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Air Conditioner Story


I was dating this girl, pretty and fun. She was great, and dynamite in the sack. Her roommate was this hottie who needed men, and as a result made really bad decisions in that department. I figured she'd be knocked up and in a trailer park in a few years. Her guy was a total ass, but she put up with it. I mean, I'm no saint, but at least I act like I like my girl. Anyway, he was rarely around and we only knew him in passing.

One night we were out at a small party and they were there. Sara and I were making out outside when a disturbance broke out. We both recognized Lisa's voice and ran to her. Her man was beating on her. Nothing infuriates me like a man hitting a girl. I charged him. I was giving up like 20 pounds to him but I was psychotic. I got a good few cracks in on him before he fled. All I got was a busted lip. I was amped as me and Sara checked on Lisa. She was just shy of hysterical and she cringed as I tried to touch her.

Sara and I took her home, me driving while Sara consoled Lisa in the back seat. We got there quickly—I had too much adrenaline pumping through me to care about speed limits. A sobbing girl in the back seat provided plenty of additional motivation. Sara helped Lisa out and into their apartment as I stood outside and paced. Sara quickly reappeared and told me that she was going to stay with Lisa and our date was through. I nodded absently, but when I kissed her, something snapped. I broke our kiss and forcefully led her to the side of the complex. It wasn't even poorly lit, there were few trees and the streetlight wasn't that far away. I didn't care. I put Sara against the wall, kissed her and felt her up for a few seconds, and then reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off. She was remarkably pliant, protesting but not struggling. I barely cared. I opened my pants and fucked her against the wall. After I was done, my senses returned and I realized where we were. We kinda looked at each other awkwardly and Sara kissed me and said she'd call as she walked quickly back into the apartment. I stood there and noticed her panties were still on the ground, and I picked them up and returned home. Oddly, this story isn't about that.

That week I visited Sara at her apartment. Lisa ran and hid in her room because she was embarrassed at how she looked. Sara told me that Lisa was really, really depressed about everything, and she and I eventually coaxed Lisa out. She had quite a black eye. Lisa was really upset that she looked so ugly. She was really timid and we both had to talk her up. I ended up lecturing her about her choice in men, like I was her Dad or something. She nodded and started to cry and held on to Sara and sobbed. Things got a little strange and I just went home. Too much of that "emotion" stuff going on.

Their air conditioner broke the next day. Sara said it was stifling in there, but wouldn't come over because she didn't want to leave Lisa alone. Their apartment complex couldn't get it fixed until the next week. On Saturday I was walking through a store and saw ACs, and a light bulb went on. I decided to surprise Sara and bought one and took it over. Lisa looked a lot better, with almost no swelling. She seemed really happy, like her normal giddy self. She hugged me around the AC and told me how she wished she could do something to repay me. I shrugged it off with a smile. It was hot in their apartment. Apparently, Lisa was still too vain or upset to go to a store to cool off, so they were just hanging out watching TV with another friend, Heather. I had only seen Heather once. She seemed like a nice girl, definitely on the thick side. Nice, juicy jugs though. There was much rejoicing when I walked in with the AC, but it soon died when I told them that it was only enough for Sara's bedroom. Unfortunately, Sara's room faced the afternoon sun and was really, really warm.

I put the AC in Sara's window and turned it on max. Sara invited me to stay for awhile and we all sat down to watch some tube in the living room while Sara's room cooled off. Let me tell you, sitting with 3 girls wearing t-shirts while they sweated their asses off gets the thoughts going. Little beads of sweat on the delicate skin of their necks and t-shirts sticking to their bodies...I figured I needed to get Sara alone, even if her room was still hot. I asked if she wanted to check in on her room with me and she agreed. It wasn't quite as bad as I expected in there. The new AC worked, apparently, really well. Sara and I quickly got into it, and soon I had her top off and was happily sucking on her tits. We both got naked and flopped on her bed. Just as I was moving south to go down on her, someone knocked on the door of her room. We jumped and quickly repositioned ourselves under the sheets.

"Yeah?" Sara called out, laughing and clutching the sheet to her chin.

The door opened and Lisa slipped in. "Hi," she said as she waved sillily.

"Yeah?" Sara repeated.

"Could I...um...join you?"

I would have fallen over if I hadn't been already lying down.

Sara looked at me. "Well?" she smiled.

Something in her smile led me to believe she wasn't surprised at what had just happened. I blinked at her as my mind reeled. She was actually going to let Lisa get in bed with us?

"She wanted to show you how appreciative she is for you saving her," she said. "And her cake didn't turn out."

"Well alright!"

Lisa smiled and kicked off her shoes as she undid her shorts.

"Wait!" I cried out and they both looked at me. "Can you, um, dance while you do that?"

"You want me to strip for you?"

I glanced at Sara and found no opposition, so I nodded vigorously. I had seen Lisa dance and knew she would be good. She smiled and started moving to a beat in her head. She was awesome! I gathered she had done it before, she really knew how. Sara started to play with my dick as I watched, mesmerized. She took off her top and bra but hid her tits while she danced, then turned and dropped her shorts. She had on pink, full-coverage panties, and it was sexy. Covering her tits again, she turned and, with a smile, put her hands straight up and moved around slowly. She had a perfect body.

"Holy shit, Lisa," Sara said, "He's hard as a rock. I told you he liked you."

I grunted. Sara stopped stroking me, lest I pop off. Instead she started kissing and licking my neck and chest. I drooled as I watched Lisa start to play with her panties, dropping first one hip and then the other. Suddenly, there was another knock on the door. Lisa squeaked and ran to cower behind the head of the bed, just in front of the AC as Sara pulled the sheets up again.

"Yeah?" she asked and Heather popped her head in.

"What are you guys..." she started and stared at us.

We stared back. A long pause occurred while we looked at each other. I spoke first.

"Either join us or leave us," I said. Sara glared at me, and I gathered this was a surprise for her. It didn't matter, I never figured Heather for the type of girl that would...and then she entered the room and closed the door quietly behind her, facing us the whole time. "Is it okay?" she asked.

I said yes, but Sara said she wasn't talking to me. Sara studied her for a moment. "Well," Sara said with a shrug, "I guess it's your lucky day."

That was an understatement.

"What do you want me to do?" Heather finally asked.

"Get naked," Sara said.

"No, strip for us," I said.

She looked at us and blushed. "I don't know how," she said.

I looked back at Lisa. "Can you show her?" I asked.

A suddenly modest Lisa emerged, covering her breasts with an arm. Sara kissed my cheek and neck as I watched Lisa help a furiously blushing Heather strip. I gathered that Heather was quite inexperienced and was somewhat insecure. Her bra finally came off and those sweet tits of hers popped out. I couldn't keep my eyes off of them—those tits were amazing! And they were real, so they jiggled like nothing I had ever actually seen. After she lost her shorts, Lisa squatted down and teased me, tugging on Heather's simple white panties. Sara started working on me again as I watched the show. Heather hid her face behind her hands, her blush covering her whole upper body. Lisa turned her so her back was to me and slid her panties off. Lisa and Heather danced face to face as Lisa slowly turned them so Heather faced me and then suddenly moved out the way. Heather had a full bush, and I crushed a kiss on Sara in desperation. I came up for air as I watched as Heather kneeled down and help Lisa out of her panties.

"Kiss her," I begged. What the heck, no one had said 'no' yet.

Again, it seemed like Heather had never done anything like kiss a girl, but I urged her on and soon Lisa and Heather were kissing. I told them to play with each other's tits, and Lisa immediately complied, but Heather needed coaxing. Lisa bent down and stared licking Heather's tits and I had had enough. I pushed the sheet off and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Heather, suck me."

She eagerly got down on all fours in front of me and went to town. Lisa came over and kissed me, and my lesbian fantasies ran wild. I held Heather's head in place and told Lisa to lick Heather. Heather immediately started to protest, but I held her until she stopped struggling. Lisa started moving her tongue up and down Heather's thighs and I alternated staring at the sight and kissing Sara. I started to fondle one of Heather's tits with one hand while my other hand cupped Sara's. The difference in size was amazing. Lisa rolled on her back and her head disappeared from view. Heather jumped and squealed around my dick and I lost it. Heather stayed on me like a trooper, swallowing everything until I pushed her off. I collapsed on the bed and Sara held me as I came back to earth. I heard a moan and looked down to see Heather gasping for air as she came from Lisa's tongue. Recovery time be damned, I was hardening already. I kissed Sara for an instant and then moved over to Lisa. Heather collapsed to the floor and Lisa started to get up. I stopped her from wiping her mouth and tossed her on the bed next to Sara and positioned myself over her and kissed her, tasting Heather on her lips. Lisa reached down and guided me in and I started to pound her.

I was fucking her so hard, her head started to bang against the wall. I repositioned her and restarted. There was nothing but lust in my mind. I saw Heather's dazed face as she sat back up and pulled her down to one of Lisa's tits and then grabbed Sara and started kissing her as I screwed. Lisa was really vocal. My hands grabbed at every bit of flesh they could find. I finally came, hard, kissing Sara as I did and then collapsed on top of Lisa and kissed her. I eventually recovered enough to roll off and Lisa hobbled off to the bathroom. I lay on my back between Sara and Heather and cuddled both of them. Lisa reappeared and we rearranged ourselves with Sara lying on top of me, Heather between me and the wall and Lisa on my other side. Although I was kissing Sara, I was stroking and being caressed by Lisa and Heather. I started to harden again. Sara looked at me in amazement.

"No way," she said in disbelief.

There is something about having my ability to perform impugned that acts as an aphrodisiac for me. I wrenched my arms free and grabbed her hips and entered her.

"Damn, Sara, he's an animal!" Lisa laughed.

Sara just grunted in agreement as she rode me. The incredulous look on her face was driving me wild. I had never done it back to back to back, and she knew it. My dick was even starting to ache, but what the hell. Lisa started playing with Sara's tits and I joined her as Sara took over the pace. With two other girls on the bed, there wasn't much room to move, but we made due. I eventually decided to flip us over and pushed Lisa off the bed as I positioned Sara on her back with her legs over my shoulders. I started pounding her so hard that Heather's tits were bouncing. She tied to hold them in place, but I told her to let them bounce. As I watched, Lisa leaned across and started to kiss, lick and squeeze anything she came across. When I came, it was almost painful and I slumped on her. I was too spent to let her up, and she squirmed out on her own. I lay face down, exhausted, as Lisa kissed me and told me that she hoped I liked my reward for saving her. Sara returned and Lisa moved out of the way. Sara lay face to face with me and kissed me gently. And then she whispered in ear.

"You haven't fucked Heather yet."

I strained to open an eye a little wider and looked at her. She had a wicked smiled on her face. She was right. Heather started to protest as I turned to look at her. She was laughing nervously and smiling at me. I couldn't believe that I could feel myself hardening again. My dick was aching, and as I looked at Heather it continued to grow. Unbelievable. Suddenly, despite the pain in my cock, I felt energized and aroused.

"No fucking way," Lisa gasped as I started rise.

I pulled Heather beneath me. My dick hurt, and I was still almost completely hard. I slid into Heather with a smile and went to work. Again, I have to say I was really amazed at the way her tits jiggled as I fucked her. If I fucked to the left, they would bounce one way; to the right another. I even pushed Lisa away from them, I just wanted to seem them move. I couldn't believe I was doing this for a fourth time. Neither could Sara or Lisa, who were watching at me in amazement. At some point Lisa and Sara slipped off to the floor and started making out. A thought crept into my sex-addled brain and I pulled Heather up and took her over to Sara's mirror. I bent her over, put her hands on the wall on either side of the mirror, grabbed her hips and started to fuck her anew. Her tits hung freely beneath her and bounced all over, the mirror providing a great view. She dropped her head and her hair obscured the view, so I found a handful of hair and pulled her head up so I could watch them. I didn't even want to grab one because it would ruin the visual. Heather wasn't much of a screamer, but she had sure developed a filthy mouth as she urged me on. I felt myself getting close and threw her back on the bed, got on top and enjoyed the sight of her tits going nuts beneath me for a few more minutes until I came, painfully. I rolled off her with a groan. I looked over to see Sara and Lisa still going at it and I didn't care. When that didn't get me going, I knew I was spent. I flopped back and immediately fell asleep.

What a night.

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