tagGroup SexAimee's Amorous Adventures Ch. 04

Aimee's Amorous Adventures Ch. 04


Chapter Four - I Be Getting' Jammed in Tortola

"BRING IT ON!" I screamed, my sweet little pussy was now a voracious cunt and it wanted to be fed.

All I could feel were hands, four or five pairs, covering my body with scented oil. Massaging me, slowly, sensually. My hips were thrusting, every time fingers got close to my cunt, and I tried to get my swollen lips under their touch, between them to no avail. They all teased me and not a finger touched my hungry lips. It went on for what seemed like hours. Then they started massaging my breasts, my aching nipples were wired directly to my twitching pussy. My hips were arched right off the bed eager for anything in my oozing lips. I felt warmth on each cheek; two cocks were teasing my mouth. I turned and greedily sucked one into my mouth. I socked madly, like a kid with a Popsicle on a hot day, I wanted to enjoy every drop. The hard cock was now almost down my throat. My gag reflex was kicking in, I didn't care, and I sucked for all I was worth. I could feel the cock tightening and swelling, it was about to fill my mouth, uh, throat! I'd never had a cock this far down my throat; my neck felt like it was splitting. Then the first squirt hit my throat, hot and the pressure was too much! I pulled away and was sprayed all over my face with hot, sweet come. I tried to lick it off my lips and as I licked the other cock was there and I sucked it into my mouth, almost. It was Tom, I could tell. My lips were splitting it was so thick. I could only get the first three inches of the stallion in my mouth. I still sucked greedily and I could feel another load coming my way. This one I wanted to swallow, all of it this time. The pre-come was flowing; into my mouth, sweet honey, it tasted divine. I quickly swallowed to prepare for the next assault on my throat. Tom blew a load into my waiting mouth. I swallowed three big swallows and still had enough to savor after he stopped shooting. It was salty and had a faint note of garlic. I needed champagne, my throat ached from stretching and I was thirsty.

"I need champagne, I'm thirsty. I need a hard cock, I'm horny and I need something in my pussy." A glass was put to my lips and I drank, gulped, down the whole glass of champagne. Then something cool entered my sopping cunt. It was a champagne bottle in as far as the thickness would allow. They were fucking me with a Dom bottle and it felt so good to finally have something in my cunt. I came after ten or twelve thrusts, screaming. Heat, warm wet lips and a tongue replace the Dom and I thrust up to the warmth of the mouth. I couldn't feel a beard; I couldn't feel long hair, so it had to be Tricia. She had her hair tied back in a ponytail.

Yes, that tongue was familiar to my pussy. They knew each other all too well for two days. I pulled hard against my ankle ties, trying to spread my legs wider, trying to devour that sexy full mouth that was slowly rubbing my clit from side to side, making me quiver with pleasure. My honey was flowing and I could feel Tricia swallowing my sweetness as she sucked on my distended hard clit. I could feel my pussy ejaculating into her mouth and she couldn't swallow fast enough to get it all so it ran down the crack of my ass and puddle on the mattress. I came and came, her tongue drove me wild, she has sucked a lot of pussy, I was so grateful. I arched up for a huge orgasm and suddenly something thick and hard slid into my rosebud.

"OOOOOHHHHHH God keep doing that, I'm coming again", I shrieked as the Dom bottle re-entered my body. It slid in and out so smoothly I couldn't believe how good it felt. I was squirting everywhere. I needed water soon; my pussy had completely dehydrated my body. If I was to fuck every one and every toy in the room I needed water, and quick.

"Water, I need some fucking water or I can't fucking continue fucking!" What did I have on my mind? Someone gave me a bottle of water and gently eased to my mouth. I drained the bottle and took a deep breath. I felt fabulous!

"Bring on the orgasms, I want your best", I chided the partiers in the room. I realized that I had no idea who was in the room or what was happening around me. I felt my legs being untied and I felt the cold steel of another set of cuffs on my left and right ankles, but my feet were at least three feet apart. What gives? I tried to close my legs and couldn't. I was tethered to some king of bar with restraints on each end, some sort of bondage device I guess. Suddenly both my ankles were over my head and the sound of a snap told me they weren't moving anytime soon. I was on my back, my feet above my head outside my wrist shackled to the headboard leaving my pussy and rosebud completely open to any kind of activity.

The scent of Vanilla wafted around, intoxicating and enveloping me in its warm sensual aroma. I felt a pair of breasts brush down the backs of my thighs and then the tip of a hot flicking tongue at my rosebud and swollen lips. The tongue eased into my pussy and probed at my slippery vagina. It felt so good, hot and thick in my lips. Then suddenly I felt cold! Ice cubes invaded my hot tunnel of lust, one, two, three, four of them. Once the shock was gone, the coolness felt soothing and sexy. Again, the shock was instant as several were pushed through my rosebud too. WOW! I'd never have dreamed that ice cubes in my nether orifices would have me this turned on. I could feel the melt oozing out of me as I started moaning for some attention to my clit. Well, I got it. Another piece of ice was rubbed all over my lips and clit, what a rush!

My pussy was iced, my passion was a raging fire as four or five different hands started rubbing my whole body with ice cubes. I started coming when my nipples were pinched. Ice cubes squirted from my contracting pussy like hailstones. I arched my hips and pushed hard and fired the ice cube out.

FIRE! It sure felt like it as a warm mouth engulfed my pussy and sucked feverishly at my lips and hard clit. I came again; it felt like my clit was on fire. The mouth was full lipped and was pouting around my clit and washing it in champagne. The fizzing feeling put me over the top again! I was panting now, my tummy weak from so many orgasms.

Slippery fingers covered my pussy and ass with lubricant, slipping into my holes, ensuring I was ready for my next ride (or theirs!). A pair of rough hands (Tom's) grabbed my hips and a cock nestled up to my rosebud.

OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! Tom was about to put that fourteen-inch cock up my ass! Terror raced through my veins as my pussy gushed in orgasm. I was coming and wanting to run all at the same time. Relax; relax, I thought to myself. I was also hoping they were taking a video of this; I was a blind witness to my first gangbang. Would there be film at eleven? Highlights on the sports segment; fuck I was getting really twisted (I thought to myself). Day two and I'd had more orgasms this trip than the rest of my married life in total. I'm making jokes with myself as a fourteen-inch cock is being stuffed into my ass.

Tom had what felt like all of his huge cock in me when I screamed for him to stop! He slowly pulled it back out to the tip and I waited for him to thrust back in. Nothing!

"Are you going to tease me or fuck me, Stud? Get that light pole back in me and show me what you're worth." I suddenly realized I had bit off more than I could chew as his cock slid back into me.

"Is that all of it now?" I asked cockily as I laughed out loud. My screams of pleasure turned to pain and back to pleasure as he put the last eleven inches into my rosebud (or is it a fully open rose-bloom, now?) and started to stroke. Oh mother of god, I felt like a marshmallow on a stick! I was completely impaled on his huge pole and the more he fucked me the less it hurt. I was coming non-stop. My pussy was gushing; my urethra was squirting, my mouth was screaming as Tom pounded my ass. I have never felt so totally helpless yet totally enveloped in pure carnal pleasure. God I really love anal sex, now!

I woke up in my bunk, pounding head, swollen pussy and twitching rosebud. My body confirmed it wasn't a dream. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around the cabin. All was quiet; the girls were all asleep as well. I could see naked flesh, displayed in assorted rude poses of drunken sleep, in all three bunks. I quietly got up and went to the head for Advil. My hangover had arrived. I drank two bottles of water and lay down to recount last night's memories (what little I had). I dozed off thinking of Tom's cock and today's sortie to the lagoon we were now anchored in.

Land ahoy!

The lagoon looked like turquoise glass; it was so smooth, waves lapping up gently on the sugar white beach. I felt I could walk across it to the beach and awaiting bar. I fumbled through my purse and downed five more Advil and another bottle of water. I closed the head door and started the shower. The hot water felt so good on my tired and satiated body. The water ran off my swollen pussy lips and splashed on the floor of the shower in a long stream, I now knew how it looked when a boy pees in the shower. I soaped my body and started to shave the stubble from my armpits; I soaped my pussy and started to shave it. The pressure of the razor head felt good against my now awake clit. I put down my razor and slid my slippery fingers into my lips and stroked my hardening clit. God it felt good, I truly was a nymphomaniac, and I couldn't get enough pleasure in my life. It was my turn in life to make up for lost time and too many lost orgasms. I slowly circled my clit and flicked it softly until my knees started to wobble. I was so hung-over my knees couldn't support me as I started to come. I slid down the wall and spread my legs allowing the hot needles of water to tease and pleas my aching clit. I slipped two fingers into my pussy and fucked myself hard. I could feel my walls tighten around my fingers as my orgasm flooded through my convulsing body. The first one of the day! Now to get shaved, find some fresh cock on the beach and a double Caesar as well.

I pulled out my tiniest Wicked Weasel suit, the sheer lime green two-piece and hid my nipples and tuft of pubic hair behind the three tiny patches. God I looked hot, if I said so myself. My "old" tan lines were clearly a lot larger than my new suit and they really showed off my tight little body and sexy suit. By the time I swam to shore, I'd look like I was wearing lime green thread! This was fabulous bait to catch a couple of long hard cocks for lunch! Who cared about fishing when you can troll at the bar!

A little bit of waterproof mascara and eye shadow, to match my suit and I was ready. My pussy was already twitching and oozing in anticipation of some fresh cock. I grabbed my little waterproof kit (lipstick, condoms, lubricant, sun block and Advil) and headed topside.

"So, how do I get ashore?" I asked to the first crew I saw. The sun was blazing, the wind was non-existent and the air was hot with sex. The deckhand pointed to a dingy along side of the ship and smiled one of those "Shit-eating grins" and said;

" That be your next ride in Maam".

I headed to the rail and peered over into the boat only to see two topless women and a very hot looking black man. I stepped down into the boat and was greeted by three big smiles and a group hug, this was going to be a great day! I snuggled in between the two girls and stared back at the big black muscles on Rod. I knew all three women had the same thing on their mind; Rod's god-like physique and massive cock that was barely restrained by his loose cut-off shorts! The first thing I did was to remove my top. Before I could reach for my sun block, two pairs of eager hands were on my breasts, slathering them in sunscreen.

"Hi, I'm Andrea and this is Lisa." The sexy redhead on my left said as she continued to massage the cream into my responding breasts. "We're both from Minneapolis. This is Rod, I'm sure you'll see why we call him Rod, soon enough!"

I sat back and the girls continued to "cover" my breasts with sunscreen, god it felt good! I stared at Rod through my dark glasses and noticed his cock had started to grow. It looked like a monster trying to crawl down his short leg an out to greet it's next victim, me! I could feel my pussy getting wet and ready. I slowly spread my legs and my tiny thong started to slip up between my freshly shaved lips. Lisa noticed my interest and slipped her coated fingers down between my thighs and started to rub sunscreen on my pussy lips. I hadn't thought about covering them. I spread my legs wide and she slid down between them and carefully coated my pussy for me. I ached for her raven tresses to cascade over my thighs as her tongue explored my nether depths. Later, I thought, but how much longer could I wait for an orgasm. Lisa continued to rub my lips as she kissed my thighs and taut stomach. I was almost coming from her soft butterfly kisses and her rubbing my now wet pussy.

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