tagLoving WivesAimee's Amorous Adventures Ch. 05

Aimee's Amorous Adventures Ch. 05


Chapter Five -- All Ashore!

"We're here girls, let's get over side and go into shore," Rod piped up as he cut the motor and abruptly ended my chances for an orgasm.

He leaped over the side and stood knee deep in the water. His huge cock hung down below the bottom of his shorts at least three inches. His abs were cut, his muscles defined and large. Truly an animal of lust and I was going to have him for breakfast!

We all jumped out of the boat into the warm water and waded into shore. There was a funky little beach-hut bar and some tables and chairs set about 100 feet from the water's edge. Two bartenders were waiting to serve us and we were all thirsty and hungry. I turned to see where Rod was, only to watch him disappear out to the ship again. I'd get him for lunch instead.

I felt like part of a Charlie's Angels remake, one redhead, one raven-haired and one blonde. We strolled up to the bar, all topless, all very attractive and all very horny and thirsty.

"Ladies, what can we serve you this fine morning?" The dread-locked bartender smiled with wide eyes and a broad smile as he appraised our bodies.

"Surprise us, we're always game for something new or different," Andrea said as she spread out a blanket for us to lie down on. "Girls, this is going to be one fine fucking day!"

I knew the emphasis was on fucking. Both Lisa and Andrea were here for one thing; sex, any way they could get it!

The bartender walked out to the blanket with a tray of croissants and fruit, a pitcher of drinks and an ashtray with a joint in it.

"Ladies, I serve you the island specialty breakfast; our famous rum punch and ganja. There is also some fruit and such if your tummies crave something more in them, enjoy!"

He poured us each a glass of punch and went back to the bar. We all clinked our glasses and drank nearly a whole glass of the refreshing drink. It tasted like fruit juice, but I knew it was potent. We all refilled our glasses and Andrea lit up the joint. She took a long pull and passed it to me. I simply passed it to Lisa as I knew how messed up I would be if I drank and toked together. They finished the joint and we lay down to enjoy the morning sun and our food and drink. We got along great; we talked about anything and everything. Then the conversation finally came around to sex. Masturbation and toys seemed to be of interest to Lisa, Andrea wanted to talk about cocks and cock length and I was interested in talking about three women and a well hung black man having group sex.

It seemed that my subject became the focus of the conversation and we all were getting quite turned on as we discussed Rod's massive cock. Enrico, the bartender, appeared punctually with a third (already?) pitcher of punch and some more snacks. We eagerly enjoyed the sandwiches and fries as he refreshed our drinks.

Lisa stood up and slipped off her bottoms and lay down again. She started caressing her body as we continued our Rod talk. Her pussy was trimmed neatly in a triangle that pointed down to her smooth shaved lips and pierced labia. I had never seen a pussy piercing up close before; I had to get a better look.

"Did that hurt?" I asked staring at her two rings with turquoise stones on them.

"A little, but the next day I stopped hurting and started playing with them, I love 'em." Lisa spread her legs wider open and pulled them apart, revealing her bright pink inner lips and gooey wet vagina.

"May I have a closer look?" I asked as I crawled over on my hands and knees and got between her smooth thighs. She smelled like vanilla, I felt myself starting to drool as I craved her honey on my tongue.

"Sure, be my guest, touch them if you want to," Lisa ached her pelvis up and her lips parted as a drop of her honey oozed out towards her rose bud. I instinctively ran my finger up under the drop and tasted her honey. She was very sweet tasting and the scent of vanilla was very strong once my face was 6 inches from her pussy.

"You smell so good and you taste great!" I commented as I played with her piercings. I gently tugged the two rings apart and Lisa thrust her pussy up to my mouth. I tasted her sweetness and then ran my tongue up and down her incredibly smooth lips. I circled her clitoris and it seemed to come to attention. It got quite erect, I'd never seen a clit this long before. It was like a little cock. I sucked on it eagerly and Lisa came quickly, moaning and clutching at my hair as she clamped her thighs on my head in ecstasy.

I felt hands on my ass; they slid up to my thong and slid it down over my hips to my knees. I lifted one leg and my thong was over my foot, freeing me to spread my legs. I felt a warm tongue flick at my rose bud and run down to my very wet pussy. My cheeks were spread and that tongue drove into my gaping pussy. It felt great; I pushed back against the mouth and tongue as I felt my first orgasm arriving quickly. Suddenly I was on my back and Andrea was over me. Her red bush hovered over my mouth as she buried her face in my waiting pussy. I reached up for her tuft of thick red hair and ran my fingers lightly over her mound. She shuddered as I slid my first two fingers into her wetness. Lisa started caressing my breasts and sucking on my nipples as Lisa sucked madly on my swelling clit. My stomach caged up in orgasm as Lisa fingers buried themselves in my convulsing pussy. The feelings were overwhelming, hands and mouths all over me, fingers in my pussy as I came again! I needed cock that was all there was to it.

"Enrico, I need something special from the bar and I need it right now!" I yelled.

Enrico had been enjoying the show, no doubt and hurried over to get a closer look and respond to my request.

"Yes Ma'am, what can Enrico bring for you now?" he smiled as he spoke.

"You have it right there in your shorts, I want your cock in me now!"

"I must apologize to you, Ma'am. I can't be mixing anything more that drinks for you ladies. I'll be happy to call a friend of mine, if that pleases you." "And how long will your friend be? I asked, frustrated and horny.

"'Bout 12 inches Ma'am," Enrico laughed, "And he's walking up the beach right now!"

I rolled over to see Rod, naked, walking towards us with his massive hard cock in his hand. His smile was ear to ear as he stared at the three naked women in front of him.

"Ladies, who would like the first ride of the day?"

"Me," we all screamed simultaneously. Then Lisa looked at Andrea and they both smiled and each grabbed one of my arms and said"Her," as they looked at me. "We want you to pound her hard, front and back."

Rod knelt down between my spread legs and placed the head of his cock between my lips. They already felt stretched and he hadn't entered me yet!

"Go easy with that pole, I want to walk again," I moaned, eager to feel it's massive girth in my aching pussy. I wanted to feel my walls stretch to splitting, that was a pain I now found pleasure in. The girls each grabbed a leg and pinned them back so Rod could stuff his huge cock into my gaping wet pussy. I was completely at their mercy and I was totally turned on by it.

Rod slid the first four inches in and I gasped. I was stretched tight and could feel his head touching my uterus. He was only one third of the way into me! He slowly fucked me like that for a minute or so then he started to push further into me. I closed my eyes and felt myself begin to come. His cock seemed to be in the back of my throat now, god it felt good to be stuffed that full. I lifted my head to look at his cock going in and out of me. It was only halfway in! I grimaced at the thought of that massive cock completely in me.

Rod seemed to sense my worry and started to really fuck me. He was stroking into me quicker, I kept coming, and I was in my multiple orgasm cycle and starting to climb up to new plateaus. As I came, I started to ejaculate, squirting honey all over Rod's cock and stomach. This seemed to really turn him on and he stuffed the rest of his pole into my hungry stretched pussy.

A puddle was forming under my ass as Rod pounded me for all he was worth. His huge glistening cock was buried completely in my pussy now. It hurt so good! I couldn't believe I could take all that cock. The girls were now sitting watching Rod and I fuck like monkeys. I was screaming as I came and Rod was groaning and saying something in Rastafarian, I think. I could feel his cock starting to thicken as his orgasm neared. The pressure was incredible as he pumped his seed into my contracting pussy. I thought I would explode; his come seemed to spray out of my lips and mix with my juices under my ass. Rod pulled his massive cock out of my pussy and straddled my chest as he put his come-covered cock in my mouth. I could only get the huge head in my mouth so I licked up and down the long thick shaft until I had him clean. I couldn't get my hand around his cock it was so thick.

"How big is this weapon, Rod?" I asked him as I licked my lips.

"It's fourteen inches long and nine inches around, Ma'am"; he beamed as he eyed Lisa's pierced pussy hungrily. She was rubbing her clit furiously as she finished her orgasm. Her honey was flowing from her pussy, her nipples hard and erect as she panted in pleasure. Rod reached over and grabbed her by the hips and flipped her over onto her stomach. He lifted her hips up in the air and knelt behind her. He turned to Andrea and said, " Girl come and get me hard with that full set of lips of yours." Andrea eagerly crawled over to his arching cock and tried to get the head into her mouth. She gagged several times as she tried, in vain, to get more than four inches into her mouth. She pumped his long shaft with both of her, seemingly tiny, hands as she gave up trying to suck his massive cock. He was now hard again and laid his pole into the crack at the top of Lisa's cheeks. His cock was easily four inches past the top of her crack and he was not even touching her ass with his hips. I couldn't believe I took all that cock into my pussy!

Lisa turned and looked back at Rod and realized what she was about to experience.

Rod leaned back and his cock slid down into her wet furrow and stopped at her rose bud. He slipped his fingers into her wetness and coated the end of his cock with her honey. She was moaning and begging him to be easy on her but you could tell she really wanted it in her.

Rod turned to Lisa and me and said, "Watch your girlfriend's eyes."

He grabbed her hips and pushed his huge head into her rose bud. Lisa's eyes nearly bugged out of her head, as soon as she realized where, he was planning on going.

"NO NO NO PLEASE NO NOT MY VIRGIN ASSHOLE!" Lisa was screaming as the head of his cock disappeared into her stretched asshole. Rod popped his cock out and Lisa stopped screaming. She didn't see that he was covering his cock with lubricant as she started to rub her clit in anticipation of his cock in her pussy. He was now well coated and he gripped his cock and stuffed it right back into her rose bud. But this time he slid five inches into her. She screamed, "FUCK YOU MANDINGO, YOU'RE RIPPING OPEN!" But he didn't stop. He kept pumping into her ass, each stroke going a little further in. I couldn't believe that she was taking it in. Lisa was up on hers hands now, pushing back against Rod's thrusts, grunting and moaning as he fucked ass.

"More lube," Rod said as he looked at me. I grabbed the lube and anointed his shaft as he continued to thrust into Lisa. I couldn't help myself as I grabbed his thick shaft with both hands at the base as he slid in and out of Lisa's stretched asshole. It was an incredibly erotic sight. Her pussy was gushing honey as she pushed back against every thrust from Rod. His cock was now barely visible, almost completely buried in Lisa's ass.

"FUCK ME MANDINGO, FUCK FOR ALL YOU 'RE WORTH!" Lisa screamed as she bucked hard against his hips. She was possessed, her pussy was gushing and she drooled uncontrollably as she kept coming, ramming against his huge cock! I crawled under her and started to kiss her deeply and play with her breasts, pinching her nipples.

Rod was coming again! He gripped Lisa's hips and really pounded into her as he groaned in pleasure. His bag was completely tight, his huge balls pumping his seed deep into Lisa's bowels. Rod collapsed backwards as he came, his long cock sliding out of Lisa's ass and spraying wildly like a looses fire hose. His seed hit Andrea in the face, covered Lisa's back and even got me on the cheek.

Andrea, not wanting to miss her chance for a ride on the Rod, attended to Rod and carefully washed his long limp cock off and toweled him dry. Once he was clean, she started slowly pumping his shaft until it began to twitch to life again. It seemed to have a mind of it's own. Rod seemed unconscious yet his pole was responding and getting thicker and harder. As he lay on his back, Andrea pumped his shaft until his cock was fully hard.

It truly was a sight to behold, all fourteen inches in her two little hands, as they tried to grip its massive girth. I offered her the lube, she took it eagerly and coated Rod's pole liberally. She squatted over the huge cock and gently sat down on the bulbous head. I caught a smirk on Rod's face just before he reached up and pulled her down hard on his full length. Andrea shrieked with pleasure and pain, I'm sure, as she was impaled on his massive cock.

Oddly, she immediately started doing deep squats on his thickness and creaming wildly as she truly rode his cock. Rod's shaft was becoming coated with her honey as it flowed from her lips down the long shaft and into his matted pubic hair. He looked like a giant black long john coated in vanilla icing. I had to taste this long john, so I crawled over and started to lick his soaked balls and the base of his shaft as Andrea rode his tree trunk.

The sucking and slurping sounds of Andrea's pussy and my mouth got Lisa moving and she came over and started to help me out. We would lick and suck Rod's balls and then kiss, taking turns licking his shaft and running our fingers around his thickness and Andrea's pussy lips. Her clit was sticking out of her lips nearly a half inch, so we started to play it too. That produced even more honey from her stuffed pussy. Lisa and I licked it all up and continued to suck on Rod's huge balls. His bag tightened, orgasm was imminent.

I slowly spread his legs and grabbed the lube. I coated my first two fingers and stuffed them into Rod's butt hole. He came instantly, bucking and groaning. He obviously never had a couple of fingers in ass before and he liked it! What seemed to be gallons of come gushed from Andrea's pussy and down Rod's black shaft onto his balls and stomach. Lisa and I lapped it up and kissed some more, savoring all the tastes between our dancing tongues. Then we all collapsed in an exhausted heap on the soaking blanket, enjoying the warm sun and soft breeze.

I couldn't wait for lunch!

I awoke from my sexual slumber to distant voices, laughing and happy and getting closer. I sat-up, only to see two rowboats, with four or five people in each, headed for our beach. I looked around at the girls and Rod, all dozing peacefully naked on the blanket in the warm sun. I pulled on my thong, now dry and wandered over to the hut for some much-needed water. Those multiple orgasms really dehydrate me I'm learning.

Enrico seemed to know what I needed and handed me a large, very cold bottle of water. I gulped down half the bottle and then doused my sweaty body with the rest. The cool water was so refreshing, my nipples seemed to jump to attention, and I was ready for more fun now. Enrico handed me another bottle and a fresh drink for the walk down to the water to greet my fellow partiers. I recognized Tricia's wild sex-crazed laugh and knew my roomies were on the way to party the day away. Thank God I had had a little siesta before they arrived, trouble was about to storm the beach.

As they neared I could clearly see Tricia sitting on some guy's lap, pouring drinks of Tequila down his throat. It appeared as though Lisa and Donna were both busy with each other's breasts, either caressing each other or applying sunscreen. The other boat carried all men; none of whom I'd had the pleasure, yet! Lunch looked very busy and satisfying.

I hailed Tricia, Lisa and Donna announcing the availability of a true ride or Rod, whichever way you wanted to call him. Speaking of Rod, he had arisen to mount again and was standing beside me, his huge stallion twitching as it hung nearly to his knee. As the girls' rowboat slid up to the beach I reached over and took the stallion in my hands and announced; " Girls, get your ticket now to ride the black stallion! One ride per customer, satisfaction guaranteed."

Tricia was the first to reach me and immediately dropped to her knees and engulfed Rod's cock in her mouth. I couldn't believe how wide her mouth could open and how far down her throat his cock went. She inhaled easily nine inches and never even gagged! I was impressed, so was every one else watching her. What started as a day on a deserted beach had turned into a full-blown orgy by ten-thirty in the morning! The guy who arrived in her boat slipped off his trunks and slid down her bottoms. His cock was hard and slid easily into her waiting pussy. As he fucked from behind, she deep throated Rod and pumped his shaft as he closed his eyes in pleasure. I couldn't believe how much cock she could swallow and still get fucked from behind. I seized the opportunity and got on my back under Tricia's busy mouth and sucked on Rod's huge balls and rubbed Tricia's hard clit. She started to come, her hips bucking against the cock in back as she went further down on Rod's pole. She had nearly three-quarters of in her mouth and throat and she finally gagged as Rod started to ejaculate in her throat. A gusher of semen flowed out of her mouth as his long shaft slid from her throat and mouth. It ran down over my face and Tricia started to lick my face as she was coming. Her tongue flicked all over my face and into my hungry mouth. She couldn't stop coming and now she wanted the Rod in her. She pulled off of the cock in behind and spun around for Rod to take her.

"Give me the pole; I swallowed you now I want you deep in me." I winked at Rod and he knew just what to do. I grabbed the lube and oiled his pole until it was rock hard. Tricia was watching us and reached back and spread her ass for Rod's cock to enter her. Just as he was about to push it into her, I squeezed some lube above her rose bud and when it dripped into her bud, I held his shaft and he stabbed it into her ass. He was at least eight inches into her before she could react. Rod had a firm hold of her hips and started to pump her. She was screaming, in pleasure, pushing and swearing at Rod. He was now almost buried in her when she came for the first time. I loved watching Tricia come, she squirts so easily and so much. I lay under her tummy and licked her sweet honey, swallowing several mouthfuls of her come. I stroked her swollen clit and watched that huge pole slide in and out of her ass. I slid my finger into her wetness and could feel his cock moving against my finger. I turned my hand over and covered it with lube. I slowly slid two, then three, then four fingers into her pussy. I could now feel Rod's cock against the palm of my hand inside her convulsing pussy. The feeling was incredible. I couldn't imagine how Tricia was feeling, she seemed delirious with pleasure. She was cursing and moaning like she was possessed. Her pussy kept squirting every few minutes, that was the only way I could tell she was having an orgasm. Rod's bag was tightening; I knew he was about to come. I reached up under his bag and slipped a finger into his ass and he came instantly, again. That trick works almost every time!

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