Alex & Alexa Ch. 09


"Then who wants to be right?" I asked, sitting on the couch while she snuggled into me, tracing her fingers over my shirt. "I wish I knew what to do."

"Well, I have it realtively easy," she mused, caressing me. "I am decidedly bisexual and can play the field if I like. You, you're just stuck fucking girls."

"Normally that wouldn't be an issue for me," I sighed. "I should have really enjoyed that date and that sex tonight. And I guess I did, speaking objectively, Heather's good at sex. But she's not you and she doesn't hold my heart. It feels unfair, to all three of us. I guess it's a plus that she thinks I'm too smart and only wants to be fuck-buddies."

Alexa giggled. "So pretty much the same as Jeanie. I can't imagine trying to be in a serious relationship with her, even if she weren't fucking your parents."

She screwed up her face and made a 'bleh' sound. "Shit. I just grossed myself out. May I have your cock?"

I looked around for a moment. "Here? Now?"

She nodded. "I want to taste another girl on you. See what it's like. And no, I don't want to hear about how your penis passed through your mother's vagina once and therefore indirectly touched Jeanie's. Just hand it over..."

I chuckled and stood, allowing Alexa to sit up on the couch and unzip my pants, dropping them and exposing my cock. She held it gently and seemed to breathe in the scent.

"Well now, it's not so bad..." she whispered before taking me inside her mouth, her tongue rolling around my now-swelling shaft expertly. She held her mouth at the base of my cock, eyes closed, as if feeling something.

"She's a little salty," she mused, pulling back and smiling up at me. "But not unpleasant. She can't be a total slag."

"Another word the queen would never use," I replied, grinning. "Slag."

Alexa giggled and popped my cock back into her mouth, bobbing back and forth until I was good and hard. She finally looked up again and took her mouth off me, pumping my shaft with her hand. "How many times did you cum today?"

"Three." I said simply.

She considered and shrugged while looking at my throbbing dick. "Well, you might have a little left in you, we'll see. I'm taking you downstairs."

She lead me down to my room and put me on the bed, undressing quickly and crawling on top of me. Without a word between us, she lined her pussy up with my throbbing member and sank down onto it, taking me all the way in. We both groaned in relief as she sat still on top of me. Then she pinned my wrists beside my head and looked down into my eyes as she began to undulate slowly on top of me.

"I could taste the condom you wore too," she whispered. "I'm sorry you had to do that, but I guess I'm relieved, too. I love having your cum all to myself."

I smirked. "If we ever have the three-way you want with Freja, it's gonna be awkward to fuck you without one and then have to slip one on to fuck her."

Alexa giggled and leaned in to kiss the tip of my nose. "I think if we're sharing someone, I'll be willing to make an exception, my love."

She shuddered and gasped softly as I tilted my hips up, penetrating deep inside her. Her fingers gripped my wrists tight as the pleasure rippled through her.

"Naughty," she sighed. "But auntie loves it."

We pumped and writhed against one another in the darkness for some minutes before she crushed herself to me and moaned as loud as she dared into my pillow, cumming hard. I felt the ecstasy flood through me, although my offering deep inside her pussy was spare- Heather had milked it out of me earlier in the evening.

"Don't worry, Alex," Alexa whispered as she pressed her body down on top of me and smothered my face in kisses. "I'm just relieved to have you back inside of me. My day is not complete unless you're in me, Alex."

I caressed her face. "I'm in love with you."

She smiled and gently brushed her lips against mine, whispering it back.

Not a damn thing had been solved.


"So, your mother and I have just found out we're getting raises," dad announced as we all sat around the kitchen island, drinking coffee. "Good ones."

"Hey, that's awesome!" I said, genuinely thrilled for them while Alexa clasped her hands in delight and threw herself against her sister, giving her a hug. "And you were doing pretty darn well already."

Dad nodded. "It doubles our income and jumps us a few tax brackets," he said, waving it off modestly. "But it does mean that we can do a few things we've been planning on sooner than we'd expected."

"We were anticipating raises, yes," mom said, finally breaking out of Alexa's bearhug. "But modest ones, not anything quite so extravagant. We initially protested, but it turns out the university has recieved some very generous donations recently, so they can expand several key departments and still pay your father and I what they think we're worth."

"So we'll be building that expansion on the house we've talked about," dad said, nodding. "If we get a good design, we'll actually turn most of the backyard into an atrium, with the outlying part being visible gardens. How does that sound."

"I've been wondering since I got here why your house was built in this particular shape," Alexa said, her mind obviously picturing what my parents had in store. "Because it was meant to be added onto, like another piece you didn't have yet."

Mom nodded. "Third phase will be to allow for a glass roof over the atrium that can be put up in the late fall and removed in the spring, so that we can use it all year-round. Until then, having a courtyard of our own is nothing to sneeze at."

"We've also been considering buying the dorm apartments next door," dad added. "The guy who currently owns it is a sleeze. If we own it, we can write it off in taxes because we'll continue to house students there. If you or Alexa felt the need for your own space, you could move next door."

"However," mom said, leaning against the island and drinking her coffee. "We wanted to talk to you both about the expansion. What if you each got your own considerable amount of space in the new addition? Good-sized bedrooms, your own bathrooms and big closets and dens and so on?"

Alexa's eyes went wide while I raised my eyebrow. "I didnt know you two had abandonment issues."

Dad laughed. "Not even close, your mom and I have plenty of misbehaviour planned for when you're out on your own, eaglet. But this addition needs users and since you're both going to university here in the city, it makes sense to give you first crack. When you leave, your mom and I might take in some needy students or something."

"My own private space?" Alexa breathed. "It's almost like having my own house."

Mom nodded. "No need for any answers yet, your father and I have a lot of consultations to make with contractors and such. And to be honest, the reason we told you about the raises is because we're going to go celebrate tonight. So make sure you're dressed nicely."

Alexa giggled and clapped her hands before giving me a hug and dashing upstairs. Mom watched her run off and shook her head while dad chuckled. "She's in a good mood," mom mused. "I take it her date with Jeanie went well?"

I sighed. "That'd be my guess. Jeanie ganked her phone at one point and kept sending me videos of her doing things to Alexa and teasing me about sitting at home playing games."

Dad snorted and burst out laughing while mom looked shocked for a moment and then concerned. "You're... you're not... are you okay?"

I rolled my eyes. "I'm fine, mother."

"She shouldn't have done that, it's irresponsible," she said somewhat tersely. I could tell her ire was rising. I played my one card to diffuse the situation before things became complicated.

"Could've been worse, she might've messaged me from your phone." I said pointedly.

My mother stopped dead. Even my father stopped laughing and went silent before coughing into his hand. I could see her cheeks go pink as what I had said sunk in.

"Oh, Jesus, you know," she breathed. "Alex, I-"

I held up my hand. "You don't have to account to me about anything, you're the best parents a guy could ask for. You aren't amazing in spite of this thing, it's just part of who you are. And frankly, now that I've seen Jeanie, the less I know, the better."

"Which means Alexa knows," mom muttered. "What did she have to say?"

"Well, I don't like discussing these things with my aunt," I stated, telling a half-truth. "But to quote her, she doubts she'll see Jeanie again, now that she knows dad's been inside her and you've bumped donuts with her."

My dad's roaring laughter echoed in my ears for several minutes afterward.


Since we were going out to celebrate, mom and Alexa went shopping for new dresses. They'd no doubt be purchasing something sexy and slinky if I knew mom and I couldn't wait to see Alexa. Dad and I simply opted for our good suits.

"Did you have a good time the other night with Heather?" dad asked casually as we put on our ties while standing in the living room. We'd agreed to meet them at the bar of our restaurant of choice so that we'd be pleasantly surprised by what they were wearing.

"Yeah, it was a good night," I answered. "She hasn't really changed since my last date with her."

Dad chuckled. "We went to school with her mom, everyone called her 'Give-It-Away Colson. Except your mother, who called her Miss Good'n'Plenty. Like mother, like daughter, I take it?"

"Definitely." I said. "But she says I'm too smart for her to seriously date, so we're more likely to just be friends with benefits from the sound of it. Not that I am objecting."

"Well, as long as you're careful, I guess," dad mused. "Chances are your mom is talking with Alexa and making sure things aren't awkward all of a sudden. Anything you want to ask or know?"

"Nope," I said as I adjusted my tie, looking in the mirror. "Less I know, the better. And to be honest, if you two are happy, there's no reason for me not to be on your behalf. It's like I tell my gay guy friends, I'm happy for them, do whatever the hell you want, just make sure I don't have to see it or hear about it."

"Very enlightened," dad laughed. "Your mom and I have had student playmates for a lot of years, so this is nothing new. This is just the first time it's ever come up because your aunt went out with Jeanie."

"And that didn't worry you two?" I asked, shrugging. "Let's face it, she was gonna find out."

Dad nodded. "We'd talked about it, figured we might need to talk to Alexa, but we weren't sure you'd find out."

"Well, she doesn't know many people yet and I'm more or less her age, so I'm kinda her default confidant." I reasoned.

"Yeah, you really are on the short end of the stick there," he agreed. "You're her nephew and you get most of the workload concerning her because you're so close in age."

"Eh, it's not that bad," I added, trying to sound accomodating. "There are worse things than having an intelligent and funny aunt."

Dad slipped on his jacket and clapped me on the shoulder. "Alright, let's get going, they'll probably be there soon and waiting for us."

I couldn't wait to see what Alexa was wearing.


Mom and Alexa were indeed waiting for us when we got to the lounge. They must have seen us coming in the mirror behind the bar, because they were facing away from us and turned around upon our approach. Dad and I both nearly stopped dead in our tracks.

Drop-dead gorgeous was not even close to beginning to describe Alexa- her sultry figure was clad in a black cocktail dress that hugged her curves perfectly. The neckline was low and drew attention to her magnificent bust. The dress ended somewhere above mid-thigh with a split on the side, revealing miles of shapely leg. She'd done her hair up in a coil that was elegant with just enough hint of cheerful messy to be fun.

Mom was wearing a deep royal blue dress that accented her curvaceous figure and bathykolpian nature. Mom's dark, lush hair hung down and spilled over her shoulders. Both women were wearing silve jewelry that complimented their attire.

Alexa smirked as I tried not to stare, dumbstruck. Thankfully, dad might have been equally amazed, but at least he could speak.

"Whoops, we're in the wrong lounge, Alex," he said. "Apparently only angels drink here."

Alexa blushed and giggled while mom smiled and rolled her eyes, doubtless used to dad's unusual and often cheesy flattery. She took him by the hand and pulled him over to a seat beside her while I sat on the outside of Alexa. We all laughed and enjoyed some drinks before heading into the elegant dining room and having a wonderful dinner. I tried not to blush as I kept feeling Alexa's foot graze up and down my leg under the table.

Dinner was over and we were all drinking port with poached pears for dessert. Mom was apparently under the influence enough to try and seduce dad, not that this required any work on her part. She leaned into my father and whispered something in his ear. He listened, nodded and they both stood up, finishing their glasses of port quickly.

"Alex, be a sport and pay the bill, will you?" dad asked as he led mom away from the table. "Order yourselves another round or something, we'll be back in a... whenever."

I blinked as I watched them leave, trying to do the math in my head about whether my bank account could possibly handle this unexpected burden and leave a generous tip. Alexa snickered, knowing what was going through my mind.

"Your bank account can handle it." Alexa said sweetly, winking at me.

"And why would you know that?"

"Well, your mom tried to help me open up an account today and I can't have one on my own just yet, so she attached me to yours. So I know how much is in your account. You've got this covered and Mike will no doubt reimburse you. Grace under pressure, right?"

I frowned. "How did she do that without my signature?"

Alexa shrugged. "She knew the branch manager of your bank and she helped us directly, apparently they're good friends. I saw some looks between them and the woman asked how your dad was in a nuanced voice. I think they're fucking her."

"And I'm beginning to think I live in a brothel." I sighed, causing her to giggle again and pat my arm. I ordered more drinks for us and then paid the bill. We waited for about half an our before mom and dad got back, trying very hard to look unruffled and dignified. They sat down as if nothing had happened and mom looked at me as she picked up her glass. "What?"

"Ab-so-lutely nothing." I replied.

"Damn straight."

"Well, at least I am." I quipped, causing Alexa to double over and begin giggling until tears were running down her face while mom almost choked on her port. Dad simply looked away and up at the ceiling.

With mom and dad's horny demons seemingly sated for now, we decided to vist another establishment, this one more of a club, with lots of pulsing music and flashing lights. Mom and dad were not nearly as out of place in these environs as one might imagine and were having quite a good time. Alexa and mom were dancing and definitely the center of attention on the floor. They were dancing together but not 'dancing together' as so many other girls out on the town often do. Mom seemed to be throwing some sort of provocative mating dance in my father's direction while Alexa was trying to not obviously throw one my way.

At some point, mom must have called her friends, Dr Stevenson and his wife Helen, who now showed up. Now those two seemed out of place in this loud club full of gyrating rhythms and flesh. They almost huddled together for protection but were assured by mom and dad's presence.

Eventually, all the evening's drinks had a predictable effect on my system and I excused myself to the bathroom. A few minutes later, dad also came into the john to relieve himself. We'd both finished and were coming back together when we paused, noticing something was wrong.

A group of guys who were wearing biker clothing seemed to have gathered in a cluster around mom, Alexa and the Stevensons. One of them was standing close to Alexa, seeming to try and get her to open her legs so he could stand between them. Alexa was getting angry, as was my mother, while the Stevensons were pale with fright. There were maybe ten guys.

The one guy tried to use his hands to pull Alexa's legs apart when she rammed her knee into his crotch, causing him to grunt and double over. Another swore and raised his hand to slap her when mom's hand flashed out and her nails dug into his eyes. He screeched and reeled away but another made to hit her.

Dad was on them like a tiger.

If there is one rule I have ever learned in my life, it is to never enrage my father. Never threaten his family or the people he cares about.

I was only a heartbeat behind him, but dad was already in there like a maelstrom and the men harrassing my mom and aunt backed up quickly in shock. Dad punched one of them square in the face, knocking him backward and through a round wooden table that splintered under the impact. He grabbed another and rammed his knee into the man's chest before throwing him down onto his face. People were stampeding away from the scene in a panic.

It didn't take the bikers long to rally and start fighting back against us. One tried to get behind dad, but I grabbed his arm and wrenched it, hard. There was a wet popping sound as his wrist and elbow dislocated at the same moment. He cried out in pain and I shoved him aside, lunging in at another. I ducked under a punch that was so slow you could have preserved it in amber. My fist rammed into the guy's sternum and another cracked across his jaw before he went down.

Mom kept Alexa and the Stevensons back against the bar, knowing better than to interfere while dad and I fought to push the men away from them. Their numbers were starting to work against me, because while I'm very adept at the fighting styles I'd learned, I'm not a patch on the raging engine of destruction my father becomes when you threaten his woman.

Clearly they thought he was the bigger threat (literally), because they were converging on him, one of the injured ones having stood back up to join the fight. This allowed me to grab one who wasn't paying attention and ram my knee into his lower back, dropping him. Dad slammed his fist across the jaw of another and blood sprayed in a wide arc. He grabbed two more and rammed their skulls together, a loud crack echoing across the club. I threw another aside and he tumbled into the bar next to mom. She scowled at him and broke a beer bottle over his head. He slumped down and went to sleep.

I couldn't stop what happened next, I was tussling with a biker and not able to disengage. The injured biker who had stood up pulled a knife and lunged in, ramming it into my father's side. Dad grunted and grabbed the man by the wrist holding the knife, making sure he couldn't get away. Glaring down at the biker, he smashed his forhead right into the man's face, which dissolved in a welter of blood and bone before punching him, hard. His neck snapped backward like he'd received a Tyson uppercut and he collapsed to the floor.

In spite of the shouts of panic, feet running every which way and the cries of fright, the seeming silence that followed the brawl was deafening. Dad was towering over the carnage, his suit ripped, his chest heaving, teeth clenched and eyes blazing. I glanced over at Alexa, who had her hands over her mouth, her eyes wide with what might have been shock or fright.

It was then that I noticed the spreading red stain on my dad's shirt just above his belt.

Mom leapt out of her chair and rushed up to me while Alexa hustled the terrified Stevensons around behind the bar away from any harm before hurrying to join my mom at my side. Dad was still nearby, standing over the bikers, waiting to see if any were stupid enough to get up.

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