tagTransgender & CrossdressersAgnes Dourville Ch. 17

Agnes Dourville Ch. 17


I'm young and willing to try new things and people seem attracted to me, as offbeat as I am, and I'm still not exactly sure where I'm at and where I'm going. But I do have several nebulous goals in mind that I might want to pursue (in addition to going to college).

Life continues on in Hibbing through the rest of the winter. Anton, Suzy and I have another two- or threesome from time to time, although none quite match that one in the dark. My dad and Diane continue on with their subdued existence. And I continue to persevere on the job, amassing more and more money and still hobnobbing with the guys at Massey's.

In May, I get around to writing Agnes and Sharon a long heartfelt letter, finally telling the whole story of my intervention and relocation to Hibbing, and my working toward saving money for college. I only hint at Michelle managing to emerge at Anton and Suzy's. I end by asking if I can return to Douglas and stay with Agnes for a short time until I get my feet on the ground. I decide not to ask Sharon if she still wants to see me, because I realize she may have met someone else.

This time, I supply my address. I hear back from Agnes after a week and a half, who gives me the OK, and mentions that Sharon is in her final weeks of working at the store before going off to college in the fall. I don't hear anything from Sharon at all. I'm not too surprised at that. She's probably and rightfully miffed at me for leaving.

Finally, in June I resign from my job, collect my final pay, and process out of the mining company's HR department. I feel about 10 years older than when I first arrived. I'm more sure of myself and more importantly, I'm more sure of myself as Michelle, especially thanks to Suzy and Anton. I have a final dinner with those two, and they send me off with a gift of wine and a sexy matching pair of bra and panties.

"Michelle, what a time we've enjoyed with you!" says Suzy. "You've certainly expanded our horizons, dear, and of course all of our lips are sealed about our scenes, yes? You stay in touch and let us know what's happening with you."

"We don't expect you'll return to this dreary town soon, unless it's to see your father sometime," says Anton. "Good luck with Sharon ... "

"You were my oasis," I say with a tear in my eye. "I've so much fun with you both. Oh, and now I know about tropical fish."

With that, I remember to gift them some exotic fish food.

"Goodbye, Pang," laments Anton.

We hug for a long time and I leave. I pack up at home and say my extended goodbyes to Gene and Diane. Then I'm into my rental car and off to good old Douglas, Wisconsin, with a fat check in my pocket.

Amazingly, I end up driving some of the same roads my bus took during my first trip there, when I went to live and work with Agnes. As I drive I feel so blessedly independent. It's heady.

Underneath my Michael clothes I'm wearing (no surprise) the sexy bra and panty set Anton and Suzy gave me, and from time to time when I feel them against my skin I feel a tinge of excitement. I wonder what the next chapters in my life will be. It can be frightening sometimes, entering the unknown.

Stopping at a store along the way to buy a dress, I arrive in Douglas after suppertime, and head right for Agnes' house. Lugging my suitcase, I knock on her door, and she appears, looking as imperious as ever, but also with a sly look.

"Well, look what the wind blew in," she pronounces.

"The prodigal son, ah, daughter, has returned," I reply, trying to lighten things up.

"Well, all I can say is that your dad sure did a number on you. Don't just stand there, come on in, Michelle."

So, I somewhat meekly enter and sit down. "It wasn't all lost time. I saved enough money for college."

"Good for you. That's good. And I take it that all the brainwashing didn't erase my little girl?"

"Like I said in my letter, I met some people - my boss and his wife in fact - who gave me space to be Michelle."

"Come here, dear," says Agnes soothingly, "come to moma."

I hesitatingly walk over to her embrace. She pulls my head into her two big boobs, .and I'd swear that underneath she's wearing one of her splendid long girdles

"Michelle, dear, you can stay here as long as you need. I saved everything for you, all the Michelle things we had accumulated for you, all the makeup, everything. You should feel right at home."

I ask about Clarice and Sharon - Clarice out of politeness, and Sharon out of extreme interest.

"Clarice is now engaged, with a wedding planned for the fall - I'm going to lose one of my girls!"

"Do you still do your dress-up weekends? The corset-a-ramas?"

"Less and less. They were so much fun, weren't they?"

"Yes, and I lost my virginity. ... And Sharon, how's she?"

"Your girlfriend ... I wrote that she's in her final weeks of working at the store, right? She's going to attend Winneta State this fall and major in business, of all things. But I do have to tell you that she's been seeing a farmboy named Richard from time to time. I don't think they're real serious, but if you want to take up with her where you left off, you should make your move soon, Michelle."

"Like try to kiss her on the way to the theater again?" I quip.

"Naughty, naughty," says Agnes.

After she serves me a small snack, we go upstairs and I lay my suitcase on Clarice's old bed. The girl doll is still looking at me! Agnes goes to get ready for bed as I put my clothing away. My guy things go into the chest of drawers, which I notice still contain all my former Michelle lingerie and makeup. I add my new dress to the dresses and nightgowns hanging in the closet. Stepping out of my bra and panties from the trip, I select one of the nightgowns (white cotton) to wear.

I'm just getting ready to get into bed when Agnes walks in, wearing one of her semi-sheer glistening nightgowns. "Tonight I want to welcome you back," she says, leading me into her bedroom. "I want my daughter close by me." She welcomes me into her big king-size bed and turns out the light. She has me spoon her. I'm horny and could actually fuck her that way, but we just fall asleep close together.

In the morning down in the kitchen, I'm still wiping sleep from my eyes, but she's wide awake and cheery. We're both still wearing our nightgowns. She serves ham and eggs and biscuits with melted butter, a nice midwestern start of a day.

"Do you want to be Michelle while you're back here?" she asks. "All the time?"

"I'm not exactly sure," I say, "because I got so used to being a truck driver. I need to think about it. But while I'm here with you in the house, yes. ... By the way, could I work back at the store until college starts in the fall? As Michael, for now?"

"Of course; I need all the help I can get, dear."

With some apprehension that afternoon I show up at the store to help out. Sharon isn't due to arrive from school until an hour later. Soon, I'm back in the regular routine of keeping a small neighborhood grocery store stocked up. It's all coming back. As usual, I'm wearing panties, and today I have pantyhose on too. But no hidden bra.

The wait for Sharon is excruciating. She could be angry at me; she probably hates me for dropping her so suddenly. Will she sympathize with my intervention? Will she still have a thing for my female side?

She's a few minutes late. I hear the distinctive sound of her dad's car arriving, and her parking on gravel. The car door closes, and she enters through the back door. I stop what I'm doing in the storeroom and wait to see her. I'm kind of frozen.

If I gained 10 years of maturity during my Hibbing sojourn, she has gained even more. She smiles. She's no longer wearing braces. She's lost most of her baby fat and now has the most wonderful figure. Her facial features are more defined. No wonder some other guy's dating her! Her hair is so nicely done, and her shirt, or blouse, clings to her full breasts. She simply takes my breath away. And again, she smiles.

"Well, if it isn't the great disappearing Michael," she says. "Here one day, gone the next. What's a girl supposed to do?"

"You heard what happened."

"Yes, but you didn't have to squirrel yourself away in Hibbing for so long. It's like you wanted to be away from me."

"I don't know. I felt bad about being so distant, I really did. But I needed to set myself up financially to go to college. And that abduction and brainwashing threw me for a loss. It took a while to get over it."

"Yeah, that's understandable. I didn't know people did things like that. Crazy."

Sharon's even talking differently. More grown up and sure of herself.

"So," she says, "I suppose you came back here flush with money and expect to take up with me where we left off?"

I'll bet Agnes is listening to every word from the front of the store ...

"I heard you were seeing someone."

"Richard," she acknowledges. "I don't think you ever met him. I met him through the FFA. Nice guy."

"And you're going to college this fall?"

"I've decided I'm going to get a biz degree and be a CPA. Be an accountant. Make good money."

"Is Richard going to be going to the same college too?"

"Oh, look who's worried now!" she says.

"I just want to know."

"No. He's staying on his dad's farm to keep it running. His dad's got arthritis bad."

"Are you serious about him?"

"Look, Michael, or Michelle, I'm not sure which one you are anymore, if you want anything from me, you've got to make up a lot of lost ground. I'm not saying how I feel about Richard. But I'm also not saying how I feel about you either, except that you treated me badly again. We need to have some long talks. You need to treat me a lot better."

"That's fair. I understand."

I keep sleeping with dear old Agnes. I willingly play the role of Michelle for her (and well, for me too). Without Clarice, Agnes and I soon have a girdle o-rama weekend with pizza and wine. It's been so long since I've worn mine that I find it quite arousing and Agnes sees my erection. That evening in bed, spooning as usual, I pull her smooth nightgown aside and insert myself into her big, warm cunt and merrily fuck away. Afterward, we clean up and fall asleep.

The next morning at breakfast, it's as though it never happened. Just a nice-to-do, I guess. I got my rocks off; she probably expected it.

I am her Michelle, her sort-of daughter. She buys me women's things. I thank her and wear them. Sometimes they're stylish, sometimes they're sexy, sometimes they're not.

Sharon and I do go on long walks. I'm hopeful. We haven't even kissed yet, but we do begin to hold hands. She asks me if I still like to be Michelle. I say yes, and tell her about being en femme at home with Agnes.

"You be careful of her," she says. "Agnes can be quite devious when she wants to be. I know she sees you as a replacement for Clarice and she probably wants to keep you that way."

"Like she's jealous of me seeing you?"

"Yeah, a little. You know, Michael, I do miss you as Michelle. I admit it. I'm more into you when I see your feminine side. You're just more fun to be with and more attractive and more friendly."

"That's nice to hear."

So I revert to working at the store as Michelle. Michelle is making her presence known in Douglas again (at the store, anyway). Sharon and I are best buds again. She's into me; and I am certainly into her. Psychically that is.

And one day during the summer, she drives me once again to her secret overlook, down the little road overgrown with weeds. This brings back so many poignant memories.

As we walk to our little blanket spot, she suddenly drops everything and entwines herself around me and kisses me madly. I soon respond, and we're like that for minutes. I love the smell of her, the taste of her and I love her hair brushing my face. We spread our blanket out, over the long green grass, and I unbutton her tight jeans. We hurriedly lay down and she frantically reaches down to pull up my dress to release my cock from my panties. We fuck so quickly and so wildly that we never think about protection. My god. My lipstick is messed up and I'm sure my eye makeup is too. We are both wet from semen and sweat, and a total sweetness overtakes us, as though we're drunk on wine.

I unbutton her shirt and we just lay there in the dappled shade for a good hour, holding hands. A long wisp of her hair blows across my cheek.

Sharon and I are a couple again.

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