tagMatureAlexandra Flatly Ch. 04

Alexandra Flatly Ch. 04


Chapter 4

Measuring Up!

By DDDDave

"Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!"

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All characters are 18 or over.

Ms. Cropley's grip never changed as we moved into the bedroom. In her other hand she still had the tape measure that she had used to record my statistics.

"Well, honey, I've had my fun! That third leg of yours is amazing!" she gushed. "I've never heard of a dick even CLOSE to 17 inches! It's astounding!"

Even as she spoke she was bringing my dick back to full hard-on. Her hands knew exactly what to do. Not even Alexandra could have brought me back as quickly!

"How about turn about?" I asked.

"I've heard it's fair play," she chuckled as she handed me the tape. "I hope I'll measure up." Her smile indicated that she was sure that she would. I was sure too.

I reached to her hip and lowered that zipper. Her skirt was still too tight to come off. So as I pulled down on the hem of her skirt Ronnie hopped up and down. I had to be careful that those incredible breasts didn't pummel me as we worked. Her fabulously large boobs bounced and shook. Somehow we managed to get the skirt off without knocking me senseless or shredding her skin tight top!

As the skirt hit the floor Ronnie pulled me into her Brobdingnagian bust and gave me a scorching hot kiss.

Ms. Cropley pouted prettily as I reluctantly pulled free of her and knelt to measure her hips. I noticed that her pussy lips were quite visible, dripping with lust drops. Her pussy had all but swallowed the thong she was wearing! No doubt about it, she was one hot, sexy woman!

As I worked on measuring her hips and waist Ronnie was busy pulling off her top to reveal what I could only refer to as a bra. It was to other bras I had seen as Mr. Everest was to all the mountains in Florida! A completely different reality!

"Hips - Thirty eight," I announced. She had a tight ass and great legs. Particularly in the heels that she still had on.

"Twenty eight inch waist. And tight with muscle, too! You must work out!"

"I do. Do you know how hard sit-ups are with all this up top? I can't tell you how much my tits weigh, but it is an awful lot!"

She smiled proudly as she stroked herself. Reaching behind herself she unhooked her bra, freeing boobs larger than both Alexandra and her mother combined! Wider than her rib cage, they hung proudly in front of her. Their shadow made it difficult to read the tape measure.

"Now watch this," she announced. Pinching each nipple between thumb and forefinger she pulled outward away from her chest causing her tit tips to stretch out several inches. "Ohhhh, that feels so good, lover!"

I regained my feet and, snuggling close to her reached around her with both hands. Her hands played with my hair and her lips teased my neck as I began to pull the tape around the largest part of her bosom. It was amazing that as large, no, as HUGE as she was there wasn't that much sag to her breasts. Much wider than her rib cage, they also projected far, far in front of her.

I brought my hands around in front, keeping the tape taut as I did so. I had to step back a bit in order to complete the measurement and as I did so her hands returned to holding and stroking my dick.

I pulled my hands toward each other, the tape passing just below her nipples.

"If you get my nips hard, it'll increase the measurement," she whispered.

"But that wouldn't be fair," I objected.

"Ohhhh, you're so honest," she teased.

"Wait a minute!" I said.

"Why, what's the matter?" Her voice had a hint of humor as she spoke. She knew what the problem was.

"I can't get my hands to meet!" I pointed out. "This tape isn't long enough! Your tits are too big to be measured by this," I paused to double check, "this sixty inch tape. Your tits measure more than sixty inches!" My voice rose in disbelief. "Larger than the tape!"

"Well, you can still measure my rib cage." She pointed out while grasping and lifting her boobs up with both arms. Her smiling face almost disappeared from view as she pulled her immensities up and together. She was giggling as she waited for me to recover from my astonishment.

Following her suggestion I returned my hands to the middle of her back and measured just under the juncture of her breasts and her rib cage.

"Thirty Eight inches" I announced. The same as her hips.

"And add five inches, I wear a forty four inch band bra. You have to round up - bras only come in even numbers. And I measure a total of sixty five inches around. That means if I could buy a regular bra I'd need one in a Forty Four U! And no one makes a 44-U! I know, I've looked! So I get all my bras from specialty shops or on the internet."

I was goggle-eyed, watching as she pushed her boobs together in front of her. Her smugly smiling face vanished completely as she bent her neck and began to run her lips and tongue all over the top of her vast bosom and as deep into her cleavage as she could reach.

"You can't get something like my bosom properly dealt with in just any old store, you know!" Her gaze drifted from her mammoth double armful to my face as she spoke.

"Well, if you say so. But I still think I should measure to be sure." I wanted a chance to continue. I had never measured a woman for a bra and I was intrigued.

She laughed. "Sure, honey. There is a longer tape in that drawer."

Seconds later I was redoing the largest measurement.

"Um, Ronnie, I get a measurement of, uh, sixty seven." I pointed to where my thumb rested on the tape.

"How about that! I've gained a couple inches. That could be why I thought my bra was a little tight the last time I wore it. Most of the time I just use a rig I came up with that holds my tits tight against my chest and makes them easier to deal with. I suppose I've put on a couple of pounds. It goes straight to my tits, you know!" She didn't seem surprised. If anything she seemed pleased that her massive boobs were now even more massive than she had known.

And while I was trying to wrap my head around the idea that a woman could be only a couple of letters from the end of the alphabet in her bra size, Ms. Cropley was trying to wrap her hands around my dick. Neither of us were having much luck.

"Come on. I have got to have this in me!" she declared. "I can't wait any longer! Let me lie down and then I want you to fuck me brains out with this gigantic cock!" She shook my dick in emphasis and then rolled onto the bed.

Lying on her back her tits sagged slightly to each side and settled against the bed, trapping her arms beneath them. They piled up on top of her chest, gigantic mounds of quivering flesh that seemed to be more than a foot tall even though they were spread out! Grimacing from the effort, she pulled her arms free, which caused a series of titanic undulations across the surface of her boobs. Her nipples rocked back and forth, up and down in concert with the waves flowing thru her breasts. Unbelievably, her tits covered not only her entire rib cage but reached down to frame her crotch while her chin was enveloped by breast flesh as well! I couldn't see her shoulders, her upper arms were also out of sight while her forearms almost sank from view as she reached to play with her nipples!

"Enjoying the view?" she teased. She knew exactly how she looked. I'm sure she had had plenty of lovers who hesitated while trying to understand how incredibly large her bosom was!"

"I sure as hell am!" My hand was slowly stroking my dick. I hadn't even realized I was doing it until she looked down at my groin and groaned in lust.

"Fuck me, stud! Put that massive slab of meat to good use and by that I mean; 'Fuck me, stud!'" She reached out with her nearest hand, trying to draw me closer.

I stepped next to the bed continuing to stare at the amazing sight before me. There was little comparison between her and the two other women I had seen naked. Suddenly Al, with her 32 Triple L boobs, didn't seem all that large. And Alexandria with her 42-22-34 measurements and 36 F cup bra that she never even bought seemed, well, downright skinny!

"C'mon, c'mon" she chided me as I still hesitated. "I've never been so hot in my life! I can't wait to feel you try to sink that tree trunk you call a dick into my hot, little pussy!" Her eyes were alight with lust as she spoke. Her lips were pursed, caressed continually by her tongue.

What the hell? I thought. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Once I was in place between her legs I began to tease her cunt lips with the tip of my cock.

"Hang on a moment," she commanded. "I have to see this! I wish I had a camera, a video camera. The first time is special. And the first time with the biggest cock in the world! Wow!"

She grabbed two pillows and, lifting up her ass, pushed them underneath. This caused her boobs to roll toward her face but she forced her hands between them and pushed them to the sides so she could see down the unimaginable cleavage her boobs created and watch as my dick sank into her.

With her glittering eyes staring at the juncture of our bodies we moaned in unison as I began to slide myself into her. At first there was little resistance. She was so wet! So hot! The first several inches slid in easily.

As I got deeper I began to shift my hips from side to side. She groaned in response.

"Oh, God, God, God! So good! Don't stop now Tommy!"

I had no intention of stopping, of course. Gaining confidence as I went I began to stroke back and forth. Each stroke gained a little ground. Soon I was giving her ten inch long strokes. Each brought a moan of appreciation from her.

"God, so enormous, so fucking hard!" She was rocking her hips as we worked, helping to push more and more into her pussy. I could see her pussy lips getting pulled outward and then pushed back into her as we worked. She moaned as if in pain as she started to cum on my dick.

Reaching down she pulled her knees up toward her body, trying to get my steel hard shaft deeper and deeper into her insatiable cunt.

Her legs pushed her tits up toward her shoulders and caused them to pile even higher toward the ceiling. It was an amazing sight! Sopping wet pussy and her smiling face. In between was nothing but massive, quivering, rocking, gargantuan tits! No waist, no shoulders - her arms all but vanished from sight as she reached for her nipples and pulled and plucked at them.

"Oh, you're tight!" I told her.

"With that big fucker you have, a man-hole would be tight!" she responded. "I can feel you almost into my throat! I've never felt anything like it, it's SOOOO good," she moaned. Another spasm shook her as we rocked back and forth.

Almost all of my fantastic prong had been socketed into her by this time. We were both feeling the pleasure.

"I'm going to cum!" I announced as I stepped up my speed, going as fast as I could! I heard her scream in pleasure as she had another orgasm.

"Mouth! In my mouth! I want to taste it!" she declared.

On cue I ripped myself out of her cunt and, kneeling next to her, fed her my now spurting cock. Moaning with lust she took the head of my dick into her mouth and sucked down every drop of cum! Blast after blast, she took them without blinking. In fact, it looked like she was smiling up at me. Her tongue caressed my dick head, coaxing more cum from me. She also had both hands on my shaft, milking the dregs of my orgasm into her mouth.

"That's so yummy" she declared, licking her lips. "Now, lie down here next to me and let me see if I can't inspire you to another hard-on. How fast can you recover, honey?"

I'm sure that was a rhetorical questions, because as soon as I'd settled into place next to her she half rolled toward me. As she did, her massively oversized boobs moved toward me. The near one nestled up to me from my shoulder to my waist! The far one rolled over my head. Within seconds my entire head was buried in breast flesh. I'd never imagined anything like what was happening to me. Her boob covered me from ear to ear. I think if she had rolled a little further she would have encompassed me completely! There was no doubt that if she wanted to she would smother me with a single tit. That one tit would have rested on the mattress, surrounding my whole head and my body almost to mid chest!

I used both hands to hold her breast far enough off of me that I could get a breath of fresh air while still sucking and nursing at her rock hard nipple.

While I tried to cope with a tit that could have stuffed a duffel bag to bursting, her hand was again stroking me to full length. With in a minute she was shifting her weight again as she moved over me. She was groaning with excitement as I felt her socket my dick into her dripping snatch. Slowly at first but then faster and faster she moved. Pounding up and down, with out ever letting her breast slip from my mouth she was soon taking every thing I had to offer!

Her crotch slammed into mine, her pussy easily taking all 14 plus inches of my shaft. After a few minutes more she rose up enough to pull herself away from my lips.

"Honey, you pay such good attention to my big boobs! I love it!" Smiling down from between her breasts she shifted her weight so that she was on hands and knees. Still taking almost ten inches of rock hard shaft she placed her bosom to either side of my head. As she rocked back and forth her super tits surged forward and back first enclosing and then releasing my head and neck from it's imprisonment. It was as if she was tit fucking my upper torso! Feeling her flesh as it moved and shifted was one of the most exciting things I could imagine.

As she rocked back and forth I felt her pussy clenching and unclenching around my dick. She held nothing back as she worked. When she suddenly stopped moving I was surprised but her cunt continued to ripple up and down as she came once again.

Sighing with pleasure she kissed me deeply while settling her weight on me. Her breasts spread out to either side, resting on the bed to either side of my body.

Her pelvis began to shift and move. From side to side and then back and forth. Her snatch had every fraction of an inch pushed as far into her as she could take it and she moved her hips like a paint mixer! For minutes on end she kept up an inhuman pace. She was cumming and cumming!

Finally, as I was starting to think there would be no end to this she screamed into another earthquake like orgasm and slowed to a stop. Her eyes were still filled with lust. I knew that she was far from done with me. Where did she get her amazing sexual energy?

"That was increadable," she announced. "I can't believe that you didn't cum! I love your stamina!" She leaned forward, again almost drowning me in tits while she delivered a scorching kiss!

"Now for something I know you're really going to enjoy," she purred in my ear.

Rearing back she positioned herself between my legs. Tucking her legs under herself she pulled me up until I was balanced on her thighs. Smiling down at me she gathered her munificence up with both arms and surrounded my still hard dick with her breasts.

"This is one of my favorite things to do. Particularly with a really big dick. And yours is the biggest ever!" she chortled. "Ready for a real treat, honey?" she asked.

Nodding, I watched her as she began to manipulate her bosom around my cock. I'd had tit fucks before. From both Alexandra and her Mom. But neither of them was equipped like this! There was absolutely no trace of my dick! No matter how far down she pressed her boobs, no matter how far up she lifted them! On the down stroke there was a huge amount of bosom still above my straining dick head. On the up stroke her face all but disappeared behind the massive wall of boob flesh in front of her. And my massively huge dick was nowhere to be seen!

But I could feel it! I could feel her tightly clasping cleavage as it pushed up and down! Even with her strongly pushing inward her hands were still outside of her shoulders. Her tits were so fucking big there was really no comparison to be made to either of the other women I had been with.

Her breasts spread out to either side, her nipples pointing off into the distance. I reached out and began pinching and pulling as she worked to bring me off between her insanely massive tits! Harder and harder, her nipples sprang to greater and greater size while we worked together.

After a few minutes she smiled down at me.

"Do you like tit-fucking my huge boobs, Tommy? Does it feel good to be smothered so deep in my cleavage? Are you having a good time?"

"Oh, God, yes! I've never felt anything like it! And I've never seen anything like you in my life! SO big, I can't believe it! My whole dick has disappeared!" I said enthusiastically. "I love it so much!"

"Well, slide on out of there, honey, I want to wank you off over my titties."

Slowly I withdrew myself from her lap and out of her vast cleavage. In response to her urging I stood at the side of the bed as she sat on the edge. Boobs completely filled her lap, overflowing her thighs and knees!

Grabbing my dick with both hands she pulled me closer and, using both hands, began to stroke faster and faster.

"C'mon, honey, c'mon! Spew for me! Spurt all over my tits" she urged.

And in an amazingly short time I was spewing wildly all over her. Cum landed on her breasts, her face, she shoulders and hair. But mostly on her boobs. I couldn't remember ever cumming like that in my life! I was panting with exhaustion as she miked my dick for the last of my cum which she dripped into her hand before she lapped it all up!

Ronnie smiled up at me as I tried to recover. I put a hand on her shoulder for support. My legs were shaking with exhaustion, I had to sit down to catch my breath. Ronnie was draining me dry!

But I couldn't help my self. Lounging in front of me, leaning on one arm while her breasts rested on the bed and took up what seemed like several square feet in front of her was a Bust Goddess!

"Ronnie, you are so fucking incredible! How is it that your bust can be both so, so large and still be shapely? Most of the pictures I've seen of women that are even half your size are kind of, well, saggy. Your boobs jut out like nothing I've ever seen before!"

"Tommy, I don't really know. It may be because most of the time,even when I'm sleeping, I keep them bound tightly. Maybe that helps counter-act gravity? I've no idea. And I don't really care. I'm just glad that you like them!"

"Ohhhh, keep doing that, Tommy!"

Without really being aware of it, I had been kneading and squeezing her tits! It was like moving giant piles of dough, back and forth, mashing her nipples in my tightly clasping hands I shook her titties, watching them shake and gyrate all over as she leaned into me.

Unbelievably, I was getting stiff again! As I played with Ronnie's invincible bosom my dick was regaining strength. It seemed that I would be able to go again in just a few minutes!

Grinning up at me Ronnie had noticed my revival.

"Tommy, I really admire a man with, um," she looked again at the sight of my dick stiffening, "stamina! Now come here!"

Rolling over, Ronnie knelt in the middle of the bed. On her hands and knees, her breasts lolled heavily on the mattress beneath her. From my vantage point it seemed that all of the space between her thighs and arms, from her rib cage to the sheets was entirely occupied by her breasts!

Actually, they also extended beyond her arms! Her arms were pressing her tits together and forcing masses of flesh to project in front of her. It was an awe inspiring sight.

Doggie style wasn't one of my favorite positions but when Mrs. F and I had done it a few time I had enjoyed seeing her big titties swing below her!

I sure wasn't going to see any swinging titties this time!

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