tagGroup SexAleck Brings in an Expert

Aleck Brings in an Expert


-Aleck what's going on?

Debi gasped, Was she imagining it? A second pair of hands ever so gently brushing over her taut belly, circling her navel. Aleck had her blind folded; her wrists pinned above her head in the firm grasp of his one hand while the other stroked her face, so that his arm brushed lightly over her breasts.

-Aleck; answer me! Is there someone else in the room?

-Shhhh, relax, I told you to trust me tonight. Just let go and enjoy yourself.

There it was again the hand, she was sure of it now, there was some one else in the room, and they were touching her! Her first instinct was fear, pulling back against Aleck as the strangers fingers brushed upward toward the weighty curve of her breasts. God he can see my breasts! The thought of it made her first move to conceal them, which was futile, with Aleck holding her hands. She was probably just showing them off all the better, flexing and straining like she was. The realisation that it was Aleck holding her, Alecks big hands restraining her suddenly gave her comfort. This was a game, a game he would only have devised for her pleasure, And she was damn well going to enjoy it.

-Debi, I want this for you. I want to see another man please you. I'm going to watch him give you more pleasure than you thought was possible. First he's going to touch your breasts Debi. You're looking so hot Baby, his hands are so close to your skin Can you feel them?

It was strange how she could feel those mysterious hands before they touched her like a warm presence tingling under her skin, By the time his fingers met with her skin her nipples were already pulled up into hard peaks aching for his touch. The man's touch was light and slow. She could just make out the sound of his breathing above Aleck's who was still lying beside her though he had moved his hand down to her thigh, which he held firmly as she felt his cock stiffen against her through his shorts. What did this man whose hands sent such fire through her skin look like. As if reading her mind Aleck started talking as the stranger tortured her nipples with gentle pleasure.

-He's quite tall Debi, and very handsome. I'm sure you'll enjoy what he can do for you. He's an expert baby, women all over the world pay hundreds of dollars to fuck this man, and tonight I'm going to watch him take you to heaven. I can tell he's hot for you baby His cocks about to rip his shorts apart. I'm not even kidding, I think that it could.

The deep rumble of the experts laughter sent shivers down Debi's spine. She was ready for this. She wondered briefly if the wetness of her pussy had soaked through her silk G-string, whether the two men could see her lust. She wanted them to see. She wanted Aleck to pull apart her panties and let this man do his worst. She struggled fruitlessly to touch this sex god with her free leg, not trusting her voice she trusted Aleck to realise that this was her sign to say she wanted more.

-He can't take his eyes off your body Debi. He can see how wet you are for him. He really wants you but first you're going to get to know him a bit better, maybe I'll take your G-string off so that he'll be able to see how lucky he is to be here.

The warm scent of expensive cologne filled Debi's nostrils she felt the warmth of breath moving over her belly, hot over her breasts, till the heat was almost unbearable by the time his mouth was over hers. Finally desperately Debi's arching body her, writhing leg, made contact with the hard muscled body she'd been waiting for. His skin was hot and smooth, her leg wrapped around his own, just unable to reach his ass. Her breasts brushed over rippling abs as hot, sweet breath spilled over her entire body as he teased her, with the promise of a kiss. Finally the ot sensation of tongue slowly tracing the edges of her desperate pout, all she could manage was a soft moaning; a gentle struggle to have this man.

Again Aleck was right on cue as his vice like gripped softened at just the last second Debi could bear. The freedom to touch to explore the man whose tongue so tenderly teased her filled Debi with a rush of adrenalin.

Aleck, I love

Were her only words before she was engulfed in the deepest Kiss she'd ever experienced. The way their tongues entwined reminded her of Spanish dancers. In fact the kiss was almost good enough to distract her hands from their long awaited exploration; but not quite.

As her fingers explored the face so passionately kissing her, she was continuously aware of Aleck's hot breath on her neck as she was slowly squeezed between two muscled bodies. She snuggled back against Aleck loving the feel of his rock hard cock pressing urgently against her firm but cheeks, and moved her exploration from face to chest feeling the slight twitch of the mans muscle beneath skin as smooth as marble. Not being able to bear the curiosity any longer her hand quickly slipped down his hard belly to his crotch.

Unable to hold back she pushed her hand straight into his shorts. The feel of a sleek cock, already slightly wet with precum sent jolts of electricity through her body as she quickly moved from the slippery glan's that all but filled her palm to the massive shaft beneath it. Before she could make her way to the explore his balls Alecks hand was on hers. She couldn't believe it; here she was exploring another mans cock with her husband…

Ok Debi, it's time for some real fun now

The kiss abruptly ended and despite her desperate attempts to hold on to it the massive cock slipped from her grasp.

I want you to sit up.

Aleck's voice was curt but not angry, slightly choked. She obeyed, and soon he was behind her, supporting her wait. The man was in front of them watching. She just knew it. Realising the stranger was out of reach she dug her nails into Aleck's thighs in tense anticipation. His hands were at her legs, pushing the together, sliding up and slipping off her g-string. She giggled slightly as she opened up her legs, showing off her dripping wet pussy. She didn't care how many woman this stranger had seen she knew he must be enjoying the view.

Aleck; I want him to fuck me…

Alecks hands slipped underneath her cupping her tight ass and lifting her so she was completely supported by him as warm hands stroked a slow progress up her thighs. Fingers slipped into the wet valley of her pussy. Slowly he drew the wetness up the line of her pussy and out to the delicate pink of her outer lips. Careful to avoid her swollen clit she could feel him run his slick finger tips around it and down to her tight opening. The tip of his finger gently fell to her opening ever so gently stretching her a little with out entering. Her hips convulsed forward as she gasped in desperate desire.

Her breathing came heavier as she swung out toward delirium as she felt her clit being flicked lightly like the remote trigger of a bomb. Her legs spread wider to accommodate the muscled hips which carried ecstasy closer and closer to her aching pussy. Alex was breathing hard behind her but she could barely manage a breath. Finally she could feel the swollen Cock head twitching insistently at her entrance. She wrapped her legs around hard muscled buttocks and guided this stranger in his hot progress into her waiting pussy.

He stretched her wider than she'd ever imagined could feel good, but so gently that pain was the furthest thought from her mind. Finally just when she thought she couldn't take any more the last inch of his cock slid home, his weight pushing her back against Aleck, who held her tight, a hand slowly inching across her waist toward her pussy. They held her like that just long enough to have her on the point of begging, just long enough so that she could feel the pulse of the strangers cock as her tightness eased around him and then it started. The slow rhythm, so tender slight. Aleck's fingers were on her pubes now. The rhythm getting slowly faster. A finger on her throbbing clit stoking the fire of her lust in time to the beat of the hard cock inside her. Gaining momentum, breath escaped her. Aleck teasing exploring where her wet lips clenched the stranger. Faster, each stroke longer harder Aleck finding her clitoris, the two men building her up toward release toward the hot flood of cum and pussy juice. Her body was not her own now she felt it build up to the point of agony, the cock inside her swelling to new heights. She knew what was coming and her own lust rose to meet his as the quickening rhythm gave way to waves of semen consumed by her orgasm.

She wasn't sure if she'd screamed, if she was still alive in the stillness that followed. All she knew was that she was safe in Alecks warm embrace as the cock inside her slowly eased from inside her. She was lowered softly to cool sheets beneath, sated in the aftermath of bliss, four hands played lightly over her, the smell of sex overrode her, and then Aleck kissed her, long and deep.

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