tagBDSMAlex Tests Sarah Ch. 02

Alex Tests Sarah Ch. 02


Chapter Two --

From the perspective of Alex

I woke up with the light gushing in from the window. I hate those damn shades in her studio. The sooner she moves in with me the better. I roll over and she is curled up in the fetal position. Her bare ass is pushed out from beneath the sheet, and I see it is adorned with red fresh bruises from last night covering darker ones from earlier in the week. Her ass was a mess of color, but to me it was beautiful that way. All those bruises were marks of my ownership of her body, and at the same time, expressions of her love for me. I reflect on how lucky I am that she gave away possession of herself to me.

It's a gift I don't take lightly. While deeply submissive, Sarah is no pushover. Intellectually brilliant, and hyper-aware of her surroundings and the interplay of people, she doesn't submit without careful consideration. She needs to feel owned before she'll be owned and she will only act as the possession of someone worthy of possessing her. A woman like this has high expectations of her Master. I am a firm believer of regular training. It is very important that she be continually tested, put in her place, made to struggle and ultimately submit. The path to her release needs to be newly challenging, always pushing new and different boundaries. Over the years I had dreamed up countless situations and my Sarah always came through for her Master.

Looking at her now, so vulnerable, sleeping in her bed, belies a situation that I had felt growing of late. Ever since she had taken that job she had become more assertive. It was important for her as a professional to do so, to come into her own. But it was unacceptable while she was with me. The harsh evening spankings helped to clear her mind. But I felt she needed something more enduring.

She needed to be reminded of her place and how lucky she was to have me as her Master, and for her to be my possession.

I went to the box she kept under the bed - my "tool box". She stirred a little as I got up, but mumbled and fell back into her sleep. I removed a long piece of very thin rope. I folded in half as I sized up her sleeping body. I'd have to wake her. Going back to the tool box I removed the velcro cuffs. Usually I prefer to spend the time on rope restraints, but today I needed more stealth. I cuffed her hands together, and she continued to sleepily purr. Up on the exposed beam, a foot the right of the bed, was a steel hook I had installed last summer for suspension play.

In one swift motion I yanked the sleeping princess, jolting her awake. She squealed, terrified and confused. I pushed the loop attached to the cuffs up in the air and in a second had her hooked to the beam, hands high above her head, her toes barely grazing the bedsheets. Here ample breasts hung from her body, swaying to a stop. Her wide eyes stared at me as her brain began to process that this is how I chose to wake her up today. Before she could say a word I gagged her mouth with the rubber ball gag, then stood back to look at her.

She immediately began to calm down. A once socially awkward child, she blossomed into a beautiful 24 year old woman, but she still carried the legacy anxiety of talking and socializing. The ball gag was an effective safety net for her, allowing her to better give herself over.

"Good morning Sarah. I've decided to test your commitment to my commands tonight. Last time we tried this, at the Adult bookstore, you did very well. Do you remember?"

She stared back at me. Not sure where this was going yet.

"I was impressed. Seven cocks of all shapes sizes and colors came through that glory hole. You serviced every one like a pro. You hardly spilled a drop of cum..."

I could see the memory of the event had overcome her confusion about her current predicament. She was awake now and realizing she was about to be tested.

"Did you enjoy sucking all those cocks?"

She looked at me, unsure how to respond.

"You know I expect honest answers..."

She slowly nodded, and looked at the ground.

Of course I already knew that. She had been so nervous as I paraded her past the guys milling around in the video store. But once she was on her knees on that filthy stall, and the first cock had emerged through the wall, I could see my little slut was going to enjoy this test. It was long and thick with a generous head on it. Already glistening with precum, I remember so clearly her looking up at me for assurance. Her chest was heaving, her mouth was wide open in a huge grin. She was excited beyond words. I nodded to her to proceed and she eagerly launched forward and began lapping up the precum from the end of the huge cock. Her tiny hands hardly went around the shaft as she fed on it like she was starving. She had settling in for an hour of cock sucking. By the end she was covered in cum. I'll never forget the sight of her, sitting in the corner of the stall, splayed out. Her hair all sticky and her face covered in dried cum. Her black t-shirt stained all over. She looked up and that darling thing asked me, "Did I do well?" I told her she did great, then had her suck my cock while the fifteen guys still waiting watched, pissed off that they never got a turn.

I had enjoyed the experience a lot myself. I'm no cuckold, quite the opposite. I can't understand how they do it, but each to their own. No, what I enjoy is being able to enforce my ownership; both on my Sarah, and on the men and women I chose to have her service. After each guy at the glory hole finished cumming in Sarah's mouth, I'd select a guy from anxiously waiting crowd in the hall and invite him in. He be given strict instructions. I'd ask him if he agreed. He'd say yes. I'd then say, "No - you call me Sir." Even to my surprise, all 7 guys said yes Sir. That night I owned my Sarah and seven strangers.

Tonight I decided to take this to a new level. I wanted to test her, but also test myself.

I wrapped the rope around Sarah's waist, looped it at her ass and brought it down, through her ass cheeks. I spread her amply pussy lips and guided the rope between them, bringing it up to her navel, looping it over the waist rope piece and bringing it back down through her pussy and ass and up to a neat knot on the waist rope at the base of her back. A perfect pussy harness. Her labia hung on either side of the rope, while her clit was jammed in tight under it.

"You'll wear this under your skirt today at work. It will remind you that today is a test day. Tonight you will be asked to stretch you boundaries. Come home prepared."

I unhooked her and took her cuffs off. She stared at me, still gagged. Frozen, unable to respond.

"Now go get ready for work."

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