tagGay MaleAlex and Dan Pt. 02

Alex and Dan Pt. 02


Sorry, Sorry, Sorry for not getting this to you guys sooner! It's been a while, but I've been busy finishing up my last semester! So here you go. As always if you have any feedback let me know!



Alex got up from his bed after Dan finally found a pair of shorts to wear, went into the bathroom and splashed his face with water. He thought back to when he first knew he was gay as a junior in high school and remembered his first crush, Brian. A lot like Dan, Brian was an athlete and like every other Latino in school, Brian played soccer. He had the body to prove it-thick legs and a round ass. Brian was struggling in math and their teacher made them pair up for study sessions but he and thought it was it was okay to ditch studying and just shoot the shit with Alex. When grades came around, the teacher blamed Alex for Brian's failure and let him know that he needed to tighten up his attitude. That afternoon as Brian dribbled the soccer ball home, Alex thought about ways to convince Brian to study. They sat on the couch and Brian started to pull out some weed, which Alex knew was going to be a bad idea but went along. After a few hits he lay back and tried talking to Brian.

"Hey I don't want to get in trouble because your math grade isn't getting better," Alex brought up slowly.

"Don't worry," Brian said, "Just relax, we can work on my grades later. Right now I just want to relax." With that, Brian took off his shirt and started rubbing his body. "I see the way you look at me. I don't care. I kind of like it. Do you like it?" He said as he started palming his cock through his pants.

Alex stammered.

"It's okay. I know you want to suck it. Come here." Brian whispered as he grabbed the back of Alex's head and pushed it into his crotch.

Alex breathed in, smelling the faint odor from Brian's balls and let the heat emanating from his crotch warm his face. He gently rubbed his face against Brian's hard cock through his pants and fell onto his knees in front of him.

"Yeah, I knew you'd want this," Brian said as he pulled his pants off. "Now suck it."

Alex started bobbing up and down, licking around the base and then gently sucked on each ball. He'd lick up to the tip and then bury the dick as far in his throat as he could before gagging. He pulled off, tears and spit covering his face and laughed when he saw Brian smiling. He'd repeat the process increasing the suction and started to jack himself off. Doubling his effort, Brian stood up holding Alex's head and began to fuck his throat. Brian was pumping in and out grunting with every in and moaning as pulled out. Alex could barely breath but was so turned on he didn't care. Alex tugged on his cock rubbing right under the head and let out an inaudible moan around Brian's cock as he shot his load. Brian thrust in a few more times before slamming his cock down Alex's throat coating it with his cum. He pulled out as Alex let out a little cough and watched as the drool, snot and tears pooled around on Alex's face.

"Clean up, Brian demanded as he gently slapped Alex across the face with his cock. "You're mine now,"

That was the last day Alex went over to Brian's house. Alex told his math teacher he couldn't help Brian anymore and the teacher let him switch study partners. He couldn't even look at Brian during school without remembering that horribly sexy feeling of being covered in cum. Brian would catch him looking and smirk knowing Alex would get hard. This continued until Brian was caught fucking a girl in the bathroom at school and was expelled. Alex never heard from him again, but remembers Brian as his first crush and the first cock he sucked.


Alex left the bathroom and reminded Dan they needed to go to the floor meeting in 20 minutes.

"I'll meet you there." Alex suggested and ran out the door before Dan could object.

Alex walked down to the first floor and found Sam, his RA, waiting in the activity room for the meeting to start. He approached her smiling hoping she would remember him.

"Hi, Alex. What's going on? You're here early for the meeting." Sam called from across the room.

"Yeah I just wanted to walk around see what was happening, meet some new people," he said as he got closer.

"Awesome, no one is here right now, probably all resting from move in, but I'll be leading another meeting to get to know people in here tonight if you want to come."

"Sure," Alex nodded. I'm going to get some coffee right now. Want anything?

"No, I'm all good, but maybe after our meeting tonight. Make sure you rest up for orientation this week. You'll need that energy," she winked.


Dan sat at his desk trying to find his health insurance information he needed to turn in before practice began. He couldn't remember the last place he saw it and thought he could have left on his desk at home. Dan's dad was proud to have a son go to college. Dan had worked hard to get his grades high enough and most of tuition was covered by the football scholarship he was awarded. If he couldn't find these papers, it would be another few weeks before that money went through the account leaving him broke.

Dan's older brother followed in his father's footsteps and took over Angelino Brothers Plumbing after his dad had a heart attack that pushed him into early retirement. Having his own business made his dad proud, but it was a lot of work. Dan's brother handled his father's clients while his uncle and cousin handled the other side of business. Every time Dan tried to help out, he would always screw something up and after awhile they left Dan at home hoping he would put his energy to better use.

Giving up searching his desk he went to look in his truck. He found it nestled between the seats. He checked the time and realized he's was already 5 minutes late for his floor meeting. He ran across the parking lot and rushed into the activity room where he saw Alex sitting with a group of girls. *Man he's already scoring mad pussy,* Dan thought. He smiled and waved as he made his way over to them but stopped when he realized there was no room. He slunk back against the wall and waited for the next 20 minutes until the meeting was over.

"Man was that boring" Dan said as he caught up with Alex afterwards.

"You missed the fun part where we did some icebreakers and got to know everyone," Alex stated. "But yeah after that it was pretty boring."

"What are you doing later?" Dan asked

"I actually have plans. You?"

"Oh, yeah me too." Dan lied. "I guess I'll see you back at the room then."

Feeling rejected Dan walked back to the room


After his floor meeting, Alex was annoyed he couldn't spend time getting to know his roommate, but he already promised Sam he would come to the other meeting she was leading. He stayed around chatting with some of the girls he had been sitting with and when Sam walked in he felt at ease. Some other people started filling in the empty spots around them. Most were people he had seen moving in today but there were some upperclassmen that had been helping as well. There seemed to be some really attractive men at this school, Alex noticed. He felt excited at his prospects of finding a good guy to date and begin a relationship with. He made eye contact with a really attractive guy with blue eyes and brown hair from across the room and quickly looked away blushing. He turned towards him again and saw him still looking. The guy smiled.

Sam walked into the center of the room and began introducing herself. "Hi everybody I'm Sam," she began, "I'm an RA in this building on the third floor. If you didn't know, this is an open space clubs can reserve to use for events or meetings. Tonight, I reserved it for a club, I'm president of, Gay Straight Alliance."

What did I get myself into? Alex thought. He was okay with being at the meeting but it was unnerving to be out in such a new place this early in the semester. He looked at the guy across the room and smiled.

After the meeting, Alex thanked Sam for inviting him and tried to meander across the floor to the guy he'd been making eyes with. As he approached he saw another guy come up and kiss him on the cheek. Taken...

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