Alais's Settlement Ch. 02


Alais took in her slim figure, rounded breasts and newly smooth mound. She saw her long, thick curls and her dark green eyes, the circlet of gold about her neck and she saw the hungry, wanton edge to her expression. She knew Cynric was going to make love to her again and she wanted it this time. Alais let her hands wander, gliding over her body. She touched her nipples again, thrilling at how they hardened and responded. She touched herself at the apex of her thighs, where she had always been told never to touch except with a cloth when washing. Fascinated, Alais leaned back onto one arm and traced her sexlips with her free hand, parting the soft pink folds and inspecting what lay there for the first time. The very idea that a babe could exit such a tiny, delicate, fragile looking channel seemed absurd. She slipped a finger into herself experimentally, marvelling at how sensitive she was inside. Alais remembered the place where Cynric had rubbed her to get her hot and began pressing and rubbing the little grain of flesh at the top of her sexlips. She began to shudder, but did not stop.

Cynric appeared behind her, naked now. He lifted her back into a kneeling position and watched as she touched herself.

"Go on Alais, make yourself climax for me. I want to see you take your pleasure into your own hands." His own hands reached around to gently cup and stroke her breasts. He kissed and nibbled her neck and shoulders, watching her hips move slightly in time to her rubbing fingers.

Alais moaned, rubbing harder and faster, scooping hot juice from her slick channel and coating her clitoris with it. Cynric kept his touches light and gentle, waiting for her to start taking control of her pleasure. It wasn't long.

"Touch them harder... pinch them... squeeze my breasts... please Cynric."

He obeyed, watching as she moaned and arched, bucking slightly. When she was almost ready to orgasm he pulled her back so she was lying across the bed. Cynric straddled her, his face almost touching her own, her questing hand trapped between her sex and his hardening member.

"Keep going. I want you to look at me as you reach the point of crisis. Call me 'Lord' as you reach your peak." His expression was hard and brooked no disagreement and Alais was in no mood to gainsay him. She moved her fingers faster over herself, easing the pressure off a little as she became too sensitive to enjoy it. As it was obvious that she was falling from her precipice, Cynric closed his hand around her throat, cutting off her breathing. Alais stared up at him, terrified. Within a few moments she was there, arching and thrashing beneath him as she slipped two fingers inside herself in order to explore her climax from within her body.

"My Lord!" She gasped, the words a strangled cry as he released his hold. The climax had been stronger than either of the two she had experienced the day before. Alais lay there, light headed and overwhelmed, her chest rising and falling against his weight.

Cynric smiled and lifted himself off of her. He lay down on the bed and drew her beside him, where they kissed and embraced for a while. Cynric then took one of her hands and placed it upon his swollen cock.

"Take a good look Alais, explore it. The male sex organ is unequivocal proof of God's sense of humour. It's always either too hot or too cold, it serves as a ringed target for angry members of the opposite sex and it is without question the strangest idea when it comes to efficient procreation."

Alais stroked it, aping Cynric's own movements of yester eve. It was at once hard and velvet soft, threatening and yet so exposed and vulnerable. She explored the fold of skin around it and moved it to reveal the purple head. She also touched and cupped his testicles, curious to feel the smaller sacks inside the larger one. Cynric lay back and twisted a hand in Alais's hair, pulling her lips gently but insistently towards his engorged manhood. A pearl of fluid leaked from the aperture at the tip and Alais licked it up experimentally. It tasted slightly salty but not unpleasant.

"Be careful little wife, or you'll plant a babe in your stomach and not your womb." Cynric watched as her wide eyes looked up at him, shocked and just a little worried that he might be serious. He found her fear and innocence exquisite, it was likely to corrupt him beyond all measure; the trust that this little one would be forced to place in his hands. "Calm yourself, I am jesting with you... truly it would be impossible. Your womb produces the counterpart to my seed, your stomach does not." He watched her expression soften and she lowered her head to his cock again.

He sighed happily as she tentatively explored him with her mouth, testing how far she could take him with comfort and learning to suck on him without grazing her teeth over his sensitive flesh. He allowed her a few minutes of this, feeling her moving up and down him slowly and stroking his balls with one hand. Cynric was pleased that she wanted to give him pleasure after her swift initiation into marriage the day before. Soon enough she would start to denounce the match and defy him when he made decisions that she did not like. For now, Alais was learning the duties of a wife and she would learn them far more thoroughly than she could ever conceive of at this moment. When he felt the sap start to rise in his loins, he took her by the hair and lifted her face before drawing her up along his body.

Cynric rolled a hard nipple in his teeth and bit on it then he gripped her hips and forced her down until her wet sex sheathed him. He watched her gasp and arch as her body accepted his intrusion. He saw her brace herself for the first of his thrusts but Cynric did nothing more than lie beneath her. He reached out to a coffer beside the bed and pulled from it a length of rope. It was softly plaited, so as not to chafe on her skin. Cynric sat up, still inside her and looped the rope through the circlet at her neck as his new wife watched curiously. He pulled one end down and tied it around her wrist and then repeated the process with the other wrist so that her arms were drawn up against her back, pushing her lovely little tits out.

He fell back against the bed and admired the spectacle before him. Her long red curls were tousled and framed a flawless, porcelain face. Alais's lips were slightly parted and her dark green eyes shone with lust fuelled apprehension. Her pert, youthful tits crowned her slender ribcage, pushed skywards by her current posture and her nipples were hard and aroused, dancing in the cool air as her short, shallow breaths came and went. Below her taut, flat belly were the spread folds of her sex lips that exposed her glistening clit as she sat astride his swollen cock, impaled upon it until he was done with her. She was exquisite.

Cynric cupped the supple orbs of her backside and lifted her hips until only the head of his cock was inside her. Then his thumbs curled over her hips and forced her down until she yelped as he hit the end of her channel. He felt her walls flex on him and his cock twitched in reply. Cynric held her in place and ground himself up into her, circling his hips and grinding his groin against her little clit until she squirmed. Her eyes were a mute protest but he elected not to heed it.

"Take your pleasure Alais. Ride me thus and learn the strokes that will put fire in your loins."

Alais looked down at him, feeling ridiculously displayed, like a bowl of exotic fruit. She started obeying, lifting and dropping her hips in a steady rhythm, enjoying the feel of him inside her. Her bound hands made it harder work and her hips squeezed his as she rode him, striving to keep her balance and set a pace that would service them both. He watched her awkward movements and her uncertainty but let her persevere, rubbing a thumb over her clit every so often by way of encouragement. It was amusing to watch her frustration as she sought her pleasure but found her skill lacking. After a few minutes of lifting and dropping her hips, Alais started rocking her hips back and forwards, which allowed her to ride him faster and also to press her clit against his flesh. Cynric watched her breasts bounce and sway as her expression became one of fierce concentration. Before too long, she was beginning to tire but he could sense the urgency in her movements and the tightness on his cock that heralded an orgasm.

"Are you almost there, little wife?" He asked and she nodded in reply. Cynric gripped her hips and lifted them slightly before battering up into her with a ferocious pace, gritting his teeth and growling up at her as her cry of shock descended into a low throaty groan and her lithe body bucked and arched on top of him as she came.

"You had better not forget what you must say to me." He growled, his eyes now menacing as he pounded mercilessly through her climax.

"Lord!" She yelped belatedly, unwilling to anger him. "Thankyou... my Lord." Cynric smiled and eased his pace, letting her subside gradually. He pulled her down and held her in place while he took a deep, passionate kiss. Then he helped her to rise from him and placed her on her knees. Alais's legs were spread wide and her face and shoulder supported her upper body in lieu of her bound wrists. Cynric pulled her hair and instructed her to arch her back, enjoying the whimper that she gave as she complied. He leaned over her and spoke low into her ear, his swollen, angry cock pressed against her dripping sex.

"I think you were a little late with calling me 'Lord' Alais. I must confess that I was disappointed." His hand stroked the tightly curled swell of her little bottom, squeezing and groping. He raised it and brought down two hard slaps to each cheek, ignoring her cries of shock and pain. The redness blossomed across her pale skin beautifully and it was all Cynric could do to keep from sinking his teeth into her hot, trembling flesh. He settled for leaning forwards and nibbling her earlobe as he spoke.

"You are mine. Mine like this bed and this keep, a spoil of war. You will learn to serve me as a wife in whatever capacity I deem appropriate and any failure on your part will result in chastisement." He ran his hand from her ass to her slick pussy and pressed a finger in. She gasped quietly, her whole body tensed and quivering.

"You are still excited Alais. Your body has not dried up and your desire for me has not disappeared... has it? Do you still want me to take you, as I had planned to?"

Alais was mortified and she tried to close her legs but his weight over her made it impossible. Cynric slapped her thighs until she opened them again and ran his cockhead along her slit as it traitorously dripped molten honey. She spoke anyway, well aware of the ridiculousness of her current position.

"I do not want to be tied up and reprimanded like an errant child. You are supposed to afford me respect as your duchess and the one who will be mother to your children. How can I bear a babe begotten of such depraved debauchery as this? I am resigned to my station as your wife but this is wrong, we should not couple thus." Alais fell silent, unable to see Cynric's expression and suddenly afraid. A few agonising moments passed. Then Cynric lifted himself from her and moved away.

"Be still! Do not move." He commanded. Alais heard him leave the bed momentarily but her face was half pressed into the coverlets and she dared not turn round. He grabbed her waist and flipped her over without warning, positioning her so that her head hung over the bed and she lay upon her bound wrists. He pushed her legs wide apart and she felt something cool and smooth against her clit, undulating against it. It was gentle and very pleasant. Cynric spoke to her as he ran the object against her slick flesh. "How do you like this, Alais?"

"It is very nice... thankyou my Lord. What are you touching me with?" He chuckled and ran the object over her a few more times, making her moan as her clit was stimulated with exquisite ripples of sensation. The object was removed.

"All in good time. What about this one?" Alais yelped and forced herself to be still as a cold, sharp blade pressed against her sexlips. It was not quite hard enough to cut her but Cynric was applying more than enough pressure to immobilise her. His face loomed over the bed and hovered above hers menacingly.

"So you are resigned to being my wife? How very gracious of you. Let me inform you however that being my wife involves satisfying me so that I don't go seeking excitement elsewhere. This is my bed now and if I want you to play the harlot in it then that is exactly what you shall do." He lifted his free hand to reveal her rosary beads, the item he had rubbed against her clit. Alais gasped, scandalised as Cynric placed them around her neck.

"Fear these if you must but you would be well advised to fear me more." He removed his knife from her sexlips and ran it up along her body, over one nipple and then held it against her exposed throat.

"I require total obedience Alais, which is exactly what you swore to me before your God just yesterday. Trust and freedom come later, much later. You will not question a single command I give you or I will punish you because that way, you will learn very fast and my time is valuable. I could hold you down, rut for five minutes like a dutiful husband and then seek whores for more interesting liaisons but for some reason, I'm willing to teach you how I may be pleased. Get yourself shriven in the morning if you must but do not presume to dictate to me how I may take my marital rights. Do you understand me?" He lifted the blade slightly, so that Alais felt able to speak.

"I understand." She replied. What other option did she have?

Cynric eased her back onto the bed and unbound her wrists. He rolled his wife onto her back and pushed her legs open. She had become slightly dry through fear but he cared not, it would serve his purpose well. He rested his weight on one elbow and shoved himself into her, letting his hips fall heavily and clumsily against her own. Cynric then started thrusting with a steady, monotonous rhythm, angling his thrusts to avoid stimulating her clit while she lay there, silent and still. The slow, boring pace was unable to give her any pleasure and if it had not been for the knowledge of the lesson he was teaching her, it would have done almost nothing for Cynric. He was heavy handed, groping her tits perfunctorily and pounding her into the mattress with all the finesse of a hammer and anvil. After a short while, he grunted and loosed his seed into her, ramming his cock home until she gasped. He let his weight fall onto her, his sweaty, heavy body pinning her down. Then his voice spoke low into her ear.

"That is it, Alais. That is mating as recommended by the church, for the purpose of procreation only and in the position deemed to be approved by God. If you are certain that you want 30 years of it, I will happily seek my sinful pleasures elsewhere."

With that, he turned from her and swiftly went to sleep, leaving her to stew in her conflicting thoughts.

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