tagBDSMAgreement Ch. 01

Agreement Ch. 01

byRowan Elizabeth©

I am blessed with an inheritance from my grandmother. I still have to work. But I bought a turn of the century home in a beautiful neighborhood and enjoy my walks among the mature trees.

I bought a great dog. Malora was a precocious Mastiff baby, but is now a well-behaved girl. I find a lot of pleasure in a well-trained pup.

I also find a great deal of pleasure in a well groomed yard. Malora and I spend time in the nature sanctuary that is my back yard, pulling weeds and trimming. We watch the hummingbirds hover early in the day and Malora chases off the black birds of a night.

Marlora is a kind spirit really. The neighbor finds it necessary to foster homeless cats. They lie in our drive, sunning. At night, the coyotes cry from the nature preserve a few roads over. They would love to hunt the lost and lingering cats of our neighborhood. Malora keeps them from our neck of the street.

We believe in guidance for the misled. Coyotes are misled to mess with Miss Malora. She guides them away.


I have a friend. Anthony is a dear friend who has a wonderful woman. We meet for drinks and he tells me about her. She's immensely devoted to him and will do whatever he asks. Sexually or otherwise.

"She worships my cock. When she sucks me she looks at me as though I'm her god."

"So, what's the problem?"

"She needs a goddess."

I smile over my wine in the knowledge of exactly what she needs. If I haven't done it, I've seen it or read it.

Anthony and I did some of it ourselves many years ago. Truly rough and tumble. But as much as I enjoy submitting sexually, it's the otherwise that gets me. I'm much too stubborn to submit for more than a few hours or an evening.

"I want to give her to you," Anthony tells me.

"Anthony, my dear, why?" He must spell it out for me to accept.

"I love her. Enough to give her what she needs. I need to be the one to give it to her."

"But I would be the one giving it to her."

"Because I allowed it."

"Fair enough," I say.

I understand him. His love for her. His desire for me to have her. He and I understand each other and I understand what she needs. Still, I want to hammer out some details.

"What do you want?"

"To set her up. She won't be able to resist you. You are everything she desires in a woman. Your long, dark hair. Your full breasts. Your height."

Anthony continues. "I want to leave her for you to find."

"What can I do with her?"

"Anything you wish," Anthony plies. "She would be yours to have."

I pretend to ponder the offer. I look over my wine glass and away from his eyes.

"Liz," he starts. "I want you to make her your bitch."

My bitch. I trained my bitch, Malora. I know I can train this one.

I smile and offer my hand.

"An agreement, then?"

"Yes," Anthony responds. "An agreement."


It's a Friday evening, two weeks further. I take the day from work to set up my home and to prepare myself. I put on a black dress with my knee high riding boots. My curls hang around my shoulders.

He's going to leave her in my territory. Take her to dinner, pay and leave her. I will find her.

She's a smart little thing and might know he's up to something. Anthony always is with her. But this, no this she will not see coming.

I walk to the Hearthstone and sit at the bar. He's left her at a table in the back. Soon she'll come looking for him.

Until then, I sip my glass of Malbec. A velvety red wine sure to go to my head if I have too many.

I watch the mirror behind the bar and see her come to the front looking for him in desperation. She's exactly like he described. A petite thing. Golden blonde. Wide eyes.

As she comes into the bar, I turn to face her. She seems startled at first but then comforted when I say, "Lost?"

"Oh God," she says. "I think he left me here."

"Nonsense," I offer. "He'll be back for you."

She goes to the front door and looks down the street. She looks panicky as she walks toward me.

"His car is gone."

"Stay here with me," I tell her. "Until he comes back."

She takes on last look around and climbs onto the barstool next to me.

"You'll have wine with me. Yes?" I begin.

Without her answering, I order another glass of the deep red and have it brought to her. A new light plays behind her eyes. It's the beginnings of the fire Anthony's told me about.

I offer my hand, black nails glinting. "I'm Liz."

"Jodi." Her tiny hand fits inside mine. "He's up to something, Liz. I can feel it."

"What on earth would he be up to?" I smile an easy smile.

Jodi catches herself talking of personal things with a stranger and backs off a bit. Her face flushes with embarrassment.

"Oh. I'm sure I'm just imagining it.'

"Of course you are." My smile widens a bit. I try not to look like the predator I am. "Tell me, Jodi, what do you like to do with your spare time?"

I know full well from my talks with Anthony what her habits are. Sucking his cock, taking his cock and otherwise worshipping his cock. She's very cock-centric, this one.

"I, well, I bake and..." I love watching her struggle for a truth she can share. "...and I generally spend most of my time with Anthony."

"Anthony?" I play. "Is that his name?"

"Yes," she says dreamily.

"You love him," I state.

"I do." Her cheeks become pink again.

"I'm sorry," I say. "I'm so forward. Let's just talk."

I clink my wine glass against hers. "To new friends."


An hour and two glasses of wine pass for Jodi before she stops checking the door and is paying strict attention to me.

"You trained a dog that big?" she asks.

"It's not that difficult. It's a matter of being consistent," I say. I stroke her hand. "And being a good disciplinarian."

Instead of turning that perfect shade of pink from earlier, she tilts her head down and looks up through her thick lashes. She smiles. There's that fire again.

"Jodi," I touch her cheek. "We'll call Anthony and have him pick you up at my house. We can walk there from here. We'll sit on the porch with a glass of wine until he gets there."

"Yes, let's do that."

I pick up my phone and dial Anthony's number.

"Hello?" I say.

"I've been waiting," he responds.


I hand my phone to Jodi in answer to the question on her face.

"It's for you," I say.

Her light skin turns even paler. My predatory smile emerges. She takes the phone. I know what he's telling her. We've discussed it. I know what to listen for. The yes's.

"Jodi?" he asks

"Yes?" There is a tremor in her voice.

"Say yes if you understand me. Liz is a dear friend of mine."


"You are my gift to her."


"You will obey her like you would me."

"Yes." She looks at me with trepidation.

"I will not leave you with her too long. I will come for you."

"Yes." I think she may tear up.

"Be good."


He hangs up and she hands me the phone.

I lift her chin with my fingertips, stir up most of my compassion and ask, "Do you understand?"

"He just left me with you?"

I take her hand and rap it with my knuckles. "Once again. Do you understand? Yes or no?"

She takes a deep breath of resignation. "Yes."

"Good girl." I smile at her. "Let's go now. You will follow me."

I walk toward the exit with her following close behind. Once out on the sidewalk, I pick up the pace. She keeps up. It pleases me.

We walk the few blocks to my home. Malora parts the curtains on the door's window with her massive head as she hears the key in the lock. A happy wuff vibrates the old milk glass.

"You will wait just outside the threshold until I come back for you," I tell Jodi.

I open the door and ruffle the fur atop Malora's head. "Hello, mama's baby girl." Her bottom wiggles at the sound of my voice. I hang my purse on one of the hooks by the door and look at the pretty pink dog collar I'd left on the parlor table.

"Step just inside," I tell Jodi.

She does as I tell her, a look of shock still on her face. She's not yet assimilated what's happening to her.

With the main door open and only an antique screen door between her and the world, I tell her, "Take off your clothing."

Her eyes plead with me as she stands still.

"Do not make me tell you twice again. Now, take off your clothes," I say flatly.

She reaches for the hem of her blouse, lifts it over her head and reveals lace-covered, perfect breasts. But, she's moving too slowly. I step into her personal space. Space she is no longer allowed.

"Pick up the pace." I hold out my hand for her blouse she gives me.

She unhooks her bra and hands it to me. I drop the blouse and bra in a brown grocery sack I had placed next to the door. She will need clothes again, eventually.

Once she's out of her shoes and pants, I make her stand in her small lacey panties for a moment and I toss the rest in the bag.

I lightly smile and nod at the panties. She slides them over her hips and down her trim thighs, revealing a pristinely shaved pussy. Very nice.

The panties get laid on the parlor table just before I pick up the pink collar.

"Lift your hair."

"I've never had to -- ," she begins.

My eyes squint and I raise my voice. "You do not speak. The only thing you get to say is the name Anthony as your safe word. But, know that if you say it, I will never touch you again."

She lowers her eyes and lifts her hair as she's told.

I wrap the collar around her throat and buckle it snugly in the front.

"There," I say as I step back and take her all in. "Aren't you just the prettiest little bitch?"

She has a momentary look of being pleased. I nip it in the bud by saying, "Down on your hands and knees."

The good girl does as she's told. So far I'm impressed with my gift. I cross the room and sit on the edge of the chaise. Malora comes to sit by my side.

"Shut the door and come to me."

I get to see her at all angles as she manipulates the door. Her crawl lacks poise as she gets used to the hardwood floors, but I will fix that gait.

Jodi looks nervous. I alternate stroking her smooth blonde hair and patting the brindle Malora.

"A few starter rules will set you at ease," I tell Jodi. "You know the safe word. But, I warn you, it will be the end."

"You may not speak, but you may make your own little puppy sounds of moans and whimpers, for example."

I lift her chin. "Know that I own you. Just like I own Malora here."

"You will follow me everywhere I go on your hands and knees. When you are good, you will be rewarded. When you are bad in my estimation, you will be disciplined. Nod your head that you understand and accept."

Jodi's hair sways as she nods.

"Good girl."

I look at the little beauty in front of me for just a little too long. Malora whines in my ear.

"Oh baby," I say to her. "Do you need out?"

Malora stands and trots trough the living room and dining room to the back kitchen door.

I stroke Jodi's bare shoulder. "This will be a good chance for you to practice." I stand and start walking. She follows.

I look at her over my shoulder and say, "You must straighten your back to balance better and make me proud." She squirms to bring up her curved back. Jodi makes it through to the kitchen without drooping.

We reach the back door and I open it for Malora. "You may go," I tell my beast. It's not until I give the permission does she step out into the backyard.

I turn to Jodi who wisely doesn't lift her eyes to mine.

"You may sit back on your heels with your hands in your lap."

I pull a bottle of red out of the rack and uncork it. I decide I will share a bit with my new pet. Keep her loose and relaxed until the real lessons begin.

I pour a generous glass for myself and then go to the china cabinet. The shallow crystal bowl will do for Jodi. Once I pull down my black crop from the top of the cabinet, we are ready to go.

"Follow me," I tell her.

I open the back door and step out. I want to see if she learned anything from Malora. Jodi crawls to the back door, and straight through the threshold.

"No!" I easily slap her on the cheek with the tip of my crop. "Back up."

Her eyes are wide with sudden anger.

"Say his name if you really want." I lift her chin with the flat end of my crop.

Her eyes drop with the mention of her obsession. She backs into the house.

"You may go."

She straightens her back and crawls out onto the exposed aggregate patio. I know the little pebbles will worry her knees and palms. I walk to the café set and sit down my glass and crop. I place the crystal bowl on the patio and fill it with the wine.

"You may drink."

I sit on the metal chair. She looks at the bowl with awe but soon dips her head to it and tries to sip and lap at the wine.

A deep sigh escapes me. I'm very pleased with Jodi and I smile. Her perfect round bottom up in the air calls for a flash of a crop. But she's being good and I will reward her soon.

We drink our wine as the night's stars pop and Malora growls at something behind the tall fence.


Once back inside, I lead her back to the chaise. I have her remove my tall boots. I flex and stretch my legs and lie on the chaise. She's not going to like the next event.

"Sit back on your heels."

She does.

"Good girl." I pat her cheek.

I disappear into my bedroom, to return a few moments later with my needed items.

"Bow down as though you are drinking your wine. Bow with your rear facing the chaise."

I sit behind her and run my hands over the swells of her buttocks. I reach for the lubricant and squeeze several large drops onto my fingers. Spreading her cheeks with one hand, I slowly start working my fingers into her ass. She begins to protest.

"Remember your sounds."

A whining sound comes from her in protest. She moves her hips out of my grasp for a split second. That is all I will allow.

I take up my crop and stand. I can tell that for the briefest of moments, she thinks she's won. She thinks it until the crop comes down sharp on her haunches. Then again. The whining turns to whimpering that I can tolerate and do require.

Sitting back down behind her, I spread her again. This time I thrust two fingers into her. She yelps like a good bitch and takes it.

Once I feel she's well lubricated, I press the heavy butt-plug to her hole.

"You will need to be ready for me, Anthony or anyone I choose to use this hole. Relax into it."

I push the plug into her, adjust the straps that hold it tight and then let her sit back on her heels.

Tears stream down her cheeks, messing her makeup. She looks fiercely angry, but will not look at me. Good girl.

I take the lubricant back to my toy box in the bedroom and then make my way to the bathroom. Washing my hands, I decide she needs to clean up. I wet a wash cloth with hot water and take it to her.

"You will not get a mirror while you're here. I can tell you that you look awful right now," I lie. She is gorgeous with the streaked face. "Wash your face."

She takes the cloth and scrubs at her face.

"Bring your cloth in your mouth and follow me."

We go to the kitchen where I take the cloth and put it in the laundry room. I walk into the bath again. She is slower to follow.

"Speed up."

She does.

At the vanity, I have her sit back on her heels. I reach for my face cream. Jodi's poor face is red from the tears and the scrubbing. I gently rub the cream into her skin. She's smart to keep her eyes down. She's also smart to make small contented sounds.

I line her eyes with black kohl and coat her lashes with mascara. She looks like a painted whore, as she should. I want to kiss her naked lips. Unfortunately, she's done nothing to deserve that quite yet.

It's been a long evening for Jodi. The transformation from Anthony's dinner partner to my pet has been stressful. Still in shock of the developments, Jodi looks weary.

However, she must perform for me to assure her place in my bedroom. I turn on my bare feet and expect her to follow.

Back in the living room, I pull the blinds, hike my dress around my waist and sit on the sofa.

"Take my panties off with your teeth."

It takes Jodi a few minutes to get the black lace over my hips and down my legs to the floor.

"Now, eat my cunt, little bitch."

Jodi crawls between my legs and only hesitates a moment before putting her mouth on my pussy. The hesitation is wonderful and the contact ecstatic. I shut my eyes and lean my head back into the sofa cushion.

I feel her tentative tongue trace the lips and hood of my cunt. She finds my clit hidden underneath my hood piercing. Jodi alternates presses with her tongue and sucks. I know she's doing what she loves to have done to her. It feels tremendous, although I know I won't come. I won't grace her with that the first time out of the gate.

I do, however, twist my hands up in her pretty blonde hair. I flex my legs and pull her mouth into me.

With a sharp push, I expel her from my space. She looks at me with questioning eyes and my juices on her mouth.

"Very good. Sit up."

She sits back on her heels and I lean forward.

I taste myself on her lips when we make contact and I open her mouth with my tongue. She's tentative at first, but is soon kissing me back with the same intensity of my own mouth.

I pull back long enough to say, "You may touch yourself."

One would think I'd set her loose entirely. Jodi's hand jutted to her crotch and began fingering her. Our mouths collided again.

There are few things I enjoy more than a lover's moans in my mouth as I kiss her. I lick at my taste on her and she groans her pleasure.

I know she's about to come. Part of me wants to let her and part of me wants to deny it. I choose the middle ground. I push her and kick her hand away from her cunt. Jodi's eyes are wide with want. I will be the one to give it to her.

I reach between her legs and find her erect clit and pull. Jodi yelps. It's beautiful.

I rub her and press three fingers into her snatch. She begins riding my hand as my thumb presses her clit. She's going to come.

An evil moment comes to me and I almost stop. But, I want her to know what she can have and that only I will give it to her.

Her breathing is pitched and her whining is good this time. I give it to her.

Rubbing her clit cruelly and pumping my fingers into her, she comes with a true bitch howl.

Malora barks and I smile.

I pull my hand from Jodi's crotch and let her collapse to the rug. Every good girl deserves to relish in her come.

And Jodi was a good girl.

I walk to the bedroom and strip out of my clothing. I lie on the bed and quickly finish myself off before going to fetch my girls.


The mastiff trots into the bedroom and curls up in her fleece bed by the door. My protection.

"Little baby girl."

Jodi looks up at me with a smile in her eyes. She lazily gets to her hands and knees and follows me to the bedroom.

I allow her a fleece bed with a blanket next to mine.

"Sleep well," I say. "Tomorrow is another day."


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