tagLoving WivesAlana's Erotic Pool Game

Alana's Erotic Pool Game


We were always homebody's, dinner in front of the TV or dinner and a movie on the big screen. Always too tired to get out and do something like our friends. So one day we decided to put some spice in our lives and took the day off to be with each other, no dinner at home, no movie on the big screen just finding an out of the way place for nice food, conversation, etc. She dressed up in a mid-length dress and black leggings (nothing more sensual than a woman running around the house with tight black leggings and barefoot (IMHO). She was always a stunner but tonight she was especially pretty.

So we picked a place in an area that we weren't aware of, which added to the excitement of the night. The place was intimate but not too seedy. Traditional jazz was playing which was a wonderful contrast from the usual 'Classic R&R' or Country Western playing at most places. The food consisted of Cajun and other Southeastern faire with a full bar. We decided that we'd hang here for a while, try some different hors d'oeuvres and sample some of the specialty drinks (although Alana's favorite is just a straight-shot of Black Velvet).

During conversation she noticed people playing pool in the adjacent room having a good time. At once I could see a look of relaxation I haven't seen from her in a long time. This is what we needed. This is what SHE needed. Our sex life has been dwindling lately so I'm really hoping this will lead to a long session of lust and love that we'd carry in our hearts and minds for a long time. The music was adding to the already playful atmosphere between us.

After a long conversation between us and another couple, who finally had a night and said farewell, we noticed most of the place had emptied out.

I said "Looks like it's our turn to go, hon".

To which she protested "Baby, we don't get out much and I'm so relaxed, I want to stay for a while longer".

I had no problem with that. Looking in the other room I saw a pool table empty. God I miss playing pool.

"You want to play some pool?"

"Oh, it's been a long time since I played pool" She looked in the other room where two guys were playing. "Ok, but I don't want to make myself look like a novice"

"Babe, looking the way you do nobody will even care"

So we took our drinks (Alana was working on her third Margarita) and meandered into the pool room and sat at a table to watch the guys and their game. It was a good game. We even got into being spectators and Alana cheered when one guy barely won.

"You two want to team up against us?" Said one of the guys

"No, my husband and I just want to play our game. Besides, you'd beat us severely! "

"Tell you what, how about your husband teams up with Matt and I'll team up with you. My name's Rick."

I look at my wife and for the first time I see a glint of playfulness I haven't seen.

"Um, Ok"

So Alana and Rick take on Matt and me in what's to become an evening of games, and I'm not talking pool.

The first game took quite a while to play, right down to my scratching the 8 ball. To which Alana and Rick gave each other a high-5.

"Again?" Rick says.

"I'm game." Says Alana.

I can definitely tell she's getting more comfortable with these guys. After our third game Alana and Rick won after Rick ran the table. She was so excited she gave him a hug and a kiss. Something stirred in me and my heart began to beat harder. I didn't really think about it but with the excitement of the game, the booze and the melodious sweet sound of jazz playing I was getting.....thoughts. I was looking at Alana in a different light. I could also see that Matt and Rick were too. Actually there wasn't much light except that which lit up the pool table.

We decided to switch partners and it was Matt's turn to play with Alana (figuratively speaking). After two games where Rick, I think on purpose, scratched. Alana and Matt hugged each other, the second time for a little longer. When they broke she looked at him and froze.

We took a break and went to our respective tables.

"You like playing with Matt and Rick, don't you?"

"Yeah, they're great guys and I feel really comfortable with them."

"You look comfortable with them, hugging and kissing them."

"Oh baby, are you jealous?"

"Yeah, a little"

"A little?" She sounded a little disappointed.

"Yeah, but it's more than that. With the music playing and the way you look I'm getting kind of.....aroused watching you with them."

"You are?" Then I saw that mischievous look in her again. "You know, I'm getting real hot in these leggings, I'm going to go to the bathroom and take 'em off."

While she was away I joined Rick and Matt.

"You've got such a great looking lady Dave. "Matt said. "She really isn't a bad pool player." I hope you didn't get mad when she was kissin and huggin us."

"No, not really, it was a kind of a turn-on, you know?"

"Oh yeah, was for us too." They were definitely getting ideas.....

After shooting the shit about bikes, cars and hiking Alana came out without her leggings. I have to say her best feature is her legs, although I'd walk a mile knee deep in garbage just to suck on her toes. She has perfect feet and I always lust after them, perfect toes and a high instep. She sits down next to me, gives me a wink and says "I have to tell you that I'm REALLY 'excited' right now. You know what I mean?"

She leaned into me "I think I'm having bad thoughts". The booze, music and fun was certainly taking their effect.

"What kind of bad thoughts?" I asked. She didn't answer.

Rick and Matt exchanged looks. "So how's Alana doing?"

Alana: "Alana's doing just fine. My legs can breathe now. How do they look?"

Rick: "Great"

Matt: "Tastey.......oop, did I day that?"

"Ooooooo, you want BBQ sause to go with these thighs?" says Alana

"No" Matt says "I prefer mine just plain and warm" We all had a laugh.

"So you want to play for stakes?"

"What kind of stakes"

"What kind of stakes would you put up Alana?" Here it comes.....

Alana gives me another wink. "How about Dave and I against you and Rick. If you win I have to take an article of clothing off." She looks at me and I just sit there and smile. My heart is now beating harder.

But I have reservations. "Don't you think the bartender will object?"

"Nah, Tony's my cousin. Lot's of times he'll close down and it'll be just him and us playin pool and drinkin 'til morning."

Looking at me with those mischievous eyes again she said "Well, what do you think?"

I said "It's up to you." And nuzzling up close to her I whispered "You realize where this could go don't you?"

"Uh, huuuhh".

"Ok" to Rick and Matt.

So the games....both kind.....began.

We actually won the first two games to which Alana got very excited. Then I looked over at Matt and he gave me a wink. Smart move, dude. Sucker the competition into a false sense of superiority.

They immediately won the next game. "Ok, Alana, what goes first?"

Since she already removed her leggings she had her dress and high-heeled sandals.

"Well.......I suppose I could take off my bra.........'scuse me" And off she went to the ladies room.

While she was gone I walked over to Matt and Rick.

"Listen guys, I know what's lurking in those medieval minds of yours....well, it's going through mine as well. If this goes where I think it's going I just want to tell you that if/when she says 'no more' we stop, have one last drink and go to our respective homes, 'K?"

They both agreed. "Dave, she's a great lady without coming off as a little slutty. Yeah, she's being playful right now but we both don't think it'll ever go to the Full Montyana."

"Nice..." We laughed

Rick: "But if it does and she wants to be the center of our 'attention' we'll be of the utmost of gentlemen as long as you're cool with it".

I said "You guys can't believe how my heart's been racing ever since she gave me that first evil little grin."

Alana came out. "Ok, boy do I feel liberated, Ha!"

Now it was my turn to raise the bar.....so to speak. "Well, how do they know you took off your bra?"

"Well, here it is right here." To which she showed us a bra.

Now it's my turn to start playing games with her. "Yeah, well maybe that bra was just lying in the ladies room, maybe that's yours and maybe that's not".

And with a sly smile she said "Well, how can I prove to you three that I'm telling the truth?"

Matt: "I guess you'll just have to undo some of those buttons on your dress and show us".

Alana and I exchanged winks and she slowly unbuttoned her summer dress, two, three, now four buttons undone, exposing the most perky 34C's. "So is this proof enough?"

All Matt and Rick could do is stare at that perfect set of mamalias. "Oh, we're satisfied. You wanna go another game?"

Alana: "Sure....RACK 'EM!"

"With Pleasure"

We actually played a longer game this time, but I'm sure the guys wanted to let it last since Alana forgot to button her dress back up. So every time she bent over to shoot her dress would open up enough to show those beautiful breasts. She knew what she was doing. Once in a while when either Matt or Rick would shoot she'd look at them from across the table and unbutton another button. Which fucked up their shot, HA!

They let us play right up to the 8-ball which Alana scratched and sunk the cue-ball instead.

Rick: "Oh damn, girl. That would have been a great shot! Soooo what comes off now?"

"Well, I can't very well take my dress off now can I? And I don't want to get my feet dirty on this floor"

Rick: "And they're such cute little feet too"

"Oh, you like how my feet look? So does David. He loves to nibble on my feet while we....." She looked a little embarrassed at that remark. So did I. We all had a laugh which made Alana feel that much more comfortable.

"You know guys, at this point I feel like I could say or do anything. Ok, I'll be right back." And off to the ladies room she went again.

Both Rick and Matt went to the gents room which left me to sit and ponder the possibilities of the rest of the evening: Will she want to have them come home with us? Or......what.

When they all came out Alana said "Ok, I did what I didn't think I would ever do in public"

"What's that?"

"I took off my panties" We were just sitting there, quiet.

"No, really. Look." And with that she stood up, walked over to where they were standing bent over a little and promptly lifted her dress enough to show them her bum. They just stood there dumbfounded. "See......you wanna feel it?" They all turned to look at me.

I winked.

Matt and Rick reached out and gently felt the velvety smooth ass presented to them. Alana just stood there, closed her eyes and smiled.

Ok, Alana, time to turn up the heat. I said "Ok, guys. This time if you win I'll direct Alana to do something I think you'll all like".

Alana just looked at me and I winked with a wicked smile. She smiled back.

The game, of course, didn't go as long as before. You know who won.

I stood next to Alana and whispered in her ear. "Are you willing to take this game to the next level?"


"Matt, sit down at the bench. Alana will sit on your lap, face you and give you one of her special kisses". Now women can kiss but Alana does it in such a way that makes your heart race and blood move to those 'special' places like no woman can. Matt sits down, Alana straddles his lap, takes his head in her hands and lays a kiss on him that, I swear, made his hair on the back of his neck stand up! While she was in the throes of this ultimate passionate kiss I told Rick to come up behind her and gently fondle her.

So here we were, in the back room of a bar with my wife kissing someone who, not three hours earlier, was a total stranger while this other stranger was gently fondling her breasts and nipples. She jumped a little and gave a muffled giggle when he came up behind her and put his hands on her but then she moaned and settled in for a long deep kiss on Matt.

After a couple of minutes they all broke and she came back to me to sit, drink and listen to the rather intoxicating R&B set.

She broke the kiss, stood up and came walking (barely) over to me.

"Did you like that?" I asked

"What do you think?" As she raised her dress to upper thigh, grabbed my hand and placed it on a rather wet stream of juice. "I can't believe I did that".

"But face it, you did and you definitely liked it".

"Yes." Was all she could say

"Do you want to do it again? Play another game this time you sit on Rick?"

"Yes." She was staring at Rick

I took her in my arms and whispered "Alana, do you want to take this even further?"

".........yes.....like I said I could say......or do....anything"

"Ok guys, you game for another game?"

Matt: "Sure"

Both Matt and Rick now had that 'hunger' in their eyes. I hoped that they would still be true to their word about being gentle-men with Alana.

"Ok, gents. RACK 'EM." Alana was showing a little bit of that hunger as well.

We played, we lost, now it was Rick's turn for Alana's mouth. But before she could sit on his lap I pulled Rick aside and told him to unzip his fly and pull out his tool without Alana seeing it. I wanted to see what she would do. Fortunately the area that they were in was a fairly dark corner of the pool room. There were 1960's era swag lamps hanging in the corners one of which had a bulb out. So we figured that this would be a good place to have a little fun with the wife, while she had fun with them.

She sat on Rick's lap and immediately squealed "Wha!! Ohhh My God!" and she laughed, but not for long.

"Ooooo, you are sooo happy to see me aren't you, big fella?" She began to tease his cock with the tips of her fingers raking her finger nails gently over the length of this shaft. She bent forward and teased his lips with hers, teasing his tongue as well. She drew his tongue into her mouth like it was a dick and sucked on it. Jesus what a sight. What a turn-on.

They broke.

Rick: "You keep doing that and you're going to find a mess to deal with." Just then Matt comes in to 'play'. She leans back against him, closed her eyes and smiled, now starting to stroke Rick. Matt nuzzles against her neck and nibbles, kisses and licks her neck as he's barely caressing her tits.

Finally, with her eyes still closed Alana says "David, I want them."

I come up and kneel down next to her, nibbling on her ear whispering "What do you want them to do?" Matt's still kissing her neck, fondling her while she's working Rick's cock.

"I want them.........I want them to make love to me." She says softly.

"What do you mean 'make love', baby?"

"I want them to fuck me. I want them both to take turns fucking me".

There it was. The cat's out of the bag and dripping on the floor (hellova metaphor, huh?)

"Are you sure this is what you want?"

"I do baby, I want all of you to make love to me right now."

I look around while the playing is still happening. I pull our coats and lay them on a table. Then I twist the light bulb darkening the corner. My heart is pounding watching these guys teasing my wife while she teases them.

"Baby, come over here and lie down on the coats". She does so. She's woozy from the booze, the music and the hands and lips attending her. She lies on the coats awaiting something she never thought she'd do in this lifetime.

Looking in the other room there's nobody left. I turned to Rick and ask him if he could get his cousin to lock up early. "No problem, he's cool." He says

All our attention turns to the luscious lady before us. She looks at us with wanting eyes and says "I don't care who but I want somebody in me now. I want someone's cock inside me now....please."

"No, I think we should take turns licking you. Would you like that?"

"Yes, but I want a cock....ohhhhh." Matt was on his knees tickling her clit with his tongue. Meanwhile Rick is kissing her and fondling her.

I get close to her ear. "Alana, tell us again what you want."

"I want them to take turns fucking me."

"...........Say it louder...."


"Spread your legs for them, baby." Now her legs are hanging off the table. I get an idea and get two chairs to rest her legs on. "Comfy?"

"Thank you David"

I look at Matt. "Go ahead. Make this happen." But before he unbuckles his belt I had another idea and pulled him aside and told him to tease her pussy with the head of this dick. I look back and Rick has unbuttoned her dress the rest of the way and laid her dress open like a rainbow trout being filleted for the feast and he starts kissing her mouth, neck, breasts.

Matt winks, undoes his pants and steps up to the beautiful wanting vagina awaiting him. He starts to put the head of his cock in and Alana emits a soft moan. He starts to fuck her with only the first inch or so.

"No....give me more....." She says

I rush to her ear. "But honey, he looks so big from here. Just take a little at a time." We love doing that at home. 'Oh, you're so big David.' 'Please just a little at a time.' 'More, give me more, oh please more...'

And that's what I hear now: "Matt, give me more......please...."

I wink at him and hold up my fingers showing an inch gap. He obliges and shoves a little more in, which get a reaction from Alana. But that's all he gives her.

In the meantime Rick is busy nibbling and sucking on her nipples drawing even more enthusiastic enjoyment from her... "Oh, God.....oh, please Rick don't stop.....your mouth is driving me crazy...Please, I want more. Give me all of your cock, Matt. I want it all.....please"

I kneel down. "Oh, I don't know.......what will you do for us?"

"I'll do anything........Oh, God....."


"Yes, I'd do anything.."

"Will you be our little slut?"


"Will you suck Matt's cock after he's cum in you......tasting his juices.....tasting your juices...?"


And with that Matt shoves his cock in slowly but firmly making Alana cry out "OHHHHHHH YEESSSS"

Then I dive in nibbling on her breasts, sucking, nibbling, biting. I look over to see that Rick's cock is out and Alana's had is wrapped around it, stroking it, reaching under to tickle his balls. I drop my pants so she can attend me as well.

I would have loved to get a birds eye view of the scene: Matt fucking my wife slowly but firmly while Rick and I are making love to her top-side switching between her lips, neck, throat and her tits while she strokes us.

I take the scarf she was wearing and put it over her face providing a blindfold. "I've always wanted to blindfold you while I did 'things' to you. Baby, see with your mind's eye, you're being enjoyed by two strangers in a public bar, lying naked on a table being fucked. And you'll be fucked by more. Are you afraid?"

"No, you can do what you want. You can all do to me what you want. I just AHH, don't what this to stop. You all feel soooo good to me. Please DON"T STOP!!! OHHH, GOD I'M CUMMING!!!!! OHHHHHH!!!!!

Then I see Rick leave her mouth to go down to her feet. He starts to take her sandals off and bends over to lick and suck on her toes, which drives her into more elation. So, someone else shares my obsession for a woman's foot and toes; two of the more overlooked sensual parts of a woman's body.

"Oh God, David. Someone's sucking on my toes...........Oh my, they're both being licked. Oh God David, they're licking my feet." She giggled and moaned at the same time.....wait.

Wait. What! Both her feet? I look back and I see Rick's cousin Tony has joined the fray licking Alana's toes and nibbling on her feet.

And I hear this combination giggle/moan from her.

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