Alex and Katie



The specter of Beth was everywhere in the house; Si kept it that way. Alex really thought that the only reason he and Katie had to come over every anniversary was so that Si could be near the only daughter he had left. Katie never measured up to Beth, in her father's eyes, and Alex wondered if Katie realized it. Katie was the eldest, probably daddy's favorite, but when she married Alex that all changed. At least that's the way Alex saw it.

The fighting started right after dinner; that is to say, right after midnight. Such were dinners at chéz Si. Katie knew Alex was drunk and ready to argue. She sided with her father on everything. This is no way to spend another Valentine's Day, Alex thought to himself. He turned to leave, weaving into the foyer to the front door. He turned back and yelled something at the two of them before making his exit.

Rage has a way of keeping Alex Benton focused. He knew he shouldn't be driving, but felt alert and on task. That said, he audibly sighed with relief when he pulled into his driveway.

If you come home tonight I know we can work this out, he'd screamed at Katie. If you don't I'll know where we stand.

Stupid, but there it was. He tried to remember his actions, but didn't trust his recollection. Had he really stomped back into the sitting room, pointing his finger at Katie?

I know this, he seemed to remember saying. This is no way to spend Valentine's Day, and certainly no way to spend a marriage.

Once in his front door Alex stumbled to his den. It was HIS den, another place in his life he could be without Katie. She hated the room. Until now Alex had liked it that way. On the bar in the corner was the half bottle of tequila he'd left before going to Si's house. The cap was off and his stale glass from earlier in the evening was beside it. When Alex poured a couple of ounces into the tumbler he felt more like a gambler going 'All In' than a drunk. Either Katie was going to come home, or she wasn't—he'd pushed all his chips to the middle of the table. He threw back the tequila, loving the way it burned down his throat. Finally: peace.

Two hours later Alex woke up. The nightmare of the previous evening and his boorish behavior came streaming back. He looked at his watch. It was either 3:45 or 9:15, he wasn't sure which. Either way it was Valentine's Day. With tentative steps he headed to the shower via the bedroom.

Katie wasn't home.

Alex Denton tilted his head back and let the cold water from the showerhead batter his face and gradually he felt like he was coming back to life. The water cascaded down his neck and chest, then wrapped around his lower body and washed slowly to the stone floor and eventually down the drain. He massaged below his eyes in hopes some of the puffiness would be gone before morning. He soaped up and watched the sudsy run-off spill clockwise into the floor drain. Without lifting his head, Alex cried. It was the shoulder-heaving cry of a defeated man.

Katie opened the glass shower door. "May I come in?" she asked. Her tone was one of a person who wasn't sure she'd get the answer she wanted.

Alex looked up, not embarrassed that she'd caught him crying. Habit pushed him to back of the shower.

Katie didn't move. Alex looked at her naked beauty. Her face held a tentative, but anxious smile. One hand was on the opened door, the other on the glass frame. Her breasts stood firm, her stomach taught, her feet perfectly side by side; she was neither forcing her way into the shower, nor was she taking a step back in an effort to get away. Vulnerable, the most beautiful woman Alex Benton had ever known stood on the threshold.

"I'm not late," she said softly. "And I'm not going anywhere."

"Katie, I'm sorry." Either Alex was teary again or the spray of the shower was clouding his eyes.

Katie stepped into the cold spray of the shower. She pressed a finger to his lips, turned, and twisted the shower dial to the left. Steam filled the stall almost immediately.

Alex stepped forward.

"Katie, I've—"

"—been wanting to soap my body. Is that what you were going to say? Okay. Soap my body."

Alex grabbed the soap bar and got a good lather in his hands. Carefully he caressed her breasts, rubbing in the soap. He kissed her, rubbing his belly against hers. His cock was hard; Alex wanted to come right away.

Katie moved to the plastic bench in the corner of the shower and spread her legs for him. Alex knelt in front of her, leaned forward, and kissed her stomach. She tasted like apricots and rain.

"Lick my pussy, Alex. Lick it like you used to."

Alex let his tongue wash over Katie's trim red pubic Mohawk; the hair was wet and soft. At the top of her mound he tilted his chin to his chest and darted his tongue at her exposed clit, teasing it before he turned and sloppily lapped at her inner thighs. If every woman has a secret erogenous zone on the outside of her body, Katie had two: the underside of her fresh 34D's and the inside of her thighs. He spent some time there, pressing his nose and tongue all over her soft flesh. Katie reached down and began to rub her clitoris. She shifted forward and opened herself wider for him.

Alex turned his attention to his wife's swollen pink labia. He could already taste her sweet juices, but resisted the urge to go all-in. Tenderly he traced her pinkness, up and around, then back again. And again. He lapped over her finger like it was a small bump in the road, and continued on his travels. Having completed another cycle Alex pulled his wife closer and darted his tongue underneath, teasing her anus.

"Uh, oh. Here I go," Katie cried out. "Here's number one."

Katie's orgasm squirted onto the bridge of his nose and into his eyes. He brought his face up and drank in all he could. He lapped frantically at her muff. Alex pursed his lips and pushed aside her finger. He sucked her clit into his lips and badgered it with his tongue.

Katie pulled her knees back until they were almost at her ears. "Oh God, Alex, suck on that clit. Make it harder. Make it bigger." One leg must have hung in the air on its own because Katie grabbed the back of his head with one hand and shoved him into her cunt. In a minute she was crying "Here's number two".

Katie's legs came together at Alex's ears and drowned out the sound of her orgasm and the running shower. In a world gone suddenly silent Alex could only hear his swallows as he gulped in her juices. Now he tasted apricots and rain.

Katie's legs were shaking when she brought them down, placed two feet flat on the stone floor, and sat up on the bench. Her nipples were little steeples and hard as Gibraltar.

She looked him in the eye. "Alex Denton, I love you. I have never wanted to be anything other than Mrs. Alex Denton."

Alex stood up. So did his wife. They kissed. Alex pretended it was the first time he'd kissed Katherine Lang. His erection was the white elephant in the room.

"I'm going to suck your dick. I'm going to kneel on this floor and let you shove that beautiful cock into my mouth. I'm going to lick your balls, take them into my mouth, tease them until you shoot your love all over my face. Then I'm going to make you lick your come off my titties and spit it into my mouth. I'll swallow and kiss you back. Then I'm going to fuck you whether or not you have a hard-on. And I'm going to do that for the rest of my life. Not just on our anniversary, or Valentine's Day, or Christmas, or Flag Day, or whatever. Every day."

Katie Denton knelt down in front of her husband. The steam from the shower had already filled the room but she could see his size 7 looking her in the face. They were underneath the showerhead again and warm water pearled off his stomach and onto his cock. Katie took his prick in her hands like it was the first dick she'd ever touched. Tentative, trembling. She kissed the head, took it in her mouth a bit, then sucked slowly. Alex pressed forward. Katie invited him in; her upper lip paved a smooth entrance. Soon she was gobbling the only man she'd ever loved.

Alex thought briefly about his wife's other lovers, then put that behind him. He felt hard and strong. He watched his penis piston in and out of his wife's mouth.

Katie let her tongue ride the underside of Alex's cock. He was harder than she could ever remember. She reached out and felt his sac; it was rounded and clenched. Katie went to work on her husband's tube determined to make him fire.

Alex felt the build inside him. Starting at the testicles then streaming through his unit. He watched his pretty wife nobbing his unit and thrust forward. Katie got seven inches when she was expecting five.

"I'm going to come," he said above the bathroom fan and shower noise.

Katie took Alex out of her mouth and stroked his love onto her chest. He splashed on her like wet bullets, over and over again. He gave until there was no more to give.

"Lick your come off my titties."

Dutifully, Alex complied. He kissed his seed into her mouth.

Katie licked her lips. "Happy Valentine's Day."

"I'm so glad you love me," Alex said.

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