Alex Ch. 04


Chapter 04: Alone At Last

Alex lay on a towel, on the beach, feeling the sun's rays gently tickling her body, hearing a wolf whistle; she smiled and opened her eyes. She didn't bother to react, but lay there listening to the bustle of the beach and the people coming and going. Since coming out and transitioning she had heard shouts and whistles as she moved around the town or when on trains and buses, apparently then the beach was no exception. Eventually she sat up on her elbows, her hands flat on the towel, searching the beach she sought out her wife, saw Pam and grinned again.

Pam walked up the beach, her breasts free and unfettered bouncing gently as she walked. Alex looked down at her own small breasts, glistening with the oil she had rubbed in earlier. She wore a tiny yellow triangle of material just covering her pubis, but she knew that her cheeks on the towel were virtually uncovered, the string of the bottoms passed between them to meet the front and just about keep her modesty in public. Pam's bottoms were more like traditional bikini bottoms and Alex watched her hips sway tantalisingly as she strode towards her.

"Hello gorgeous," Pam said as she sat down next to Alex.

"Gorgeous yourself, I was quite excited watching you walk up here. Like a well oiled sex machine, fancy going back to the hotel."

"Alex you are constantly horny,"

"Look in the mirror, it explains everything."

"Says you, wish I felt it, I feel so dowdy next to you, look at you, flat tummy, tanned, nice firm small boobs... sod it come on let's go make some noise." Pam winked and stood, holding her hand out to Alex.

Alex stood, bent to pick up her towel and felt Pam's fingers, trace the line of her crack. "God not here! I can't hold on if you do that."

"Make me," Pam winked.

The next second both girls were screaming excitedly as they dashed up the beach towards the road. People looked in astonishment as the two girls laughing and screeching ran up to the roadway. Stopping they held hands and watched for a gap in the traffic. Running across the road they entered the hotel where they ran for the lift, squeezing in as the doors closed. A very matronly lady looked at them quizzically, so they stepped towards each other, breasts to breasts and kissed erotically. The woman gasped and they separated laughing. The woman eyed them both, then ran a lascivious tongue across her lips.

"If only," she whispered and reached out to touch both girls.

They grinned and Alex moved closer and moved the woman's hand to her bottom, Pam grinned and moved the woman's other hand to her breast. The woman visibly shuddered and leaned back against the lift wall behind her. Pam leaned in and kissed her, then leaned back allowing Alex to do the same. The ping as the lift halted and announced the floor made them all jump slightly. They tumbled out and waved at the poor woman now trying desperately to catch a last glimpse as the doors closed. Laughing they ran to the room, pausing only to slide the key card into the slot on the door.

Once inside they crushed together, Pam kicking the door shut with her heel. Desperately they kissed as if it were the last time they would do this; their hands roaming over each other. Pam felt Alex's hand at her waist pulling her bottoms down. Grunting she reached for the strings holding Alex's bottoms together. Alex nearly screamed as she felt the material at her waist relax and disappear. Struggling to walk, kiss and fondle each other; they crabbed towards the big bed, falling over the edge and toppling onto the mattress, rolling slightly to enable them to wriggle into the centre.

Alex on top, ran her tongue down Pam's slightly rounded belly, pausing to run it in a circle round the dimple in the middle, Pam screamed with pleasure as Alex began to lick and suck her outer lips. Pam scissored her legs round Alex's head dragging her into her core. Alex responded by running a finger around the rim of her wife's crinkled anal star. Pam's legs pulled tighter and Alex began to run her tongue along the moistening slit in front of her. Pushing her hand in under her chin she inserted a finger into Pam's opening, Pam's response indicating this was totally acceptable. Working her lover now Alex moved in to lick and suck Pam's clit whilst trying to locate the g-spot with her now well lubricated finger. Pam climaxed and began to thrust spasmodically around her lovers face. Finally she relaxed her legs and lightly pushed Alex's face away.

"Oh my God, enough, enough, I can't come anymore, please I ... AHHHHHHHHHH."

Alex grinned as she sucked on Pam's unguarded bud, reigniting her climax. For several minutes Pam's pelvis jerked around and grunts and squeals leapt from her throat, until she finally collapsed on the bed, ruined. Alex ran a hand up and down her body, as she watched her lover slowly come down. Smiling Pam opened her eyes and looked at Alex.

"I love you so much, you absolutely adorable bitch, I am so sore, but sooo satisfied. I want to return the favour." Sitting she placed a hand on Alex's shoulder and pulled her towards her. Alex grinned and surrendered to Pam's lips, feeling her hands covering her breasts and feeling herself becoming more excited by the second. Pam's hand wandered down Alex's taut belly until she found her pubis. There lay Alex's secret. A small childlike penis, no more than an inch or inch and a half long, which now responded to Pam's ministrations by slightly erecting.

Pushing her lover onto her back, Pam lay between Alex's legs and slurped the small pink thing into her mouth. Alex sighed and pushed her bottom up, allowing Pam's lips to rest on her pubis and her tongue to swirl the tiny penis around. Alex moaned as the intensity of the pleasure rose. Suddenly she began to thrust her hips back and forth as Pam used her lips to seal around the projection and flick the tip with her tongue. Alex howled and came as her push up became a rigid thrust. She fell back her hips gyrating as Pam pulled off her and watched her lover gasp and cry. Slowly working a pair of fingertips on the semi hard penis Pam watched her lover come again and again. Finally Alex said no more and gently took Pam's hand, as they lay side by side on the bed and dozed.

Alex had no balls, no womb and an odd chromosome mix, be she felt she was a woman and post transition acted on and enjoyed her female status. With her certificate she had legally exchanged her erroneous original birth certificate for a new legal one proclaiming her femininity. She had decided early on that although she was female and would transition, she couldn't face surgery to create a false vagina and labia. She had read and spoken to women who had this and the problems that it could invoke, it was a decision she never regretted. With hormone therapy she had all the outward signs of femininity she needed. Pam loved her for who she was and they lived happily together now, content with themselves and their lifestyle.

Later after a shower they stepped out into the cooler air and headed for the restaurant they had found and liked. As they crossed the foyer they saw the woman from earlier. She was on the arm of a tall handsome man, wearing a smart evening suit. She had a loose sundress and it was obvious she had no bra as her breasts bounced under the dress, her nipples tracing small ellipses in the fabric. Seeing the girls she gave a small wave and a wink. Alex and Pam waved back, seeing her laugh in return. They met in the middle of the foyer. They exchanged pleasantries and moved on. Pam glanced back over her shoulder saw her looking at their arses with something all too familiar to them, pure lust. She whispered in Alex's ear, Alex smiled as she slipped her arm down Pam's back and lifted her partners dress slightly, revealing her secret, no underwear. Pam coloured and wriggled against Alex. They laughed as they left the Hotel and headed into town.

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