tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAimee's Wedding Chapter 1

Aimee's Wedding Chapter 1


This had been the day Aimee had been waiting for all her life. The pretty, petite 19-year old looked stunning in her long white wedding dress that clung to her thin 32-A, 22, 34 frame. Her long black hair cascaded over her shoulders. And her few freckles stood out making the tiny bride a sight to behold as she stood beside her new husband, Tom.

Tom was a ruggedly handsome man of 21. The six-foot tall college grad had just taken a new job for a software company and was ready to begin his new life. But all that was forgotten as the groom was thinking of his bride. More importantly, his thoughts were more on tonight, when he would finally get to make love to his virgin bride. Sure, Aimee had relieved him in other ways during their six months together. Even going as far as sucking on him. But never had she allowed anyone to enter her love canal and the two of them were longing for tonight when they would be alone in their honeymoon suite.

The newlywed couple sat at their table with the rest of their bridal party. To Aimee's right sat her sister/Maid of Honor, Ladonna. The 22-year old married woman showed some resemblance to Aimee and had the same long black hair. But that's about where it ended. Where Aimee took after her mother with her tiny frame, Ladonna was both taller and bigger. She was no where near as pretty as Aimee but she made up for it with her firm, 36-D, 24, 36 body. Ladonna's husband, Karl, sat with a friend at a nearby table.

Next to Ladonna sat their cousin, Kim. A pretty 18-year old slender blond who looked more like Aimee than her sister did in both height and shape. Kim's father, Ron, was Aimee's mother's brother and had served as the pastor for the wedding. He was a friendly, balding and pudgy 45-year old who had been a widower for ten years.

The last bridesmaid was Laurie, Tom's 23-year old sister. She was cute with medium length, curly brown hair. Standing about as tall as Ladonna. Her 34-c, 24, 34 body was not as shapely as the Maid of Honor's but she always attracted attention wherever she went.

To the left of Tom sat his Best Man/Brother, Frank. Frank was only 19 but looked slightly older. He was a close match for Tom except for his slightly longer brown hair.

To his left was Aimee's brother, Chance. Who had only turned 18 a few weeks earlier. Chance was a handsome young man, standing just over 6'2".

Next to Chance was Kevin, Ladonna's husband and close friend of Tom's. It was Kevin who had introduced Tom and Aimee only six months earlier. Just after Aimee had broken up with her last boyfriend.

Included in the small audience were, of course, Uncle Ron, the preacher. Aimee's parents, Jim and Katie, and nice looking couple in the mid-forties. Jim was tall, only an inch shorter than Chance. And looked distinguished with his gray hair. Katie was and older version of Aimee, still attractive at her age, and with plenty of gray streaks herself. She was just a little shorter than her daughter at 5'4" but was a cup size larger at 32-B.

Tom's parents were there as well. Since his family lived several states away they were the only other members of the family besides his brother who could make it. His father, Harold, was a heavyset shorter man pushing 50, had obvious colored hair and a neatly trimmed beard and mustache. He was there with his wife of six years, having divorced Tom's mother a decade earlier. Erin, Tom's stepmother, was a cute woman in her late thirties. She was tall and shapely with a 36-D, 28, 36 body, and long wavy blond hair. Tom's mother, Ann, was in her mid-forties. She had a very pretty face but was noticeably heavy carrying an extra 20 – 30 pounds on her 36-DD, 30, 40 frame.

With the lack of any of the rest of Tom's family it had been decided to keep the reception small. Only a dozen other guest had been in attendance. The reception was held in the tiny church where the marriage had taken place. The usual rituals had all taken place and only the family remained waiting for the final departure of the newlyweds, who continued playing it up for the couple who were both taking pictures and video-taping everything for them.

Unbeknownst to all but the photographer, there were four other guest waiting to make a surprise entrance. John, Aimee's 20-year old ex-boyfriend had always blamed Tom for breaking he and Aimee up. He had dated her for two years. Never once getting as far with her has Tom already had. He had been madly in love with Aimee, and put up with her desire to remain pure until her wedding night. But he had to relieve his tensions somehow, so he occasionally strayed with someone else. Unfortunately Aimee found out and broke up with him on the spot. A week later she was dating Tom. John felt that his ex owed him, and when he learned from his buddy, Fred, that he and his pretty red-headed wife, Cindy, were going to be photographing and video taping the wedding the two of them came up with a ruthless plan. With John were his older brother Larry, and two buddies Jake and Mark. Using the directions provided to them by Fred they drove to the small town church that the wedding was to be held in. Parked on the other side of the woods, and sneaked into the building through a side door.

As the last of the guest left the four men prepared for their assault. They put masks on, and armed with fake handguns and carrying a bag fool of other items they crept around to the front and locked the front doors of the church. Then they entered the dining hall.

"Everybody freeze, this is a robbery!" Larry shouted. It was decided that Larry should be the primary voice to avoid any chance of John being detected.

The room was chaotic for a few moments as everyone tried to assess the severity of what was happening. The fifteen people in the room stood still in fear wondering what was going on. It was all Aimee could do to keep from crying as her wedding was being ruined by these invaders.

"Everyone line up against the wall!" Larry ordered. "All we want to do is go through the gifts and see what cash we can take and get out of here!"

Everyone did as instructed. Then Jake pulled out a cloth sack and walked down the line instructing all the men to throw their wallets into it. Once done, everyone was told to turn and face the wall. Then John and Mark went behind everyone using rope that they brought along to tie everyone's hands behind their backs. Then each person was taken one at a time, to one of the many folding chairs where they were told to sit and then tied securely to the chair.

Once all fifteen were securely fastened the fake guns were put away. It was then that John walked over to stand before Aimee. He admired how beautiful she looked in her silky white gown.

"Would you like some of that?" Larry asked. John nodded his head. He was going to finally get his dream of taking Aimee's prized cherry. But there were some games to play first.

"How about it, sweetheart, you up for a good fucking?" Larry asked the bride. Aimee's eyes went wide with fear. "Please no. I'm a virgin." She pleaded.

"A virgin?" Larry mocked. Acting like he didn't know the truth.

Aimee nodded her head in silence. Several members of the wedding party pleaded with them to leave her alone.

Larry motioned for John to unzip his pants. "Tell you what, girl. We'll give you one chance. If you suck all four of us off in fifteen minutes you won't get fucked. But if it takes you longer than that then you'll lose your cherry right here."

Aimee couldn't believe what she was hearing. This couldn't be happening to her. She had willingly sucked Tom's dick several times now. Although she never let him cum in her mouth. Now she was being told to choose whether or not she was going to take four strange men into her mouth or lose her virginity. She blushed in shame and disgust as she agreed to their demands.

John stood before her with his dick hard and ready. At 8 inches he was a good two inches larger than Tom. And thicker too. Aimee closed her eyes and opened her mouth allowing him to enter. She could hear the gasps of shock and horror coming from her parents. She could feel Tom's eyes upon her as she began sucking the cock in her mouth.

John couldn't believe that he had finally gotten his stiff rod into his ex-girlfriend. This was something he had waited for over two years for. And the fact that her new husband and family were watching her only excited him more. He wanted to keep this moment forever so he motioned for Larry to grab the video camera. Larry did so and began filming Aimee's oral rape. John's excitement was too hard to contain and he felt himself ready to blow into Aimee's mouth. He wanted to make it last longer but couldn't. With a sign he thrust his hips forward and felt the ecstasy of his orgasm as it released into her mouth.

Aimee could feel John's pace quicken. She knew he was about to cum and wanted desperately to pull away. She had never tasted cum before. While she agreed to suck Tom's cock it was only to pleasure him a little before jacking him off. She did not ever want him to cum in her mouth. Now here she was being forced to suck off someone other than her husband. She felt the first wad of his cum splatter into the back of her throat. She fought back the urge to choke as another followed. She took four more shots before feeling nothing but a little dribbling landing on her tongue. John continued to fuck her face until he was satisfied that every last drop was gone.

John pulled out and Aimee nearly died when she saw the video camera. She refused to look at anyone else in the room. Instead she looked at the clock. Just over three minutes had past. She waited for the second man to enter her mouth hoping that he would be just as quick. Jake was next. His seven-inch cock was thinner, but still just longer than her husbands. She took him into her mouth and began working him as best she could with her hands tied behind her back. She heard Jake moan his approval as she continued sucking away. She moved her head quickly trying to get him to cum. Time crept by slowly as Jake tried to pace himself. But after a couple minutes of intense sucking he too unleashed his manseed into her waiting mouth. Once she felt him stop Aimee tried to pull her head free, but Jake held her head tightly and continued forcing her back and forth on his shaft for another minute until he began to go soft in her mouth.

When Jake pulled away Aimee looked at the clock again. Thanks to Jake taking his time 7 minutes had past. But she still hoped to finish before the deadline was up.

Mark approached her next. His 6-inch took protruding from his open zipper. Aimee opened her mouth and let him slide in. Then she immediately went to work. Sucking and licking his cock like a woman possessed. She knew that she must look the part of a whore to everyone watching. But she absolutely had to complete this disgusting task in time to save her virginity. She began losing track of time as she continued blowing the man before her. Unlike the other two he stood still, as if he wasn't even enjoying it. This scared Aimee and she doubled her efforts. Then, without warning, he blew his load into her mouth. She wasn't expecting it and began to gag while trying to force herself to swallow. With relief he pulled away from her. She looked to the clock and saw that she still had five minutes left to finish off the last guy.

Larry undid his pants and slowly took his position before Aimee. She saw immediately that he was even bigger than the first guy was. At least 9-inches and very thick. She was pissed that he was taking his time, knowing full well that it was an attempt to delay her. Finally he had his cock before her face. Aimee opened her jaws wide and took him into her mouth. Unfortunately, she did not have to work his took. For Larry grabbed both sides of her head and began fucking her face without mercy. Aimee felt his cock slam into her throat, closing off her windpipe as it did so. She had to force herself to control her breathing as best possible with each outward stroke of his member. Larry fucked hard and fast, until she could feel his hairy crotch smacking her face each time her drove forward. She thought that he was going to choke her to death if he didn't slow down. Larry continued fucking her throat, yelling out his approval as he closed in on his orgasm. After a couple minutes he was about ready. Aimee could feel his cock swelling even more. She prepared herself to take his load. Then he stopped. Once Aimee realized what he was doing she began moving her head back and forth trying to bring him off. Larry allowed her to do this for another minute then held her head tight to prevent her from finishing him. Aimee was desperate to get this over with. She feared her time was running out. As soon as Larry released his grip she began sucking earnestly on him. From the pace of his breathing Aimee knew that he was about ready to cum. She prayed that he wouldn't stop her again. Then Larry pulled out of her mouth. He positioned his cock directly in front of her face and began stroking it. Aimee wasn't expecting the first blast of semen as it launched through the few inches of space to strike her in the eyes. Another wad caught her on the nose, running down to her lips. Followed by a blast on her left cheek. Larry shoved his cock back into her still open mouth and pumped the remainder of his juices into her.

When he walked away Aimee felt as if she was blushing from head to toe. She could see all eyes in the room upon her. She could feel Larry's sticky cum dribbling down her face and knew that it must make her look quite a sight. All she wanted to do was hide from everyone. But the ropes still held her securely to her chair. Then she looked at the clock with horror. 16 minutes had past since her ordeal began. Larry and managed to extend it long enough to force her beyond the time limit. Although Aimee wondered if they would have kept their bargain even if she had.

"Untie her." Larry ordered. Mark and Jake began undoing the bonds that held Aimee to the chair. Once freed the forced her to stand. Aimee wanted to wipe her face off but the two men held her arms in place.

"Strip her." Larry said.

Aimee screamed and fought as the two men began undoing her wedding dress. John got behind her and helped. Soon the three men had her dress unzipped and tumbling at her feet. Aimee was held tight; wearing nothing but a white bra and white silk panties, with white stockings attached to a garter belt. She could see that the camera was once more in Larry's hands. She guessed that they had taken turns filming her blowing each of them. Now they were getting her further humiliation for posterity.

John unsnapped her bra and the two others forced her arms until they had it removed. While they continued holding her John reached around and began fondling her tiny titties. Pinching her nipples until each grew rock hard under his assault. The room was deathly silent as Aimee's attack continued. Larry brought the camera closer to get an even better view of the struggling bride. John reached down and ripped her panties off her body. Aimee screamed as her black haired pussy came into view for the entire room.

"Throw her on the table." John ordered.

Jake and Mark dragged the girl up on the bridal party table. They held her tightly down and John took the rope and secured each arm and leg until she was trapped. Her ass hung just off the edge of the table with each leg spread tightly by ropes around her ankles that went to the legs. And her arms bound over her head. The table was turned so that everyone could get a good view of her exposed cunt.

John remembered all the nights that he lay agonizing over his inability to get Aimee to even show him her pussy. Now here it was for the taking. Larry closed in with the video camera and caught every part of her exposed body. While Mark grabbed the regular camera and began taking pictures as well.

John got on his knees between Aimee's legs. He slowly ran his finger along her virgin pussy lips. Treasuring each moment as Aimee cringed in fear beneath his touch. Then he raised his mask over his mouth and leaned forward and began licking her sweet pussy. Working his way up to her clit. He felt it enlarge as he manipulated it. Aimee cried and whimpered as John continued licking her pussy. She had heard her sister talk about how much she loved having this done to her. And Aimee imagined allowing Tom to try it. But now here she was getting eating before her entire family. John felt her squirming as he continued. He felt her juices flowing freely as he ran his tongue between her moist lips and flicked it over her clit. Aimee had given up fighting against the ropes holding her down. Now she was feeling something new to her. Her pussy was enjoying the forced stimulation. She couldn't believe that her body was betraying her this way. But she realized that after sucking four cocks she had somehow gotten wet. And now the tongue massaging her cunt was stimulating her more than she could resist. Aimee clenched her jaw, trying to resist the feeling that was overtaking her. But nothing could help her to escape the feelings that were growing inside her body. John could tell by the way that she moved that she was beginning to enjoy this. That thought aroused him all the more. He wanted to sink his hard shaft until her tight pussy but wanted to make her climax on his face first. Aimee strained harder as her body approached the moment of her orgasm. She was caught between the desire to stop everything and the lust of wanting to experience the pleasure of all that was happening to her. Her battle abruptly came to an end as the first wave of her orgasm overtook her. Aimee cried out in surprised glee as she felt John's tongue take her to a place she had never been before. John sucked and licked her clit harder as the bride climaxed loudly on the table.

When it was over He lowered his mask and stood. He dropped his pants and Aimee saw his 8-inch cock standing fully erect. She knew immediately what was next.

"Please no. I'm still a virgin." She begged.

But this was the moment John had waited for for so long. Tom yelled loudly as John stepped forward, rubbing his cockhead against Aimee 's wet pussy. Her mom was begging her daughter's case as well. But John blocked everything out except for the beautiful, exposed beauty before him. He pressed his head against her lips. Slowly pressing forward until he had the first inch inside her. Aimee fought the ropes that held her as she felt his cock inch further into her never touched hole. She felt his head come to a halt as it met her hymen. Aimee pleaded for him to stop. Which did nothing but bring John even more satisfaction. He toyed with her, sliding his cock back and forth several times. Always coming just short of her hymen. He reached out and tweaked each of her nipples. Then drew back and rammed his cock forward.

"Owwww!!!!" Aimee cried as she felt John's cock burst through the thin layer of flesh that she had saved for so long. John felt her tight pussy suck up his entire cock as he shoved all the way inside her. He had imagined how it would be when he would take Aimee's virginity for two years before she broke up with him. And he found the moment even more fulfilling now than in any of his fantasies. He began fucking her tight hole with pure satisfaction. Knowing that he had finally gotten what he felt he had deserved for so long. Aimee got over the initial shock and lay still. Feeling the cock slamming in and out of her pussy. At first it was painful. But as John continued to fuck her, and her juices helped to lubricate his shaft, she found the pain being replaced by unwanted pleasure. Her recent orgasm had opened up feelings inside her that she couldn't imagine. She hated every minute of what was happening. She despised this man for stealing her virginity this way. But her body was alive with delight as he skillfully fucked her twat. She turned her head, seeing Tom's horrified face. She could see her mom and dad. Her sister and brother, and the others watching her rape. That only made matters worse for her as she felt her body responding to the cock invading her. "What must they be thinking of me?" She thought. Wondering how they were feeling by seeing her climax once. And knowing she was about to again. John continued fucking her pussy. Using his hands to play with her tiny tits and nipples as he did so. The manipulation was too much for Aimee to handle. She wished she could pass out and avoid what was happening to her. But there was no hope of that. She felt her pussy stirring ever more. She prayed for it to stop. But was then caught up in the moment. "Oh yes." She cried as her climax hit. She wished she could have those words back but it was too late. She came all over the cock that continued slamming her. This orgasm was more intense that her first. John looked down at her in total satisfaction. Feeling her pussy spasm around his shaft. His balls tightened and he quickened his pace. He was going to fill Aimee's hole with cum for the first time in her life.

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