tagBDSMAlex and Emma Pt. 16

Alex and Emma Pt. 16





I reluctantly spent the rest of the week at my place. Although I didn't admit it to Alex, I was concerned that my presence would distract him from his classes too much. He was almost done. I would have hated to be the reason he messed it up.

Our time apart was easier knowing it hadn't been "good-bye" but "see you later" on Tuesday morning. I was able to focus on my job and complete two stories I'd been editing for clients. I even toyed a little with my new story, inspired by my sessions with Alex.

No. Not sessions. Those usually had a strict start and end. A designated timeframe. This was more than that. Much more. At least to me.

The longer we were together, the less I considered what we had in the typical BDSM terms. Especially since we weren't always hitting it hardcore kinky. Like Monday evening. It had been normal as soon as he carried me to bed. Vanilla with lots and lots of goodies on top, but still vanilla.

A regimented encounter where I submitted to a Dominant the moment I walked into our designated space and then went home when he said we were done had been pretty much the norm before. Hours later, not usually days. Not counting that one guy I'd lived with...and one other.

It had been what I'd expected from Alex, even after he'd extended the invitation to come and go as I liked. But after the first night with him, I knew we weren't going to have that typical arrangement. I'd entered a new kind of relationship. I would hate to say we were dating since we hadn't discussed calling it that. Yet we were beyond the casual hookup that implied what we shared was just sex.

I didn't return until Saturday afternoon due to him having another slam poetry event Friday night. He hadn't invited me this time. I'd seen the flyer on his fridge, but I hadn't wanted to make him nervous or upset by just showing up. And due to the late time of the event, I thought I would let him sleep in.

We spent the weekend having sex in random places like the kitchen counter, the chair in his office, the back of the couch, and yes, the dining room table. Sometimes he dominated, sometimes I topped. We used the shower quite a bit, too. And not just for cleaning up. I insisted he let me give him some money toward the water bill this month after we took our fifth shower by Sunday evening.

By the fourth weekend, we had settled into a routine where I went back home for the week. It allowed us to concentrate on our work without distractions. At least the distraction of wanting to release sexual tension, which seemed to steam up whenever we breathed the same air.

There were still Saturdays when he worked in his office while I was around, but he kept it to a minimum. And I took comfort in the solace of just kneeling by his side. He seemed to enjoy it as well. Stroking my hair. Making sweet love to me afterwards.

Usually, it was Friday through Sunday nights. Sometimes starting Saturday afternoons, sometimes ending Monday mornings. And there was the occasional weeknight that I joined him at the café after his poetry group meeting for a bite to eat. Which always led us back to his place where I spent the night.

Once, when I had worn a short dress to meet him, he followed me into the women's bathroom after he'd paid the bill. Making me take my panties off and use them as a gag, he fucked me from behind. That had been interesting because he had to stop every time someone came in to use another stall. Then he'd start up again when we were alone. The bad part was, that was usually when I about to come. Even though I knew it wasn't possible, I could swear he'd had it set up that we'd get interrupted on purpose so he could draw out my release. My clothes had been dishelved and my hair no better by the time I was successful. He'd walked me out the back door, and I'd kept my head up as we passed the kitchen. Once outdoors, he'd dragged me down the alley, slammed my back against the brick wall of the building, and kissed me while he fingered me to another orgasm.

The second weekend of March—our fifth one together—happened to be the start of spring break at the college. I had expected him to go somewhere with his friends...or even home to see family. He'd surprised me by sending me a message on Skype that he wanted me to clear my calendar through the following week, pack a suitcase, leave my laptop behind, and meet him at his place at three o'clock sharp on Friday. Then he drove us to a reclusive cabin on the lake a couple of hours away. He said it belonged to his parents, and I believed him when I saw the pictures on the fireplace mantle. Damn, he'd been cute even as a little kid.

I'm not kidding when I say we fucked for a week. If we weren't having sex, we were sleeping or eating. Without any distractions, we were like a couple of rabbits in heat. He'd even brought a duffle bag with some of his toys. It was the first time he'd acknowledged my organization of the drawer.

He thanked me while tying me facedown on the bed—my knees bent under my belly and arms stretched out in either direction toward the headboard and footboard. Saying my doing so had helped him choose what to pack. Then he showed me a clear, glass dildo with various-sized colored bumps circling the top and bottom, and a single row down one side in a gradient pattern with the most bumps at the base. He said it was called "Ocean Bliss," and shot me a grin before going around to my backside where my pussy and ass were bared.

The best night was the last when it stormed and the power went out. We were outside in the woods behind the cabin with me tied naked between two trees and wearing the rope chest harness he'd always wanted to bind me with. He'd been flogging my ass for a good ten minutes when it started raining. He was quick about untying my wrists, leaving the ropes dangling around the tree trunks. But we'd still gotten soaked by the time we made it inside. Which made the ropes around my chest seem tighter. Once he'd gotten me unbound, I suggested a hot shower. He chose to make love to me on a pile of blankets in front of the roaring fireplace.

As we were lying there in each other's arms, mindless of the sweat and cum on our bodies, I wanted to ask him what his plans were for after college. But the fear that they didn't include me kept me silent. This week notwithstanding, maybe he wasn't into me as seriously as I was into him.

Although I knew we were exclusive, I didn't want to bring up defining our relationship beyond Dominant/submissive with the occasional switching. I didn't want to scare him. To risk losing him.


Two months together. I couldn't believe it. But there was the first and only Email from Alex, the date showing the proof. While I'd sent him two messages myself—both with snippets from one of my erotic stories—all other non-verbal communication had been done on Skype. And all of the verbal exchanges had been done in person, even though we'd exchanged phone numbers.

I usually sorted everything out to folders or deleted it. I don't know why I hadn't created a folder for him. Maybe, subconsciously, I had wanted to see his name popup whenever I checked Email. It made me smile.

The only other message in my Inbox was new and from a longtime client up across the northern border where moose and maple leaves were prevalent. She had won an award for a book I'd edited and wanted to celebrate in person. Her suggested dates just happened to be the week I knew Alex had finals, so I shot back a reply that I'd be there and made the travel arrangements.

It was almost noon by the time I headed across town to Alex's apartment. He'd told me his final poetry slam session with his group was last night, and they were going out to celebrate afterwards. I'd wanted to give him ample time to sleep in—though I wasn't sure how much he imbibed, or if he did at all since I had occupied his weekend nights for the most part—but he should surely be up by now.

When I let myself in, he was working in the office. I couldn't find the usual dress shirt in his closet, so I chose a plain white one, leaving the sleeves down. With the front completely buttoned, it looked a little stuffy on me until I added a dusky blue tie that reminded me of the shade of his eyes. Hair back in a messy ponytail, I took my position on the pillow already waiting at his feet.

The clacking of keys on the laptop stilled for a long minute before I heard a shaky exhale. He rested a hand on my hair, took another deep breath, and then resumed typing. A short time later, he adjusted himself in the chair.

I just smiled and settled in for the long haul. Letting my mind wander to ideas for the next part of my story. I must have missed him calling my name. But I couldn't ignore the tug on my hair that forced me to look up at him.

"You caused this. Fix it, Little One. I have to finish this paper today and Email it to my professor."

That's when I noticed he had his cock out. It was shiny on top and aimed directly at me.

I licked my lips and scooted under the desk with the pillow when he rolled the chair back. Then he rolled it back in, basically creating a cage from the ample but still small space. I made quick work of putting the head of his cock in my mouth and using my hands to do the rest.

The soft grunts and moans from above were encouraging. Especially when my nose pressed against his groin. After several minutes of licking, sucking, and massaging his cock and balls, I was sure he was ready to come.

He surprised me by backing up and standing. He left the desk twice. On his second return, he grabbed my hands and pulled me to my feet. Using the tie, he yanked me to him then smashed his lips to mine.

I was moaning into his mouth, his tongue practically down my throat, when his right hand jerked up the hem of his shirt and smacked me on the bare ass. My shriek was muffled, and then it faded into a coo because he caressed the same spot.

His left hand released the tie, snaking around my back. Although he held my waist, he didn't hold me to him as I'd expected. He turned me instead, and then swept his right arm across his desk, sending papers flying through the air. Books tumbled to the ground.

My gasp was cut off when he lifted me up on the desk. I hadn't even taken another breath before he yanked me forward by the tie and claimed my mouth again. I went to grab his arms, but he leaned me back slightly, and his left arm moved beside me. There was another crash and the sound of fluttering papers before my back hit the desktop.

"I've been wanting to do that since the first day you walked into my office," he growled then switched hands again, using the tie to hold my head up to his. His kiss was softer but no less fiery.

I moaned again, my fingers grazing over his shoulders that strained from his grip on me.

The sound of his belt clanking on the floor told me he'd dropped his pants. His right hand slid up my thigh and then went behind me, moving my ass forward. His thighs wedged between my knees, and he let me breathe—though rather shakily—while he sunk into me.

My fingers trembled over his arms. My cries of delight lost to his own sounds.

His dominant hand alternated between caressing my arching back that hovered over the desk and playing with my breast through his dress shirt. All while he thrust deeply into me.

I dropped my head back, hugging him tighter with my knees at his hips. Whimpering when his mouth latched onto my neck.

He held me to him with the tie until we both climaxed together. And then he kissed me tenderly, his withdrawal sending tremors throughout my whole body. His thumb stroked my clit for good measure, prolonging my coos until I bit my lip and rolled my head.

"Catch your breath then clean this up," he said, pointing around the room. He was still panting as he pulled his pants back up, straightened his T-shirt, and ran his hand back through his hair.

I laid there for another minute, watching him move the lamp and laptop from the couch back to the space on my left. I had just stood when he sat and rolled his chair back up. My legs shook, and I had to grab the edge of the desk when I felt his lips press against my ass.

"I approve of the outfit. Nice job tying a Windsor knot."

"Thank you, Sir."

Then the sound of clacking keys met my ears once more.

At least he put on some music while I picked up his books, straightening out any bent pages. I stacked them in two piles opposite from where he was working and then collected the strewn papers. Sitting Indian-style on the couch, I started the long process of trying to figure out their order, if there was one.


The next weekend was Easter. When I asked if he was going to visit his family for the holiday, Alex said not this year. It was a long drive. And with graduation less than a month away, he'd see his parents then.

It wasn't clear to me if he meant when he moved back home or if when they came up to the ceremony. Which made me wonder once again if our days together were numbered. My hope was that he'd stay in the area after getting his degree. But that wasn't something he brought up. And I got cold feet once more about broaching the subject myself. Maybe that was a sign that this relationship was just as fleeting as all of my prior ones.

Deciding to just live in the moment, I pushed the thoughts aside and tried to relax while we watched TV Saturday night. "Tried" is the operative word, though, because he had his arm around me and kept caressing my breast. Fingering my nipple. And it didn't seem to be in an intentionally arousing manner. Just a man absently playing with a boob.

Since I'd stayed the previous night, we had spent the morning in bed. Lunch had been out at the café, and I'd taken a nap on the couch in his office while he read a book. I'd started off reading, as well, but my head had been on his lap, and his fingers in my hair had caused me to drift off. He'd woken me when our pizza arrived for dinner. Then we'd cuddled on the couch to watch a movie. Him in a T-shirt and jeans. Me only in the white dress shirt again with the top three buttons undone.

Once the flick had ended, he'd cleaned up from our meal and changed the channel to a nature show marathon on the oceans. I'd switched to the other side of the couch to plug in my phone, and he'd pulled my feet onto his lap, massaging them. After the second episode, I'd scooted back over and leaned against him. With his arm around my shoulders, I'd rested my head on his chest.

Somewhere between episode three and four was when I first noticed his right hand down my top, casually cupping my right breast. Occasionally, he kissed the top of my head or rubbed his cheek across my hair. His other hand held my left on his lap, our fingers loosely intertwined. And beneath my ear, I could hear his steady heartbeat.

It was all very relaxing. But it had me wondering if he knew what he was doing. Besides sparking arousal in me and keeping it at a low flame for the past ninety minutes, he was acting like I would have expected any normal guy to act with his girlfriend.

When he released my hand to take a drink, my fingers landed directly between his legs. At first, I just left them there. But the longer they remained, the more they twitched involuntarily. I could feel him getting harder under my palm. Warmer. And the more tempted I became to do something about it.

At the next commercial, I lightly ran my fingers over his balls. "The Easter Bunny came early. I think I found two eggs, Sir."

Alex chuckled and pinched my nipple. "Is that so, Little One? Maybe you better check it out to be sure."

I grinned and got down on my knees, holding in my groan of disappointment when I lost his hand on my breast. But hopefully, his hand would be servicing other places. And soon.

My back to the TV and my head down, I nuzzled first my nose then my cheek against his groin. Noticing he'd parted his legs more when I'd adjusted my position.

"Mmm. I definitely think you've found something good."

I moaned against him then looked up. "May I, Sir?"

He smiled down at me, stroking the back of his fingers along my other cheek, and nodded. "You may."

Licking my lips, I unzipped his pants and gently released his cock. Though not entirely hard, he was well on his way. I wrapped my left hand around the shaft and ran my tongue along the underside from tip to base. There, I flicked the tip of my tongue at his balls, kissing softly.

At his low moan, I held his cock against my cheek and slipped my fingers inside his pants, stroking his balls. "Mmm. Definitely good, Sir."

"Yes, Little One. Definitely good. The feeling of your fingers on my balls is simply delicious."

I continued the stroking for another minute, making sure to get all around each sack. Behind me, the show was talking about the mysteries of the deep trenches in the oceans. I looked up at Alex to see his own deep oceans staring down at me.

Keeping eye contact, I trailed kisses up his cock. Felt it harden more in my hand. Twitching when I pulled back his foreskin and ran the tip of my tongue under the rim of the crown or the flat part along the soft head with a thin layer of precum.

His responding moan was music to my ears. He shifted, raising his hips.

I took the hint and tugged on his pants and boxers until they were at his ankles then pulled them off his feet one leg at a time. When he settled again, I nestled between his knees. Holding his cock up against his groin, I leaned down and ran my tongue over his balls now that there was no longer any hindrance. I kissed them softly. Lapping at them with the flat of my tongue. Massaging them carefully between my fingers as I cupped them in my palm.

Eyes back on him, I lightly wrapped my lips around one sack. Sucking while fondling. Teasing with my tongue. Flicking at the base of his cock between the balls.

The long sigh that deflated his chest was a sound I knew well. He'd once said he did that when pleasure surged through him. Now, it brought a smile to my face after I released him.

He leaned back further into the corner of the couch and lowered his eyelids halfway. "Fuck. That's my good girl."

I returned to running the flat of my tongue all the way up his cock to tease the slit at the tip. Gently pulling the foreskin down to circle the crown again. Back down to the base to suck on his other ball. Humming softly, knowing that also drove him crazy.

His hand rested on my head. He didn't use any pressure but occasionally played with my hair. Twining his fingers between the strands then smoothing them out only to start over again.

My own hand went to work slowly stroking his cock while I alternated between licking, sucking, and fondling his balls. Keeping my eyes on his face whenever I could. My left hand snaking up under the hem of his shirt to feel his skin against my fingertips.

When he sat up and pulled his T-shirt over his head, I released him long enough to unbutton my own the rest of the way. Though I left it on, hanging open.

Sitting back down on my heels, I grasped his shaft and wrapped my lips around the crown with a deep moan. Swallowing while pressing my tongue against his slit.

He hissed, gathering my hair now behind my neck. But still, he didn't try to control me.

Bracing both hands on his thighs, I rose up and slowly took his cock into my mouth. Feeling it stiffen even more the further I went down. Pausing two inches from the base before I pulled back and released him, a string of saliva trailing from his tip to my lip.

There was a sharp gasp from him. And then a deep groan when I tried again, going a little further this time. The head of his cock pressed at the back of my throat. The blood pumping inside making him throb between my lips.

I bobbed my head a little to ease more of it into my mouth. Trying to breathe and swallow around him.

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