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Ahsoka saves Barriss


Author's Note: This is a continuation of a non-erotic story a couple friends of mine did where they changed the outcome of Star Wars Episode III and are leading up to Episode IV (Star Wars). The story for Episode IV will be similar but not exact to the original.

Additional: I do not like stories that don't have a lot of buildup. They just go straight into raunchy sex without much of a story. I find those stories dull and boring. However, stories like Coming Home, Ringside Seats, Lost and Found, and the Audition as well as others like it hold much appeal for me. That is why this story takes a bit to get to the sex. If you want hot raunchy sex right away, look elsewhere. If you want a story with female combat and love between women, then this is a story for you.


Ahsoka Tano sat on the transport carrying herself, Barriss Offee and a squadron of Clone Troopers. The Clone Wars had been over for a few years, but a new war was brimming in the future. All the Jedi could sense it including her former master Anakin Skywalker, one of the three heads of the Jedi Counsel. Like her former master, Ahsoka sought counsel among her group of friends whenever she had a problem. Many Padawans, who had become Knights at the end of the war or just after, were the closest things she had in her age group to be considered friends, but they weren't the ones she was close to. She had her friend Nichole Martin, former Padawan to her former master's friend, Shane Stephenson. Ahsoka and Nichole were like sisters, both strong in the force, and both former masters were close friends.

However, she was not on this mission with Nichole. She was on it with Barriss. Barriss was one of the members in her circle of friends that Shawn had brought together, but Ahsoka found it difficult to get close to the green skinned girl. Aayla Secura, tried hard to teach her when Anakin was injured, but she could tell she had an emotional attachment, even though she refused to say it at the time. Ahsoka always knew she and Shane would get together. Now they lived on a distant planet father than the Outer Rim called Earth, where both played super-hero. A'Sharad Hett was an intense man. He'd have to be to overcome all the hardships of a Tusken Raider then loosing his father to a bounty hunter who hated Jedi.

Ahsoka smirked to herself at the thought of Aurra Singh. Aurra had gone from being an enemy to a friend. Course it was towards the end of the war, and Shane, with his incredible powers, was able to take her down her memories and helped her find the healing she so needed. Though she still works as a Bounty Hunter, she also works as a spy for the Counsel, being named a Knight in her own right. Even her apprentice, Boba Fett, has joined their side, though it was only after Master Windu was killed. Yet, Boba still has to keep up appearances, so he is on the payroll of a long lasting hutt named Jabba.

Appearances... how strange that word seems. Her former Master, Shane, Aayla, Nichole, A'Sharad and Barriss were called the heroes of the republic. If there was ever a large fire that needed put out, they would call on that team. Small ones went to specific members of the team. This happened to be one of the small fires that needed to be put out. It was Senator Padmé Amidala that asked them to go. It was coming close to the time of Bail Organa's re-election to the role of Supreme Chancellor and Padmé hoped that this small fire, if taken down discretely, would not sway the votes in either direction.

The Togruta looked at Barriss and sighed. It would probably be another boring mission which is why she was sent. She wished she could spend more time with the younglings. The younglings looked up to her as a sort of role model. Even the two new Younglings, Luke and Leia Skywalker, both about five now, looked to their aunt Ahsoka for wisdom, guidance, and fun. She knew Master Yoda didn't have many years left and felt he was grooming her as his replacement. She knew there would be more children like Luke and Leia soon with emotional attachments once again being allowed among the Jedi. These Jedi Children would need the kind of guidance she could provide more than Master Yoda, but she still found it a difficult task to replace someone like Master Yoda.

Barriss had other plans, even though she would not admit it. She wanted not just a seat on the counsel but a permanent seat on the counsel. She wanted to prove herself worthy of the trust and faith the Republic had placed upon her and the others in her circle of close colleagues. She still had difficulty letting others in. She learned that from her master Luminara Unduli. These others that have become heroes of the Republic like her were always overly emotional in her opinion. She appreciated ones like Master Windu and the Dark Woman, who knew how to control themselves.

However, she was amazed at how the emotion of others influenced her. It made her both uncomfortable and fascinated at how they could overcome such great difficulty with their emotions. She didn't argue their success. She sometimes envied it for it was something she denied herself. Little did she know how much this mission would change her. How much it would turn her from someone she was into someone she envied.

The two of them with their troops made it to one of the worlds in the outer Rim. It had been stated that a new Empire was brimming with their own band of Clone Troopers called Storm Troopers. They were sent to investigate, but it was more than that. They were to make contact with an operative who was asked to help free that world. When they landed they were greeted by Boba Fett. He took off his helmet smiling at them.

He said, "Glad Chuchi got my message."

Ahsoka said, "Well she had to go through some red tape, with the help of Senator Amidala."

Boba nodded and said, "This way. Edra the Hutt asked Jabba for a favor so he sent me here to handle the situation. I thought it was just going to be an easy job. Take someone out and it would be over." He led the group over a ridge to show a small army.

Barriss gasped. Ahsoka's eyes narrowed. She said, "They must have been doing this for weeks."

Boba said, "You have no idea. Apparently they have silently taken over the former worlds of the Confederacy and the Trandoshan home world. They're trying to gather as much territory as they can and are building something, something big."

Barriss asked, "But why the Outer Rim."

Boba said, "Slaves most likely. This place is a good place to pick up Slaves. Edra plans on giving Jabba a couple if I complete this mission successfully."

Ahsoka said, "We didn't bring enough troops."

Boba smiled and said, "You don't need all those look-a-likes. Look the three of us can get in quickly while these guys set up a distraction."

Ahsoka chuckled and said, "You think any mission with us is easy."

Boba nodded as he put his helmet back on. He looked at the Clones and asked, "Think you can handle a distraction mission?"

The Captain, a clone Ahsoka had nicknamed Titan, nodded and moved his troops. Boba shrugged as the three took off and, both Ahsoka and Barriss using the Force, were able to sneak up to the back door.

The battle had gone very quickly from there. All that really need mention about this battle was that not a single Trooper under Ahsoka's command was lost and they were able to force the Storm Troopers from the world.


What happened next, no one could predict. Edra the Hutt went back to his court smiling. He looked at the three warriors who had just saved his small criminal empire not two hours ago and ordered an ambush. He was going to warp their minds for whatever perverted pleasure he could think of. Boba fought as well as Barriss and Ahsoka, but in all the confusion of battle, Barriss had been captured. Boba and Ahsoka made it back safely to their starcraft and took off, much to Ahsoka's anger. They made it far enough away from the planet to contact both the Jedi Counsel and Jabba the Hutt.

Boba looked at Jabba and said, "Edra double crossed us. He wanted my talents only for himself. Probably would have sent me to kill you since I work mostly for you anyway."

Jabba just laughed and said, "I knew he would. He will not live long enough to regret his decision."

Ahsoka said to Master Skywalker, "I think that pig wanted us for his own pleasures. Only problem is they have Barriss. What do we do?"

Anakin looked at Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan said, "We may have to keep you out there just a bit longer Ahsoka. If what I heard in the background is correct, someone may move Barriss and you can go undercover to get her out."

Ahsoka nodded wishing Nichole was here and not off visiting her master on Earth.

Boba asked, "What's going to happen to the slaves of Edra?"

Jabba said, "It all depends on how they look or how strong they are. Some may go to the Arena as pleasure slaves for the champion fighters. You know how high in demand pleasure slaves are?"

Boba nodded as Anakin said, "Tell your pilot to set course for Seleteth. If she was one of those taken to the Arena, that's where she would be."

Ahsoka asked, "Master, how do I blend in if everyone in the Galaxy knows me as a hero?"

Anakin smiled and said, "Have the troopers repaint your lekku and add some more white to your face. Even if they think it's you, your people are so diverse; the color change will make you look unique."

Ahsoka nodded.

Jabba said, "If you go to the Arena, try and let them know about Jabba's Palace. I would like some new visitors."

Boba nodded and said, "I'll see what I can do. Fett out."

Anakin said, "Be careful Ahsoka. This whole situation is dangerous."

Ahsoka nodded and said, "I would tend to agree with you master. I have a bad feeling about this."

Anakin nodded and said, "May the Force be with you."

She smiled and responded, "And you as well master." She ended the comms. Boba walked up to the front looking at the Wookie pilot, a close and loyal friend of Ahsoka's Chewbacca, and gave him the coordinates. Chewbacca wasn't happy with where they were going, but nodded and took them on their way.

Boba walked back and the two began making plans with the help of the Troopers.


Barriss didn't know where she was. One thing was for sure. She had a collar on her neck and her connection with the force had some how been severed. She was scared. Strangely enough it was her disconnection with the force and not the fact that she was completely naked had made her scared. She finally felt her body and noticed that all her clothing and even her lightsaber had been removed. She looked around the dark construct. She couldn't see anything, but she could feel cold metal.

Soon there was a bright light shown on her. She was temporarily blinded as she could feel herself move and hear the clanking of metal moving. Her eyes finally adjusted to the light and she could hear hooting and hollering as she was brought up naked before a crowd; a large crowd at that. She could hear an announcer say, "That's right ladies and gentle species. One of the heroes of the Clone Wars is the prize for the tournament. Four rounds, sixteen species, multiple genders, all fighting for the privilege of bedding this woman." The crowd roared with approval. He continued, "This event will take place over four days for your enjoyment. And as an added bonus, the Champion will bed the woman in the ring all for you." The crowd roared again.

Barriss pulled her knees up to her chest and became very afraid. She lowered her head to her knees and began sobbing softly.


Ahsoka not only looked different in form but also her outfit suggested she was more than just a regular Togruta or even a Jedi Togruta. She had gone back to her brown tube top, even though it looked as if she couldn't fit into it anymore. She wore tight black pants that showed off her best assets, her butt. Her boots were of a white leather while thongs, black leather straps, wrapped around her arms. She had scars placed on her face to show she was a tough fighter.

It didn't take them long to find the planet, but they needed to come up with a good cover for her and a cover story on how to get her in the arena. Boba had discovered the tournament being fought over Barriss and that the winner would take her in the ring in front of every one. Ahsoka knew she had to win even if it would mean humiliating her friend in front of others. However, this was also the only way to free her.

Her cover, which was met with great approval by the coordinators of the fights, was that when the Champion was crowned, before Barriss could be used as a sex toy, Ahsoka would show up as a mystery fighter and challenge the champion. The two would fight and that winner would take the prize. What made it more interesting, if Ahsoka won, she would leave the prize money for the champion and just take Barriss as her pleasure slave. However, there was a catch to that. She had to be somewhat abusive to Barriss. Though she didn't want to, she knew that if they were to make it out alive she would have to.

One of the Clones gave Boba some light armor that they spray-painted in matching colors to Ahsoka. He wore a long black cape and hood while hers was colored purple. The two made their way to the arena. A few of the clones put on civilian clothing and hid amongst the crowd if things got nasty. Boba and Ahsoka waited for the final fight to be over and the music to play announcing her entrance.

The final two fighters, the ones who were going after Barriss in this fight were a Zabrak male and Twi'lek female. The Twi'lek female looked powerful as she smashed another fist into the Zabrak's face. Blood spurted out flying close to the audience. Her violet hands grabbed his horns as she pulled his head to her knee smashing again. The Zabrak fell to the floor and was counted out. The Twi'lek held her hands up in victory much to the crowd's roar of approval. She looked up wantonly at her prize as the cage started to move closer to the ring. The thing was it stopped right above her head not moving or opening. She looked angrily at the object of her desire as music blared out over the speakers.

Ahsoka walked forward with Boba by her side. The Twi'lek glared at Ahsoka as the announcer said, "We know you're not ready for the Action to be over just yet. We have a new challenger, the Togruta DEMON!" The crowd roared its approval. The Twi'lek placed her hands on her hips. When the announcer named Ahsoka, in one quick sweep, she removed her cloak tossing it in the air. Boba smirked watching this and then did the same with his. Ahsoka made her way up to the ring, the force field ropes allowing her entrance. As she did this she tweaked her neck slightly to get the kinks out. She made way into the ring and stared at the slightly taller Twi'lek.

The announcer said, "The challenger wants the human woman all to herself. The question is, will your champion accept the challenge?"

Ahsoka never took her eyes off the Twi'lek. She stood at least a foot taller than Ahsoka. Her outfit consisted of see-though netting wrapped around her neck, down her breasts and coming together around her crotch and back up in the same v pattern along her back. Except for the see-through costume, she was completely naked.

In the four days since coming up with this plan, Ahsoka had trained her mind to use the Force more discretely rather than openly. She would mostly use it to lessen blows to her and accentuate blows from her. She had to do this for Barriss. She had to save her friend.

In response to the Announcer's question, the Twi'lek had thrown a hard punch at Ahsoka. That punch should have been strong enough to take out some of the toughest males on any world.

Ahsoka's training had paid off as, though it didn't feel light as a feather, the blow had been lessened enough so that she could continue the fight. Ahsoka glared at the Twi'lek and jumped in the air, foot out, slamming it into her opponent. The Twi'lek took a step back. No one had ever hit her that hard before even though some have tried. Her eyes widened more in shock than in pain.

She went at Ahsoka and threw several more punches, mostly aimed towards her belly and pussy, but Ahsoka let her training from Master Stephenson in hand to hand combat take over. She blocked the first two blows by knocking them away with her hands; she then used her thigh to guard her pussy. After the last shot was fired, she lifted her foot hard and fast connecting with the Twi'lek's pussy then slammed her foot into her face.

For the first time ever, blood came out of the Twi'lek's nose. The crowd was both booing and cheering. Some had decided to bet heavily on the newcomer and were not going to be disappointed. The Twi'lek fell to one knee. She rubbed her nose and then looked at her hand. The blood on it caused a fire to ignite behind her eyes. She was fast as she slammed her fist into Ahsoka's pussy causing a cry of surprise to roar out from Ahsoka's mouth.

Ahsoka then fell to her knees and was at eye level with the Twi'lek. She threw a left hook into Ahsoka's face followed by a right straight into Ahsoka's breast. The force of the impact, plus the lowering of her mental defenses slightly, caused Ahsoka to loose focus. She fell backwards a bit looking up at the fuzzy image of the cage.

The Twi'lek smiled as she grabbed Ahsoka's upper lekku pulling her up to her feet and began kneeing her in the stomach. Ahsoka's stomach turned dark from the punishment. Finally the Twi'lek finished with a left cross to Ahsoka's right breast. The blow cut open Ahsoka's nipple and broke her top leaving her topless and bleeding.

Ahsoka once again fell to the mat, but the Twi'lek refused to let up. She reached down and grabbed Ahsoka's nipples and once again pulled her to her feet. She wanted to humiliate her orange opponent, just as much as she waned to bed Barriss. She lowered her hand and undid the button on Ahsoka's pants.

This was what brought it all back for Ahsoka. She refused to be stripped any further. She came alive and elbowed the Twi'lek with everything she had. The Twi'lek was hit in the gut and let go. Ahsoka spun on her with her foot rose, slamming it into the Twi'lek's mouth. Blood spurt our, but Ahsoka didn't stop there. She fell to her knees under a right cross and threw and uppercut into the Twi'lek's pussy causing the Twi'lek to cry out as she was raised a couple inches off the mat.

Ahsoka stood up and grabbed the Twi'lek in a headlock. She intertwined one of her legs with her opponents and slung her foot forward as she let gravity take both of them down. The Twi'lek landed face first onto the mat. Ahsoka turned over her opponent and mounted her. She began punching the Twi'lek. Blow after blow landed on her face or tits. When Ahsoka stood up, the Twi'lek's face was not only a bruised mess, but there was blood coming from her mouth, nose and above her eyes. Both breasts had been opened and a mixture of blood and milk poured out. Before the Twi'lek could be counted out, Ahsoka stood in between her fallen opponent's spread open legs, pulled her foot back and slammed it into the Twi'lek's pussy. The Twi'lek didn't moan, she didn't move, she was out.

The Twi'lek was counted out and Ahsoka was crowned the champion. Ahsoka raised her arms in victory to both cheers and boos of the crowd. The cage was moved lower towards the ring and Ahsoka stepped back. Boba pulled the Twi'lek out and the medics came to take her away. Once the cage was sufficient height enough away from the floor the bottom opened and Barriss landed with a thud on the mat.

Barriss looked up at Ahsoka with fear in her eyes. Ahsoka squatted down in front of her and said quietly, "I'm sorry Barriss, but we have to do this before I can get you back to the temple. Skyguy is expecting your safe return."

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