tagTransgender & CrossdressersAlex and Tom Ch. 03

Alex and Tom Ch. 03



"You are going to be the prettiest girl in the whole world." Tom said holding me tightly around my midsection, one hand still in my wet panties. He continued to whisper in my ear as I came down from my pink fuzzy cloud.

"Sweet Alex, my special girl...my good girl."

I felt so good at that moment. My body was tingling everywhere. Tom's soothing voice was in my ear and his still erect cock in my hands. I gave it a squeeze, thinking to myself how much I loved it, how much I loved feeling like this.

I turned around slightly and tried to get up, I wanted to turn around and face him. Tom helped me lift my right leg up and he sort of picked me up and off of himself. I ended up on my feet, standing next to him seated in the chair. He put his left arm around my waist and moved me to in front of him. He put his legs together and I shimmied up onto his lap, my legs spread to either side, straddling him. His cock was semi-hard now and my wet panties snuggled up against it. I put my arms on his shoulders, and wiggled my hips a little. His hands went under the long t-shirt and rested on my lower back and butt cheeks, squeezing slightly. I was smiling at him.

I leaned in and kissed him on his mouth. His hands dug into me and he took over the kiss. He pushed his tongue between my lips, into my mouth. It was such a surprising feeling having my mouth full of his tongue. He licked and nibbled on my lips. I felt his hand move inside the back of my panties, down my butt crack. He moaned breathily into my mouth, my hips were rolling, squishing my still soft little prick through the wetness inside my panties.

"You made such a mess in your pretty underwear sweetie." Tom said, breaking our kiss and looking at me.

I dropped my chin, keeping eye contact with him and nodded slightly. We both looked down at the pink underwear covering my crotch. The front, under the bow was dark with moisture, as was the thin part between the front and the back. I could see the faint outline of my little, soft penis as the material stuck to it. Tom's mostly soft cock was lying across my thigh.

"Let's go get cleaned up baby girl, I'm getting hungry." Tom said as he helped me get up off of his lap.

He took my hand in his and walked me the few steps down the hall to the bathroom, stopping at a closet to get a couple of towels. After placing the towels on the sink counter, he reached in and started the shower. Then he grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and lifted it over his head. I loved looking at his body. When his face appeared, he was smiling. Not weirdly, just smiling at me. I smiled back, maybe blushing a little bit. He took hold of the bottom of my t-shirt, putting his hands on my hips and then slowly raising them over my tummy. He paused there, his eyes looking at my panties and moved his hands back down feeling my sides. I lifted my arms up and he pulled the shirt up and over my head, taking it off.

"Such a sexy girl in your panties Alex." He said as he looked me over.

He slid his boxers off and stepped out of them. Then he moved his hands to my hips, placing one finger under each side of the panties and moved them down. They popped over my tiny bump in front and as they moved down my thighs, the crotch stuck to me in the middle before releasing and he slid them down to my knees. My hands went up to my chest, still feeling shy about my nakedness.

Once at my knees, the panties fell into a bunch on top of my feet. As I lifted one foot to step out of them, Tom reached out, touching my elbow to help steady me. I shook the sticky panties off of my second foot and He pulled me into himself, holding me tightly by the shoulders, letting me feel his naked body against mine before kissing me on the top of my head and opening the shower curtain.

He stepped into the warm stream of water and then turned to me and helped me step over the edge of the tub. The shower stream was between us as we stood apart slightly, his hands on my arms and sides and he looked me up and down, running his hands over my chest and nipples, playing with them and inspecting them. He looked into my eyes then back to my body, then back to my eyes. My hands reached out for him and settled on his warm, soft cock hanging down in front of my tummy.

I absolutely loved holding his cock. It was so heavy, so present. His balls were hanging down and I cupped them in my hands before sliding them back up to squeeze his shaft, which was swelling slightly. He grabbed some soap from the holder and rubbed it between his hands. The soap smelled sweet like vanilla, and he formed it into a rich, foamy lather. He put his soapy hands on my chest and massaged it in, then slid them down my sides and back up. With one hand on my shoulder, he moved the other down in a straight line over my tummy to my little penis, gliding over it with his hand and began washing me down there. His hand went underneath my dick and balls and his fingertips brushed against my butt hole. He worked his hand down there, applying pressure to the whole region and leaned in to kiss me. I was almost on my tippy toes as I strained to reach his mouth with my own. He moved both his hands around to my backside and began washing and kneading my checks, spreading them and squeezing them as his tongue explored my mouth. His fingers slid down my crack right over my little hole before wrapping underneath me, the tips in the space between my butt and balls.

I moved my hands to his shoulders and he pushed on that spot, nearly lifting me up and I felt his cock slide against my soapy skin. I gasped as he moved his finger to my butt hole and made small little movements around it causing me to tighten up and squeeze his shoulders.

I was holding him so tightly, feeling scared and so safe at the same time. He continued to massage my hole as he kissed me and spread my cheeks apart. I relaxed a bit and snuggled my face into his chest.

"Mmmm, such a sexy little pussy for such a sexy girl." He said as he pushed his soapy finger into me just a tiny bit and held it there. I gasped again. I felt hot and flushed all over and it stung a little as his finger tip moved around, opening me up just a tiny bit. Then he slid his finger forward to my sack, then back again to my hole.

"Is this you're little pussy baby?" He asked me. "Do you like when I touch your pussy?"

I nodded a little against his chest, holding him tightly and felt his cock throb between us.

He gently pushed me away from himself and turned me around. He reached down and cupped my cheeks in his hands, working more soap all over and in between them. His hands were on my hips as I felt him pull me back into him, his semi hard cock resting between my slippery butt cheeks.

"Rub your pussy on me Alex." He said. "Rub it up and down on my cock."

I could feel his thick cock hanging down between my cheeks, the middle of its length sliding over my hole, my "pussy". I felt him grow between my legs as his hands slid down my hips to my thighs. He pushed them together, locking his now hard cock in my soapy crotch.

"Hold your legs together tightly baby." He said, breathing more heavily now. "Squeeze me with them."

I clenched my thighs tightly as he pushed forward, knocking me off balance and I put my hands against the shower wall. I looked down and saw the head of his cock slide out from under my little sack before sliding back and disappearing. It was sliding from my butt hole, I mean my "pussy", all the way to my balls. It felt so big as it slid over me, twitching and throbbing and bumping into my balls with each thrust. Tom ran his hands over my sides, up to my nipples, squeezing them, then back down to my hips. I felt his thumbs spread my cheeks and then one of them pushing on my hole. Not going inside, just putting pressure there. I made some kind of girly "ahhhh" sound and my back arched. Looking down my own little cock was super hard and pointing out, then his big cock head would appear from beneath it as he thrust forward sending tingles all over me.

"Oh baby, that feels so good." Tom said as his cock continued sliding back and forth.

"Squeeze your thighs together tighter baby." He said, as his thumb massaged my hole.

"Do you like when I touch your pussy Alex?" He asked between breaths

"Y-yess." I said.

"Yes, what baby?"

"Yes, I like it when you touch my pussy."

"Push your clitty down." He said, still sliding between my legs.

My clitty? I thought to myself. What's he....

He took one of my hands off the wall and placed it over my hard little dick, then pushed it down with his hand over it. It nuzzled between my balls and on the next thrust I felt his cock bump into, and then slide over it. It was like a stinging, intense flash of pleasure every time it did.

"Do you like the way my cock hits your hot little clitty Alex?"

"Uhhh." Was all I could say.

His thumb was pushing on my hole, and Tom was thrusting faster. I could feel his hips against my fanny when he pushed forward.

"Squeeze tighter!" He said. I did.

"Yes, oh fuck yes. Oh such a hot little pussy baby. Oh fuck I'm gonna cum! Oh yes, oh...."

His hips slammed into my butt hard as I looked down to see a big glob of cum launch out of his cock and stick to the wall in front of me. He thrusted again and again and I felt his cum between my legs. Then his cock plopped out from my crotch and I felt a hot string lay across my back as his shaft slid over my.."pussy" hole. Tom was grunting and breathing heavy, his hands were digging into my hips. He continued to rock his hips and slide over me and I felt his cock softening as his thrusts slowed. His cock was resting on the top of my ass and lower back as he pulled me into him by my hips. I realized I was still rubbing my little penis, my "clitty", between my legs.

"Oh yeah baby," Tom said. "Rub that little pussy for me."

He reached around and put his hand over mine, pushing hard on my clitty.

"Rub your little clitty hard baby girl." I want to feel you cum for me.

He put his other hand around behind me, putting his four fingers under my balls and rested his thumb on my hole.

"Push that hot little pussy into my hand baby." He said, still rubbing my clitty.

His thumb felt so big against my...pussy hole. I pushed back and he pushed forward, opening me just a little.

"Aaaahhh..." I gasped.

"Good girl." He said. "Keep pushing back baby."

I pushed my butt back more, feeling his thumb go deeper into me.

"Ooooo..." I maoned.

"Yes baby, such a tight little pussy."

He brushed my hand away and started rubbing my...clitty very fast. I was breathing heavily.

"Yes baby, cum for me, I want to feel you cum. Let it go." He said.

His thumb pushed even further into my pussy hole and I yelped as my hips bucked and I shot two spurts into Toms big hand with a squeal.

"Ohhhhh, yes. Good girl. Oooo. So fuckin hot baby. His thumb was still inside me and his hand was kneading one cheek. Rubbing my cum all lover my clitty like before, as my hips slowly rocked. I felt his thumb slowly pulling out of my clenched hole. It felt hot and stung a little as it popped out.

He pulled me off the wall and into himself, his soft cock pressing into the small of my back and top of my butt crack, his hand still on my clitty and sack.

"Mmmm, oh Alex." He said as his hand slid up to my chest, cupping it beneath my nipple.

I stood up on my toes, feeling his dick between my butt cheeks a little more. He squeezed me tight and then turned me around. I put my hands around his waist and held him tightly.

After a few moments he pushed me back slightly and hunched over to kiss me as he slid a hand up behind my neck, pulling me into him and kissing me deeply, his tongue filling my mouth once more. His other hand began to roam around my soapy body and we kissed for a few minutes like that. He broke our kiss and handed me the soap, putting it in my hands before placing his over mine and helping me make lather. When I had a handful of foam, he put the soap back in the dish and put my hands on his chest. I began to wash him with little circles. This soap was different than the one he washed me with, it smelled like citrus and spice. I ran my hands up and down his chest, looking at him and exploring him as he did to me. I washed his arms, and his sides, his chest and his stomach. I even reached around and washed his butt, which made us both laugh a little bit.

"Turn around so I can wash your back." I said.

He did and I re-soaped my hands and started washing his broad shoulders, massaging my way down his arms over his butt to his thighs. He was washing his face under the spray of the water while I did, blowing air and water out of his mouth and nostrils. He sounded like a bull and I giggled. He turned around smiling at me. Then bent down and kissed me again, moving his hands up to the side of my face as he did. I grabbed more soap and then moved my hands to his meaty cock and balls, lathering the soap all over them before beginning to slide my hands along his shaft, which was still semi-hard.

We kissed a while more while I stroked him and he explored my body, pausing to catch our breath every now and then. He soaped up his hands and washed me all over again, taking extra time between my legs and butt cheeks. I felt like I was back on the pink cloud and we smiled and laughed as we washed each other. We rinsed off and he turned off the shower before opening the curtain and handing me a towel.

I stood there holding the towel against myself and watched him dry off. He rubbed the towel all over himself, up and down his arms, his legs, around his back. I could see his cock in the mirror and I couldn't help but stare at it. Then he turned around and lifted the toilet seat. He shook his cock and balls before aiming at the toilet and began to pee. I turned around quickly to give him privacy. It sounded like thunder as it hit the water in the bowl. He peed for a long time, it seemed like forever and I stood there totally embarrassed. Then he stopped and started a few times before flushing and closing the lid.

"Wheew!" He said. "Come on out and dry off."

I stepped out over the tub edge and moved the towel beneath my arms and around my chest, locking it into itself like Tom had done for me earlier.

"Good girl!" he said, smiling at me from the mirror. "You look beautiful."

He grabbed a toothbrush and put toothpaste on it.

"Tom." I said. "I have to pee."

"So go ahead and pee baby." He said.

I wanted privacy but it didn't seem like he was going anywhere as he began scrubbing his teeth. I went to the toilet which was facing away from the mirror and lifted up the seat. I stood in front of it and lifted up my towel, grabbing my dick with two fingers and stood there trying to pee. I heard tom spit out his toothpaste.

"Go ahead and sit down like a good girl Alex. Pretty girls like you have to sit to pee."

I turned my head to look at him, still holding my little dick with my fingers. I was a little confused, and looked at him quizzically.

"Turn around sweetie. Pull up your towel, and sit down to pee like a good girl." He said looking at me. His tone was kind of serious.

I put the seat part of the toilet down and turned around. He was still looking at me in the mirror waiting for me to comply. I lifted up the towel, to just above my butt and sat on the toilet. Tom went back to brushing his teeth and I tried again to pee.

"Push your clitty down and close your legs." He said.

By now I was blushing, still trying to let my pee out. I did what he said and after a few seconds I felt a wonderful relief as my pee started to flow, making a tinkle sound in the bathroom. More contrasts I thought to myself as I remembered the thunderous roar of Tom's urine hitting the bowl. I continued to pee in little streams that stopped and started, echoing through the bathroom. Tom finished at the sink and went to leave.

"Don't forget to wipe your clitty Alex." He said as he walked out of the bathroom.

I finished peeing with a few little squirts and grabbing the toilet paper, made a little ball and held it against myself, feeling a little pee soak into it. Then I dropped it in the bowl and stood up, pulling my towel down over my hips. I looked in the toilet and thought that it looked like when my mom had went and didn't flush. I flushed the toilet and watched it swirl around before disappearing with a gurgle. I felt very girly as I walked out of the bathroom to find Tom.

I found him in the bedroom. He was pulling his jeans up when I walked in, still shirtless.

"There are clean panties in the top drawer over there." He said looking at the dresser across the room. "Go ahead and find a pair you like. I'll go grab your old clothes out of the dryer."

I walked over to the dresser and opened the top drawer. It was filled with colorful panties. I picked up a pair of blue ones, and held them up, turning them in my hands to see how they went. There was no butt on them just a thin piece of material that looked like it went right up the butt crack. That did not look comfortable. I picked up a white pair that was very silky and shiny. They had larger hips on them and looked like they would come up over my tummy. Then I saw a pair just like the pink ones that had gotten all messy and picked those up. I had loved the way they fit me and I stepped into them, pulling them up and over my little bump. My clitty Tom had called it. I couldn't help but run my hands around them, feeling my butt then around to the front, sliding both hands down over my clitty.

I slid my hands back up over the panties and my tummy to my chest. Thinking about the girls in the pictures we had looked at earlier. I squeezed my chest together, making small little half boobs in the middle of my chest. I looked down between them, over my tummy to the panties, to my thighs, down to my feet. I felt giddy and excited as took in the view.

I turned around to face the dresser and closed the top drawer and slid open the second, wondering what else was in there. On one side there were several bras in different colors, just like the panties. I picked up a pink one. It had soft cups that were kind of stiff, like foam, but also very soft with lace around the top edge. I played with it in my hands, feeling the smooth, stretchy material. I compared it to the lace and color of my panties and they matched perfectly. I turned to face the mirror and raised the bra to my chest, pulling it against me tightly from the straps on the sides. It made me look so sexy, like I had really big boobs. My eyes looked down and I could see into the empty cups from above. I looked back at my reflection and turned a little to one side, then to the other side looking from different angles. I stuck my chest out and wiggled it, imagining that the bra was filled with my boobs. I stuck my hip out and tried to pose like the girls in the pictures.

"I think that one is a little big for you sweetie."

I jumped at the sound of Toms voice and instantly threw the bra into the open drawer. My face flushed bright red and I turned to the dresser, my back to Tom.

"Here's your old boy clothes." Tom said as he placed them on the bed. "I see you chose the same panties as you had on before. You look so cute in those. You should probably get dressed and head home. I've got some errands to run and a little work to do this evening."

I was standing in front of the dresser, still feeling embarrassed.

"Come over here sweetie, I want to look at something." Tom said.

I turned around and folded my arms over my chest as I walked slowly over to him. He was sitting on the bed next to my clothes holding something yellow. I stood in front of him and he put his hands on my upper arms and looked into my eyes.

"I had an amazing time today Alex. He said. He had a warm, slight smile and his eyes were very happy.

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