tagBDSMAlais's Settlement Ch. 03

Alais's Settlement Ch. 03


The following day arrived bright and clear with a cool breeze that sharpened the senses. Alais rose once more to discover that she was alone and she attended to her toilette hastily, glad of having her own things in the room. Today was when those who had fallen in the battle would be buried and Father Almaric would be grateful for her assistance. She went down to the small chapel within the castle to find men hard at work digging the graveplots required, as well as some of Cynric's own men, and Jack Marshall.

It was clear that the grave he was working on was intended for his father. He had chosen a prime spot in the shade of a yew and was working diligently, his shirt and tunic discarded on the soft grass. Alais watched his strong, lean muscles slide underneath his golden brown, sweat dewed torso. He was whipcord thin but with the sinewy strength that came with young manhood. His muscles were clearly defined and his chest bore the merest smattering of golden fuzz that tapered down into his loosely tied braies most distractingly. She wondered how it would feel to lie with a man as young and sweet as herself. Though Cynric was in the prime of his years and more than a match for her, he was cynical, aggressive, controlling and he mocked her youth and inexperience. She wondered if Jack had already lain with many women. Most young men felt that they were entitled to a few years of sport before they settled upon a marriage mate. Jack could not be past his 18th or 19th year and yet the freedom afforded to men and the nature of their competitiveness and lewd jesting meant that he was probably far more worldy-wise than she was. He felt her eyes upon him and raised his head before putting his spade down and standing somewhat to attention in the presence of his betters. Alais flushed, embarrassed, before hastily gathering her scattered wits. Once again she reminded herself that she was his duchess and however unwillingly, a married woman.

"Good morrow Jack, I am sorry that such menial tasks are falling to trained men like yourself." Jack was a knight now and by rights he should be exercising his horse or practising swordplay with a couple of young squires to run his errands for him. That he seemed equally content with such a task as grave digging elevated her respect for him considerably.

"Good morrow lady. In truth I do not mind. It keeps me from mischief and I will not be first in line to stand shoulder to shoulder with Cynric's hired heathens. My horse is lame and I do not like to sit idle." Alais smiled despite herself, surprised and pleased that he would speak so freely with her. She kept her eyes downcast though, or else they would be all over his exposed flesh and any pretence of propriety would be lost.

He was so like his father. John Marshall had possessed the same easy grace and plain manner of speaking. John had been loyal to a fault but if he disagreed with his orders he would say so and usually his reasoning was sound.

"That is very diplomatic of you. Cynric appears to be here for the foreseeable however and I will need men like you when Henry sends knights and men to challenge him. If you really feel that you cannot stay... I am sure you could be released from your pledge."

Naturally, she knew without question that he wasn't a deserter, she simply wanted to hear him say once more that he would serve her till death. She knew exactly where she stood with Jack and it was dangerously seductive.

"Lady..." Jack climbed out of the grave and moved closer to her. Alais' heart thundered in her breast and she felt sure that he must hear it. She could smell him, the manly tang of sweat, soil, ale and horses. She fought the impulse to step away, as he appeared to want to confide in her. He looked around furtively and then bent to speak low in her ear. "It does not have to be this way... if it is you who should desire release. As you say... I have been trained and not just to swing a sword like a cudgel. I could free you lady and it would be quick, clean and untraceable." He lifted his eyes to meet her own and she trembled, not with horror at his suggestion but naked desire for him. He interpreted the former however and stepped away, chagrined.

"I am sorry, it was not my intention to upset you thus." He raised his hands apologetically and returned to his task. "I ask you only to consider things as a pragmatic ruler must. I will do nothing without your command." Alais nodded curtly and turned away, unable to utter a single word in this exquisite young man's presence.

As she walked away, Alais realised that Cynric's coupling with her had awakened a part of her nature that had been entirely dormant. She had never responded in such a way to a young man before. She had a new knowledge and maturity now and she was not sure she could bear it when it came to Jack Marshall. Her loins throbbed and she knew that once alone in her chamber, she would be touching herself and imagining that warm brown skin pressed against her soft, pale curves.

Later that afternoon, she stood beside her husband as prayers were said for the fallen and those worthy of a burial plot were interred. By necessity, some were to be cremated today and a huge communal funeral pyre had been built in the grounds. She watched Jack from beneath her lashes as he said a few brief words about his father and then left the ceremony to bury him properly. Some would not be properly interred until the morning and it was not unheard of for foxes and other animals to interfere with partially filled graves, let alone those desperate and unscrupulous enough to seek valuables among the corpses.

Alais' attraction to Jack was causing her to start resenting Cynric and later in the evening, when he suggested that they retired, she sighed with resignation as she rose to walk with him from the great hall.

"You are not in good spirits my dear, what is troubling you?" He asked as they walked. Loathe to anger him, Alais offered a semi-fabricated explanation.

"It was just seeing so many shrouds and coffins today, Lord. All those families bereaved and such a high price for your victory." She replied. Cynric bristled indignantly.

"I did not bid them all take up arms. There were servants and stable boys fighting alongside the men at arms and any fool could have predicted the outcome. If they had accepted they were heavily outnumbered and surrendered the keep, my establishment here could have been achieved entirely without bloodshed."

Alais, who had been in the dungeons throughout the battle and could not say what had occurred or why, held her tongue. She knew Cynric was likely to want to take her again and she could not evict Jack and his naked torso from her thoughts. She was entirely disquieted and would have been content simply to retire to bed and sleep.

Her Lord and husband however, had other ideas. No sooner had they shut the door of their chamber than his hands were upon her, pulling at her wimple and the lacings of her gown. She tried to forestall him but he batted her hands away, attacking her fiercely until she was naked. He lifted the golden circlet at her neck with one finger and kissed her lips, jaw and earlobe as he backed her against a wall and spoke to her in low, throaty tones.

"This was a good choice beloved. The necklace is concealed beneath your wimple and so nobody knows it is there but you. Does it make you feel your connection to me more keenly, does the warm metal against your flesh remind you of the times we spend alone together here?" He ran a hand over her breasts and pushed two fingers into her moist pussy. In truth it had moistened before, when she was thinking about Jack but Cynric reaped the benefit as he explored her. With his free hand he lifted her arms, taking her wrists in one fist and pinning them to the wall with no more force than was needful to convey that he wanted her to stay in place. He removed his fingers from her pussy and licked them, before spinning her and pinning her facing the wall. He took a length of rope from his pocket and secured her wrists behind her, then he turned her to face him and pushed her unceremoniously to her knees at his feet. He grinned down at her lasciviously as he opened his braies and freed his straining cock.

"You haven't answered my question, little wife." Cynric's grin became hard edged and cruel and Alais answered him swiftly, through fear.

"Yes, it does, of course it does, how could it not my Lord?" She said. He accepted her compliance and placed the tip of his cock against her bottom lip.

"Put out your tongue for me and keep it out... that's it... now take a deep breath and hold it." Cynric angled his swollen cock down and forced it into her throat while she gagged and protested. Alais had her wrists bound and the back of her head against the wall so she was completely at his mercy. He forced himself in until his balls rested on her chin and then held himself there, groaning with pleasure. The spasms of her little virgin throat just under the head of his dick were nothing short of exquisite.

"Touch yourself, fire yourself up for me and keep your wretched tongue out!" He slapped her face a couple of times, then withdrew so that she could take a few breaths. Cynric watched her fingers working on her damp sex and then bade her stick her tongue out once more while he ploughed into her throat again. This time, he thrust in and out, feeling the satisfying 'pop' as he entered and exited it. He waited until she was red faced and her eyes were rolling before he withdrew and she slumped and panted against the wall. Cynric slapped his cock heavily against her face until she came around, then he gave her a moment to breathe deeply before he started again.

"You will become used to this Alais, it takes a period of adjustment." He informed her in hoarse grunts as he fucked her throat. The second time she threatened to pass out he lifted her and put her on the bed. Cynric bent her legs back and secured her ankles to her bound wrists, leaving her spread wide open before him. Her tight little rosebud asshole winked up at him but he ignored the urge to violate it. Instead, he kept her feet either side of her head and rammed his whole length into her defenceless pussy while she spluttered and became properly lucid once more. He slapped her face again and forced her to look at him. Cynric sawed in and out of her, while glaring down into her eyes and tormenting her clit with his fingers. In a very short time, Alais came and it was all the stronger for her almost total immobility. She screamed the word 'Lord' and Cynric let her milk his cock until he was ready to climax. He slammed it deep enough to make her cry out once more as he loosed his boiling seed into her and was finally satisfied.

Alais cleaned off his cock when he put it to her lips and then Cynric released her from her bonds and divested himself of the rest of his clothes before drawing the covers over them both. He kissed her tenderly but there was not the slightest shred of guilt or remorse for how he had treated her.

"I needed that Alais. You will learn these arts in time, although they are difficult for you now. You did very well." He said condescendingly. Alais lay there, too sore and exhausted to protest until sleep finally claimed her.

Her dreams were filled with Jack. He kissed and embraced her, offered to protect her and never hurt her and he made gentle love to her that made her feel safe, secure and truly loved.

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