AH Fantasies Ch. 07


That was all it seemed to take for the action to resume. Joey went back to eating me out. Hard thrusts of his fingers and his tongue drove my hips upwards even more. Had it not been the firm grip of his hands on my round cheeks, I would have bucked him and Jus off my sloppy cunt. Jus's fingers pulled on my clit and his teeth feasted on the hard strip.

I did my best to sup on Jus's balls, pushing my nose into his pubes and nuzzling my face into the musky scent of his crotch. I refused to close my eyes as I moved from his balls to his cock and with my cuffed wrists I managed to guide his dick to my mouth. I inhaled him, sucking and drawing the blood through the veins of his cock. I felt the rush under his skin and marveled at the feel of it. My hungry eyes devoured Neo's fucking of Jus's ass. I saw him pull out, hold, then slam back in. I watched Jus push back and heard him beg for more.

I wanted more too. I needed so much, but yet my body wasn't ready. I needed something deeper than tongues could provide. I pulled Jus's cock from my mouth and ordered Joey to fuck my pussy. Neo never let up on Jus's ass, plunging his cock in to the hilt and letting his balls slap against his lover's ass. I felt the loss of one tongue, but then was quickly welcoming the full shaft of Joey as he slammed full force into me. There was no reason to ease his cock in. I was wet and begging to be used.

Jus went back to work, doing his best to play with my cunt and suck some of the juices that were sliding all over Joey's dick. I felt the different muscles working my pussy and I whimpered as I went back to swallowing rod and watching the erotic scene just a few inches from my hungry lips.

The only sound that filled the room were the sounds of bodies mashing together, people dragging in gulps of air, or hungry moans of lust as juice and saliva were swallowed. I heard Jus mutter a low curse and I increased the vigor of my sucking. His come shot out, filling my mouth and I felt it slide easily down my throat. I continued to drain him, wanting to feel another shot of his white pearls splash against my throat and warm my belly. In less than a second I got my reward and drank more of his milk. I purred against his cock, eventually releasing him and staring in awe as Neo pulled his shaft from Jus and stroked the remaining jerks he needed to get off. His spray shot over Jus's ass and I opened my mouth, capturing several drops. The taste of the two men's come mingled together and I knew sometime during the night, I'd have to drink all three gentlemen's hot cream.

Jus wasn't still for long. I had not yet come and so he went to work on my pussy as Joey resumed his pounding. I clenched his meat tightly with my walls and felt the head of his cock become locked in the vise that was my cunt. He dragged himself free and then drove back in hard. Jus bit my clit and that was my undoing. Together Joey and I came, our bodies suddenly stiff and seemingly solid. I felt his pearls wrap around my honey and knew that Jus was enjoying the mixed cocktail that was erupting from my sex.

I don't know how long we lay there in a heap of tangled arms and limbs, but eventually Jus moved from my body and rested on his back. Neo sat back in a chair that was resting near the bed and Joey seemed to wilt next to me on the bed. I took a deep breath, ran my hands over my body and felt the moistness between my legs. A warmth seemed to spread throughout my already flaming figure, but it was a different kind of feeling...a temporarily satisfied feeling. One that I knew I would need sated again and these three men were going to have to find a way to help me with my need. After all, a girl cannot live on lollipops alone.

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