth down along his shaft. With each upstroke she swirled her tongue around his head, then plunged down until the tip was compressed into the back of his throat.

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