Alex Ch. 03


Author's note:

This is the third chapter of a story I wrote online with my friend Alex. You will need to read the first two chapters of this story to fully understand the characters and situation.

ALEX: I gasp when I see him and I feel so embarrassed. My eyes immediately start to water again. "Danny..I..I" I'm stuttering and start crying more, unable to finish my sentence. I don't know if I'm more ashamed that he can see me naked or that he knows that I'm not the sweet innocent girl he thought I was.

PHIL: His eyes turn to thunder as he sees you laying there having sex with me. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" He shouts as he rushes over to us on the floor, pulling at my T-shirt to try and get me up off of you. "Hey relax" I say. I pull out of you quickly and leave you there with your legs splayed, your face glowing and obscenely showing your gaping pussy. He starts to fling punches at me, but his anger means his aim is wild and inaccurate. I catch one of his wrists in my hand and squeeze it hard. I jab him hard in the stomach, winding him for a few seconds. I take my chance to stand up and push him against the wall, towering over him by several inches.

ALEX: I cross my legs as soon as you pull out of me and cover myself. I pull a blanket off my bed and wrap it around me as I stand up screaming at both of you. "No! Stop guys! stop!" I start crying a little more and find that I'm really not sure who I'm rooting for as you guys fight. When you get him up against the wall I say "Phil... He...he didn't do anything. Just stop it guys."

PHIL: Danny's face is still glowing red and he's trying to lash out at me. "I'll kill you you fucking rapist!" He shouts at me. I can't help but snicker at his words. "Look calm down Danny! You think I forced myself on her?" He's breathing hard and trying to regain composure. "I know full well you did man. My sister doesn't do anything like that. She's still just a kid!" I look him square in the eyes before glancing over at you. "A kid! Still just a... she didn't look much like an innocent kid when you came in did she huh? Mate she was lying on the floor spreading her pussy wide for me! She's not quite as innocent as you might think." His mouth gapes open and he blinks quickly. "No, I don't believe you." I grab him by the neck of his T-shirt and march him over to your chair.

ALEX: I back away as you bring him to the chair, trying to stay far away from you guys. Tears streaming down my face as I stand there having no idea what to say. I don't want my brother to think I'm anything but his sweet innocent sister, but I also really don't want to get you in trouble. I just stand there speechless as I watch you pull him.

PHIL: He's still speechless as I push him roughly down into the chair. I put one knee up onto his lap to ensure he can't move easily before fixing him with a stare. "Basically Danny the last couple of times I've been over here you haven't even noticed I'm here. Banging on about your girl, how great she is, what great sex you have I got pissed off so came to see Alex. You know what she was doing?" He shakes his head silently. "Your angelic, innocent, sweet little sister was watching porn." He goes to protest but I push my knee forward silencing him. "In her bed watching people have sex. I didn't want to stay but she called me in, told me she was feeling horny and wanted to suck my cock." I look over at you to see how you're reacting to the inaccurate story. "That's right, your sister sucks cock. I was only in here about a minute before she was sucking the whole length down her slut throat. Then after she'd sucked it, she stripped herself naked, and asked... no begged, me to fuck her. She's not an angel Danny; she's a naughty cockhungry slut."

ALEX: I gasp and put my hands over my mouth as you tell the story. I shake my head. "No Danny... that's...that's not true. I would never watch porn... I...I" I look to you and see the stern look that you're giving me. "I...I just" I still really don't know what to say. I sit down on the bed, feeling just as helpless now as I did when you were pinning me down and fucking me. I realize I'm just rambling and not really making any sense. All I have left to say is "Phil... p...please don't hurt him...I'm so sorry Danny." I put my hands back over my mouth and continue to cry.

PHIL: Danny still doesn't believe it but I'm fixing him with a stare. "See? why would she cry if it weren't all true?" I turn to you, "Did you suck my cock and ask me to fuck you both today and last week Alex?"

ALEX: I just shake my head and I look at both of you. "It's....I..." I can't bring myself to answer. I focus on you again, hoping I can avoid answering the question. "Just let him go...let's...let's just pretend nothing ever happened" I say crying, knowing there's no way that that's possible.

PHIL: "fuck that! Now tell him! Tell him you deep-throated my cock last week and this week. And that you told me to fuck you both then and now tell him! Say it's the truth."

ALEX: my body is trembling. I close my eyes and a tear comes out before I open them. I sob again, then slowly remove my hands from my mouth so I can talk. "it''s true" I say. I see the look of shock, anger, and disappointment on my brother's face the moment I say it. I can't bear to look at him, and I cover my mouth again, let out another sob, and look away from him, hiding my face from him.

PHIL: "Haha see? See Danny? See what your untouched little sister has become? Just a horny bitch who's only happy when she's getting a huge dick inside her. I mean look!" I gesture to the papers strewn over the floor. "When I came in tonight she dropped all her papers off the table cos she was so eager to get on her knees and be my fucktoy." I pause for a moment looking at his silent mournful expression. "B... but." He stammers. "It.. it can't be true... She's in floods of tears! You're forcing her to say that! You've forced her to do all of this!" I see the anger starting to well inside him again and nudge with my knee to make him gasp. I see that all the years of him knowing you as his pure unsullied sister is too strong for him to believe what I'm telling him. I slowly pull the belt from out of the loops on my jeans and place it over one of his wrists on the arm of the chair.

ALEX: I'm shaking my head no when you lie about why all of my homework is on the floor, but am unable to say anything. I'm not sure if he saw me shaking my head. I stay cowered, up against the bed with my arms folded around the blanket that's wrapped around my naked body. I see you reach down for your belt and as soon as I see what you're about to do, I scream in Danny's defence. "No Phil!" I know you heard me but I see you go to put it around his wrist anyway, and I stay completely helpless. I'm afraid enough of you that I wouldn't dare try to physically stop you.

PHIL: I barely even hear that you've made a noise as I'm fixed on securing him. He tries to jerk his arm away but I've already pulled both sides of the leather down to pin his wrist to the curved wooden arm. I secure the buckle, using a hole which is just too tight for his circulation. He goes to grasp at it but I grab his fingers and force them back sharply. He yelps and starts raving at me to let him go. As I hold his fingers, squeezing and un-squeezing them in my hand I open a nearby drawer of yours and rifle through your underwear till I find a pair of pale blue panties. I bring them out and start to secure his other hand. "Oh, these must've been through the wash, they're not damp in the crotch like hers usually are." After he's well and truly stuck I stand up to admire my handiwork. "If you don't believe me, big brother, then you'll have to see the evidence for yourself won't you."

ALEX: I'm screaming at you, begging you to stop the whole time you're tying him up. I know from experience how good you are at tying someone up and knowing how easily you can overpower them, that I know he doesn't stand a chance fighting against you. I get frustrated that you keep ignoring me and cry more. As soon as you say you need him to see the evidence, I look down at my feet and see my wet panties there. I quickly kick them under the bed hoping you didn't notice.

PHIL: I walk decisively over to you. "Don't try and hide the obvious facts Alex." I push you aside and bend down to pick up the sheer cotton from under the bed. I also fetch up your pyjama bottoms and take them back over to him. "Here are her normal panties. This is what happens to your sister after she' had 8 inches of cockmeat down her throat." I stretch out each of the garments in turn making sure he can see the obvious wet patches on them. "Totally, dripping, fucking, wet. Exactly. And you think she wasn't enjoying that? She was loving every single second of it."

ALEX: I whimper as you push me aside..I grunt in pain as my shoulder hits the wall. I look at you with pleading eyes but don't dare try to stop you from doing anything. I feel myself actually get turned on the moment you push me. For some reason I feel myself wanting you again after you treat me like that, and I hate myself for it. I get my mind off of it when I see you showing him my wet panties, proving to him that I like being treated like a filthy whore. All I can do is cry and keep repeating "I'm sorry Danny... I'm so sorry."

PHIL: "Be quiet," I say looking over at you. I'm still staring at him intensely brandishing your clothes. "You should see her once she gets going Danny. Your own flesh and blood behaving like that. She just can't keep her panties on for two seconds this one. She told me that ever since I pulled my cock out of her last time she's been counting down the seconds till I would come back and fuck her again hard with it. She even swallowed all of my cum at the end." Danny turns his head away as if trying not to listen. "Well most of it. The rest of it splashed on her face. Did you notice how her skin's been looking so soft in the last week. It's cos she was rubbing traces of my spunk into it last Monday." He screws his eyes up and looks down. "Ok ok... I've heard enough, now let me go." He looks up, pleading me with his eyes. "Oh no mate, you haven't heard anything yet. You haven't seen the little whore in action yet." His mouth drops open. "Oh yeh Danny. You've been going on about having great sex with your new woman this last week. Now you get to see me get the same, only, in your case, I'll be getting it inside your sister's horny little fuckhole instead."

ALEX: I shut up when you tell me to be quiet, and I sit back on the bed sobbing once again. I stay silent, except for my weeping, as you tell my brother lies making me sound worse than I really am. But I don't dare tell him that you're lying, for fear of either you getting angry with me, or you getting in trouble. I get to the point that I try not to listen, to think about other things. But my head perks up when I hear you say you want Danny to see. I look at you in shock, but still am too scared to say anything to you.

PHIL: I turn from Danny and hurl your clothes back on the floor where I found them. I pace over to you, looking down at you when I get there. I gently tug at the blanket draped about you. "Come on Alex, get this off. Don't keep yourself all packed away. You and I have got a little show to do for your brother here."

ALEX: I tighten my arms, holding the blanket tighter against me as I look up at you. I shake my head frantically. "No... not in front of him. Please Phil. He...he can't see me like that."

PHIL: "I said come on Alex!" my tone becomes impatient as I grasp the top of the blanket in my fist and start to yank. It's so tight around you that it starts to tip you off of your balance and you have to struggle to stay upright. "I think it'd be really good for you to show him. A part of accepting what you are. You should be proud to be eighteen and already a shameless cumslut. Show him and let him see how dirty you actually are."

ALEX: I keep shaking my head no. "No Phil. Please." I do my best to keep the blanket wrapped around me but I'm starting to lose my grip. "Please Phil..I...I'll do anything you want. Just let him go... leave him alone... don't make him watch us."

PHIL: I clench one of your slender fingers between mine and begin to wrench it away from the blanket, making you squeal out. I free each of them in turn, bending them back at an alarming angle. "Your big brother needs to see you. He needs to know the truth about you now." I hold your now free hand in mine and crush it tight. It makes you open your mouth silently as you feel the force with which I mash your fingers together. My actions are harsh but my voice stays soft and threatening. "Now just unwrap yourself and throw this blanket away. Normally you like being naked don't you, don't be all shy now."

ALEX: I cringe in great pain as you bend my fingers back, causing more tears to go down my face. Instinctively, I let go of the blanket to try to get it away from you, letting it fall to the ground so I'm once again naked. I desperately try to wrench my hands away from you but you're too strong as you keep hurting them, not caring if it hurts and treating me like an object.

PHIL: "Let go of her you bastard!" Danny shouts to me and I can hear the squeaking of my belt as he tries to force his way free. "You'll only make it tighter," I say dismissively. Not taking my eyes off of you. I play with your fingers like they're those of a plastic doll, moulding them for fun and not even taking notice of your expressions of pain. I start walking, dragging you with me, your hands entwined with mine. I guide you around to the corner of the bed, opposite to where Danny is positioned. "Here she is Danny. Your very own naughty little sister. Naked, in all her glory. Sexy isn't she huh?" I tweak one of your nipples, making sure I'm showing you off as my little sexpet, my trophy to exhibit to your brother.

ALEX: I whimper as you drag me. Tears going down my face for so many reasons right now, especially from the pain of you twisting and bending my fingers as far as they can possibly go. I try to stay planted where I am, and not go in front of Danny but I'm way too weak. I keep looking away from his face, too ashamed of myself to look at him. I whimper and sob again as you pinch my nipple, but know it's best not to say anything. I keep on weakly struggling, trying to get away from you, and doing everything I can to not look at my tied-up brother.

PHIL: I start to talk to Danny again, not even acknowledging you as I do. I'm running one of my big hands over your breasts, down to your hips, and squeezing your ass over and over as I talk. I'm showing him that you're letting me do it. That you really are my play thing to have when and how I want. "You know Danny when I found her watching that porn last week it was a guy pounding a girl helplessly whilst she shrieked out. I couldn't believe it when Alex looked at me and asked me 'Will you do that to me?'. How could I let her down." I keep lewdly rubbing your soft naked flesh, even darting between your legs to stroke your pussy lips as I make up my story. "Today though her dream can become even more real can't it. She can be her own little porn star, fucking on show for you to admire. You should count yourself lucky Danny, you're the only one invited to watch as yet. Alex The Slut! In her debut performance!"

ALEX: my body is shaking and I focus on trying to get my wrist free from your hand, using my other hand to try to pry your fingers off of me. I stay focused on that as you use your other hand to caress me all over my body. The whole time, as much as I try not to, I'm getting turned on more and more, hearing you talk about me like that, feeling your hand run over me wherever you like. I can't help but moan softly the last time you run your hand over my naked pussy. And something about my brother watching, my brother who has been very overprotective of me his entire life, turns me on more. I feel so ashamed and I hate myself for it, but I let my eyes wander down to look at your cock again and despite my brother being there, start thinking again about how much I want it.

PHIL: Danny's getting angry again at my words about you. "Shut up Phil! Take your hands off her! Just stop this!" I'm now just letting two of my strong fingers glide effortlessly along your slick pussylips from underneath. I nudge the clit every time I reach it before starting the path all over again. I see your eyes drop to my semi-erect cock and see you swallow hard, fighting with your inner morals. "Oh good girl," I praise you. "Good little girl, looking at that cock again. See Danny? I'm not forcing her to look at it am I? I'm not forcing those horny thoughts into her mind. She just wants it naturally. Just born craving cock." Danny bites his lip in anguish. "Alex... sis... come on, don't do this. It's not true what he's all saying is it. don't do it. Please." His words are imploring but my gaze is fixed strong on you. "Come on slut, you know you want to. Touch it, stroke it. You want, this, cock"

ALEX: my legs are shaking and I moan each time you rub your fingers against my clit..I'm getting wetter every second. I shake my head as you try to convince me to touch your cock, trying to fight the urge that I obviously have. I turn my face away from you and try to hide it in my shoulder, wanting this to be over, wanting to go back to before you visited me the first time. But most of all, after I foolishly looked at it again, I want your cock and can't stop thinking about it. But I am still able to resist looking at it again, resist touching it. But it's becoming harder and harder to resist the more I think about it.

PHIL: "Alex... don't do this." Danny's noticing his begging is not helping much with your inner struggle. I ignore his words and talk to you myself, much closer to you. "Touch it. Feel it throbbing and pulsating in your hand. You'll make it nice and stiff if you just stroke it a little bit. Wrap your fingers right around it and pump it gently. Do it for us. Be proud. Show your brother what you've turned into, how grown up you are. Show him you're addicted to a big hard cock."

ALEX: the hand that you're not holding on to twitches as you talk, then lifts up. I bring it down a little, towards your cock, then abruptly bring it back to your hand, and grab onto it tight, trying to force it to stay there. But it keeps shaking, wanting so badly to feel your cock, wanting so badly to make you hard again.

PHIL: "Come on slut. Make it hard. Grip it and make it full and erect. Then I can lay you down and fuck you with it can't I." Danny squirms at every word I say, visibly wincing every time I talk about fucking you. I can tell by your hand which way your mind is trying to send your body. "Your pussy is already soaking wet here isn't it. So now all we need is my cock to be rigid and we can fuck. So go on. You know just what to do."

ALEX: you talking about your hard cock and fucking me is enough to make me give in. I turn my face to look at your cock at the same moment I let go of your hand, and bring my hand to your hard shaft and start to rub it. I let out a moan the second that I wrap my hand around it, and start to stroke it as I look down at it, still making sure to avoid eye contact with my brother.

PHIL: "Oh yes... that's it." I speak more loudly now, in a triumphant confident tone. I take my hands away from you and lift them in the air in demonstration. "See Danny? I'm not forcing her to do it at all. This is all of her own free will. It's the natural slutty instinct inside her coming out. She has to obey her pussy, it's a simple as that, and when her pussy needs cock, your whore of a sister has to make it hard first." I jerk my hips slightly, helping the rhythm of your small hand wrapped around me.

ALEX: as soon as you let go of me, I take a step toward you..Standing to the side of you, I wrap my just-freed arm around you, holding you against my body, as I rub your cock harder. I keep my face buried behind your back, hiding it from my brother. I moan as I rub your cock, turned on as I feel it getting harder in my hands.

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