tagGay MaleAlex and Dan Pt. 01

Alex and Dan Pt. 01



Summer was close to its end and Alex was ready to move away from home and go to college. He had worked at a coffee shop and as a summer school assistant to afford the car he was packing with boxes filled with his life. Alex was never popular in high school but he was the sort of person that had a lot of friends. Everyone seemed to get along with him but no one knew him besides a select few. He thought of himself as a floater, never really fitting in with one crowd but always drifting between them mingling around at different school events.

He was perfectly average looking. Short brown hair that he spiked up and brown eyes. A little short, but compact muscle that often made people assume he wrestled. But he wasn't into sports. He wasn't really into anything besides hanging out.

As he filled his car with boxes, his mom came out and watched. She knew he was gay and was excited for him to leave the conservative town she raised him and move someplace more accepting. She looked anxiously at her watch, hoping Alex's sister would come home in time to say goodbye. But Alex new his sister wouldn't and said goodbye after breakfast.

It was just the three of them. His Dad left when he was in middle school. He was cheating on his mom with another one of school friend's parents. It was a bad divorce and Alex has refused to see his dad except for Holidays. His sister was another story, and saw him as often as she liked.

He slid a dorm room mirror he bought from Target on top of his boxes and went to hug his mom goodbye. She slid her arms around him, gently holding him until he wiggled away and then whispered "I love you" before he got in the car and pulled out of the driveway to embark on the rest of his life.

He was only traveling 2 hours away but that was enough of a distance where he didn't have to come home a lot but if he needed to, he could visit or grab a few things he forgot. Alex was already starting to feel nervous as he got on the freeway. He passed his middle school where those innocent afterschool talks his father was having with his new wife Linda started and he passed the park he hung out in afterschool where he was bullied because he was gay. The bullies outgrew him but Alex still felt anxiety when people mentioned gay people around him. There was one other out gay kid in high school whom was very flamboyant and made Alex feel self-conscious because he wasn't like him. After awhile Alex realized he wasn't homesick, He was just nostalgic for a time when life was easier, where he didn't have these bad memories. He turned up the radio and rolled down the windows and lay back for the drive ahead of him.

After nearly three hours in traffic he pulled into a spot and followed the signs to a check-in table. An Asian girl with glasses was sitting there directing people to their dorms. After making Alex sign a few papers she handed him his keys and pointed to a building at the far end of the quad, Jefferson Hall. "Jefferson 210." She said. "You're lucky, I'm going to be your RA. I'll see you in our floor meeting. I'm Sam if you couldn't read my name tag," as she pointed to the red writing on her shirt. "Here's a parking pass so you can move your car closer. See you later!"

While Alex didn't talk to her for long, he felt like she was a good person and was glad he might have a cool RA his first year. Now he only hoped for a cool roommate that was already there so he didn't have to choose which bed was his. Alex was super indecisive and wanted his roommate to be happy so they could start the year off right.

Alex moved his car and started unloading it. He climbed the stairs and said hi to a few people on the way to his room. As he unlocked his door with one arm around a box, he was sad to see no one else moved in.

It was a typical dorm room. There were 2 beds, 2 desks, and 2 standup closets on the side of each wall with a door on the left leading to the bathroom and a nice window overlooking the quad on the other end of the room. He could make out Sam in her blue shirt sitting at the table where he checked-in.

Alex walked back down and took up 3 more loads of boxes before getting tired. He decided to leave the last load of stuff for later and sat down on one of the beds with all his stuff in the middle of the room, waiting until his roommate to show up to decide which side he wanted. But after a few minutes he drifted off to sleep wondering what his roommate would look like.


After 6 hours of driving, Dan was glad to get out of his car to stretch. He walked to the check in table where a new guy replaced Sam, his name was Brian, and proceeded to get his keys. He moved his car, ran upstairs and burst into his room where he immediately tripped over boxes in the middle of the floor. "Fuck" he swore loudly. "God damn I have to pee," he said as he got up and hopped into the bathroom where he unzipped and let out a long stream.

"Hey, I'm sorry about my boxes, I didn't know what side to choose and was waiting for you." He heard a voice say as he was close to finishing. "I must have fallen asleep. Are you okay?"

Dan didn't even think that those boxes could be his roommates. He was so focused on getting to the bathroom he didn't even think anyone was in the room. "Nah, I'm all good, I just had to pee," he said as he shook himself and zipped up. He turned around and could see his roommate in the mirror sitting on the bed furthest away from the bathroom door. "I'm Dan by the way."

"I'm Alex. Anyways did you have preference for a side? I don't care, so if you'd rather be here you can have this bed."

Dan thought Alex was joking and said, "Well, I mean that bed is closer to window and I need the light to wake me up...so I'd rather have that bed." He saw Alex get up and start moving his things to the other side. And immediately regretted what he said. "I'm just kidding. Man, I really don't care. Keep that side. You already fell asleep there. It's meant for you." Alex stood still confused. "No, really keep it. I'm just messing with you... You know, sarcasm?" he laughed. Still nothing. Dan felt bad at this point and picked up one of Alex's boxes and put it on the desk on the right side. "See you can have it," he said.

Alex finally moved and started unpacking the box with his clothes in it. He hung some shirts before stuffing underwear and socks in the drawers below his closet. He looked down and felt embarrassed as he saw the butt plug he brought with him. He looked at Dan who was lying on the bed resting and stuffed it under his socks in his drawer before he could see.

Alex was feeling flushed as he suggested that he go get his last box and mirror from his car. "Perfect I'll come get my stuff from my truck," Dan said. Dan and him walked down the stairs and to the parking lot where they were assigned spots next to each other. Dan's old beat-up truck looked in even worse condition next to Alex's new Prius. Dan pulled out two large duffle bags from the back and hurled them over his shoulder and waited for Alex to get his stuff. He hoped his roommate wasn't as slow as he seemed earlier.

Once Alex got his stuff out, they climbed back up the stairs and into their room where Alex immediately started putting his things away. By the time Dan emptied his bags onto his bed, Alex had finished putting his things away and made his bed.

Dan didn't bring much with him. He brought enough clothes for two weeks, which he put away with out folding. Most of it gym clothes he could wear to practice, and a few nicer clothes he could wear on dates. He took a big bottle of protein powder out and set it on his desk and threw the rest of his stuff in the drawers.

As Alex was hanging his last thing, a poster of the movie Gravity, Dan decided he needed to wash off the day's journey, stripped down and walked into the bathroom where he hopped in the shower.


Alex sat there speechless. Everything had already gone wrong and he thought his roommate hated him. Dan tripped over his boxes before they even met. He knew he should have moved them before he even got there. And then he didn't understand that Dan was joking about the beds. Alex thought it made perfect sense that he needed the sun needed to wake him up. Now he felt stupid. Oh God, and there was the plug he had to stash away. He didn't think Dan noticed but Alex wasn't sure. He thought it might be too early to tell Dan he was gay. He seemed like a typical jock. Alex thought he was grimy with only a few pairs of non-gym clothes and that huge jug of protein powder. It seemed like Dan only cared about sports, girls, and food at this point. And Alex didn't want to stir the pot by saying he liked guys...but he didn't know how he could handle himself.

He saw Dan strip down as he was hanging his poster, and he could see an outline of his body in the mirror as took a shower with the door open. Dan was everything Alex wanted. He was tall with longer brown hair that was wrapped in a man bun. He had piercing green eyes that seemed to smile when he talked. Which mesmerized him earlier during the whole bed conversation. He had a nice short beard that went perfectly with the man bun and his body was absolutely perfect. He sat on his bed trying to remember every detail before Dan disappeared into the bathroom. Nice arms with a defined chest and wide shoulders. Abs that were athletically built and a V that led to trimmed pubes and an amazing uncut cock. A bubble butt and hairy legs. Alex was sitting there with a boner rubbing it through his pants as he watched his roommate's silhouette in the shower. He decided what the fuck and took it out and furiously started pumping before Dan could get out of the shower. It took about a minute before he was close. Alex looked in the mirror and saw Dan rubbing his body and threw his had back and shot his cum on his chest. He reached into the drawer below his bed and pulled out a towel and wiped his sweat and cum off just as Dan turned off the water.


"That was good," he said, "Super relaxing" as we walked out of the bathroom in just a towel.

"Yeah I bet," Alex said looking up from a book he just pulled out and opened to a random page.

Dan thought Alex looked a little red. "Maybe he's shy and I embarrassed him," Dan thought. Dan's so used to being in a locker room he forgot that some guys aren't comfortable with other naked guys around them. "Hey, if it bothers you that I walk around naked and stuff, just let me know and I'll try to cover up more. I'm so used to the locker room and all."

Alex furiously shook his head. "No. No, I'm not prude or anything. I just wasn't expecting it an hour after meeting you." He laughed. "Do what you want, but it might take a while for me to get used to it. I never played sports or had a brother to share a room with."

With that Dan dropped his towel and bent over looking for shorts to put on. Alex felt his dick stir even though he just came and quickly buried his nose in his book before getting caught eyeing his roommate.

To be continued...

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