I stared at the clock on the wall! Was I early or was she late? I'd made good time driving down to Carlisle because of my early morning start and the light traffic. That meant I was in the motorway services ahead of her.

Who is she? Akiko is her name and we had been online lovers and associates for many months before we could finally meet in real life. We had found a common interest in Domme sub and we'd become firm friends with messages and emails. I hope you know what I mean?

There were a couple of snags and they were that I was transgendered while Akiko was and is a confirmed lesbian. When I say I am transgendered it means as you'd expect that I'm a woman in a man's body. However I am also a realist and know that I am no transsexual. I have to live and work around the situation that was forced on me.

Anyway to cut a long story short, we were finally about to meet at some service station on the M6 south of Carlisle midway between her native Manchester and my own Edinburgh.

I looked at the 2 dozen red roses on the chair beside me in the restaurant and wished she would hurry and get here.

How would we react to one another? How would we feel? Would we have nice vibes about each other as we do online? Oh yes there is one other major snag in that I am 47 and Akiko at 24 is nearly half my age. However she knows all that, knows my innermost secrets and despite that remains in touch.

I look at my watch again anxiously and see it is exactly noon and wonder where she might be. My mind races to the thought she might have had an accident somewhere. Such is my fear and love of Akiko.

However I feel optimistic and get up to buy another drink, some fruit juice and bottled water. I have all day to spend and I look across at the motor lodge where I hope we will spend the afternoon.

Will she arrive? The seconds drag and the minutes are so slow as I watch every approaching car entering the car park. I mentally compare the description of the car and driver with her jpg image in my mind.

I look at the clock again and it's 12:05 now. I look at the busy service station and I'm greeted with the warmest of smiles by someone walking quickly towards me. It's her. It's Akiko and she came.

We hug and kiss on the cheeks before she pulls back.

"I hope you don’t mind I parked on the other side of the motorway, that's why I'm a little late," she said breathlessly as though she had been running. "Oh it's so good to see you at last."

We stood, hugged and kissed gently as a tear fell from my eye in a typical show of emotion. Akiko noticed it and taking a long nailed finger wipes it away saying, "Is that tear of love for me?"

"I guess so," I said suddenly lost for words and looking at her trim figure. At this range I have the opportunity to look closely at her and see she is oriental in looks courtesy of her Japanese mother. Her black hair is short and stylishly bobbed, her eyes are colourful and wide open. Her pupils are almost fully dilated as she looks at me.

"What's the matter?" She asked smiling. "Why do you look at me like that?"

"That's easy. Disbelief that you are finally here," I replied. "Would you like something to drink and oh yes these are for you." I handed her the flowers and I could see that she was not over enamoured to receive them. "What's wrong?"

"Oh lover they're beautiful but you didn’t need to buy them you know," she answered sniffing them.

"There is something else for you but that's for later," I added.

"Now you shouldn’t buy me anything," she looked serious.

Ignoring her criticism I just said, "Come on let's see about some privacy where we can talk in peace and quiet."

She laughed, "Oh you just want to talk do you? Surely not after all this time?"

Taking her cue I chipped in, "Well yes unless you have something else in mind."

"I do have something else in mind and it's certainly not talking," she said grabbing my hand with long thin hands.

"Oh yes? I wonder what that could be?" I asked as we got up and walked across to the Motor Lodge across the car park. I register us as father and daughter and we enter a bright bedroom with a large comfortable double bed, colour TV and large en-suite bathroom.

I sat down and patted on the bed to motion her over and she eventually sat down beside me. She looked deep into my eyes and said simply, "you would miss a lot if you want to be my father."

"No never but at least someone cares deeply about you."

"I know you care about me so if you care about me stop talking more words and let's have some action around here," she said impatiently. She pulled me closer and tenderly on the lips. I responded eagerly as we lay back on the bed and kissed passionately.

My hand went to her small perfectly formed breasts and felt her nipples become erect through the silky material of her blouse. In turn she surprised me by putting her hand between my legs and then felt my erection straining in my trousers.

"Darling remember you said I could have that piece of meat between your legs. Well I have decided I want it and right now I do want it inside me," she was breathless after the long kisses we enjoyed. Her slant eyes were half open as I started to unbutton her blouse to reveal a black lace bra that cupped her curves tastefully. I helped her remove the blouse and finally undid her bra straps.

While I did that, I kicked off my shoes and she unbuckled my belt and unzipped the fly on my jeans. She wasted no time in putting her hand on my pleasure spot.

"I thought you were a lesbian. Why this interest in male appendages?" I asked pulling on the waistband of the leather skirt she wore. I realised quickly that it was zipped up tight and then I slipped it down her almost straight boyish hips. Of course I smiled when I saw how wet her panties were. I moved down the bed slightly and kissed her wet crotch while she stroked my thinning hair on my head.

"Don't start something you won't finish," she smiled.

"Oh I'll finish it," I said licking my lips, "you can be sure of that."

"I'm sure but I want you inside me and soon. I nearly crashed the car when I drove north."


"Yes I was thinking of you and what we would do the whole way. The trip was like a blur."

As she talked, I pulled the panties past her hips and kept her suspender belt and stockings on. She kicked off her shoes to reveal red nail polish under her stockings and her wet wonderful lace panties in my hand now revealing her shaven pussy. I smiled and then grinned because she'd done that to please me. I kissed her on the navel before cupping her wet mound gently with my hand.

I removed my wristwatch and as I did so I felt her heave me over and then she quickly sat astride my face.

"I'm the top today," she said, "and you're the subbie," as she lowered her opening to my lips. "I've dreamt of this moment for months," she said and she lowered herself onto my waiting tongue. I felt her smooth nylon covered legs touch my cheeks and she shuddered as she came almost immediately.

"I didn't even taste you," I smiled looking up her through her legs.

"You didn't need to," she said collapsing. "That was enough so hold me close."

I obeyed her command and she rested her head on my shoulder. I looked at her. Her eyes were closed and her nostrils were flaring slightly as she breathed in and out. Her eyes were still closed as she whispered, "that was fucking wonderful. I have dreamed about that since the time we did that in the chat room all those months ago."

"But I hardly touched you," I grinned looking down at her nuzzling my shoulder. She'd been able to come on line by auto suggestion almost perhaps this was no different.

"I know but I have been on the edge all the way here."

"Well how do you feel now?" I asked stroking her forehead and feeling her scars from her recent brain surgery.

"Just perfect. Just lie beside me," she said as she moved to intertwine her stocking covered legs between mine. She surprised me by suddenly putting her hand down between my legs and grabbing my penis.

"In the last email you said I could have this. Did you really mean that?"

"Yes I don’t want it, it's yours," I replied smiling and I looked down to see her long nailed fingers playing with it like it was already owned by her.

"I want it inside me," she said. "Deep!"

Before I could react, Akiko lifted herself up and then slowly impaled her tight vagina on my hard-on. Her lithe lightweight frame was lifting my growing erection. She leant forward when she was fully installed on me and kissed my lips tenderly.

"Now it's your turn, I'm going to fuck your brains out," and she moved up and down over my rod.

I'd never felt so hard in all my life. I've never wanted to feel so hard in my life. I put my hands up to cup her breasts but she beat me too it as she leant back taking me to new heights of pleasure.

I whispered to her, "condom, no condom," as I felt her bring me closer to coming.

"Morning after pills will take care of that, we women have all the bases covered now," she replied. She moved up and down my greasy pole vigorously. My eyes staring out of my head at her energy and vitality. She quickly brought me to the edge her tight vagina gripping my cock tightly like she was threatening to suck it from my body.

She looked determined and I noticed beads of sweat appear on her forehead and in between her breasts. I saw her lick her red lipstick covered lips and it was then I erupted deep inside her like never before.

However Akiko wasn’t finished and rolled off me. "Now eat me and drink your own come," she said in a commanding Domme voice. I felt her body covered in a fine dew on her light downy skin.

I did as this young woman told me and within ten minutes she was squealing again and clamping her thighs around my head as she convulsed towards her second orgasm in 30 minutes.

"Oh god that was better than the first," she admitted curling up beside me again.

"Want something to drink?" I asked pouring myself some fresh orange juice into a glass and then one for her when she nodded. "How long can you stay?"

"Not long another 2 hours at most," she said. "I need to get back. I just said I was going shopping."

"Ok I said I was going to be away all day. That was quite incredible and there is time for one more for you but I don’t know about me. Nothing can beat what you just gave me, nothing."

I could see though that she was dozing. I took her glass and put it on the side of the bed. I covered us both with the bed spread and we dozed together. It was nearly 1:30pm when we awoke. Both huddled together lying in the warm sunshine now streaming in the room.

Without thinking I got up and padded over to the bathroom and ran a hot shower. I soaped all over and then rinsed off. Just as I finished and stepped out into the bedroom, Akiko rushed past towards the shower.

"I am going to Domme you now for the next session will you do all I ask without question?" she asked as she turned.

"Yes Mistress," I said getting into the role-play immediately that we had practised so often in the chat rooms.

"Good kneel before me," she said drying her body in a quiet and commanding way. I responded immediately and fell down to my knees. As she approached her shaven pussy and her glistening labia were the same height as my mouth.

She pushed my face towards her crotch and I heard her speak. "There is a toilet here but that is such a waste. Drink my juice."

"Drink your pee Mistress?" I questioned suddenly.

"Yes what did you think I meant. I want something of me inside of you and to be part of you. My pee is all yours," she added, "put your head back."

I leant back and she mated her pussy with my mouth and almost immediately my mouth began to fill with her pee. It was hot and salty and not disagreeable. I was a novice of course and some spilled as she emptied her bladder but I was able to drink most of it as she stroked my hair.

"Very good my subbie, very good," she said handing toothpaste and the hotel toothbrush from the shelf. As I brushed, she showered and I left to enter the bedroom and saw that she had some other fun in store for me on her return.

On the bed was a small leather corset, high heeled boots and leather gloves all in a black glossy finish. She saw me looking at them as she returned drying her dark hair her body nude and lithe.

"Help me get dressed," she said and so we coaxed her frame into the costume she'd selected to make her even slimmer. I tied off the laces to the corset when her waist was at a little over 21" and coaxed the gloves up her arms to her elbows. Her long red nails poked out the end of the gloves. For me the biggest visual effect was pulling up her black seamed lycra stockings and those high heeled boots with a 4" heel. She went to the dressing table and re-applied her cosmetics all the time watching me in the mirror.

"I think your jealous," she said as she blotted her lips.

"Yes Mistress I am," I replied.

"I know how you feel perhaps this will help take your mind off the urge to be a woman."

"Thank you Mistress." I said just as she stood in front of me and inserted a large flexible double dildo into her vagina.

"Worship it," she said and I dutifully took it in my mouth and sucked it before she started to move it in and out of my mouth. It was just like she was fucking my mouth. Every second or third stroke she would push it all the way in and I found myself sucking greedily. She pulled my head towards her and said, "Now it's your turn to come again lover."

'I'm not sure about that,' I thought.

"Your secret desire has always been to be a woman to match your inner self. Your inner self is warm and kind hearted as a woman should be. So now for the next hour that's what you will become - my lesbian lover."

"Yes Mistress thank you," I said gratefully wondering how she was going to do that as her heels clicked on the floor wood panelling making small indents on the surface.

"Well darling, our time is limited but you will become the woman of your dreams."

"Yes Mistress, thank you," I bleated not fully understanding what she meant or had in store for me. I was genuinely surprised at how confident Akiko was with me.

"Well turn over," she said and I could feel her hands at my waist as I leant against the bed. She lubed my rear opening and the phallus was then slowly inserted filling me up completely. I was told to push onto her backwards and within seconds it was fully home into my rear. It was tight to me but that didn’t stop her as she pumped into me again and again. She only stopped when I convulsed to another orgasm.

"Where did you learn that?" I asked her as I regained my calm.

"Your Domme is wise," she said laughing as remained embedded deep inside me. I tried to pull out but she spanked my rump and said, "Did I give you permission to pull out?"

"No Mistress."

"Well why do it?" she asked her voice stern.

"I'm sorry Mistress," I said genuinely sorry. Instead of removing my intruder she simply uncoupled the strap-on from herself leaving me with it sticking deep inside me.

"Now kneel before me," she commanded and with that she inserted a gag into my mouth. "You might have noticed that I'm the Domme now and I've been thinking that it's what I want and what you need. Will you be my submissive? Just nod or shake your head for yes or no."

My hardening penis already told her my answer but I still nodded the affirmative.

"It's for keeps, no turning back, I will be your Domme and you will submit to me as my lesbian lover."

I nodded again.

"Good then we will have time for other things another day," she said pointing to the clock. It was nearly 2:30pm. She quickly stripped off all the erotic clothing and put on the same outfit she'd worn when she'd first arrived.

She removed the gag and said, "Good afternoon."

She grabbed her bag and turned to leave. She slowed as she took the handle of the door. She turned around and looked at me. Totally spent.

"I love you darling," she said and rushed back to kiss me a long lingering final kiss on the lips. "Email me when you get back home and await instructions."

I did of course but I never saw or chatted with her online again. I found out later that she'd found a lesbian lover and was happy to live with her in the south of France. Maybe she just felt sorry for me that day in the service station. Whatever happened it would remain in my mind for a long time.

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This story is dedicated to Belinda.

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