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Aims Adventure



So we parked out back, way out back. The club was hopping tonight. It is always so warm in "Emerald Dungeon" when it got crowded. I love it when it is packed, so much to watch.

Getting out of the truck, I was feeling hot even with the cold breeze and drizzle in the air. I was in my favored fuck me heels, 4" and with the cute little straps around the ankle that were almost hidden by the turndown lace on my white bobby socks.

Since we were going to the dungeon, I loved wearing my box pleated green tartan kilt mini skirt. Short enough that if I bent over, everyone would see my red bikini silk panties. The red panties matched my silk red micro bra under my loose button down white long sleeve shirt.

Both the shirt and bra were nearly sheer and it was easy to see my bra and if you looked careful and I stood still too long, my dark areolas could be seen surrounding my luscious nipples. Just thinking about them made me cup my large breasts and squeeze them.

"AIM's! Save it for inside." Tomas said as he came around the truck.

"Yes master." I giggled as I scampered over to him and tossing my arms around his neck and pulling his head down to kiss.

After a little spit swapping, he turned me around and with a whack on the ass, "Inside you hussy."

Carefully, I strutted over to the side door entrance. The great thing about the side door, it lead to the front of house down a five foot walkway. It helped get people out of the rain and was lined with windows (actually one way glass) so you could see some of the action going on in the club.

"Ooooo, what is that?" I said, pointing to back wall.

"That is the new sex swing "Phule Proof Toy's" made custom. "I heard about it but I haven't heard about it getting used yet. I think it came in yesterday or the day before."

"What are those hoops hanging from the chains?" I said.

"Well Aim's that is real stir-up's for saddles."

Intrigued, we worked our way to the front of house to the check in host and with a wave of our ID cards and door fee, we were in. Thump, thump, thump bounces the EBM music and the flogger on some guy strapped to a St Andrews cross. So a normal Saturday night.

The lounge area was the first area you entered upon entering the room. It paralleled the side entrance hallway and was filled with chairs couches, storage bins, and lockers. Next to entrance, but walled off from the front was a two shower rooms, one large and private and one smaller and with windows looking over the main play space.

On the other side wall was a line of 6 bathrooms and a laundry room along with a stairwell leading up to the more private play spaces.

Now on to the main room open play space, it was a open area split into thirds, the front third is a dance floor with a DJ cranking out tunes and the remaining two thirds were places for bondage, torture and games.

There was active use going on, on the St. Andrews cross. A man unknown to me was tied to it spread eagle and Angel in all her beauty was working over his back with a red and black leather flogger. She was doing it in time to Derude's Sandstorm.

She was wearing a button down white shirt, not unlike mine but a leather corset over it, pantieless black leather chaps, and knee high leather boots I have licked up and down begging for her attention. For being a tiny little thing, she was a scary dom when she wants to be. Just 5'1" and maybe 95 lbs, I am like three of her.

The queening chair was unoccupied but the OB GYN chair was. It was located right under one of the overhead lights, casting a purple light down on it. There was a gal naked and leaning back in the chair with her ankles up. A man dressed in a muscle shirt and jeans was dripping wax up and down her. She was not tied up, just laying there and enjoying it. He dripped the wax on her breasts, shoulders, belly, and on her pussy and with the amount of wax, they had been at it awhile.

The message table, fence section, and spanking bench were all free including the new swing. It was impressive and drew my eyes in on it. Four chrome chains came down from the ceiling and U bolted to a lattice of leather that was the sling to lay in. At the lower end was the two stirrups and gleaming in chrome as well.

"Oh Em Gee. I want you to do me on that!" I said to Tomas while turning but Tomas was not behind me. Erin and some boi were coming up behind me.

"Sure, happy too." said Erin with a big grin and throwing her arms wide and giving me a big hug and kiss. "Took you long enough to get here. I already found a toy to play with tonight." she said tugging as a leather leash leading to the boi.

Erin was full on future goth. Purple locks of hair, black dress, and purple furry boots. She was a big girl but she made this look her own and made it look great. Leashed to her wrist was a scrawny boy but boi is more like it. Cheesy makeup, a sluty French maid dress and little else. His hard on was not contained nor hidden but he kept his eyes to the ground like a good subby.

"This is Paul. Paulette. Ha. He needs little attention. So sure, I'd fuck you on that." Erin said as Tomas came up to join us.

By now I was blushing and beat red.

"So Aim's wants us to fuck her on the swing. That sound fun Tomas?" said Erin with a boastful display with her hands on her hips, looking at Tomas.

Tomas just laughed and said "We will see." shaking his head and chuckling.

"Um ... I meant you, Tomas." I barely said out loud as I was about to die of embarrassment. "Can we?" I managed to mumble.

"Sure, grab a towel and head over. I will get our bag out of the locker."

With some trepidation, I walked over to the shiny new sex swing. Sure that most everyone in the lounge area could see me. I always get a little stage fright knowing I am being watched but the lure of the swing under the red light drew me in. Tossing the towel on the leather, the area got brighter from the light.

I turned and slid my butt on to the swing. Erin was right behind me with her boi in tow. I could see him peeking glances at me and his cock was tenting that dress nicely, pointed straight at me.

"Just lay back." Erin said, like she knew everything.

She likes to think she knows all. Ha. I snickered to myself.

I laid my ample self back and noticed my head hung over the end of the sling.

"It's too short." I said.

"No it is not. Put your shoes on the chains and scoot your butt off the edge."

With some effort, with my shoes having no traction on the thick chains, my butt slipped off the edge and my head landed on the swing. It felt a little unsteady at first but then the more I laid down in the swing, the safer I felt but now my red panties was all the stopped people from seeing my pussy, my skirt was pulled up to my belly from all the moving.

"Mmmm, much better Aim's." Erin said with a rub of her palm across my panties. "Yes, much better but these are going to have to come off."

She heaved and pulled as I moved to accommodate her, and slowly they came off as I moved my feet and legs at last. So there I was, pussy to the wind, laying on the new swing, heart pounding.

"I could get used to this." I said more to reassure myself then express anything.

"So can everyone else, I assure you." said Tomas as he walked up. Now shirtless and just in his leather pants and boots, holding wrist restraints we keep in out bag. With some manipulation and tugging, my wrists were strapped to the chains.

At the same time, Erin worked my shoes off and guided them into the stirrups. I can really get used to this, my naked butt hanging out for all to see and strapped down, poor me.

Lastly and surprisingly, Tomas put on the blindfold.

"If you cannot see, then no one can see you." he laughed but that was the way I am. The less I can see, the bravier I became. I am sure there is some psycho mumbo jumbo to explain it but it works for me, and he knew it.

"Nice bra." said Erin as she began to undo my shirt buttons. One button, nipple pinch, next button, boob grab, etc. I moaned involuntarily. Hey I have sensitive boobs, deal with it.

Soon my shirt was parted and she was undoing the front snaps. Sprong, my large, bouncy boobs popped out and Erin dived in. Sucking on the one close to her and playing with the other one with her hand. Twisting the nipples in time with each other and to the beat of the EBM music rolling out of the dance floor, I think it was Lords of Acid.

Music was soon forgotten as I felt some hands on my legs and a warm, wet tongue finding a home on my pussy. The stirrups made easy access to, Tomas?, or whoever. Oh yes, it was Tomas. He knew his way down there and he knew just how to tease my clit. Just light licks on it, around it, and warm breaths followed by long strokes up and down.

Erin's hand moved from my breast to be replaced by another mouth and two hands.. This must have been her boi. As long as he knows how to play with it, fine, I thought. At first he cupped my large breasts towards his mouth and sucked away on my nipple while messaging my flesh.

Okay, I like that. He can say, but aloud, I just moaned and laid there and took it. Oh and breathing, I still need to breath once and a while.

I have never had all three played with at the same time. I can really get used to this. Then I exploded with my first climax, I had not even felt it coming. Just hit me, so I moaned and groaned my way through it.

They all stopped and let me catch my breath for a sec (or two) and then started up again but this time Tomas had his cock out and slid it in me. I love the feel of his cock, not too long, not too big, not too small, and not to short. It filled me so well but I am sure that is because he fucks me so much with it.

He slid in with a nice slow rhythm, pulling out till just the head was in and then a stroking back in till nothing more can go it, my cervix being flexed. He liked keeping it slow. Coupled with the rubber, he can do this a long time. He liked it slow, knowing this is not a race to see who comes in first. I rather like winning that race but some evil boys like to win.

The mystery person was back at my breast, doing more of the same but I knew where Erin moved to. Her legs bumped my head as she moved in close and put one foot on the sling beside me and buried her pussy in my face. It took some moving, mostly scooting back up a bit till I could get good access to her box. In no time I was able to thrust my tongue as deep as I could into her. She always tastes good.

Then I turned to sucking on her large clit. I really had no control, where she moved, I licked. Her clit, it was almost like an inch long cock. I sucked it, tongued it, and even nibbled on it. She loved it and bounced around. I could tell because she scrambled to brace herself with the chains under my arms. As she leaned forward, she pressed harder on my face. She cried and yelped. Her hips buckled and swayed. Then she came, and came hard. I thought I was going to be smothered at first, then she squirted a bit and with three shutters finished climaxing on my face.

Tomas was still slowly stroking in and out of my pussy, like a ¼ beat of Juno Reactor.

Then to my surprise, some other girl started to play with the breast Erin left. I suspected it was a woman because I could feel her long fingernails as she tentatively played with my nipple. She would pinch it and then flick it backwards with some long painted nails. Then she went to cradling my breast with one hand and licking around my breast, different but enjoyable. Scary but exciting.

Erin had less than gracefully disengaged from my face, even briefly knocking off the blindfold but she recovered it back over my eyes and the red light blinded me with glare. She is always a little unsteady after a good climax and I am good, if I do not say so myself, ha.

I smell cherry, was my first thought as a rubber covered cock pressed it's way to my lips. Startled, I opened my mouth to say something and it pressed it's way in.

"murgle, margle."

I gave up and turned my head and sucked away. Mmmmm, cherry.

It was a narrow and somewhat short cock, but a cock is a cock. I loved on it. Sucking, licking, whatever I could do from my bound state. It could not be the boi, no skirt of a dress unless he took it off.

Tomas stopped stroking in and out me. I knew he was not done but he pulled out and was replaced. Two big hands on my hips and with no help guiding it in was a big cock, thick and long. It slid in deep and pulled out fast. In and out it went, faster and faster with each stroke.

I felt it coming this time and a second and even stronger climax came. None of my lovers stopped or changed beats. Both breasts being licked or sucked, one cock being sucked by me, and some monster snake fucking away hard on me, this must be heaven.

Whoever had the big cock did not last long. With some mighty thrust, that even hurt a little bit and he began injecting into his condom. Well I hope into a condom. He fell forward after a bit and pulled out.

He was replaced by another cock, Tomas-ish size but in and out a bit more jerky. He did not last long at all and came in time with the cock I was sucking on. The both moaned in stereo and even pulled out in tandem.

As fast as my pussy was freed up, in went one more cock. The gal on my breast, I could feel her move over and put her pussy over my face and I had to eat her out too. People changed on my breasts.

The cock was a thin cock but was long. It really gave my cervix a workout, pounding away on it. He fucked me hard and for a long time. He was thin enough or my pussy overworked, I barely felt him going in and out except when he hit my cervix.

The gal I was eating out had an unshaved pussy, a small clit and puffy lips. I learned quickly she liked them both sucked out. I could even stab my tongue between them and I sucked on them. She has a sexy moan. Hearing her moan was a lot like a cat purring. This really got me going for a third and fourth climax. They both came back to back. The second one came as she came on my face with my tongue buried deep in her.

The cock in my pussy changes again, post male climax I did not even notice. This man slide into me with a shaky hand and with tossing a pvc skirt on me. Must have been boi, Paulette or something like that. Once in, he felt good and fucked me slowly at first, taking time to enjoy it.

I was wondering when Angel would join in but I was sure she was next for me to eat out. She straddled my face and sat on my chest and held my face into her pussy. She had a tiny waist and no ass, so that made it easier to sit on me in my position. I could feel the leather chaps on my arms as she rested her feet next to my hands. I brushed her feet and I licked her pussy. From experience, all I needed to do was suck on her clit. Which was beneficial since my jaw was getting very sore.

Boi fucked away and building a little steam. Then I heard a flogger slap and was brushed by some of the leather and it fell off his back.

"Fuck faster, slut!" Erin cried out.


"Stop fucking now." and he stopped.


"Commence." she ordered and he did, fast as he could, I felt. I sucked hard on Angel as I came for a fifth time and they both came too. Boi jerking in and out with little pumps as he injected into his condom and squirted all over my chin and it rolled down my neck. She cast of my head to the side and walked off. She is an angry climaxer and went off to be alone.

"No more I moaned. I am done."

With that I was untied, unblinded and lead to a cool down futon. I was held and toweled dry. I curled up with Tomas and fell asleep.

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