tagChain StoriesAH Fantasies Ch. 28

AH Fantasies Ch. 28


Author's Note:This story contains sexual situations involving FF and FFFF play. I want to thank all the folks who are writing in this chain for allowing so many writers to "use" you in their stories. A special thank you goes out to: fallenfromgrace, Impressive, and inlovewithyourghost for granting me permission to bring another of naughty fantasy to life. Most of all thanks to CrimsonMaiden for her willingness to organize this chain and feminity for thinking it up. Enjoy the story and feel free to vote or comment if you like. ~ Red

Pushing Buttons

I saw her watching me. My lower lip was sore and red, probably bleeding if I sucked on it hard enough. I didn't want to cry out or beg the artist to stop, but I was close. Had she not been there, I probably would have bawled my eyes out. I am not good with pain. I am also not good with public displays of weakness, especially mine. So I put on a brave face and tried to look as if the tattoo I was getting wasn't as bad as child birth.

She stood up and walked over to me. Normally I wouldn't have wanted another woman staring at my exposed sex, but for some reason her big brown eyes seemed to have drawn me into their web. So I lay there, my belly shirt raised up, my skirt and panties pulled low and my pubic line openly available for her viewing pleasure.

"Looking good," she told me as she stared at the "Bands of Love" design I had chosen. I winced and mumbled a quiet "thanks" before closing my eyes and feeling more intense pain roll over my skin.

I heard her step around to take in another view of the Celtic symbol. My right eyelid opened up just a bit, so I could watch her. Her tongue darted out and she licked her lip. Did she just lick the shape with the tip of her tongue? I jumped up, the tattoo artist had left and in his place stood the woman. Her brown skin spoke of her asian heritage. I watched her pink tongue slide across the tip of the crown and then down to where the hearts interlaced with each other. "Oh my," I whispered as she looked up at me and winked.

Her tongue darted further along the intricate webbing of ink and flesh. I couldn't believe this woman was tracing every twist and turn and I was laying there letting her. I didn't even know her name! That I had to rectify. I mean, I couldn't let this go on any further without knowing whose name to call out. "Umm. . . excuse me," I whimpered as her fingers moved to run across where her mouth had been.

"Hmm?" she asked back, not once removing herself from the object of her affection. I groaned when her other hand moved to slide across my shaved pussy. "Need something?" she asked and slid one finger into my slick opening.

"Oh fuck," I hissed. My hips rose up and she chuckled. "Your . . . uh. . . mmm. . .name." I finally got the sentence out. Her finger however had no intention of finding another home. It and she seemed quite content where they were.

"Fallenfromgrace, but you can call me Grace," she answered back and pushed a second finger into my wet pussy.

"Nice. . .ohh yes, very nice to meet you." My voice seemed far away. I felt her lips move further down, abandoning the pointed end of tattoo.

"You too," she whispered. I felt her hands part my sex and my eyes fluttered shut as she twirled my clit with her tongue, then pulled at it with her teeth. My fingers gripped the vinyl table's edges and my hips ground against her delicate features.

"What are you doing?" I jerked around and stared in horror as a woman I didn't know walked up to me. I glanced back and Grace was gone. "Well?" the woman asked, and then took my hand. She squeezed it tight and led me over to a couch. The tattoo parlor was gone and in its place was a beautifully furnished living room.

"Sit down and rest. You and the baby need a break."

Baby? What the fuck was she. . .I felt it then; a swift kick to the ribs. I ran my palm across my swollen abdomen and blinked back my shock. "Umm. . .baby?" I whispered.

"Yes, lover?" the girl asked.

I looked up at her and smiled. "I'm thirsty," I told her. She smiled and left the room. I assumed to get me something to drink. There wasn't much time for me to piece things together. I knew she'd be back in a few minutes with something refreshing for my parched throat. I thought of Grace and wondered where that would have led and what inlovewithherghost would have thought.

The name came to me as if it had always been there. I shrugged my shoulders and rubbed my tummy. Another kick was my reward and I told the little mite in my womb to settle down. His mommies were going to get busy. Where'd that idea come from? I wondered, but didn't bother dismissing it. Instead I embraced it.

Ghost walked in and I was right. In her hand was a tinkling glass of ice water. I took it, drank deep and then placed it on the table next to the couch. "Come here lover," I whispered and she slid down beside me. I reached out and pulled at the scrunche that kept her long brown hair from my seeking caress. When her silky strands were free to me, I stretched my fingers out and combed what few tangles there were free.

Her body shivered at the caress and I leaned in to press my lips to hers. My tongue ran across first her upper lip, then her lower. Eventually we both wanted more and I kissed her deeply. Ghost answered back, pulling me into her as her fingers trailed under the shirt I wore. We parted and I watched her hand travel under the "Baby on Board" V-neck. It came to stop at the point of my engorged breasts. She tweaked first the right nipple, then the left. I whimpered and she smirked, then lifted my T-shirt and lowered her mouth to my tit.

She flicked the hard nub, traced its shape with her tongue and then lapped at the ridged edge. My hands moved to her hair and I petted the top of her head. She continued to feast from me and stroke the stretched skin, that jumped and leapt under her palm.

"There you are!" I lifted a brow and watched Impressive slide into the chair across from me. I looked down. My belly was flat, my breasts back to normal and a couple of rare, Porterhouse steaks sat in front of me.

"Are they dead?" I asked and poked at one of the bloody carcasses.

"Moo," Imp said with an exaggerated laugh.

I stuck out my tongue and pushed the plate away. "If it moos again it's yours."

She grinned wide and "mooed" at my dinner. I laughed and watched her eagerly dig into her bright red meat. The server came over and I ordered something that didn't talk when you cut into it. Imp and I chatted about what was going on in our lives. I mentioned the strange dreams I'd been having and she mentioned the newest Melissa Etheridge CD she'd picked up.

I toyed with my napkin, thinking over Grace and Ghost. My body still seemed very much in need of relief. My hand traveled under the table and up my skirt. I coughed as Imp looked at me with a questioning glance. "Problems?" she asked and glanced at my disappearing appendage.

"Nope," I told her. She said nothing, but smirked and dropped her fork. Before I could dive down to get it, she was under the table.

"Holy fuck, Red. You're soaked."

Her voice seemed to echo around the restaurant and my skin grew flush. "Shhh...," I told her. "Don't be so loud!"

Her laughter ricocheted around the room and I heard her say. "You're the one that shouldn't be so loud."

The next thing I knew Imp was taking a long sweep of my soaked panties. I groaned and spread my legs. I couldn't see what she was doing, but I sure could feel it. Her teeth tore at the thin lace, not tearing it, but moving it back and forth across my swollen lips and hard clit. "Mmm. . .ohh fuck yes," I hissed.

"Quiet," she told me and pulled my panties to the side to expose my pussy to her hungry mouth. I gasped with want as her fingers worked in and out of my opening. Her tongue swept up and down my clit, dug into the hot hole of my sex and then drove as deep as the wet muscle could go.

My jaw dropped open to release the moan that was being pulled from me. The scream was nonhuman; I stared in horror as it continued to pour out of my mouth. I rolled to the right and opened my eyes. With a heavy hand I reached over and pushed the off button on the alarm clock. I rolled to my back and stared up at the ceiling. My lids closed on my brown eyes and I tried to recapture every face I had conjured up in my dreams.

Unfortunately, I pulled myself from the bed and walked down the hall to the bathroom. There I took care of my basic needs, showered, brushed my teeth and tossed my wet hair into a pony tail. I looked at my naked body in the full length mirror and thought back to my dream with Grace. My fingers ran down to my red curls and I pulled gently on the soft pubic curls. "Shaved, huh?" I said to my reflection. "Perhaps someday."

I then touched my belly and laughed. "A dream or a nightmare?" I'd already been pregnant three times, but the idea of Ghost lavishing my swollen breasts and belly with attention was enough to make me wonder if a fourth wasn't such a bad idea.

My stomach growled and I thought of the meal I'd been enjoying with Imp, or at least the meal she'd been enjoying. The sound of her munching and my moaning had to have been what woke me up. . .then I remembered the squeal that came out of my mouth and knew it was that fucking alarm clock. I so hated that thing sometimes. So many dreams it interrupted. Too many, if you ask me.

I left the bathroom and headed back to my bedroom, where I made myself presentable for the day. My thigh high stockings were hidden underneath a dark navy skirt. My black garter, and matching bra became concealed by the dark jacket I wore. I didn't bother with a shirt that morning. It was too hot and I knew the jacket would keep everything hidden.

A granola bar called my name as I walked out the door; I tossed it into my purse. Once outside I thanked the heaven's I opted to leave my shirt at home. The air-conditioned interior of my car cooled me down, but also left me so relaxed I was back to thinking of my naughty dreams.

I could almost see Grace spreading my legs and enjoying the inked flesh of my abdomen. That daydream moved on and I swore right then and there some baby kicked me in the gut. My nipples grew hard as Ghost's face stared up at me. Her mouth was wrapped lovingly around my breast. My pussy muscles grew tight and I heard Imp's "Be quiet" echo through the car. I shook my head, to clear my thoughts. "Jesus, Red, calm down." I laughed at my words and pulled into the parking lot of Literotica's.

After parking and receiving the customary pat down, to make sure I wasn't carrying any illegal contraband, I went inside the hotel and clocked in. I stood behind the reception desk and toyed with the registration book, flicking the pages back and forth. The sound of a customer entering made me put on a look of professionalism. My heart stopped beating as the three women from my dreams walked in. I licked my lips, swallowed what little moisture I had in my mouth and gapped at the vixens.

They made their way toward me. Each one moved like a tigress, looking for their next meal. Grace pushed her credit card toward me. Her brown orbs glanced at my name tag and then back up. "Hey Red, got a room?" she asked and then winked at the other two women who stood behind her.

I stared back at her. She knew my name? Then of course I remembered I was wearing a name tag. My cheeks grew red and I hurriedly typed out a reservation for them. When I handed her the bill, she took the pen and our fingers touched. Wow! I can't think of another word to describe the heat that went through me. Her eyes held mine for a minute and then she turned away.

The three of them disappeared down the hall and my eyes didn't leave their backsides till they turned the corner. I was lost then. My mind couldn't return to work, even if it wanted to. The three women I'd drempt about that night were in the hotel and I was just a few yards away from them. What were they doing? Why were they here? Well. . .both questions were easy to answer. Literotica's hotel was very well known for producing erotic fantasies for all types. My naughty thoughts were interrupted by the shrill of the desk phone. It rang over and over again, eventually pulling me from my daydream and forcing me to answer it.

I smacked it hard, then cursed as the receiver fell to the floor. At least the noise stopped. I picked it up and spoke. "Front desk; this is Red. How can I help you?"

Giggling voices came back to me. I glanced at the phone and knew immediately who was calling. "We need a bottle of wine," one of the voices called out. Imp, I thought to myself. She sounded the same as she had in my dreams. "And steak. Rare. Bloody. I want it to moo!"

"I'll see what I can do," I answered and hung up the phone. I went to the hotel kitchen and ordered up a Porterhouse, just like I knew Imp would want it. I swear when the chef put it on the plate, it really did cry out for salvation. With a plate of bloody cow and a bottle of cheap wine I headed toward their room. I tapped the bottom of the door with my foot and it flew open on its own. I stepped in and was shocked to see naked flesh spread out in various positions.

I stood there for a moment. My eyes taking in the way Imp's dark curls looked spread across Ghost's belly. I couldn't help but notice the way Grace's brown skin complimented the paler hue of both women she was pressed against. The bountiful supply of flesh was something I could have only imagined during my sleeping hours, but there it was. . .literally spread out before me.

"Ohh food!" Imp shouted and jumped up from her appetizer. She hurried over, and grabbed the plate of meat. I stepped in and closed the door behind me.

"Where do you want the wine?" I asked.

Ghost laughed. "That's a loaded question."

I looked at her with a puzzling expression. Grace climbed off the bed and rolled her eyes. "Ignore her," she said and took the bottle. "You're cute."

My brows rose and I turned around to see who she was talking to. She pinched my ass and I squeaked, spinning myself back to face her. "You; silly," she told me. I felt my cheeks get hot and my tongue snake out to wet my lips.

"Ohh fuck, don't do that," Ghost muttered.

"Do what?" I asked.

"Lick your lips like that."

I didn't mean to do it on purpose, or at least I don't think I did, but. . .I licked my lips again. Ghost groaned and pushed Grace away from me. She reached out and grabbed the sides of my face and pressed her mouth to mine.

Instantly I responded. My knees grew weak, my heart stopped beating and my whimpers were swallowed up by her exploring muscle. It wasn't long before I too was naked and the three women were gazing at me. I chewed on my lower lip, which was quickly covered by Ghost's mouth devouring mine again.

I felt a pair of hands on my breasts and pulled away from the kiss, long enough to turn my head and accept another set of lips. Grace's mouth tasted like sweet honey. Our tongues flowed together as if they were made for each other. Her hands massaged my freckled mounds while her fingers tweaked my nipples. I hissed when she pulled away and began to bite and suck her way across my shoulders.

"Delicious," Imp's voice interrupted my pleasure. I looked over to her; she was busy licking juice, from her steak, off her fingers. Ghost laughed and took my hand.

"Care to compare?" she asked Imp and led me to the bed. I sat down and Imp walked over. She pressed her palm against my shoulder and urged me back. Once I was settled on the center of the bed, I watched Imp's brown eyes change to intense green. This startled me, but not nearly as much as when her smile turned from mischievous to predatory.

Her mouth latched onto my clit and my hands moved to cup my breasts. Much to my surprise as I was taken in by Imp's wicked grin, the other women had tied me down. "Ohh fuck," I muttered. I twisted my arms one way, then the next, but there was no way I was getting free. "What were you a girl scout?" I asked Grace.

She simply laughed at me and then climbed onto the bed. I watched as she settled herself over me. Her mound rested just inches above my face. I lifted my head and breathed in her intoxicating scent. With my arms bound, I was forced to use my upper body strength to keep myself somewhat elevated. I licked at the glistening folds that were presented to me and swallowed the heady perfume. Grace moaned and rubbed her sex against my face, bathing me in her juices. I relished it, opening my mouth to capture more of her.

For a moment Grace was all I thought about, until I felt a pair of mouths learning the shape of my pussy. I couldn't see what Imp and Ghost were doing, but I certainly enjoyed it. I closed my eyes and lead my own exploration of a woman's pussy, while two women took their time learning where to bite, suck, thrust and stroke mine.

I don't know whose fingers were pushing into my sex, or which tongue was sweeping across my clit, or whose teeth were gnawing on my swollen lips. All I knew was that I was in heaven and I didn't want it to end.

Grace drove herself deeper onto me. My tongue worked faster, dipping in and out of her slick pussy. Imp and Ghost took turns fondling, thrusting, drinking and I'm sure that the pauses on my cunt were done because they were busy cleansing each others' pallets. I didn't mind, though I swore I'd be watching it from Grace's angle before the day was over.

It wasn't long before the two women working on my pussy had me coming and Grace was flooding me with her nectar. I cried out and continued to do so for several long climaxes. Then Grace did and her voice was stronger than mine; her scream seemed to fill the room. Imp and Ghost followed, their hisses and cries more rapid. I moaned as my hand reached out and I fondled cool plastic.

"I so love the snooze button."

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