tagGroup SexAlejandra's Day in the Country

Alejandra's Day in the Country

byThe Archer©

It was a warm sunny day. There was not a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining in all its glory. Alejandra thought to her self how nice it would be to go for a walk in the countryside after she had finished the small amount of housework that needed doing.

After about an hour all the work had been carried out and she went up to change. After looking through her wardrobe she decided as it was hot to put on her short sundress. She took off her jeans and blouse. Standing in just her tiny black thong she admired herself in the full length mirror, her flat smooth stomach, full rounded breasts, nice rounded firm ass, and long shapely legs. Her long jet black hair fell down over her shoulders. All in all she was a stunner and she loved it. She never had trouble getting men and always made sure a couple took her home when she went out most nights as she loved sex and made sure she had plenty of it.

Alejandra slipped the sundress over her shoulders and pulled it together then fastened the buttons down the front of the dress, leaving the last couple undone. It clung tight to her braless breasts, her nipples showing slightly through the thin material and loosened out at the waist and finished about eight inches above her knees. She slipped on a pair of sandals with not to high a heel but enough to make her legs look even shapelier and went back down stairs.

Alejandra drove out of town until she saw a small car park by a wooded area and pulled in. After locking up she made her way along one of the many paths that went through the wood. She met a few people on her walk the men always looking her up and down with lust in their eyes and their women companions looking sour faced at her. Alejandra could see they were thinking what a slut she was, but she did not care. She probably had a lot more fun then them being one. After an hour or so Alejandra was wishing she had a man or two with her as she had seen several nice grassy glades where she would of liked to of been fucked and was feeling horney.

Alejandra came to a bench where she sat down to rest for a while. The sun was warm on her and she closed her eyes. She thought about the night a couple of days ago when four men who she had meet in a night club had taken her out of the fire exit into the alley and had stripped her naked and each taken their turn with her fucking her in all her holes and Cumming on her tits and face. As she was thinking of this her hand crept down between her legs and started rubbing her pussy, then inserting a couple of fingers into her warm wet shaven cunt. She moaned as she began to masturbate, her fingers speeding up as they went in and out of her cunt until she shuddered and cried out as she cum.

After, Alejandra had composed herself she carried on walking until after another hour or so she came to a road. She was not sure which way to go, so she picked the one which looked to be going back to her car. S he had walked a couple of miles along the road before she realized it was not the way back. As she was deciding what to do an old battered lorry pulled up along side her. A young rough looking man wound down the window and shouted, “Do you want a lift.” Alejandra looked at him and smiled. She knew she shouldn’t accept his offer of a lift, but her feet were sore and he looked quite good looking in a rough sort of way. “Yes please,” Alejandra said. The young man opened the door and got out. Alejandra stepped up into the lorry and sat on the bench type seat next to the driver who was a lot older and fatter. The other climbed back in her other side and they drove off. Alejandra could see both the men were looking at her legs and thought she would have a bit of fun with them. She wriggled in her seat which made her dress ride up her legs even further until it just about covered her thong. The young man saw this and slowly moved his hand onto Alexandra’s knee, then with her not brushing it off moved it until he was at the rim of her dress then slowly under the dress until his hand was on her thong. Alejandra parted her leg slightly and he began to rub her cunt through her thong, then pulling it aside inserted a finger up into her moist hole and began to frig her. Alejandra was now moaning loud and grinding her crutch down onto this stranger’s hand.

With his other hand he began to unbutton Alejandra’s dress until with all the buttons undone it fell apart exposing her ripe breasts, stomach and black thong fully. The driver who was now having trouble driving pulled over into a lay bye and stopped the engine. He then reached over and the two men removed Alejandra’s dress and thong completely. She was now fully naked in front of these two strangers on the side of the road. Their Hands were mauling her body, roughly squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples. Dirty fingers were probing her cunt and as hole and she loved it. “FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK ME,” Alejandra shouted at them. “Oh were going to slut,” the older one replied as they both undone their dirty trousers.

They both had rock hard cocks, the younger one slightly larger than the other but both well endowed. Alejandra was pushed down onto the seat on her back and her legs spread open. The young man got between and roughly rammed his cock up Alexandra’s cunt. She groaned as his large cock fed in to the hilt. “Oh yes, come on, fuck me hard,” Alejandra said. “Fucking get this between those lips slag,” the fat older man said, as he offered his smelly dirty cock to her. Alejandra opened her mouth and sucked his cock in. She could taste the rancid unwashed cock as she sucked and licked his cock, his sweaty slimy balls banging against her face as he held onto her head and fucked her mouth grunting and groaning as he done so.

The younger one was first to cum shooting a large amount of cum deep into her cunt, followed shortly by the other who emptied his load into Alexandra’s mouth and over her face. Alejandra put her thong and dress back on as the men fastened their trousers back up. “You’re a bloody good fuck, slut,” the older man said. “So I have been told several times,” she replied with a laugh. “I bet you have,” the younger one replied.

They drove back off and after about twenty minutes pulled into a field. “Hey, this isn’t where I parked my car,” Alejandra said, looking around at the two dozen or so caravans that were parked there. “No, this is where we live,” the young one said. “Yea, we haven’t finished with you yet whore, plenty of men here who would like a piece of your ass,” the older man sniggered. Alejandra wasn’t sure what to do. She was on her own, and not sure where she was. She decided that all she could do was go along with them.

The lorry pulled up in the middle of the camp site and the men got out pulling Alejandra out with them. Lots of the men gathered round, their eyes devouring Alejandra. “We’ve brought this tart along for a bit of fun, picked her up few miles back, bloody good fuck she is,” The old man said. Everybody laughed. “Here have a look at these,” he said, and with that ripped open Alejandra’s dress, the buttons flying everywhere. All the men whistled and cheered as her tits came into view. “Let’s see the rest,” somebody shouted. Alejandra’s dress was pulled right off and thrown on the ground. “Take of your fucking panties,” the old man commanded. Alejandra slipped her fingers into the thin waistband and pulled them down and off, then stood with her hands on her hips, legs slightly apart, now naked her ass, tits and shaven cunt on view to all these dirty rough men, as well as quite a few of the gypsy women. “Like what you see,” She shouted at the men. Alejandra was now very turned on at being naked in front of all these people.

Her question was soon answered as the men lunged forward and a sea of hands pawed at her body. She cried out as all the rough calloused hands explored her nakedness, pinched her erect nipples hard, and fat grubby fingers probed her cunt and ass hole. “FUCK HER MEN, FUCK THE DIRTY SLUT LEGLESS,” the women were shouting at their men.

Alejandra was pushed down onto her back on the dirty ground and her legs pulled wide apart by two men opening her cunt wide. A middle aged man with tangled dirty hair and unshaven pulled his trousers down and with a cheer from the crowd fed his dirty cruddy meat all the way into Alejandra. She groaned out loud as he pumped in to her. “OHHH YESSS, THAT’S IT, FUCK ME, FUCK THIS SLUT WHORE GOOD,” Alejandra shouted. “OH we will, we’re all going to fuck you, we’re going to fuck your mouth, fuck your cunt, and fuck your ass. Then we’re going to piss all over your fucking dirty cum covered sluts body,” he said to her through gritted teeth. “YES, YES, DO IT THEN, FUCKING USE ME YOU BASTARDS, FUCK THE ASS OFF ME, PISS OVER ME,” Alejandra shouted back

He soon speeded up and began to groan. “THAT’S IT, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM, YES, I’M CUMMMINGGG,” Alejandra screamed out as they both cum. He was soon replaced by another man. This time it was a fat smelly older man who pounded away at her cunt. His fat belly slapped against her bare flesh as he shagged her. He sucked and bites her nipples and tits, and stuck his tongue down her throat, slobbering on her lips and neck. After he had cum he pulled out and told Alejandra to suck his cock. She took his cock in deep into her mouth, using her tongue to clean all the cum and crude from off his cock, then licking and sucking all around his smelly, slimy balls. She gagged as he forced his cock all the way down her throat so that his balls were squashed against her face.

There was now a long line waiting for their turn in using this nymphomaniac slut, and use her they did as dirty cock after cock was ploughed into her. There were men of all shapes and sizes, some thin, some well built, and a lot fat and over weight. There were young to old men all waiting in the line. They no longer had to hold her down and her legs apart as she now wantonly wanted all these dirty men to have her, to violate her body, humiliate her, use her for their own gratification , too empty their cum into.

She was now pulled up onto her hands and knees, her ass in the air waiting like a bitch in heat for more cocks. “About time that tight ass hole of your had a good fucking,” she heard a voice behind her say. And with that felt a cock force it way up between her ass cheeks. She cried out as he roughly pushed it all the way in without a regard for her and fucked her fast. Another old fat man of about sixty feed his old cock into her mouth. As she was fucked from behind she was pushed harder on to the cock in her mouth. Her tits hanging down were swinging back and forth when they weren’t being mauled. They both cum soon with the one at the back then making Alejandra suck the gooey mess from of his cock and balls while another old man who must have been in his late sixties or early seventies took his turn with her ass.

Alejandra’s ass hole was now gaping wide from all the cocks that were being fed into it. Cum was dribbling out around the cocks as they pumped in and running down the insides of her legs. Women were shouting obscenities at her and spitting on her body and in her face as she was being fucked by their men. The men were slapping the cheeks of her upturned ass making them glow red as they continued to pound their cocks into her ass. Her face was now covered with spit and cum. It was running down her cheeks and dripping off her nose and chin. Her long black hair was matted with it where lots of the men had cum over or wiped their smelly cocks in.

Alejandra was now turned back over on to her back. Once again her now sloppy cunt was used for the men’s pleasure. They now slipped in to easily as her cunt gaped wide and cum poured out of it so a lot of them took to waking off between Alejandra’s tits. She squeezed them around the cocks and tit wanked them until they unloaded more cum on to her neck and face or between her tits. Others just preferred to kneel along side of her and wank onto her filthy body. Some of the women fisted her, making her cum with their hands then having Alejandra lick their hands clean of their mens cum. Alejandra’s once lovely body was now covered with scratches and bite marks. Her nipples were enlarged and red from the rough treatment they had received and her tits had love bites all over them. Her ass and back was red from being slapped or strapped with belts that the men and women had administered.

Finally, all the men were spent. Several dozen men had fucked her and some twice. All Alejandra’s holes had been used again and again by all these men and she was left lying there on her back on the ground in the dirt. “Well men, aren’t you going to shower the fucking dirty cum slut off,” one of the women shouted. “Yea, why not,” they replied. All the men crowed around Alejandra’s naked body in groups of six or so and began to piss over her. It splashed down onto her washing some of the cum from her. “Open your legs and mouth slag, so we can piss in your mouth and cunt”. Alejandra did and the men aimed for her openings. She swallowed and gagged as her mouth was filled to overflowing, and run down her cheeks and chin, between her tits pooling in her belly button.

Each group took their turn pissing over Alejandra, and even the women pissed on her. Some squatting over her, others pissed in a cup and poured it over her or made her drink it. Finally she was left lying in a large pool of mud made from all the piss and the dirt. One woman threw her a large bottle and told her to finish herself off with that. Alejandra wanked herself off in front of all the people while she squirmed around in the mud.

When everybody had finished with her she was taken back to the lorry still naked and filthy and thrown into the back. She shouted for her dress but nobody took any notice and the lorry drove off. When they arrived back at her car Alejandra was pulled out of the lorry and thrown onto the ground. They tossed her the car keys and as they walked back to the lorry said, “Thanks for the fuck whore, we’ve enjoyed fucking your holes, come again if you want some more of the same.” They laughed and got back into the truck and drove off leaving Alejandra lying there naked. She got up and walked to the car got in and drove home. She had lots of funny looks from people on the way home and even more tooting from truck drivers who pulled up along side her and looked down to see this naked dirty young girl sat there. Alejandra’s final humiliation came when she arrived home and had to park the car a short way from her house and had to walk there naked with all on show, with several of her neighbours seeing her like this as she hurried along.

When she had let herself in, Alejandra went and showered straight away. The warm water washing all the mess and stench away. She felt between her legs, her cunt was quite large. She would have to stay off fucking for a while to let it shrink back to size. Well, for a few days anyway.

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