tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAimee's Wedding Ch. 4

Aimee's Wedding Ch. 4


LaDonna was just finishing her orgasm while riding her brother-in-law's cock. Not satisfied with the damage done John, the ringleader of the band of four who had invaded the wedding, grabbed Tom's sister, Laurie, and untied her. Laurie was 23, short with medium length curly dark brown hair. She wasn't as attractive as most of the other girls there but still looked good, and had a nice 34-C, 24-34 body. She struggled as John dragged her naked body from the chair. But Laurie silently admitted that she was looking forward to getting in on the action. She was single and hadn't dated since breaking up with her boyfriend three months earlier. And watching everything going on around her had gotten the pretty bridesmaid pretty wet. She decided that she would pretend to resist, but was going to welcome any of her attacker's hard stiff rods into her pussy. Unfortunately for Laurie, John had something else in mind.

John stopped, standing over Cindy; the pretty redheaded photographer who still lay on the floor after being raped herself.

"Let's watch the two of you do some '69' for us." John said.

Laurie was appalled. She had just seen LaDonna forced to go down on her own sister. Now she was being ordered to do the same to another woman.

Seeing John brandish the knife Laurie slowly got on the floor. Cindy lay still on her back so Laurie straddled her head and lowered her pussy onto the redhead's face. Then she leaned forward to put her own head between Cindy's legs.

Cindy watched as Laurie's wet pussy came closer to her face. She was no stranger to this. Cindy had dated several women in college and enjoyed having sex with other girls. Although she had not done so since getting married. Seeing this as an opportunity to indulge herself she willingly began lapping at the girl's love petals above her.

Laurie's body jerked as she felt the other woman's tongue flicking her pussy, working its way to her clit. She blushed with shame as the sensation washed throughout her. She was horny, and though she found this act disgusting, her body was letting her know that it was going to enjoy it. Trying to ignore the faces of those watching her she lowered her head and began licking Cindy's red-haired bush.

LaDonna was still sitting on Tom's lap, feeling his dick softening inside her, as she watched one of the men grab her husband and pull him to his feet. She was shocked to the core as he was shoved until he stood before her mother.

"You've had your sister-in-law," Larry spat. "Now it's time to do your mother-in-law."

Katie fought back the urge to scream. At 42 she was still an attractive woman. She was short and skinny, like Aimee, with some obvious signs of gray streaks appearing throughout her dark hair. But otherwise Katie was still good looking.

Kevin had never thought of his mother-in-law as an object of desire like he had with Aimee. But seeing her tied in the chair with her legs spread apart, and her pert 32-B tits showing almost no sign of sagging, brought about feelings of lust that he would not have thought possible. And the thought of completing the act of fucking his wife's mother after fucking Aimee produced a hard on.

Kevin resisted at first, but did little to stop himself from being lowered to his knees before his mother-in-law. Once down, he took his cock and pressed it between Katie's legs until it rubbed against her hairy bush.

"Kevin, please don't…" Katie protested as her son-in-law's cock began entering her. Katie had never slept with anyone other than her husband in her entire life. Now she was getting fucked by not only another man, but the husband of her oldest daughter.

Kevin was surprised at how good Katie's cunt felt wrapped around his shaft. Ignoring Katie's protest he began thrusting into her pussy, wanting to spill his load into her as quickly as possible.

LaDonna was pulled off of Tom and shoved to the floor by the other two men. She lay next to Laurie and Cindy, as the two girls were busy eating each other's twats. But her eyes remained focused only on her husband fucking her mother. Then she felt someone climbing between her legs. She tore her eyes away from the wall long enough to see Fred, the other photographer, getting between her legs. She did not bother to resist as he climbed atop her and shoved his meaty pole into her well-used cunt.

Fred was doing his best to not look like a willing participant in all of this. But the sight of his wife having sex with another woman had him turned on. He shoved his cock into LaDonna and began ramming her, squeezing her massive boobs in each hand as he ravaged her pussy.

Laurie could not believe how well Cindy was licking her. She shook with delight as the other woman pushed her closer and closer to the edge. She forgot about the others in the room and concentrated on pleasing Cindy's love button with her own mouth. She could tell by the moans coming from the redhead that she was doing a good job herself. Laurie's breathing became more rapid; her legs began to shake and she felt her climax rip through her body. She ground her crotch against Cindy's face as her orgasm continued. Soon Cindy was moaning with pure delight as she too climaxed. The two girls continued lapping away like thirsty dogs on each other bringing themselves to multiple orgasms.

Fred was enjoying the sight of his wife cuming with another woman. He pounded away with uncontrolled desire as he watched. Unwilling to hold back he blew his load into LaDonna's already filled snatch.

As Fred was emptying his balls into LaDonna, Kevin was feeling his own load rising to the surface as he repeatedly rammed Katie's cunt. He threw his head back and thrust his hips forward as his orgasm erupted, filling his mother-in-law's pussy with his seed.

Keeping the fuckfest rolling, Frank was untied and pulled out of his chair. He was then unceremoniously dropped on the floor in front of his mother. Ann wasn't ugly; in fact, the 44-year old had a pretty face. But she was a good twenty-five pounds overweight and out of shape. She had huge, double-D tits that sagged against her belly. She stared in total disbelief at what was going on in the room around her. Almost oblivious to the fact that her son was being placed before her.

Frank decided to fight back, at least until Mark put a knife to his mother's throat and told him that he better not resist. When Ann finally realized what was happening she fought hard against her bonds trying to keep her son from gaining access to her. Frank was surprised that he was able to keep his hardon as he pressed into his mother's cunt. Ann jerked in her chair as she felt his cock enter her. Ann had not been fucked since her husband divorced her. Not that she didn't desire it. She just hadn't found anyone with whom she wanted and who wanted her in return. Now she was being fucked by her own son with everyone watching. She saw Erin, her ex-husband's pretty new wife, looking at them and felt revolted at the thought of being forced to do something so shameful in front of her.

Frank fucked his mother's pussy, not willing to accept the fact that his cock was enjoying it. He admitted to himself that he was getting horny from all the rape-action going on around him. But this was the last thing he wanted to do. Still, he was stroking deep into his mother's twat. He could feel her juices flowing making his actions not only easier, but more pleasing as well. He could feel his balls tightening and knew that he would soon be cuming in his mom's pussy. He tried to fight off the feeling to no avail. His hips began thrusting faster and faster. Ann looked into her son's face, not wanting to believe that he was actually enjoying this, but knowing that it was impossible for him not too. For she too realized that her own body was enjoying it as well.

It had been far too long since she had the pleasure of a man inside her. She hated that it was her son, but longed for the release that he would bring. She felt Frank's pace quickening and prayed that he would slow down. Otherwise he would cum before she was ready. But Frank continued. He was filled with shame for enjoying the feeling that was growing in his loins. He decided that he had to cum and get it over with as soon. He rammed his mother harder and faster. Closing his eyes Frank let his orgasm unleash, filling his mom's pussy with his sperm. "No!" Ann cried out as she felt Frank starting to cum. Knowing that all she was getting from this shameful act was a belly full of her son's seed and no relief from the passion that now filled her.

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