tagLesbian SexAlexandra the Great Ch. 01

Alexandra the Great Ch. 01


A lot of erotic stories are written plot first, and the characters are just plugged in. In this case, I have these characters, and what they will do or where they will go, I really have no idea. I'm just setting them loose and we'll see what happens. I really like these people who've sprung from my imagination, and I hope you do too, dear reader. I think that'll make their looming misadventures that much hotter.


Hi, my name is Alexandra. This is a story about some of the crazy shit I've gotten up to here at college, a state university in the northeast that shall remain unnamed (Dad, if you're reading this, stop now!). See, the thing about me is that I thoroughly enjoy sex. A lot. Not to mention that I love all kinds of freaky, dirty stuff that most of the girls I knew before I got to school here were definitely not into. I love watching porn, for example. And none of that gauzy "couples" crap. My favorite porn involves guys with big dicks and cute girls getting fucked silly, and I really love watching double-penetrations and messy facials. Like I said, I'm a freak. I've come to grips with this now (quite literally, on some nights), but I used to feel like an outcast. My first semester was pretty rough.

I didn't deal with the trauma of leaving home very well, and my overabundance of lust became pretty self-destructive. There was a period of about a month and a half when I fucked almost 20 different guys, two or three new ones every weekend. One night in November, I found myself walking home from downtown in a short denim skirt with no panties on, after getting fucked from behind by a frat boy in the alley behind some bar, and I realized that this wasn't going anywhere positive. I had to clean up my act.

I did some reading, some talking to a close friend, and some soul searching and I eventually realized that my love of sex was a strength, not a weakness, but I had to learn to use it properly. So now I'm a junior, I still love sex, and I'm still a dirty little slut (as my roommate Shanna loves to remind me), but I have it under control. I've got a few very good "friends" that are available for a good romp, but more often than not I just watch porn and masturbate my way to a few of mind-blowing, toe-curling orgasms. Shanna understands – she calls it "Alex time," and usually leaves me alone. Although sometimes when she has to write a paper or something, she just puts on headphones and keeps on working while I go at it on my side of the room. What a sweetheart.

But this isn't my story of personal revelation and empowerment, nor is it a story about how I love to slip a finger up my ass while I rub my clit (although that is nice...hmm, I know what I'm doing later this evening). This is the story of how I lead a small group of sweet, innocent, nubile college girls to enthusiastically commit the most wanton acts of sexual depravity in their young lives. Well, they weren't all innocent, and Shanna can be a bitch sometimes, but you get the idea.

Since Shanna does take part in this little adventure, I should probably explain my relationship with her. Actually, a lot can be clarified with three words: she's a redhead. I love her dearly, but she is terribly mercurial and sometimes just downright horrid. I've learned to ride out the mood swings though, because 95 percent of the time she's an amazing person and I'm so glad I room with her. Shanna is a little tough to figure out, I must say. She's tall – not as tall as me, but I'm really tall – fit, fair-skinned and gorgeous. She always has these fantastic hair styles, with beautiful waves of red hair curving perfectly around her lightly freckled face. I admit it, I'm a little jealous. Guys who I know to be smooth and confident go slack-jawed in her presence. She could have her pick, but rarely dates, and hasn't had a steady boyfriend in the two years I've known her. The girl is a straight A student. For her, school comes first. She doesn't drink, although I did get her to eat "special brownies" with me one night. But she's no stick in the mud – Shanna definitely has a hidden wild side. One morning I came home from spending the night with a friend, and I saw Shanna in a big tangle of blankets on her bed. She heard me come in and slipped out of bed naked. There was some mumbling, and then a guy tumbled out of the bed, also naked.

Then another guy got out of the bed. He was naked too. Even perverted, jaded old me was stunned. I just squeaked, "Sorry!" and snuck off to the dorm lounge until lunchtime. To this day she refuses to tell me what happened that night! I'll bet it was hot though.

One other thing I know about Shanna – her boobs are real. I know this because the first time I saw them, I thought they weren't! She was changing to go swim laps at the school gym, and I was sitting at my desk checking her out.

Ok, quick tangent here. Yes, I like girls too. I think of myself as pan-sexual. I love just about every aspect of sex. I think a thick, hard cock is just about the most beautiful thing in the world (I'm one of those girls that genuinely gets off on sucking dick, and I actually like cum), but the sweet curves of a gorgeous woman give me a very special thrill as well. I get hit on by girls fairly often, too. I guess I give off that "adventurous, potentially bi" vibe. I'm tall, 5'11", and I keep my black hair cut close in a sort of tousled, bedhead style. I've got what Shanna calls "year-round tan," which I guess is thanks to my Abenaki heritage. My body is long and lean. Not flat-chested, though! I have nice perky B-cups. Oh, I also have a lip ring, tongue ring, a few eyebrow rings, and my left nipple is pierced, and I've got a few tattoos, but you'll get to see those later.

So there I was, looking Shanna up and down, noting that she trimmed her cute red pussy hair into a neat strip, like a girl in a Playboy, and eyeing her rack, which looked so perfectly shaped and firm that I was convinced they were fake. They weren't huge, just a generous C, capped by perfect pink nipples and a dusting of freckles. I'd just never seen boobs that were so flawless.

She caught me staring. "What? Take a picture, it'll last longer."

"Do you have fake boobs?" I blurted out like an idiot.

"Fake? No, I don't have fake boobs! Why, do they look fucked up?"

"No, I think they look amazing, they just look too good to be true," I stammered.

Ok, if you've read this far and you're wondering where the action is, you can unzip your pants now.

Shanna seemed ticked off. "Come here," he demanded.

I got up and walked over to her. She grabbed my hands and put them on her breasts. "Now squeeze."

So I did what any other sex-crazed 19-year-old would do. I squeezed her tits. God, they were fabulous. I squeezed them some more. I was staring down at them. Shanna broke my concentration. "Now do you believe they're real?"

I looked her in the eye and gave her a smirk. "Not sure yet. I'd better squeeze some more."

Shanna already knew I liked girls at that point, so she knew what she was getting into when she put my hands on her hooters. I wasn't sure about her, but she just laughed, rolled her eyes and looked out the window while I continued to knead and cup her boobs. After another moment, she looked back at me with a grin and shimmied her shoulders, shaking her breasts at me. Still, she didn't pull away. I laughed too. By this time, we were both smiling at each other, and my fondling was far more gentle and sensuous than a simple fake boob check. And Shanna was naked.

My throat was dry, I was so nervous at this point. I decided to go a step further, running my fingertips around her nipples, gently taking them between my fingers, stroking them lightly. There was no pretence of a boob inspection any more. That's when Shanna looked straight at me and said very matter-of-factly, "You're making me wet."

I didn't know what to do. I pretty much froze. Was that an invitation? Should I touch her pussy? Should I just keep going with the nipple thing? Should I take my shirt off and show her my boobs? Oh god, what to do?

Later, I realized that that was just Shanna being Shanna. I was making her wet. She told me so. There was nothing more to read into the comment. Eventually, she took my hands from her breasts and we held hands for a moment. Then she leaned forward and gave me a sweet kiss on my neck, just below my ear. It was more than friendly, but less than erotic, and she whispered, "I have to get going, the pool closes in an hour."

That night we talked things over. She was still vague about whether or not she is into sex with girls, but evidence would suggest she's at least open to the idea. But we decided that going too far with one's roommate was a recipe for disaster. Common sense prevailed. We've been very close ever since, though. Sometimes I even think I might be in love with Shanna. I know it would never work. On the other hand, we have fooled around together a few times in the intervening semesters. Whenever we do, it feels very relaxed and comfortable, almost like returning to a former lover. There's never any big drama – we just make out and touch each other, and occasionally curl up and fall asleep together. That's it.

Yeah, I know, that little tale was a bit of a let down. You were hoping we'd end up doing 69 at the 50-yard-line of the school football field, right? Sorry, our school doesn't havea football team. But I promise that by the end of the next story, Shanna and I will have sucked a big dick, and Shanna will swallow come for the first time in her life. Promise!

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