tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAl Fresco: An Erotic Sci Fi Tale

Al Fresco: An Erotic Sci Fi Tale


"Thank goodness for modern science," Ali said as she smoothed her tight black skirt across her shapely hips. The tall brunette turned this way and that in front of her mirror, admiring her taut, toned, and trim figure. Her hands moved up from her hips to cup the twin handfuls at her chest, and she indulged in a brief nipple pinch just to tease herself.

A last touch of makeup and Ali was ready for the evening. Of course, if anyone had seen "Ali" two hours earlier when "she" came home from her office, they would have been completely confused. You see, by day, Ali was "Al," a corporate vice president on his way up the ladder to the top of the company. But, by night, "Al" became "Ali" -- the lovely female who looked at herself in the mirror so lovingly.

To resolve this conflict of observable data, we must journey back in time a year and visit a very unhappy Al Fresco, alone in his apartment, crying.

"God...I'm so confused. I know I'm really a woman trapped in a man's body...what can I do...I want the pain to stop. Maybe I just need to die."

Yes, Al had reached a low point in his life; and not just because his monologues were so absurd. Not willing to live an openly gay lifestyle -- he didn't consider himself gay, per se -- Al just wanted to be able to live life as a woman. He had no idea how he could pull off such a transformation and still keep his promising career as an executive in one of America's fastest growing companies. And, so, he was in the depths of depression. Suicide was on his mind. And then there were the dreams. Dreams of being transformed into the woman he knew lived inside. Dreams of being a powerful male figure, confident and self assured. Dreams filled with erotic images of sexual bliss with other men and women. The dreams were fantastically detailed, and what's more -- he remembered them when he awoke. But they only served to depress him all the more, for the stuff of his dreams was as far out of his reach as the stars up in the sky.

For some reason he felt the urge to go for a walk. "Maybe a mugger will kill me while I'm strolling through the park," he mused.

A light rain and cool breeze were Al's companions on this early fall night -- the park was deserted and quiet. When the silence was disturbed by a faint humming sound, Al barely noticed, so lost was he in his problems. When his skin began to tingle, however, he noticed at once and stopped dead in his tracks.

"Wha-what's happening?"

Al felt like a million tiny insects were crawling across his skin. He screamed, and was frozen in place, his howl of terror cut off in mid burst as the world he knew disappeared. Thankfully, Al fainted, his body taking resort to this defense against what was perceived as an assault on his sanity; which is why he did not take note of his surroundings again for some time. Let's just say, for the sake of moving the story along, that he went *somewhere* and met *someone* (or a number of *someones*) who changed his life forever.

You see, we are definitely *not* alone in this universe, and there *are* beings more intelligent, more powerful, and much more open minded about sex in the vast expanses of sidereal space.Al had been observed for some time by these benevolent space beings. We'll call them the Polymorphs. We couldn't pronounce their name for themselves (any more than I could spell it), so Polymorphs will have to do. The Poly's or Morphs if you will, are a race of *true* hermaphrodites. No, not the fake ones in Paul Norman movies... These are real. And, they can change themselves, by a mere thought, to emphasize either male or female characteristics. At any rate, they had been watching Al, and decided to make him a test case. They wanted to see if it was possible, using their advanced science, to take a human being and transform it into a Polymorph. It was a dangerous procedure. Had they not known Al's mental state, and that he wanted to end his life anyway, they would not have risked it. As it was, they considered themselves his last hope. It was they who had supplied his vividly detailed dreams -- as a means of preparing him for what would happen when he awoke after several days (yes, days) of surgery and mental re-arranging (I *said* they were advanced, didn't I?). Finally, their scientists declared themselves finished, and, as far as they were concerned, successful. Still, there was the patient to awaken, and the true success of the experiment would have to be judged by more than just the simple fact that she/he had survived the operation.

Al Fresco had no memory of anything after the paralysis in the park. He had no knowledge of where he was, or why. He should have been totally terrified. But, he wasn't. A curious peace came over him as if he'd been subjected to a long period of stress suddenly relieved. He didn't know why yet, but something about him was different. His body felt different for one thing. It was shaped differently. He felt more powerful than he had ever felt before, both physically and mentally.

He decided it was time to open his eyes. When he did, he was looking directly into the face of a beautiful woman. Somehow, this didn't shock him.

"Hello," he said. "Who are you, and where am I?"

"Glad to see you're awake, and, apparently, feeling all right. Hungry?"

"Yes, and you didn't answer my question."

The lovely lady leaning over him laughed lightly, and backed away a bit, returning with a hand held mirror.

"What's that for," he asked.

"Here. Take a look at yourself."

Al put his hand out for the mirror and had his first real shock -- his hands were the beautifully manicured ones that he'd dreamed of having some day. They trembled slightly as he took the mirror and held it up to his face.

He almost screamed -- his mind overwhelmed by things he could not understand -- but stifled it, enforcing calm upon his emotions with mental powers that he did not know he had ever possessed. (In truth, he *hadn't* had these powers until the Polymorphs gave them to him). Staring out at him from the depths of the mirror was yet another beautiful woman. And, yet, it was *his* face. It was undeniably his face. But transformed. Radiant. Glowing. You get the picture. He handed the mirror back.

"I trust that there is an explanation for this," he said, with more calm than he was feeling -- or was it "she"?

"Indeed. But it can wait. You said you were hungry. Let's get you something to eat and I'll explain."

Al took the hand offered and the assistance in standing that went with it. He was clad in some sort of gown. When he looked down, he saw that the top of the gown bulged out pleasantly with what *had* to be a set of womanly breasts (nice ones too -- not too big or too small) whose nipples poked out the nearly transparent fabric deliciously. He smiled. (AUTHOR'S NOTE: I think at this point, we'll start calling him "she" just to keep the genders from getting too confused, and because typing "she/he" all the time is a real pain in the ass.)

"What should I call you?"

"You can call me Betty -- can I call you ... Al?"

"Hmmm...Maybe you should call me Ali, instead?"

"Ali it is then."

Ali, as we can now call the human formerly known as Al Fresco, followed her new friend, Betty, through a maze of corridors. Ali did not know that she was on a star ship, now far away from Earth. She would know that in time.

Soon, they came to a door which swooshed open as they approached ("just like on Star Trek," Ali thought, laughing to herself) revealing a room with tables prepared and food set out. Betty told her which things were OK for her to eat and which she should avoid. Soon, Ali was enjoying the food, and Betty was explaining about the Polymorphs and what they had done to intervene in the sad life of Al Fresco.

Tears began to form in Ali's eyes as the tale was told. They were tears of gratitude and joy.

"I feel like I've been released from prison -- like I was about to be executed and the governor called to pardon me or something," Ali sobbed. Betty put her arm around Ali's shoulders and hugged her.

"You have been released from prison, dear Ali," Betty whispered. "And now that you're free, I'm going to teach you what that means," she added, smiling into Ali's tear stained face.

Their meal finished, the two women tidied up after themselves and left the dining room. Once more, Ali was led through a maze of corridors until they came to another doorway. This one required a word from Betty -- a word which Ali didn't understand -- to open. They entered what were obviously someone's personal quarters, but somehow Ali didn't think they were Betty's.

"Here's your new room, Ali. What do you think of it?"


"Yes, yours. For as long as you stay with us."

Ali turned to Betty and hugged her, whispering thanks, and kissing her new friend on the cheek.

Betty hugged Ali back and let her know she was welcome. Then, she disengaged and began to show Ali the features of her new quarters.

"There, that should get you started anyway -- you still have lots to learn. But, now that I've shown you what your room can do, I'd like to show you some things about yourself as well. To do that, we'll both have to be naked," she said, with a big smile.

Putting action to words, Betty quickly stripped, showing no signs of self consciousness whatsoever. Ali, who was very curious about her new self followed suit without even stopping to think about how weird the situation was. Soon the two were naked, standing face to face. Betty took Ali's hand and the two walked over to a full length mirror.

"Take a look at the new you. Quite an improvement, wouldn't you say?"

"Wow," was all that Ali could get out for a few moments as she stared at her reflection. She was a 5 foot 10 inch vision. High, proud breasts with long perfectly shaped nipples (now standing at attention), a tight yet feminine belly, gently swelling hips, a marvelous love cradle with a thick covering of brown pubic hair hiding the treasures beneath, and a pair of perfectly shaped legs. Al Fresco had been in rather good shape, but his body was *nothing* to compare with Ali's. Betty laughed at Ali's reaction.

"I'll take that as a positive response to our work then?"

"That's an understatement."

"OK, well, there are some things you need to know about your new 'equipment'," Betty said, turning to face Ali.

"Oh? Like what?"

"Well, for one thing, spread the lips of your pussy and take a look in the mirror."

Ali was just a bit taken aback at that, never having touched her genitals in front of another person before, but she thought 'what the heck -- it's a new life now,' and went ahead, staring intently into the mirror as she used her fingers to peel back the fleshy folds of her outer labia to peek at the pink interior.

"My GOD!" she gasped.

Ali stared, dumbstruck. She had a cock just above her pussy, hidden within the thicket of brown hair at the base of her pubic mound.

"Yes, Ali, you have a much bigger than average clitoris. It's Al Fresco's old penis, actually, only it's much more useful. When aroused, it will grow rather significantly and function just as a man's penis would. You'll find that its tumescent length will be about 9 full inches. And, you will be able to ejaculate. You will piss through your penis, just like always. Your testes are still with you, but they are modified and will not produce testosterone except under certain circumstances. They are also buried in your abdomen....no worries about getting kicked in the balls," Betty finished with a little chuckle at her own joke.

Ali was still speechless. The thought of having a nine inch cock was mind boggling. She continued to explore her new equipment, spreading her legs and pushing her pubis out toward the mirror. She could see a coral colored set of inner labia, and nestled between them, an inviting chasm which was the opening to her vagina. She began to cry, quietly, tears of joy streaming down her face. Betty took her in her arms and held her while Ali sobbed.

"Oh, Betty," Ali whispered between sobs, "it's all so fantastic. All my life, trapped in a man's body, knowing I was really a woman, and now this...I don't know how I can ever thank you."

"You're welcome, of course, and no thanks are necessary. We used you in a way, as an experiment for our scientists. If this works out, and the next 48 of your hours should tell the tale, we'll be able to do this for anyone in your situation."

Ali felt Betty's breasts pressed into her own, the heat from Betty's flesh matched Ali's heat and the newly formed woman felt her "clit" begin to swell.

Betty stepped back.

"Ali, let me show you how I'm set up. What we did for you we call a 'cock over.' I'm a little different."

Betty spread the lips of her own pussy and pushed it forward. In her case, the opening to her vagina was higher up in the pubic area than Ali's, and Betty's cock was nestled neatly down between her legs, *underneath* her vagina.

"See? I'm what's called a 'cock under.' That may be important later on," she said mysteriously, "but, we'll see. There are a few other things you need to know about as well. Watch."

Ali watched as Betty's face took on a look of intense concentration. The tall blond began to change right before Ali's eyes, her whole body shifting, reshaping. Gone were the generous breasts, the flaring hips, and long hair. To Ali's astonishment, Betty turned into a gorgeous MAN right before her eyes. Tall, powerful, wonderfully sculpted, and hung like a horse. "Oh my God...that's weird! How did you do that?"

"I'm a polymorph, Ali; I can change from woman to man and back again any time I like. It takes some practice and some energy, but now I can do it at will. And, you know what? So can you."

"Really? I can become a man if I want to? Not that I'd want to, of course."

"Yes, Ali, you can become Al again if you want. And, you may find out that it has some real advantages. For one thing, you can keep your old job when we take you back to earth. Right now you're 'out of town tending to a family emergency' but when you go back, you'll be able to walk right into your old job. The difference will be that when you're not at work, you can be Ali, with none the wiser."

"Incredible. How do I do it?"

"Well, you will want to get used to this body first. Let's give it some time. If you get through the next twenty four hours without any problems, we'll work on it together. Now, Ali, how would you like to have sex as a woman?"

"With you?"

"No, not with me, at least not yet, but we do have some men on board -- slaves -- who are trained to give pleasure to those such as we. Please understand that on the planet where we originated, not all are as I am. The polymorphs rule the world and are revered by both men and women.

"Would you mind if I took a closer look at your equipment?"

"Not at all, Ali," replied Betty in a deep and powerful voice.

Ali knelt down in front of the beautiful 'man' before her and began to look closely at the space between 'his' legs -- just moments ago the location of a lovely pussy. When she looked closely, through the dense covering of hair, she could see that there was still an opening there, but it was well hidden and not nearly as prominent as it had been before. A large, soft, penis hung there. Ali had the sudden urge to take it in her mouth, but she resisted.

"Very interesting. So, if I changed to a man, I'd still have a pussy?"

"Yes, you would, it would just be de-emphasized."

"Incredible. I'd never have dreamed that such a thing was possible."

"Well, you have the evidence right before you."

"I'm still sort of in shock. This is a lot to absorb all at once."

"You'll learn to enjoy your new body, trust me," Betty said, smiling. "How about starting by learning how to have sex as a woman?"


Betty went to the wall and pressed a button, then spoke; summoning someone to come to their room. Moments later the door whooshed open and in walked one of the most gorgeous men Ali had ever seen. He was about 6 feet tall, lots of dark, curly hair, and a trim, yet muscular frame. He was wearing a pair of what we would call running shorts and nothing else. For some reason, and Ali didn't even think about this until much, much, later, she wasn't at all embarrassed at being stark naked in front of this handsome man.

"Ali," Betty said, "This is Ronald. He will take care of your needs for as long as you like. Ronald, pay your respects to Ali -- she is your mistress for the evening."

Ronald said nothing, but walked to Ali and knelt in front of her, kissing her feet.

Ali was speechless. Betty was grinning from ear to ear. "Ali," she said, "Ronald is one of our slaves. The lesser races on our planet -- those who are not polymorphs -- serve us and we take care of them, making sure that they are properly fed, educated, and protected. If not for us, some other space faring race would have conquered them by now. Genetically, they are programmed to be lovers, not fighters. Ronald has been trained since puberty in the ways of giving pleasure to a polymorph. He will be yours for the night. Oh, and one more thing -- we do not practice any of the degrading forms of slavery found on your planet. Ronald will serve you, but he does so because that is his nature. He is not your equal, and understands his position, but he is a sentient being and I am giving him to you not only for your use, but for your care as well. Do you understand?"

"I think so, Betty. This is all so new to me," Ali replied.

"Ronald can explain things to you if you have questions. Have fun!"

Betty kissed Ali lightly on the cheek, smiled once at Ronald, and then swept out of the room. As the door whooshed shut, Ronald stood up and faced his new Mistress.

"It has been explained to me that you are new to this form, and may need help understanding how your new body works. Is this correct?" Ronald's rich masculine voice washed over Ali's senses like a powerful aphrodisiac. It took her a moment to reply.

"Yes, I guess that's true. I mean, one minute I was on earth and very unhappy, and the next thing I know, I'm in outer space and have a whole new body and mental outlook. It's pretty overwhelming. One thing I know though," Ali said.

"Yes, Mistress?"

"I'm horny as hell."

Ronald grinned. "Then, it is good that I am here. I can help you with that." Ronald stepped up to Ali, put his arms around her, and claimed her mouth with a kiss. Ali responded instantly, hungrily, wrapping her own arms around Ronald and feeling her new breasts press into his chest. She also felt his rapidly swelling cock press into her belly as their embrace deepened and became more passionate.

"Mmmm...Ronald..." Ali whispered as they came up for air, "make love to me."

"With pleasure, Mistress," Ronald replied, guiding her to the bed. He quickly stepped out of his garment -- the shorts were all that he wore -- and he was as naked as she. Once again, Ronald put his arms around the brand new polymorph and began to kiss her again; only this time, his hands explored her flesh as the kiss went on, and he began to caress her back, her buttocks, and, finally, her magnificent breasts.

Ali's hands were not idle either, but they were more focused. She was fascinated by Ronald's cock. She'd never handled another man's dick before. She also noticed a curious feeling between her legs, and then she realized that her pussy was leaking its lusty evidence of arousal onto her thighs.

Ronald gently steered Ali onto the bed, following her down to the cool, crisp, sheets and laying next to her, continuing their passionate kiss. His right hand continued to explore Ali's flesh, tweaking her nipples, stroking her flanks, finally settling between her legs at the apex of her powerful thighs.

"Oh, yesssssss," Ali hissed as she felt his fingers begin to explore her pussy. She spread her legs wide, giving him greater access to her charms. Ronald quickly had two fingers manipulating the interior of her brand new womanhood, his palm applying gentle pressure to her "clit," which responded by becoming stiff and sensitive.

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