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Ahh! Mom on Webcam


Dear readers, I'm a newest writer in the block. Hehehe! Nevertheless, I won't take your time. I'm straight on the business. The story is a combination of both fantasy & real event. This story is my 1st post on Literotica. So I expect love from you all. The mom in this story is pretty much similar to Meghna Naidu. So I would suggest, you search her photos in Google or Wikipedia.


"You are a sick bastard, you know that?" said Wannabe_2010.

"Dude, grow up! I've seen people do those stuffs in private." I answered.

"Ewww! So you jerk seeing your mom's photo?"

"Yeah man. I want to fuck her. Maaaaaaaan!" I responded.

"Ok send me a photo." Wannabe_2010 has definitely in total shock. A nasty Yahoo user in Yahoo Chat told him about what he feels for his mother.

A few minutes later....

"Dude? Stop lying! I saw her in webcam. Her breasts are bigger than any melons that are available in Kolkata." Wannabe_2010 exclaimed.

Mr. I-Jerk-To-My-Mom's photo was mesmerized. He was confused yet hornier than ever. He wondered how could that be. His mother, Bharati is a devoted Hindu woman. Her morning begins with worshiping all the Gods & Goddesses in Hinduism.

He replied, "Swear by Devi Durga, she is my mom. I can give you evidence." He hurriedly looked through the hard drives & uploaded them in a mail to Wannabe_2010.

Wannabe_2010 instantly messaged him that he has seen his mother getting nude in front of the webcam. He suggested he should add her up. Bijoy was even more confused. He felt how could this happen.

He got her id from Wannabe_2010. It was named "help_indian_mature_woman". He felt his cock coming out like the lava of Mt. Etna. Well his semen was rich in minerals & it wanted to settle down in a place so forbidden which made the scene much more erotic.

She runs a small boutique after his father left her for another woman in Australia. She never talked about him after he left her. She decided to raise her son up in the Indian culture.

Bijoy was waiting for her mother to come home. He was thinking whether he should do it or not. Many thoughts swirled about his head. He sometime felt no he shouldn't as she provided him with good food, better clothing, safe shelter & last but not the least motherly-love. But he felt he didn't do anything special to make this woman feel joyed. So he thought it would the best cyber sex his mom will get.

She finally arrived at 8.30. She went to the toilet to freshen up. He took the bottle of mustard oil & started gently stroking his cock to make it look good. He kept doing it till she was in the toilet. They had dinner. Images of his mother's assets came in front of his eyes, as his cock rise up as he noticed his mother had no bra on & her lovely nipples seemed to be erect. He couldn't even eat properly. He was sweating like a pig.

"Bijoy, are you ok?" asked his mom.

"Nah ma, I'm ok. It's bit hot." He responded in a clumsy manner.

"But it's early spring. I still feel cold. Let me switch on the a/c for you." She responded in a caring way like she always did.

Bijoy felt his mom was so nice but how could she do stuffs like this. He thought Wannabe_2010 was fooling around with his mind. After dinner, he told her that he got a group project to finish.

She said, "Ok beta. I also got some accounting stuff to do in my laptop."

His mind knew she will get online to show her assets to all the sex-crazed Indian boys of his age. He quickly opened his laptop & added her on Yahoo. He was awaiting eagerly for her to accept his request. He was loosing patience & his cock was begging to get out of the pant & invade her anus which was her 2nd big asset.

Alas, the wait was over. She added him.

He said, "Hi yaar! Your ASL? Wanna get on webcam?"

She replied, "45 F Kolkata. Hmmmm why not & yours?"

"20 M Calcutta. Hehehe. I love Indian women." responded Bijoy showing maximum courtesy.

"Wow. I've a son who is as old as you're."

Bijoy felt like torpedoing his mom's vagina.

"Ummmm. Will you be my mom?" said Bijoy rudely.

"I would love to. So do you like to see your mom get nude?" exclaimed Bharati.

He replied, "I wish I could. So mom, why don't you show your assets? I'm craving to see them. I'll show you mine."

She turned on her webcam. He was astonished. It was his mother wearing that same pink saree.

"Ahhhh!" he said to himself.

To be continued...

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by Anonymous05/29/18

Want more

This is the best incest story ever...... I really get horny after reading this .... I have read it almost 50 times..... And i never get bored
..... But i crave for the sequel to this story plzzzzzz addmore...

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