tagMind ControlAlan Ch. 05

Alan Ch. 05


What Immortal Hand or Eye/Could Frame thy fearful symmetry?

Alan spent Sunday relaxing around the house. He had some schoolwork to make up from the days he missed, and he set to it, lounging on his bed, his textbooks scattered around him. He was making good progress, but once in awhile his mind drifted back to his encounter in the hospital with the old man. He turned a page in his notebook to a clean sheet and began taking notes; on the top line the wrote in capital letters, "THE SEED."

1. Old man touched me.
2. Felt tingling sensation in whole body.
3. Heard voice in my head, but old man wasn't speaking aloud.
4. Voice said (not verbatim) "Am giving you gift. Power to control actions of others, more power to come later. Develop your skills"
5. Old man said, "You are good boy, worthy to carry THE SEED, use it well and all you desire can be yours."
6. Old man released my arm from his hands, and died. Tingling stopped when he let go.
7. Next day in school, buzzing sensation in brain when talking with Megan, and then she kissed me.
8. After school in classroom buzzing again, wondered what it would be like to fuck her, and then we fucked. I thought she looked hot, and she kept saying, "I'm so hot."
9. Buzzing in penis, grew 3"
10. Made ruler fly into my hand.
11. Modified appearance (hair, build).

His list continued to the bottom of the page, and then he turned it over and began writing on the other side. When he was done he read over it carefully. Turning over another new page in the note book, Alan headed this one, "Conclusions." As he put pen to paper he felt funny. The buzzing sensation returned, and he felt it through his whole body. The last thing he remembered before falling into a weird trance state was that the clock on his bedstand read 4:51pm.

When he came to, the clock read 6:13pm.

Alan's head hurt. As he reached up to massage his temples he saw that the pen he had been using roll off the notebook and fall to the floor. Leaving one hand on his head, he lifted the notebook and glanced at it in amazement. Five pages were filled with writing Alan couldn't remember writing. Even more amazing was that the writing was not like his own handwriting. He was eager to read it, but his head was still spinning, and he felt sort of nauseous. He rested his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes waiting for the feelings to pass, about five minutes. Returning to his room after a quick trip to the kitchen for a glass of water, he picked up the notebook and began to read the words.

Vessel Alan Marshall, you are the 109th receptacle of this Seed of Paishiya'uvada, the first Seed, the Seed of Hyrcanus. 31,273 lunar cycles ago I, Hyrcanus, created the seven Seeds. Five of them have been passed down through these many generations. Today, the fifth day you exist as the Vessel, the truth will begin to be known to you. My story is long, but I will endeavor to be brief. In the days and years to come more will be revealed to you.

Though history records me as a rebel, a usurper of the throne of my father Devaryesh, son of Hystasapes, this is untrue. History is written by the victors.

History also records that I claimed to be the son of Smerdis, also known as Bardiya, the brother to Devaryesh, son of Hystasapes. I was not the son of Smerdis; I was the son of Devaryesh, son of Hystasapes, and never a more loyal son there was, but this loyalty was repaid in my blood. Just before my death I transferred my Seed to Magi soldier loyal to me, my faithful attendant Ko'un-Zir, so that the truth of my loyalty and courage, my power and faith, would live on as long as the Seed was passed forward.

You, Vessel Alan Marshall, will carry the record of my deeds, the truth of my action, and the power of the of the Seed of Paishiya'uvada for the rest of your life. The vessel of the truth of my life is the Vessel of the power of the Seed.

My uncle, Smerdis, usurped the throne of my father when Devaryesh, son of Hystasapes, was away in Misri'im (which you know today as Egypt) putting down a rebellion. The pretender installed around him a mighty guard of Magian soldiers, circling the court of the Medes, and sent masses of centurions throughout the Empire to destroy all of the temples and monuments erected to the glory of my father Devaryesh, son of Hystasapes. So numerous were his soldiers that no one loyal to my father Devaryesh, son of Hystasapes, could dare approach the Palace of Cambyses. I fled in exile, to the Tsai Klaldun Valley, to the delta of the Axa River. Hiding on an island in the delta named Paishiya'uvada, I lived among the wild horses, having taken with me two sacred relics: the Chalice of Ahuramazda, and the Orbis Tertius.

Alone but for a small cadre of men and women loyal to the crown of my father Devaryesh, son of Hystasapes, I created the Seeds, on the sacred hill of Arakadris. Using the powers hidden in the Orbis Tertius, I fashioned the Seeds, collapsing to the ground after the seventh emerged from the Chalice of Ahuramazda. I picked six men, the strongest and most loyal of my group, and bestowed upon them the powers that you, Vessel Alan Marshall, now possess.

Our plan was simple: by using our powers to bend the will of the minds of the men guarding the palace we would be able to penetrate the court and kill the cursed Smerdis. Our plan worked; I, myself, stabbed my sword into the pretender, shedding not a tear at his death, caring not he was my uncle.

Then the slaughter began. We put to the sword thousands of people partisan to the hated Smerdis. The day of this slaughter, the tenth day of the month of Viyakhnah, was for generations celebrated as Magophonia, the festival of the Blood of the Magians.

My father Devaryesh, son of Hystasapes, returned to the court seven months later and was restored as king. When he learned that I was a vessel of the Seeds of Paishiya'uvada he saw me no longer as a faithful son and his ally against the treason of his accursed brother, but a son to be feared, a threat to his reign. I went away from court at my father's urging, to study at the great academy of Susa, but the messengers he sent ahead of me carried my death warrant. When I arrived at Susa the master of the academy, Nidintu-Bel (later to become, along with Atsani of Elamh, my father's hated enemy), murdered me in the doorway. With my last bit of strength I passed the Seed to my attendant Ko'un-Zir. The other six vessels were also marked for death, but four of them managed to transfer the Seeds to new hosts before being murdered. They had been tracked down by my father Devaryesh, son of Hystasapes using the Orbis Tertius and the sacred chalice, which allowed him to hide his mind, his deadly intentions, from the vessels of Seed.

Ko'un-Zir, having escaped the murderous Nidintu-Bel, fled back to the Palace of Cambyses, declared fealty to my father Devaryesh, son of Hystasapes, and was welcomed back to court, later rising to become my father's trusted vizier. My father Devaryesh, son of Hystasapes did not know that Ko'un-Zir was now the vessel of the Seed of Paishiya'uvada, the seed of Hyrcanus, his son, and that my former attendant had used the seed to secure his advancement. Ko'un-Zir died many years later, but not before he managed to destroy the Orbis Tertius. With it destroyed, the Chalice of Ahuramazda was rendered devoid of power, no longer a threat to the vessels. For centuries the inert Chalice of Ahuramazda was used in the rite of succession, the vessel of the holy oil used to annoint the newly crowned king.

The deeds of my entire life were given to the glory of my father Devaryesh, son of Hystasapes, and Devaryesh, son of Hystasapes, betrayed me. You are now among only five men alive on earth who know the truth. You hold almost unlimited power in your body, which is now the vessel of the first Seed of Paishiya'uvada, created by me more than 2,500 years ago. You have the power to control the actions of others, and more powers will come to you as you develop your skills. Use it well, and all you desire can be yours.

I, long dead--my blood resting under the ground of Susa, buried beneath generations of dust and debris, yet still staining the hidden marble floor of the long-buried academy--have no more battles to wage. The monks and students of Susa tried in vain for years to scour the stain of my blood from their door, but without success. Their legend held that the red stains were the only monument to my life, the only marker of my existence. They were wrong. Your Seed, and the four others that yet survive, are my legacy.

Vessel Alan Marshall, in this existence you are known by that name, but to the cosmos you are known by mine: Hyrcanus, the son of Devaryesh, son of Hystasapes; The creator of the seven Seeds of Paishiya'uvada; Exile in the Tsai Klaldun Valley, to an island called Paishiya'uvada; Champion over Smerdis the Heresiarch; Restorer of Devaryesh, son of Hystasapes, to the throne in Cambyses.

Alan reread the manuscript a dozen times over the next half hour before his mom called him down for supper, and he still didn't quite believe it. The story, though short, was a lot to digest, and Alan wasn't sure he was up to the task of dealing with it all at once. He planned to hit the library soon, and start researching the names and places contained in the account. For the short-term, he decided to head over to Megan's tonight, if only to take his mind off the new information.

Megan and Leila were relaxing in front of the TV, waiting for "Sex in the City" to start when Alan knocked. Megan kissed him on the cheek as she led him to the living room, delighted at the surprise. Alan didn't initiate anything right away, letting Leila and Megan enjoy the show. After it ended Alan offered to drive over to D'Agostino's to buy some pints of ice cream, and the girls agreed, telling him what flavors they liked. As he was leaving he made some mental changes to both of them.

"Great episode, huh?" Megan offered, draining the last few drops from her wine glass.

"Yeah. I wish my sex life was a good as theirs, maybe even as good as yours. Your hands were all over Alan while we were watching, it was turning me on just looking at the two of you. He really must be a stallion in the sack."

Megan tried to change the subject. "Hey Leila, which character do you think you're most like in the show?"

"Oh, I don't know. Probably Carrie. I'm not a romantic like Charlotte, and I don't sleep around nearly as much as Samantha, and I'm definitely not a cynic like Miranda. Carrie seems like the happy middle among the other three." Leila paused. "But you're changing the subject. Is he a demon in bed? Come on, you can tell me."

Megan was worried that Alan could be back at any minute, and didn't want him catching them in this kind of conversation. She wouldn't mind talking about it another time. "Uh, hey, I've got a good one. If you were a man, which character would you like to sleep with?" she improvised.

"Don't want to talk about it anymore? OK, I'll humor you." She thought for a second. "Charlotte, because she had the least experience, so if I did a mediocre job in bed she might not realize it. You?"

Megan hadn't thought about it, so she agreed with her friend, citing the same reason.

It was Leila's turn to ask and she dropped a bombshell. "Which character would you sleep with, Megan?"

Megan was shocked, and refused an answer. Leila approached her, sitting next to her on the couch. "If you wont answer, then the topic has to be Alan." Megan shook her head, but Leila was having none of it. "What does he do for you? Does he lick you out? Does he fuck you hard?"

Megan refused to speak. This enraged Leila, and she grabbed Megan, pushing her back into the cushions of the couch, pinning her down so she couldn't escape. "Not talking, eh?" she half-sneered at Megan. She rammed her hand under Megan's skirt and slipped her fingers under her panties. Alan had set it up so that Leila would be the aggressor, and Megan would be a Kate-like submissive. Leila's fingers explored under Megan's panties, and she couldn't do anything about it, being pinned to the couch. Beads of sweat were forming on Megan's forehead as she fruitlessly tried to struggle out of Leila's strong grip.

"Does he touch you here?" Leila demanded as she put her fingers against Megan's slit.

"Yes," Megan whispered back, so ashamed she hoped she could just die.

"Does he rub you like this?" Leila asked, drawing her fingers up and down Megan's labia.

"Yes," Megan whispered, whimpering a little as Leila's fingers began to arouse her.

"Does he stick his finger's up you like I'm doing now?" she asked as she jammed two fingers into Megan's moistening pussy.

"Ooooh, that's so nice. Ohhh, what was the question?"

"Does he finger your wet pussy? Does he make you come with his hands? Do you melt at his touch?" Leila was watching Megan become visibly aroused. "Are you gonna come for me, honey? Is your pussy gonna squeeze my fingers until you come all over my hand?"

Megan couldn't do anything except gasp and pant, and she couldn't tear her eyes away from Leila's steely gaze. Leila was now pumping the two fingers into her at an ever increasing pace. Megan felt Leila's thumb on her clit, and exploded, howling her orgasm so loud she thought she would wake the dead. Leila kept manipulating her, a new climax building from the ashes from the last one. After another two minutes Megan exploded again, and Leila finally got off of her, allowing her to sit up straight on the couch. When Megan caught her breath she looked up and saw that Leila was standing in the middle of the living room, naked. Leila marched at her, and pushed her over so that Megan was prone on the couch, facing up. Leila straddled her head, and pushed her pussy at Megan's mouth. Megan tried to turn her head away, but Leila had a good hold on her head. "Lick it Megan. Make me come and I'll lick you. I'm so horny from watching you come, I need an orgasm so bad." Leila rested more of her weight against Megan, her labia pressed against her pursed lips. She reached behind her and pinched Megan's nipple, twisting it hard. When Megan gasped in pain, her mouth opened and her tongue shot out and onto Leila's pussy lips.

The taste wasn't so bad Megan thought. "I wonder if we taste alike, and this is what Alan tastes when he eats my pussy." The thought turned her on, and she began tentatively exploring Leila's outer labia. Leila's pussy was covered in hair, unlike hers, which she shaved for a bikini. The hair was the same color as the hair on her head, coal black, and it was extremely silky. She had never given head before, not to any of her previous boyfriends, and certainly not to a woman, but she imagined that men's pubic hair wouldn't be as soft as Leila's was. A man's would probably be hard and wiry, and not as pleasant to run your tongue across like Leila's bush was. Though, if Alan ever asked her to go down on him, she wouldn't have hesitated for a moment.

"Lick me, Megan. Lick me," Leila urged, and Megan became for adventuresome with the path her tongue was taking. She licked up and rolled her tongue over Leila's clitoris. "Yesssssss," Leila hissed in response. She began to grind her pussy into Megan's face, urging her along with her words and responses. "Stick you tongue in my pussy. My pussy is wet for you. My pussy is burning up for you." Leila's entire existence was now centered around her pussy, and the pleasure it was receiving at the end of her neighbor's tongue.

Megan hesitantly stabbed her tongue into the depths of Leila's pussy. She was getting into the act of eating out Leila in a big way, and could feel her own pussy begin to moisten slightly. She even began to savor the taste of Leila's pussy, and her tongue began to move faster, in and out of Leila, occasionally pulling out to lick over her clit. Leila began to buck wildly, and Megan knew she was about to orgasm. Leila stiffened up and slammed her crotch into Megan's face, coming wildly around the invading tongue.

Leila was amazed at the situation. She had never had sex with another woman before. All of the threesomes she had been in were her and two men. She never even imagined that being with another woman could be so pleasurable. She got off Megan's face, and then flipped over, so that she was face-to-pussy, with her friend, the two of them forming a sixty-nine. She briefly admired Megan's pussy as she pulled the panties even more to the side so she could begin licking her. Megan's skirt was in a bit in her way, but Megan reached under and unzipped it, allowing Leila to pull it off. She eased Megan's panties off, getting a first look at her naked crotch. Megan was still undoing the buttons on her blouse when Leila plunged her tongue into the red haired pussy.

Megan groaned, the distraction slowing her pace at getting naked. Leila began doing to her what she had done to Leila. She licked the lips of Megan's pussy up and down, paying particular attention to the clit.

Neither of them noticed that Alan had returned. Upon entering, seeing that his mental commands were being followed, he made himself invisible to the two of them. He took a seat on the chair facing the couch, unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out, slowly jacking off. "That Leila has one hot body," he thought to himself as he watched them go at it.

By then, Leila had forced her pussy down into Megan's face, and they ate each other to orgasm a few more times. Alan used his power to make himself visible again, and then cleared his throat, calling their attention to his return. "I see you were enjoying yourself in my absence, ladies." Megan's face turned so red she thought it might be a match for her hair. Leila, though, was unembarrassed. Megan had given her some of the best climaxes of her life. She mused about all the time she had wasted not pursuing sexual relationships with women.

Looking Alan over she was impressed by the size of his cock. She had seen bigger in her adventures, but Alan's was amongst the biggest, top five probably. She wasn't impressed by size alone, though, and she knew the proof of the fucking was in the doing, and right at that moment she was desperate for a nice fucking. "Howdy there cowboy, that's some big gun your packing there. Know how to use it?"

Alan, indulging her conceit replied, "Well there, Miss Leila, I reckon you can't be made the sheriff in this rough and tumble town if you can's shoot straight like I can. Care for a demonstration?"

Megan was collapsed on the couch, lazily watching the give and take between her young lover and her newest lover. She felt she should be upset, but for some reason she found it arousing; this was also Alan's doing.

"What's a nice sheriff like you doing in a cat house like this?"

"Just thought I'd stick my head in to see where the action was, Miss Leila. I hear they got a new player piano in this joint, and I thought I might take in some music."

"You know sheriff, some of the boys here in Deadwood think I'm a great singer. They especially like how I sing when they jam their hard cocks up my tight pussy. Ooh, goodness, me, I'm being very indelicate for a fine woman such as myself."

"You know Miss Leila, suddenly I figger the idea of listening to that new player piano seems a bit bland. Perhaps you would be so kind as to treat me to a concert. I understand you are an accomplished hummer. Perhaps a demonstration?" She watched with baited breath as Alan got naked.

Leila slid off the couch and walked on her knees over to Alan's chair. She took his cock head into her mouth and sucked for a minute, then began to lick up and down the shaft. Megan pulled herself up, and walked over, keeling next to Leila, wanting to see how it was done. She couldn't believe how much of Alan's cock Leila was taking in. Almost half of his shaft disappeared into her mouth, and Megan noticed that shiny saliva was slobbering down Leila's chin, some of it dripping off on to her chest. She was amazed at the relish with which Leila attacked Alan's cock.

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