His tongue ran up the length of your thigh, starting at the that sensitive spot just behind the knee and then moving tantalising upwards towards your moist pussy. Just how you came to be here, laid out naked on this hotel bedroom was still a mystery. Christ you hadn't really got out of the airport yet on your first overseas holiday and here you were, your hands caressing the back of the head of this stranger, urging his head and that flicking tongue to climb higher up your arched body. All this after telling your friend, Shane, that you were not looking for sex on this trip, what was it you had said... "if it lands in my lap." Well it had surely landed before you had even taken off.

As far as you could remember, and it was getting more and more difficult to try and concentrate as his strong hands, lifted your body and started to massage your ass cheeks, his tongue now tracing a line around and around your pubic mound. As far as you could remember, you had meet him just after the check in desk. He must have spotted how confused you had looked, searching for where you should go next, and as he was in the same check in queue as you, had offered to lead you to the departure lounge. Once there he had... oohhhh god... that was better, his tongue had stopped its tantalising journey and now was thrusting into your hot pussy, his hands reaching round and spreading you apart, revealing you to his intimate gaze. He started to alternate between long flicks of his tongue against the taut bud of your clit to forceful entry of your pussy, driving his tongue as deep as it could go. You grunted aloud, it was not exactly, a very feminine grunt, but he got the message that this was something you were enjoying and he continued with renewed gusto.

Once in the lounge you had found that you were to sit next to each other on the flight and that he had a pass to the executive lounge, and with a bit of persuasion with the steward at the desk had got you in there as well. That had been a life saver, cause just as you got settled in the large comfortable chairs, you heard the announcement that the flight was to be delayed up to 5 hours. You had said "oh fuck" then and you said it again, this time with that deep tone from the back of your throat... first one then two fingers were now sliding inside your pussy and now they were working in tandem with that energetic tongue to push you closer and closer to orgasm.

You had chatted so easily the entire time you waited for the flight, it was so natural, like you had known each other for years and not hours. You continued to talk all the way to your seats and almost missed your first takeoff in a plane whilst you confided long held secrets with each other. But it was getting harder and harder to think about that now as his fingers speeded up their tempo within you. Thrusting and thrusting into your raging pussy as the walls clung to the fingers trapping them inside you, forcing them to give you more and more pleasure. When the third finger entered your already stretched pussy, you came in flood of screams and ecstasy, but the fingers kept up their ruthless assault...

You could not remember when or who had first mentioned that you both grab a night in the hotel, but you did remember being glad that you had told your friend not to collect you from the airport as you did not know how long the flight was to be delayed. You had grabbed a meal, in the hotel and by then it had seemed the natural thing to do, to invite him to your room

"OH God yes... yes more... " your hands reached above your head to pull on the sheets, forcing your body down onto that eager tongue and furious fingers. Two of which were still firmly thrusting into your pussy whilst the other had found its way into the velvety softness of your tight ass hole... the pleasure was building higher and higher, but what you needed now more than anything was his cock., his cock buried deep inside your aching pussy. As orgasm after orgasm crashed though your body, you pulled and almost dragged him up, bringing that cock closer and closer to where you wanted, needed it to be.

You remembered the first kiss, that had started in the lift on the way to the room, how exciting and passionate it had been, and you remembered how you blushed when the lift doors opened only to reveal that elderly couple waiting for the lift. You with one hand down his trousers and he with his hands inside your blouse. You remembered how the kiss had continued all the way to the way to the room and continued inside. Where you had stripped each other and fell upon the bed, hands and lips caressing each others bodies. you remembered how his hands had felt on your breasts and how his cock had felt in your mouth... so hard... so ready... and now that cock was pressed against the entrance to your pussy...

"Ohh yes fuck me... drive that cock inside me" you screamed, as his length forced its way inside, not one sudden thrust, but a controlled maddeningly slow passage until it was buried to its hilt where it came to a rest, filling you completely.

Your urgent thrusts started to attracted his attention and he started to match you thrust for thrust. Your bodies became one, centred around driving his cock deeper and deeper into your desperate pussy, your hands clawed at his back, his head, his ass, whilst your breath came in gasps. No words came from either of you, just grunts and pants as the almost animal passion over came you both... you were no long making love, this was a fuck in the true sense of the word, a desperate race to reach orgasm and beyond. The climax came in a nerve jerking explosion of light and sound... leaving you both exhausted and spent on the bed...

... As your eyes started to close, feeling safe and secure in this strangers arms... you started to think that maybe you were really going to get in this overseas travel... and wondering just where you were going to go next...

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