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Ahsoka's Task Pt. 02


This story is set in the Clone Wars Era, before the outbreak of Civil War on Mon Calamari. The characters and setting in this story are not my creation. All Star Wars rights belong to George Lucas and Lucasfilm. This story is not meant to degrade Star Wars in any way and is just for enjoyment.


Chapter 1

Inhaling deeply of the salty artificial air that hung about her like a thick shroud, Ahsoka graced the Quarren retinue across from her with a broad smile. Perfect and somehow predatory teeth were revealed, set back against the rich magenta of her plump lips. It was a sign of an easiness that she did not feel. But that didn't matter now; the mission always came first.

Shiam Howmeia stayed where she was, stroking a face-tentacle, beholding the Jedi. An attractive one, no doubt, but was she experienced? That was what she needed, an adept in techniques and ways that would free her, although, such practices would undoubtedly be considered distasteful by her elders. If this Ahsoka Tano was what her uncle had promised her, however, that gave Shiam hope that all would be well. Raising a hand, the Quarren beckoned her new teacher over, grabbing all the power of the situation and devouring it, just like she had learned from her uncle.

Ahsoka missed nothing. She knew she was being sized up and she knew she was being praised as a new underling. If she was so eager to lick up control of the situation, Ahsoka found it fun to fantasise what else the Shiam would eat. Let that adolescent squid delude herself, she thought. There would be time later to correct such arrogance. Looking about at Reef City, Ahsoka approached her new student, rocking her hips in exaggeration for good measure. It was only then she realised the potential pleasure this trip might bring.

Being of the same age as her, Ahsoka expected a less developed girl than what stood there. The senator's niece was dressed in aquatic finery, though no jewels or pendants adorned her; it was her form that raised Ahsoka's Togrutan lust. Tight, blue, coral-like fabric was stretched over perky breasts, somewhat larger than Ahsoka's own. The dress that the girl wore descended down past wide hips, cut off rather north of the knees of a pair of elegant legs. Shiam's cream-coloured skin contrasted nicely against the shimmering blue of the dress. As the Padawan got closer, she noticed that her new student was perhaps a few inches taller than her, making Shiam even bolder in her stance. This was going to be fun.

Ahsoka bowed low. "Greetings, Shiam Howmeia, niece of Senator Tundra Dowmeia. I understand you already know, but I am Ahsoka Tano, Jedi Learner and Padawan to Anakin Skywalker. I serve at your pleasure."

When Shiam smiled thinly, Ahsoka thought it was patronizing at first, but soon she realised Quarren were not physically capable of more. "On behalf of my esteemed uncle, I thank you, Padawan Tano."

Behind Shiam, Ahsoka thought she caught the slightest hint of a nod from one of guards, as if in satisfaction. Casting it from her mind, she turned her attention back to Howmeia. "What am I owed such appreciation for?" She said, in her most formal voice, feigning puzzlement.

Shiam still smiled, her small toothed mouth exposed to its limit, eyes glittering. Behind her, several of her guards shifted impatiently, although they did so in silence. "We are grateful, Ahsoka. For your presence, as well as for the approval of the Jedi in such...trying times. We understand that the war has put much stress on your entire order."

Ahsoka nodded, not correcting the Quarren's mistake. The Jedi didn't even know about this. "Well, having a senator for a relative does seem to help in any situation," she observed with a wry grin. "Well, at least in the republic."

To the best of her ability, Shiam mirrored Ahsoka's smile. "Indeed. Come, I have a transport waiting."

Dowmeia's niece signalled her guardsmen and gestured back down a short pathway. Although enclosed cities, such as those on Dac and Rodia, were not the Togruta's choicest place of home, Ahsoka eyes revelled in the underwater splendour of Reef City. Situated in the niche of a massive mountain, The Quarren capital generated a feeling of exaggerated exotica, as if such impressions were necessary. Emerald green plaz-windows kept the water out, hugging the well-lit city dwellings as a mother clings to a newborn. Outside, a veritable mass of aquatic life dwelled, eels, fish, small predators and countless other species attracted to the relative light of Reef City. It made for great watching and Ahsoka was not going to deny herself such a luxury. Her bright blue eyes leapt out into the water, intent of filling themselves to the brim with strange and wonderful things. There was a small brown snake-like creature with seven fins, a baby Choarn, pursuing a shoal of even smaller blue dots into the reeds that grew around the base of a Quarren dwelling, their eyes larger than their bodies. Turning outward toward the vast liquid expanse, the Togrutan teenager glimpsed a pod of huge pod-like shapes that could only be Whaladons. Ahsoka had heard of the large sentient mammal residents of Dac, but had never seen one. Not even for a moment.

An increasing humming noise brought her vision back to her body. Shiam's breasts could be seen, jiggling, along with hem of dress climbing her creamy thighs, as she jumped up and down, a rather disturbing contrast from the ladylike picture Ahsoka had first met. The Quarren was saying something. "Hurry up, Miss Tano. My driver won't wait forever. Go on. Get in." Ahsoka realized the humming was an engine, and the engine belonged to a vehicle. Long and smooth, the personal transport of Howmeia resembled a squid; its several rudders shaped like tentacles and the front cabin a bulb. Though this resemblance was noted, Ahsoka felt the distinct impression, as she got into the vehicle, that she was climbing into a giant phallic symbol. If this was true, and it certainly seemed like it, the arrogance of the Quarren males was much larger than anything Ahsoka Tano expected. On the ride over to the senatorial apartments, the young Jedi sat back and wondered if the entire culture was ruled by males. If it was, then training this young girl in the ways of independence was going to be a vital, and dangerous, task.

Chapter 2

Shiam Howmeia's home, in keeping with her somewhat elevated stature among her people, was high up on the same monstrous underwater rock that held Reef City in its hardened and perpetually unmoving grasp. Through a small viewport in the transport, Ahsoka could see a ring of ornate structures in the distance, all arches, domes and turrets embedded in the rock.

At first, she had been hardly able to distinguish the apartments from their base; they were almost the same shade of grey as the mountain. She mentioned this to Shiam, confused, as she would have thought the Quarren would be eager to display their buildings in regal splendour, the same way the Mon Calamari did.

"Ah, but Ahsoka, we do have such expressions of art," the strangely lovely teen had said, "The reason for what you see is simple. There's a shield around our dwellings. It camouflages just as well as it protects."

Shiam had sat back with a faint smile upon her face, which was, to Ahsoka, almost as indistinguishable as what had just been explained. Now, as the young Jedi sped quickly through the water, the suspiciously rod-shaped speeder's engine humming noisily, she looked across, to the other side of the seat that spanned the width of the cabin, where Shiam sat. The Quarren was lounging against the soft fabric, stroking a tentacle contemplatively, and staring at the roof.

Her provocatively short dress had become shorter, bunching up when she sat down. Now, swirling patterns of natural blue discoloration had begun to show, tracing their way up her leg. Ahsoka knew full well of such body decorations, her own orange skin embroidered at birth with white markings all over her body. But, although hers were much in evidence, these were the first of Howmeia's that she had noticed. There must be more, the Togruta thought, and she found herself looking at her new student in a manner less than appropriate for a teacher.

Predatory eyes gazed at Shiam intensely, absorbing her slim musculature, her enticingly plump breasts that sat there, waiting to be caressed; appreciated. Even the tentacles on her face carried a certain lustful sense, each and every one potentially a new experiment, a thoroughly innovative instrument. The girl was very appealing. This was a fact Ahsoka needed to act on, now. Well, the Padawan thought, if my job is to educate my little student, why not start now?

When she was sure Shiam would not notice, Ahsoka slid across the seat's soft material, slowly, savouring the cooling sensations it gave her legs. She brought herself up close and laid a hand on the skin of Shiam's exposed thigh, feeling her exquisitely soft and chilled skin drawn over firm muscle. The Quarren girl jumped, more in surprise than fear.

"P-Padawan Tano," Shiam gulped through quivering face-tentacles, "what are you doing?" She received no reply. Orange fingers danced on her leg, pleasurably warm to the touch. She shivered. Never had she experienced such a strange feeling; the teen was heating up inside, yet her calves and forearms were in the hold of goose bumps. She saw the Jedi beside her inch closer until their bodies were pressed tightly together, Ahsoka's perky breasts a fraction away from her own. She shivered again and an unsteady breath shuddered out of her well-bosomed chest. But she did not shy away.

Ahsoka could feel Shiam's heart, through aquamarine fabric and cream-coloured flesh, racing. The teenage Jedi smiled inwardly; she had barely gotten started.

The Togruta, on her side, raised a shapely leg and draped in gently across the Quarren. Her new student's apprehension was almost palpable as Ahsoka stroked Shiam's leg, raised her head and fell into her student's eyes. Azure, and splintered with grey flecks, they were normal eyes for her species. Yet suddenly they were filled with longing and desire the likes of which Ahsoka had only ever known in one other: herself.

As Ahsoka gazed at Shiam, her work took on new meaning. No longer was she carrying out another task, a new mission. She was awakening another sentient to new plains of possibilities, she was leading another into understanding the Force. Filled with a new determination, Ahsoka leapt onto Shiam, throwing her dress back and ignoring her shouts of surprise. Her guards were in the front of the vehicle and were not able to hear her. Some said to be alone with a lustful Togruta was dangerous in the extreme. Ahsoka couldn't fathom why. Panting now, she tore at Shiam's dress with sharp nails. The fabric was costly but fell to tatters under the straddling Padawan's assault.

Howmeia's aquatic face only increased in shock as she beheld herself. Now naked with only shreds of her dress remaining and a horny Jedi atop her, she made to rise and stop this crazed Padawan, but Ahsoka pushed her back. Now she was scared. Her arms pinned back by those of her new teacher's, she kicked about with her legs, hoping to dislodge this predator. She didn't.

About to yell for her guards, Shiam found herself transfixed by Ahsoka's stare. It carried all the fierceness and danger that could be expected, but the niece of Senator Tundra Dowmeia saw something else as well: a strange expression of sincerity, of affection. It was buried under the aggression most certainly, but it was there and it was for that purity that Shiam embraced what was happening. She hit a button on the side of her transport and her seat started to recline, soon becoming a small bed. At this, Ahsoka flashed a grin of savage appreciation.

Riding her student as much as one female can ride another, Ahsoka let go of Shiam's arms and grabbed at her breasts, noticing that they were covered in intricate swirls of blue that ran down all the way to her groin. The breasts themselves were far plumper than Ahsoka's and very soft. She leant down and took one blue nipple in her mouth, pinching the other lightly. For this, she received a gratifying moan from Shiam's small mouth. She flicked the nipple with her tongue and noticed the taste was akin sea salt. Perhaps most things on Dac did. Ahsoka moved down the Quarren's body with her tongue and felt the slight bumps of a blue pattern. Following it, the Togruta found herself staring at the sapphire lips of Shiam's tight and untested vagina.

Very pleased with herself, Ahsoka went to kiss the beautiful creation, but she found herself stopped. Shiam had Ahsoka by the horns of her montrals and lifted her head up to face her. Eyes wide with consternation, the Quarren shook her head.

"This is what I am here for," Ahsoka spoke quietly, trying to ease her student's fear. "This is what I was meant to do. Please, Shiam Howmeia. Let me do this. I would never harm you."

For a long time, Ahsoka was held like an animal and she began to think that she had failed. Gradually though, she felt Shiam's grip loosen and finally, disappear.

"Alright, Ahsoka Tano," the Quarren whispered, laying her head back as she did so.

The teenage Jedi need no further bidding, glad to be free of her student's restriction. Although the fires of passion had been quelled within her, they were not extinguished. Lighting them once more, Ahsoka kissed the folds of Shiam's womanhood, letting hesitant drops of liquid mingle with her own saliva. Her Quarren student wriggled slightly and Ahsoka was pleased her actions were taking effect. She kissed again, and when she touched the moist petals, the Togruta started to hum a tune she learnt when she was a child. Moans began to seep out of the senator's niece. Ahsoka took a fleshy vaginal lip in her mouth and gave, in reciprocation, her tongue. Slowly seeking, her wet muscle delved deeper into the welcoming well of Shiam. As she felt warm liquid start to flow, she pulled back. Out. She didn't want another species' fluids on her. Not yet, anyway.

She heard the yearning and frustrated pleading come of her student. But Ahsoka paid it no mind. Her orange fingers wet themselves in her own mouth and she quivered with the self-penetration, even if it was only in her mouth. Next, she slid them up into Shiam, and the Quarren groaned in appreciation. Ahsoka shifted her position over Howmeia slightly, her face screwed up in lust and concentration. Then she found it. She discovered that little nodule; the centre of all pleasure.

Rubbing vigorously and noting the violent squirming, moaning and yelling of Shiam Howmeia, Ahsoka decided to devote a hand to her own throbbing loins. It was a lucky thing, too, that the guards in the front of the car could not hear them, although Ahsoka could not comprehend how. Shiam's face-tentacles flayed about as orange fingers sped faster. Throwing back her head, Ahsoka looked through the roof into the ocean around them as she came, the outside water now her own liquid. The experienced Senator Padme Amidala had been right when she praised Ahsoka's squirts as a boon. The two teens came simultaneously in the midst of flailing limbs, ejaculation and throaty screaming. Shiam did not rupture in orgasm, but Ahsoka certainly did. On top of the Quarren, over her waist, Ahsoka's vagina had let forth a veritable stream of warm, transparent enjoyment. The flood made its way down, as Shiam leant back further than she realised, to the student's mouth and she lapped it up without hesitation.

As their ride came to a stop and, it could be seen, as the naked and dripping Quarren stepped out beside the dishevelled, smiling Togruta in front of guards and a surprise welcoming party, that they had become rather good friends.

Chapter 3

Gaping mouths and shocked expressions seemed to be the least of the duo's worries. As Shiam stepped out into the sealed dome, strings of fluid her only garb, Ahsoka rushed to stand in front. This might have been taken nobly if the Togruta's clothes were not in tatters, and if she did not have a half-giddy expression plastered on her pretty face.

A little less than quiet, whispers from the awaiting crowd drifted to Ahsoka's ears. Ignoring them and mainly concerned with the obvious, Ahsoka cleared her head and made to brave the crowd, hoping Shiam would follow. Unfortunately, the Quarren student never made it. As Ahsoka moved forward, red boots clacking somewhat unsteadily on the stone of the docking platform, Shiam's legs wavered and gave out. Ahsoka noticed and beckoned to the guards to carry her away. The poor thing can face reprimand later, she thought dismally, as she was now the only one to stand before the most certainly horrified welcoming committee.

"Greetings from the Republic," Ahsoka said uncertainly to the Quarren who seemed to be dressed the most regally, a short vest of white patterns over a rich full-body robe of the same colour. The rips in her tube top were little, those in her skirt mercifully revealing only her orange legs and perhaps a hint of her panties, but still she fought the overwhelming rush of embarrassment. "I am Ahsoka Tano, Jedi Padawan to Anakin Skywalker, the Hero of the Republic. I am here at the behest of Senator Dowmeia to instruct his niece Shiam Howmeia in the ways of the Force."

The one she addressed cleared his throat, "O-on behalf of the Quarren clans of Howmeia and Dowmeia, we w-welcome and thank you, Padawan Tano. I am Lord Sheel Howmeia, head of clan Dowmeia. This is my wife Lady Tranda Dowmeia." He beckoned a pale-face woman over. Gold rings encapsulated her face-tentacles, matching a long dress of pale yellow fabric. Quite young, Tranda seemed the most composed of those assembled.

"Greetings, young Jedi," she said, "May your visit be fruitful and enlightening."

Ahsoka was surprised by the courtesy. "Thank you, Lady Dowmeia. I hope Shiam's sudden removal could be excused."

"Of course. Our daughter's nature is her own," Tranda replied, "But I do hope she will be ready for tonight, yes?"

Ahsoka assured Lady Tranda that her offspring would be prepared, though she couldn't say for what. "What is happening tonight?" she asked.

The Lady faltered slightly, and Ahsoka thought she glimpsed annoyance in her light-blue eyes. "Why, my dear, this night shall have the finest food, drink and entertainment the clans of Howmeia and Dowmeia can provide. After all, it is a rare gift, one we have never had, for a Jedi to grace our home."

Ahsoka was flattered, but more concerned with excusing herself from the presence of the crowd. Some of the more curious males were developing hungry looks, the Lord Sheel not exempt from this group. "You do me too much honour, but could I maybe leave for now? I am not exactly presentable," Ahsoka told Lady Tranda.

The good Quarren looked over Ahsoka and her tatters, and nodded. "I do believe that is quite necessary, Padawan Tano," she said with all the manners of a courtly sentient, "If you'll follow me." She led Ahsoka across the platform and into a lift that shot up into a large emerald-green building, leaving her husband to disperse their retinue. The Padawan herself was impressed with the composure of Tranda Dowmeia, as they both flew up the structure side by side.

A tall Quarren, and of the same complexion as her daughter, the wife of Sheel Howmeia appeared to be the portrait of a stately woman. That is, until she grabbed, suddenly and without warning, Ahsoka's groin.

"What are you doing!?" Ahsoka shouted in surprise, as she jumped in shock. Tranda's smile could not have been more benevolent. She squeezed the Togruta's young flesh beneath her skirt, making her cry out.

"My dear, you were brought here to please others. You're life, as a Jedi, will always be to serve others. Your kind is the most selfless in the galaxy." She squeezed again, this time letting a finger prod the Jedi's moist well. "You have travelled far, Ahsoka. You need to relax," Tranda purred, starting to pull at the confines of the Padawan's miniskirt, frayed as it was.

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