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Alanis is Charmed


Alanis Morissette had guest starred on Charmed. She had played herself singing in a club that was the setting for one of the episode's scenes. She was finishing up in her dressing room when a knock came on the door. "Come in," she called out and turned to find Alyssa Milano stepping through the door. Alanis immediately noticed what Alyssa was wearing, a tight cotton tank top that plunged low to expose her cleavage and a pair of cotton pajama pants that sat low on her slender hips. What really struck Alanis was Alyssa nipples clearly visible poking at the thin material of her top.

"Hey, I just wanted to thank you again for doing the show," Alyssa started. "I'm a huge fan and it was great meeting you."

"Thanks," Alanis blushed. "I've been a fan of the show since it started. I'm glad to help out."

"Before you go do you want to have a drink?" Alyssa asked.

"Sure," Alanis answered and the two of them set off for Alyssa's dressing room. She poured a couple of martinis and the two stars sat down and discussed their careers and how each dealt with fame and money.

After a couple of martinis Alyssa changed the subject. "There was one other thing I wanted to say. Well, not so much say as do for you." Alanis was intrigued and asked what it was. Alyssa put her glass down on the coffee table before leaning in and placing a light kiss on Alanis' lips. She hesitated for a second before kissing her again, this time a little harder. Alanis thought the martinis must have been a little stronger than she was used to because almost before she realized it she had put her glass down and had pulled Alyssa into her arms. The two stars kissed passionately, their lips opened and their tongues wrestled and explored each other's mouth. Alanis slid her hand up Alyssa's body and grabbed the bottom of her tank top. She pulled it up and off over her head allowing Alyssa's tits to bounce free. They were immediately in Alanis' hands as she fondled the hard, pink nipples before taking one of them into her mouth and pressing and rolling it around with her tongue. Alyssa moaned as one of her own hands slid down to her crotch and rubbed her damp pussy through her pants. Alanis could smell Alyssa's arousal grow stronger and she craved a taste of her sweet nectar. Alanis pushed Alyssa down onto her back and pulled her cotton pants off exposing her juicy, bald pussy.

"Yum," Alanis said as she pulled her own shirt off and lowered her head between Alyssa's thighs and inhaled her musky aroma. She gently probed Alyssa's labia with her tongue before giving her hard clit a few playful flicks. Alyssa moaned louder and pressed her crotch against Alanis' face as she felt her new lover's tongue slide down her slit and tickle the entrance to her hungry pussy. Alanis slid her tongue into Alyssa and circled it around the walls of her sex. She moved her thumb to press against Alyssa's magic button as she worked her tongue deeper into her steamy box. Alyssa ran her hands through Alanis' long brown hair as she felt the singer's tongue slide in and out of her pussy bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

"Oh fuck, you're tongue is amazing," Alyssa hissed as she felt Alanis' tongue creep even deeper inside her. Alanis could feel Alyssa's pussy start to spasm mildly and she knew her orgasm was close. She began rocking her thumb back and forth on the star's clit which increased her moaning and brought her to the brink of cumming. "Of fuck, yes, I'm cumming!" Alyssa cried out as she felt her orgasm wash over her body. She squeezed her thighs around Alanis' head as her hips bucked pressing her crotch against Alanis and driving her tongue even deeper inside.

When her climax subsided she released Alanis' head who knelt up grinning. "Get up here," Alyssa said. "I wanna taste my sex on your tongue." Alanis crawled over Alyssa's body and the two kissed again with Alyssa sucking on Alanis' tongue tasting her own juices. As their tongues grappled Alyssa tugged off Alanis' bra and began squeezing her round tits.

Rose McGowan was resting in her own dressing room when she thought she heard Alyssa moaning. Curious, she went to her co-stars dressing room and poked her head in the door. She found Alyssa naked with Alanis kneeling over her topless. "Alright, I've been craving some hardcore lesbo action," Rose said as she closed the door and shed her T-shirt and shorts. Alanis and Alyssa looked up to see her approaching, her naked tits bouncing as she walked.

"I think our guest needs a good pussy licking," Alyssa said as Rose pulled Alanis down into a sitting position and kneeled in front of her. She tugged down the singer's tight jeans and panties. Rose licked her lips as she began rubbing her hand over Alanis' pussy mound causing her to spread and lift her thighs giving Rose full access to her neatly trimmed snatch. Two of Rose's fingers slipped between Alanis' labia and sank into her juicy snatch. Rose began pumping them in and out as she lowered her head and began nibbling the singer's clit. Alyssa had fetched her vibrator from her makeup table and was gently probing her hard nipples with the buzzing cock while she watched her friend go down on Alanis.

Holly Marie Coombs had gone to Rose's dressing room to ask her about an upcoming episode, but no one answered when she knocked. She then went on to Alyssa's dressing room and knocked on the door. After a few seconds she heard what she thought was a woman moaning. Puzzled she pushed the door open gently and peered inside. She saw Alanis Morissette sitting on the couch naked with Rose between her legs wearing only her thong underwear. Alyssa was next to them on the couch rubbing herself down with a vibrator. Holly stepped into the room and closed the door. "What's going on?" she asked. "Did you two seduce our guest star?" she continued accusingly.

"Oh, don't be such a prude," Alyssa said as she got to her feet and walked to Holly and grabbed her arm and brought her over to the couch. Alyssa pushed her down next to Alanis who glanced at her but was too busy moaning from Rose's fingers in her cunt to say anything.

Alanis looked back at Holly and managed to say, "Are you gonna have some fun with us too?"

"I don't know..." Holly began but she interrupted by a loud moan from Alanis as Rose swapped her fingers and her tongue. She pressed hard against Alanis' clit as she slid her tongue deep inside the singer's juicy slit.

"Oh come on" Alanis urged, "I wanna taste your sex." With that Alanis let out another loud moan and her hand went to Holly's bare knee and grabbed it before slowly sliding up her thigh and pushing her skirt up until the side of her hand pressed against Holly's crotch. The Holly then felt the head of Alyssa's vibrator slid up the inside of her other thigh and probe at her pussy through her cotton panties. Holly could feel her pussy start to grow excited. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as she felt her juices started to seep through her labia. Alyssa knelt between her legs and could see the small damp patch forming on her panties. She pulled her co-stars skirt and panties down her legs allowing her to directly tickle her clit with the vibrator.

Alanis' hand was now pushing Rose's head against her crotch as her excitement reached the breaking point. "Oh fuck, yeah, eat my pussy you bitch. Make me cum all over your face," Alanis hissed at Rose who desperately tried to wedge her tongue deeper into Alanis' pussy, but it wasn't really necessary. The singer could already feel her orgasm rippling through her sweaty, naked body. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming! Oh fuck, Rose yeah, make me cum!" Alanis cried out as her pussy squirted its juice onto Rose's face.

Rose pulled her face out from between Alanis' legs and saw Alyssa sliding the head of her vibrator into Holly's tight cunt. Holly pulled off her blouse and shed her bra and began squeezing her firm mounds. Alyssa had worked the vibrator all the way inside Holly's fuck tunnel and let it sit there buzzing for a while. Holly's moans grew louder as Alyssa slowly began sliding the dildo out of her cunt. Alanis had recovered from her orgasm and joined Alyssa between Holly's knees. "Mind if I take over? I told her I wanted to taste her sex," she asked.

"No problem," Alyssa responded, "Just make sure she comes." She slid the dildo out of Holly and it was quickly replaced by Alanis' eager tongue. Alyssa then turned to Rose and licked Alanis' juices from her face before sprinting over to her makeup table once again and fishing out her double ended dildo. Rose leaned back on her elbows allowing Alyssa to peel her panties down her legs and pull them off. She then spread her thighs allowing her co-star to start rubbing the head of the dildo against her swollen pussy. Quickly the head penetrated her labia and sank inside her musky snatch. Once it was inside Alyssa sat facing Rose and guided the other end of the dildo into her own juicy sex. The two starlets began fucking and impaling themselves on the fake cock.

Meanwhile Alanis had her tongue buried deep inside Holly's pussy and eagerly seeking out her new lover's G-spot. Her fingers pinched and tickled her excited clit as Holly's hands gripped the edge of the couch cushions so hard her knuckles had long since turned white. "Oh God! That's feels so good," she purred as Alanis' tongue creeped closer and closer to Holly's G-spot. "Oh fuck, just a little farther," she moaned, "Oh, fuck I wanna cum all over your face." Alanis stretched her tongue as far she could and scoured the walls of Holly's pussy. Then just for a second, the tip brushed over Holly's G-spot and her orgasm exploded from deep with her body. "Oh fuck, yes, I'm cumming!" Holly screamed as her pussy clenched and her skin rose in a mass of goosebumps. Her slender body bucked and trembled as her pussy flooded Alanis' face with her sweet oil. Rose and Alyssa both stopped and watched their friend's body writhe on the couch as wave after wave of orgasms racked her body. Finally she came down from her climax and fell over onto her side. She squeezed her thighs together trying to sooth her ravaged pussy. Alanis had wiped her face clean of Holly's juices and gave her a long kiss with her tongue plunging deep into Holly's mouth.

Rose and Alyssa had resumed fucking themselves with the double headed dildo. Rose was the only girl who hadn't cum yet and she was thrashing herself on the dildo. Alanis crawled over beside her and slid a hand down over one of her firm globes, down her flat stomach, and down to her clit. She squeezed Rose's button between her fingers and pressed it against her pelvis. Rose was moaning loudly now with her head flung back. Her ass was bucking up off the floor as she impaled herself on the thick cock. Alanis took one of Rose's nipples into her mouth and tasted the salt of her sweat before sucking and nibbling on the hard pink button. Rose lifted her head and watched Alanis' hand working on her clit and her mouth suckling her nipple. She then looked over at Alyssa and watched her large, round tits bouncing on her chest. "Oh God, I'm gonna cum," Rose hissed as he was hypnotized by Alyssa's bouncing jugs. Slowly her gaze wandered down her slender body to see the dildo penetrating her co-star's bald pussy. The two girls came together each one moaning loudly and pushing the dildo hard into each other's cunt. Alanis' other hand had sneaked over to Alyssa's sweaty crotch and was eagerly running her clit.

When their orgasm subsided, Alyssa pulled the dildo out form in between them and the two girls pressed their juicy cunts together and grinded against each other. Rose put her hand on Alyssa's head and pulled her mouth to hers and they kissed passionately. Both girls moaned at the sudden sensation as their clits touched from time to time. Their tits were mashed against each other, their nipples buried deep within the others fleshy mounds. Eventually they came in each other's arms swapping their oily nectar between their pussies. They collapsed on the floor, their naked bodies sweaty and their chests heaving.

Alanis checked the time and realized she was supposed to be at the airport in just a few minutes. She quickly pulled her clothes on and gave Alyssa and Rose a kiss and a quick fondle before leaving. The two girls picked themselves up off the floor, covered Holly's naked body with a blanket, and collapsed into the small bed in the back room and slept all through the night.

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