tagBDSMAlex the Sex Slave

Alex the Sex Slave


This story continues on from "Alex is forced to become a whore" and "Alex works as a whore". This chapter works as a stand-alone story.


After the 'Karen' incident and the successful WMP party Marie-Louise came to trust Alex and promoted him to a 'Grade two' whore. She felt the fact that Alex had not betrayed her when he had the chance meant that he could be trusted to go on 'out-call' jobs. Alex's first job was to serve a Mrs Gutfreund, he was to go to the 'super luxury' Bristol Hotel in Mannheim. He was told that Mrs Gutfreund was an important industrialist, managing her late husband's diversified business empire.

At the hotel the Assistant Manager Heidi Klaus swore (she knew obscenities in six languages) "Where is the bloody prostitute?" Heidi was used to providing guests with 'companions' but she hated the fact that these people were not under her direct control. Most of the whores were sourced from two main agencies in Mannheim, the Bristol only used Cartwright and Palmer when their client wanted something more unusual. Heidi was rushing around organising the final arrangements for Mrs Gutfreund's stay; white lilies in the room, Pol Roger champagne in the fridge, Camus cognac and Talisker whisky on the sideboard the list was endless, but the Bristol prided itself on getting the details right.

When Alex got to the lobby he called her mobile "Hi, it's Alex from Cartwright and Palmer, I was told to report to you."

"You are late, get the receptionist to point you to Suite 711." With that Heidi terminated the call.

Alex was shown into a huge very modern huge suite, with stainless steel, glass and black leather being the prevalent materials. He was standing in the reception room which contained a huge TV, a couple of sofas and a meeting/dining table. An attractive woman marched in, age wise probably 35-45, her hair tied back and wearing a navy blue business suit with a white silk shirt. She barked, "Are you Alex?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"I am Heidi Klaus, the Assistant Manager of this hotel and the person responsible for Mrs Gutfreund's stay. I believe you are a prostitute who specialises in submissive services, is that correct?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Good, I can't say I like providing people like you to our guests but as Mrs Gutfreund made the request it is my responsibility to satisfy it. Now strip."

Alex was surprised by the order but knew it was pointless to argue so he did as requested. He stood in some black high cut knickers in front of Heidi, who circled around him looking him up and down. He wondered if she really needed to see him like this or if this was (an effective) way of humiliating him and emphasising her superiority. She twanged Alex's tight knicker elastic, smiling as he winced.

He seemed to pass the muster as she said, "Your official title will be 'Research Assistant'. Now listen carefully we have some rules all prostitutes must obey at the Bristol; one, no soliciting of other guests, two no wearing of provocative clothing in the public areas of the hotel, three, you may not go to the bar or restaurant unless accompanied by one of our guests and four, you will leave the hotel no later than our guest. I will take great pleasure in having you thrown out of the hotel if you disobey any of these rules. Got that?"

"Yes, ma'am. I understand."

Looking at her clip board, Heidi said, "You were asked to bring a dinner jacket, a business suit, swimwear, restraints, a dildo, nipple clamps, condoms and a selection of canes and paddles, do you have all these?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Good, Mrs Gutfreund will be here in twenty minutes. You had better get dressed. I believe you have a waiter's uniform, put it on and be standing by the entrance at 5.50pm. Any questions?"

"No, ma'am."

Alex unpacked his stuff and dressed in his uniform, which consisted of a white satin military-cut jacket and some tight skimpy white satin shorts, and was waiting by the door with time to spare. Mrs Gutfreund came into the room accompanied by two bellhops carrying her cases. She was in her late fifties or perhaps early sixties very elegant and simply reeked of power and authority. When she had dismissed the porters she looked at Alex.

"So you are my companion for the next couple of days."

"Yes, ma'am. Cartwright and Palmer sent me."

"Good, I know the agency. I will be stressed and busy so will need my relaxation, you had better be good at your job. Did you bring all the things I requested?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Here is a 'bleeper' you are to carry it at all times, if it goes off you are to come to me at once."

"Come here and take your clothes off, I want to see what I have bought." Alex did as he was told, "Spread your legs." Mrs Gutfreund circled him and started by caressing Alex's bottom, then gently stroked his penis without making any comment as if Alex was some inanimate merchandise. Alex did not know if he had met with her approval or not.

"Kneel." Alex did as he was told and Mrs Gutfreund put an inch wide metal collar engraved 'Sex Slave' around his neck, the collar clicking firmly in place. "You will wear it for the rest of your stay, waking and sleeping. It is loose enough to be invisible when worn with a formal shirt, but it signifies I own you body and soul, so don't forget it. Now put the uniform back on, you have some work to do."


Mrs Gutfreund got Alex to unpack her bags and run a bath whilst she relaxed with a book. He was then sent to shower and to change into a dinner jacket. Before he got into the shower, Alex tried to remove the collar but found it was securely locked. He realised he would not be using the hotel's swimming pool! Alex then escorted Mrs Gutfreund to dinner at the Bristol's restaurant. This was the ideal for an escort, good food, good wine, an interesting client and some mild flirting. After dinner Mrs Gutfreund suggested a night club. They went to "The Hervey" situated a few blocks away. The management clearly knew Mrs Gutfreund and they were escorted to a small table in a discreet corner.

After a few minutes a waitress came over to ask if they would like to order any drinks. Mrs Gutfreund studied the wine list, Alex studied the waitress. She was a tall, athletic looking blond dressed in a white satin shirt and black satin skirt. The white shirt was tight and the girl had undone most of the buttons, so her cleavage was staining the remaining fabric. Her skirt was similarly skimpy just about covering her perfect behind.

Mrs Gutfreund ordered a claret and asked the waitress "Are you available later?"

"Yes ma'am, I am on waitress duty until 10 o'clock and then can be booked, see 'the system' for details." The girl then leant over Alex exposing her thong covered arse and pressed a button in the centre of the table. Immediately an iPad type device came to life. Alex saw there were various tabs 'Boys, Girls and Rooms'. The waitress clicked to the 'Girls' tab and said, "I am Abbie," clicking on her own icon. Up came a web page that had a rather fetching picture of 'Abbie' in the nude and told them 'Abbie is everything you could want in a young woman and more... Warm, sensual with a naughty erotic side it does not take her very long to reveal! She offers the perfect company at any time of the day...', then followed a list of all the sexual activities that Abbie 'enjoyed'. At the bottom of the page were the girl's rates and a booking system. Abbie curtsied and left.

Alex could not help looking at her as she left, or more accurately her behind which was only partially covered by her skirt. As he looked two lithe young girls walked over to the next booth. They were dressed in elegant figure-hugging evening dresses. They stopped in font of the table and asked "Did you order Joanne and Poppy?" Alex did not hear the answer but he saw the girls touch two clips at the top of their dresses and saw how their outfits fell to the ground leaving them standing naked in front of their prospective client. They stood like this for a couple of minutes making no attempt to cover themselves, as if it were totally normal for them to be standing nude in the middle of a restaurant. They then turned so the man could see their perfect bottoms. Eventually they were told to put their dresses back on, this they did and sat next to their new client.

Alex continued to entertain Mrs Gutfreund, as they drank their excellent claret. After about an hour a waiter came up to Mrs Gutfreund and whispered something in her ear, she nodded. The waiter than asked Alex to accompany him, Mrs Gutfreund indicated that he should do as he was asked.

Alex was escorted to a side office. He knocked on the door and when he entered he saw a bored looking woman sitting at a desk in front of a line of lockers. When she saw Alex she said, "You're with Mrs Gutfreund? Please take all your clothes off and put them in locker 15, I will get the kit you will need."

Alex looked around and found there were no changing rooms so reluctantly undressed in the middle of the office. When he was down to his briefs he turned to the lady to find what clothes he should be putting on. She made it plain that Alex should strip completely, this he unwillingly did, hoping she would provide something decent in return. He stood naked in front of her desk whilst she looked him up and down before she gave him a black satin toga. He put it on noticing, as he had feared, that it barely covered his bottom.

Abbie then walked in. She looked surprised to see Alex "Oh hello, I thought you were a client."

"No I am Mrs Gutfreund's companion. I am called Alex."

"Then it looks as if we will be working together." As she was talking she stripped off her clothes and asked the lady for her toga. Alex could not stop himself staring, Abbie's body was superb, smooth and athletic. When she put the toga on, she checked herself in the mirror. Alex could have told her she looked perfect, but he was not asked.

"Has anyone explained how these things work?"


"Well you see these clips on the shoulders, when we are presented we pinch them and the toga will fall to the ground. There are weights in the seams to make sure the toga falls smoothly, like this." Abbie unclipped her toga and sure enough it fell displaying her naked body, "Try it."

Alex pinched the clips and after a few goes the toga fell as it was designed to.

Abbie looked at a screen set into one of the walls, "You have got Dungeon 15, I've got 17. If we have time I will show you around. They are well equipped, you will probably know the set up, normal torture instruments, a bed and I think yours has a Jacuzzi. Are you a professional?"

"Yes, I have been doing this for almost a year."

"Great, I hate working with newbies. We now just hang around until we get a call."

Abbie showed Alex around his dungeon as promised and after waiting for about half an hour they got the call and were told to present themselves at Mrs Gutfreund's table. Alex saw that Mrs Gutfreund was talking to an older man and a young, slightly plump, woman. As they approached the table Mrs Gutfreund saw them and said "Ah, Helmut, Unna, your prizes have arrived."

Abbie whispered, "Now." Simultaneously they reached for the clips on their togas, and watched as they fell to the ground. As Abbie and Alex stood naked in front of the table Mrs Gutfreund continued, "Helmut I hope I was right in getting you a girl and Unna you a boy, we can change things if you want."

"No thank you, Mrs Gutfreund." They responded in unison, as Abbie and Alex turned to show them their behinds.

"OK, take your prizes and have fun, you have deserved it." With that she waved her employees away.

Abbie and Alex pulled up their togas and led their clients to a door marked with a skull and cross bones.

When they entered Dungeon 15, Alex showed Unna around and then got down on his knees in the middle of the dungeon. The lights were low and the room smelt of leather and sex. Unna looked at Alex, staring at his 'Sex Slave' collar, and said, "Let's start as we mean to go on, lick my shoes." Alex did as he was told, Unna looked on as Alex's toga slipped to one side revealing his naked bottom squirming around as he licked each side of her shoes.

"Alex, I have looked forward to this for a long time, I have heard my male colleagues talk about giving the girl a quick spank and then having sex, your punishment will be lot more painful!" Unna hoped she had said this with confidence. She had always yearned to torture someone and was worried that Alex would stand up and explain that he could only be spanked a few times and the torture equipment was only for show. Who would voluntarily submit to what she had in mind? Unna decided the thing to do was to start the session slowly and gradually increase the level of pain and humiliation, hoping that Alex would not object. She knew that if he complained she would have to accept things and stop.

She removed her business suit and stood before Alex in a black leather corset, brief panties and suspenders. "Alex take off the toga, I want you to wear this." Alex let the toga fall to the ground and took a gauze mini-skirt from Unna. He pulled the skirt on, easing the elastic over his hips. He was not happy, this was so embarrassing. He was not surprised the skirt was short, but at least it seemed the gauze was just about thick enough to give him some cover.

Unna thought Alex looked strikingly seductive in the skirt, his shaved androgynous body made him look sexy and terribly available. He seemed very natural, he did not look as if he was trying to dress as a woman, merely as if he were wearing some very revealing underwear.

"I was going to dress you in shorts, but then I thought I might need to punish you and a skirt would be so much more convenient for both of us. I hope you agree."

"Yes, mistress." Alex lied.

"As you are wearing a skirt you will curtsey to me after I give you an order."

Alex flexed his knees as he said, "Yes, mistress."

Unna walked behind Alex and the lifted the back of his skirt to give his bottom a stroke. She then caressed his arse with a feather rubbing it between his legs touching his cock. "Spread your legs, Alex." Unna continued to massage Alex's inner thighs with the feather. To Alex it was torture, oh so very pleasurable torture, but he knew he had to stand as still as he could. As the feather caressed his penis it felt as he was on fire, he was painfully aroused. Unna came around to face Alex. She brought her face within inches of Alex's, letting her scent waft over him. She really was very sexy Alex thought, he yearned to take her head in his hands and taste her glistening lips. She started by caressing his nipples, then raised the skirt and began to stroke his balls again. Alex tried to look away and think about other things as Unna concentrated on stroking the underside of his penis and his balls. She dropped the feather and grabbed Alex by the thighs and pulled him against her, his erect penis wedged against her panties, it felt wonderful. After what seemed like an age, Unna let go.

"So Alex did you enjoy that?"

"Yes, mistress."

"See, I said you would see the advantages of wearing the skirt."

"Yes, mistress."

Mrs Gutfreund watched Unna and Alex and Abbie and Helmut on the Hervey's CCTV. She looked admiringly at Abbie's body but quickly got bored, Helmut only wanted vanilla sex, Mrs Gutfreund always knew he was tedious. Abbie was very good at her job and Mrs Gutfreund knew Helmut would be boasting about this night to his dull friends for months to come. Unna on the other hand was fun, she was a kinky young lady and looked good in her corset. Mrs Gutfreund was impressed how she had planned ahead; the skirt was a nice touch, she could see Alex was very uncomfortable wearing it. Mrs Gutfreund laughed as Unna forced Alex to curtsey, perhaps she should get Alex to do this for the rest of his time with her.

Unna kept Alex standing in the centre of the dungeon and now reached for a riding crop. She circled around Alex gently raised the back of his skirt. She eased the crop between Alex's legs gently easing them further apart, and then massaged his bottom with the crop, all this in silence. After raising the front of the skirt she tapped his inner thighs and stroked his balls with the crop. Then Unna started tapping Alex's cock. The rapid blows were not hard but their cumulative effect were very uncomfortable for Alex. Unna loved the sound of the crop on Alex's penis.

"Now Alex, bend over the whipping horse."

As Alex went to the horse he heard Unna say, "Come back here Alex, remember you curtsey when you receive an order." Alex apologised, returned and stood before his mistress, smoothed down his skirt and gave her a deep curtsey. Unna thought he looked terribly vulnerable, this just added to her desire.

Alex leaned over the whipping horse and Unna buckled the wrist cuffs onto him. Unna stood back and gazed at the lovely sight of Alex strapped to the horse, his skirt barely covering his delectable bottom. She had fantasised about this for so long and finally, incredibly her dreams were coming true. She was so turned on she was almost incoherent and couldn't resist rubbing her pussy. She felt she might explode and there was still so much fun to be had. It just got better, she had worried that Alex might refuse to wear the skirt, then he might refuse to curtsey and finally she wondered if hitting his cock with the crop was beyond his limits, but he had obeyed her. She could see he hated some of this, especially being forced to wear a skirt, but the important thing was he was submitting.

Unna folded Alex's skirt into the waistband so she had an uninterrupted view of his behind. She then arranged a selection of the whips she was going to use on a side table.

Unna started with the feather again, but this was to lull Alex into a false sense of security. After a few minutes she silently dropped the feather and picked a cane and gave Alex three quick firm blows. Alex was shocked out of his pleasurable daze. There was nothing quite like the searing sting of the cane. Alex yelped, he vividly felt the three strokes and the pain did not diminish. Unna then started to use the paddle. She loved the sound that the paddle made and knew the pain was less intense than the cane but spread over the whole of Alex's arse.

Unna realised that as Alex was not complaining about his beating, she could do pretty much anything she liked with his body and she should stop worrying about being told to 'stop', the only limit was her imagination. She enjoyed her 'work', but she found her panties were getting somewhat moist and restricting her movements so dispensed with them. She felt so liberated, and rather naughty, walking around the dungeon in just her corset and stockings.

The riding crop was Unna's favourite, she thought it was so elegant and loved the accuracy with which she could target her whipping. Unna had concentrated on Alex's buttocks and was rewarded with a beautiful red glow as evidence of her hard work. She now aimed for Alex's thighs, particularly the soft inner thigh, she loved to see him 'dance' as she rained the blows down. A particularly hard whack from Unna's crop resulted in Alex letting out an involuntary cry of pain.

After the last yelp, Unna thought she should quieten Alex down a little and went to look at the gags. She chose a ball gag and was walking back to the whipping horse when she saw her knickers lying on the ground. This gave her an evil idea, she ordered Alex to open his mouth and instead of the gag pushed her panties in. She wondered how they tasted! She sealed his mouth with some black duct tape.

Unna stroked Alex's bottom, feeling the heat and marvelling at its redness, criss-crossed by a few darker cane marks. Unna released Alex and took him over to a large PVC table, she told him to lay on his back and bound him spread eagled. Unna pulled the restraints on Alex's legs very tight so they were spread exceedingly wide and he could not move them at all. This left his cock very exposed. Unna felt the inside of his thighs, stroking his soft sensitive skin, then felt his penis, which she massaged with a slow rhythmic motion. She was pleased that Alex became hard very quickly. He was truly at her mercy. She slapped his penis and smiled as it returned to the vertical position. Alex did not smile, he felt as if his legs were being wrenched apart.

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