tagChain StoriesAH Fantasies Ch. 18

AH Fantasies Ch. 18


The AH School Newspaper Senior Prom Report

Well, this reporter had a blast at the Senior Prom Thursday night! I hope all you readers did too! I took a notebook and a tape recorder with me so here it is, your report on the AH Prom from your reporter, MagicaPractica!

I walked into the AH Prom with Vermilion, after we met outside and complimented each other extensively on the long red dresses we were wearing. The AH gym had been transformed into a castle, of sorts, with pink and purple balloons and streamers all over.

It wasn't long before my date, Trom, arrived and joined me. "Ah, sorry I'm a bit late," he said. "I had a job interview. Although by all appearances it looks as if I'm actually early."

"Hello darling. Yes, I never have gotten used to the idea of being fashionably late I'm afraid," I replied.

"Oh well, neither have I. You look absolutely beautiful by the way." He leaned in and kissed my cheek.

"You look quite dashing yourself," I replied, smoothing his lapels with a hand.

At that moment, Zade walked into the room lugging a bag that appeared to be marked TNT but she quickly stowed it back stage. "Where's the food?"

"Over there." I gestured to the table where the chaperone was already deeply involved in the spiked punch bowl.

Cloudy arrived next, wearing a chain mail dress, slave bracelet and a tasteful tiara. She had apparently decided the sash was just a little too much.

EL followed soon after, proclaiming the party, "Brilliant! One rum and coke and I'm anybody's!" Several people, male and female alike, rushed to get her a glass. "Sarahh sends her regrets, says she doesn't feel sexy with braces so she's not coming. I tried to convince her otherwise but she wasn't having any of it."

Inlovewithyourghost walked in and flashed a smile around the room then wandered over to meet our growing crowd of wallflowers. "Hey lovelies, nice accessories."

Jomar and Rob walked in next, looking dashing in their tuxedoes and were generally greeted by the crowd enthusiastically.

Caro ran in and called, "Hey everybody, you've got to see this!"

We crowded around the doors, spilling out to watch as a horse drawn carriage pulled up. The doors didn't open for several long minutes though. Finally, Abs and Vana emerged, both stunningly beautiful but Abs added her characteristic twist with a cigar in her mouth.

We returned to the gynmasium in time to hear the Prom organizer, 3113, saying, "Welcome to the AH 2007 Prom. I know you've all been waiting less than patiently for this magical night to come." She cleared her throat. "By come, I mean arrive."

The crowd chuckled and she continued. "The school gym has been transformed into an enchanted castle. You'll find there's a bit of a dungeon in the drained swimming pool, for those of you so inclined. Enjoy yourselves, but not too much. There are chaperones watching...any improper behavior will be severely dealt with. Beware especially of displeasing the Principal, he's brought an executioner with him. The King and Queen will be announced in about an hour or so. If you haven't voted yet, you still have a little time. Enjoy!"

I noticed someone over by the punch bowl. It looked like she was tipping a bottle of something into the punch bowl. With the way things were going around there, it would soon be more booze than anything else. In fact, Zade appeared to already be having a conversation with EL's cleavage.

Abs and Vana were out on the dance floor, entranced in each other's eyes. Cloudy walked by them and it looked like she used the tip of an arrow to snag a seam on Abs Chinese inspired Dragon dress.

I tugged Trom by the hand and took him for a little walk down a dark hallway. On our way back, we stepped outside to get some air in time to see Stella arrive in a Winnebago pimped with spinners on the wheels. She was wearing a Zoot suit and had two weasels on leashes, the leashes and collars studded with bling-bling. We walked back in with her and re-joined the wallflowers.

Grace joined us along the wall and sighed. "I'm waiting for my date."

The music and conversation kept the party moving right along and it wasn't long before 3113 returned to the microphone to announce the Prom King and Queen.

"It's that moment we've all been waiting for. By popular vote, the AH Prom King and Queen are... King Abs and Queen Vana!"

The applause was deafening as Abs led Vana to the stage, where the crowns were placed on their heads.

Abs stepped up to the microphone, "Thank you! I'd just like to say that the after party will be held at Abstrusions!"

Abs and Vana took to the dance floor once more and people paired off.

3113 reminded everyone, once again, to have their pictures taken with the photographer in the corner.

Vana excused herself for a moment so Abs stood off to the side, smoking. She flicked her cigar and it landed in Fem's hair, which started to smoke. Abs flinched and started to edge away, heading out the door. I ran over and patted out Fem's hair then followed Abs outside to scold her but she was gone.

I ran straight into a large grey leg. Looking up, I found a giant Dinosaur crashing the party.

"Hi there, how are you tonight?"

"Not bad, good music. You?"

"Pretty good."

"I heard. Any food?"

"There's barbeque, I'll go get you some."

Just as I walked back into the gym, the lights went out.

I heard Grace's voice over the microphone. "Amazing technicolor fireworks, provided courtesy of Zade."

I wondered how safe this was in the confines of a gymnasium but decided to ignore that fact and just enjoy the spectacular fireworks. In the dim light, I could see SelenaKittyn clinging to jomar.

A bubble of light slid into the room and landed near me. "Wow, didn't think I'd ever get here," Glynndah said. "My bubble got blown off course."

Just-Legal, dressed in Goth style with her black hair, and Spawn-Of-Cloudy seemed to be fighting over some cans of spray paint but she saw them go off quite companionably a few minutes later, toward the classrooms.

After the fireworks, the party started to break up. FatDino stood outside wishing everyone who left "Wet Dreams."

Matriarch walked in just as Trom and I were leaving to offer a sober driver if anyone needed it. Trom hadn't been drinking so we declined.

All in all, it was a great night! I hope you enjoyed it too!

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