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Alaskan Lake


The moment I've been waiting for has finally arrived, the time has finally come. He will be landing shortly. The man I keep dreaming about and wishing to see again will be walking through those doors any minute now. I've been missing him ever since we parted ways. I know in my heart that this will be a short visit, but I want to make the most of every moment I can spend with him. When he finally does walk out, with his son holding his hand, my own son squeals with excitement and the two kids rush towards each other. Two little best buddies hugging and excited to see each other again. And there he is. Tall and bearded and smiling with those huge beautiful greyish blue eyes. My dream come true. He and I embrace and I hold back tears of joy as he holds me steady in the airport surrounded by strangers that I don't even notice. We speak briefly about his flight, and then turn our attention to the kids. The two boys are so excited and babbling about flying in airplanes. We load the boys into my truck and head towards my parents' house.

Our conversation is casual and I end up giggling a lot... But I know we are both thinking about the same thing... Alone time. However the drive to my parents' house is long enough that he gets to enjoy some scenery along the way, and I love his reactions to all the mountains in Alaska.

My first plan is to get the boys to my parents' house so I can go on a walk with my lover. So after we drop them off, I know exactly where I'm taking my lover face. Eklutna Lake is one of my favorite places to visit in Alaska and it's a bit of a drive away from prying eyes that might stumble upon us. I feel so glad to have him finally here, all I can think about is getting his pants off.

I chose to wear a skirt and a tank top for this adventure, along with my hiking boots that I always like to wear.

So I start teasing him about it to make him squirm a little and try really hard to hold back just to make the anticipation even greater.

When we finally arrive at the lake, the mountain that overlooks it is impressive enough for us to just stand there soaking in the beautiful scenery.

Holding hands and nuzzling each other until finally I am sure that no one else is around.

A few kisses on his hand and I lead him into the direction of the trail that circles the lake.

It's only about 40 feet into the trail that the trees cover the path enough for us to find a little spot for some activities... It's quick and intense at first, the way he grabs ahold of me and holds me to him for kissing and he easily lifts me of the ground and puts me against a tree. The bark of the aspen hurts my back but it's strong enough to hold me in place. My lover puts his hand up my skirt to find that I'm not wearing any panties and that I've shaved and trimmed the area just for him to have a nice smooth pussy to play with. He starts finger fucking me to get me ready and I can barely stand it for long before I start cumming all over his hand. He then lets me fall to my knees, and commands me to suck his cock, which I am eager to do because it's been so long since I've had that thick cock in my mouth. I think about all the things I know he likes and I try to deep throat his cock until it starts to gag and choke me. I pull his cock out and slowly lick the tip and try to get it as wet as I can with my saliva because I know I need this cock ready to fuck me soon. But I let him face fuck me first, with his hands at the back of my head,

Until finally, my favorite part comes. He makes me stand up and turns me around and makes me touch my feet to bend me over and lift my skirt so he can fuck me from behind. I am able to brace myself against the same tree as before and he only dropped his pants to his ankles. He slowly slides his thick cock inside of me and I can't help but to gasp and cry out in pleasure. With both of his hands on my hips as he starts thrusting into me.

"Harder" escapes my mouth as I grunt and moan with each pounding thrust.

He can barely hang on, but I beg him to "fuck me harder" and "more" and "don't stop".

It's only when he finally pushes his thumb into my asshole that I really lose all sense of life outside of that precious moment and I really cum so hard that I start shaking from it and my leg starts twitching.

He keeps fucking me until he can tell that I've cum three or four times by now. So he pulls out to let me finish him off with my mouth. So I can drink his hot salty cum that I so enjoy the flavor of.

Afterwards, we stand there catching our breath for a moment. He pulls up his pants but I feel cum running down my legs a bit under my skirt. We embrace in a long squishy hug, and start talking again about the beauty of Alaska and the mountains. Also the chances of running into bears. We walk around the rest of the lake, hand in hand. Me smiling from ear to ear. I never want to let go of this man. I'm completely enraptured by his entire being.

If only he felt the same.

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