tagToys & MasturbationAlexandra the Great Ch. 02

Alexandra the Great Ch. 02


Hi again, friends and perverts. It's me, Alexandra, ready to relate the next chapter of my little tale of debauchery. You really should check out part 1, honest. Take ten minutes out of your day for a little sexy back story. Your orgasm will be that much better. No lie.

So this is the part where things get a little weird. And by weird, I mean that my Machiavellian little mind was slowly forming an evil plan to turn sweet Shanna completely to the dark side. Little did I know I'd be dragging at least one other delicious young coed down with us, but at the time, my only goal was to get Shann in touch with her inner slut.

You see, part of my period of inner turmoil and personal discovery (see, if you'd read part 1, you'd know what I'm talking about right now) was a keen interest in Wicca and paganism in general. The thing is, I never really liked that whole organized religion thing, even when it was as loosely organized as Wicca. So I sort of took bits and pieces of Wicca, and little bits of other pagan sects, combined with some of the nature spirit lore from my Abenaki ancestry, stirred it all together with some modern feminism, and created my own ad hoc spirituality. It was more philosophy than religion (I don't go in for that supernatural nonsense), but I got into the idea of a universal goddess spirit, a positive force that resided in elements of nature and humans alike. It could be both destructive and creative, loving and hateful, kind and wrathful, inside me and beyond me. I was the goddess, but so were other women. Men could be the goddess too, which probably sounds a little weird. Just subsitute The Force in place of The Goddess if it makes you feel better. Anyway, this ain't a treatise on hippy dippy new age bullshit. There is a point to all this.

Some of what I took from these other pagan belief systems were their rituals. I liked the rituals not because I thought they would have some kind of magical effect, but because I thought the repetition, precise movements and exotic verbalizations could be a form of active meditation, a way to open new pathways in the mind. Open the doors of perception, and so forth. And, because I'm a nerd at heart, I found some of the mathematical truisms inherent in nature and in certain rituals to be fascinating. Blah blah blah, ok, ok, yes, I'm closet nerd. Here's where I get to the good part.

After awhile, Shanna started taking an interest in this stuff too. I would do little rituals in our room, and of course my books were always lying around, and we talked about it now and then. She started participating in things more and more, although she was very careful to remain somewhat detached and half-hearted about the whole thing. Shann always referred to my little practice as "Alexandrianism." Smartass.

One afternoon I was reading up on some different rituals when I found a chapter on Sex Magick. "Now here are some rituals I can get behind!" I thought. As I read feverishly through the descriptions (they were disappointingly tame, for the most part), I kept thinking, "These would be fun, but who am I going to get to practice sex rituals with me?" And then a light bulb went off in my head. More like a bank of floodlights. Shanna! Holy crap, she'll go along and do these with me...then another bank of floodlights went off. Screw these boring rituals. I could make up my own. It was all part of Alexandrianism anyhow, right?

Excited with my evil plan, I immediately sat down to make up some rituals. They were all basically filthy sex fantasies with a "Blessed Be" thrown in now and then for effect. Perfect! Now I just had to pick one to try out on Shanna.

When she came home that night, I already had some candles set out and my yoga mat spread out on the floor. "What's up, slut?" she asked me with a smile.

"Nothing much, tramp."




"Delta Kappa pledge."

"Gangbang queen."



At that, I sputtered in mock offense. "What...I never!..." and then I pretend smacked her in the face, feigning outrage. Just another night in Alex and Shanna's room.

Eventually, we settled down and I got around to explaining this ritual I was going to perform. "Well, it's basically a ritual about sexual power. You light these candles and recite this little chant, and breath rhythmically while, uh...masturbating. And the point of the ritual is to have an orgasm."

"Oh, ok, that's cool. I can go read in the lounge and you can have some Alex Time," she said.

"Oh, thanks," I replied. "But it's supposed to be done in a circle."

"So you'll be spinning around in here? Just don't knock over a candle."

"No, dumbass. A circle, like a circle of people," I rolled my eyes.

Shanna looked exasperated. "Whatever, fine, so you have some weirdo friends coming over to have ritual orgasms with you. Either way, I'll be in the lounge."

"Oh, for the love of...Shanna, no one's coming over. I meant you. We can make a circle with two people. Will you masturbate with me?"

Now, as I've mentioned, Shanna and I had fooled around a few times. She even hangs out in the room sometimes while I'm playing with myself. We're very close and don't have much to hide from each other. But this was something a little different. We'd be totally exposed, totally open to each other's pleasure. She hesitated. Being evil, I pushed the magic button. "It's ok, I can do it by myself. I'll come get you when I'm done," I said, doing my best to look crestfallen. Even though she knows I do it on purpose sometimes, Shanna can't bring herself to disappoint me. She smiled.

"No, it's ok. I'll do it. I'd feel pretty dumb if my roommate became transcendent while I was out in the lounge reading Moliere," Shanna said. And, Shanna being Shanna, once the decision was made, she quickly peeled off her clothes and sat down at one end of the yoga mat, legs apart, leaning forward with her elbows on her knees. She looked up at me expectantly.

All I could do was laugh. "I love you sometimes, Shanna. Never a dull moment."

"Only sometimes?" she made a goofy face.

I stripped out of my jeans and tank top, pulled my panties down to one ankle and flung them at Shanna's head with my foot. She just sat there and looked at me with one eyebrow raised while they hit her in the ear and fell to the floor.

I lit a few more candles, and then sat down opposite Shanna. "Sit back, leaning back on one hand," I instructed. "Now stretch your legs out so they cross over mine." There was a candle on a small pedestal between us, and our legs crossed right about at the knee, her legs over mine. We did make a circle that way, and we were definitely exposed to each other. I had decided to shave my pussy bare for this, while Shann had her usual Playboy strip trim. She looked down between my legs, where she could see my lips slightly parted.

"Got a little crazy with the razor this morning, huh?" she asked.

"Ha ha. Now stop joking around and play with your pussy," I shot back.

"Just like that?"

"Well, no. We have to do the breathing and chanting first."

The chant was a meditation syllable, sort of like "Ohm." Our voices blended together, resonated, and eventually fell into sync, sounding like a single voice. It was kind of cool, sitting there with our eyes closed. I could feel her skin where our legs met, but the sound filling the room felt like it was coming from outside of me.

After that, we started breathing in unison, slow and deep. That, too became perfectly synchronized after awhile. I didn't even have to think about it any more. After about ten minutes of this, we both started masturbating. We both did it at the same moment, with no signal or plan. Our right hands reached down between our legs and began softly, slowly stroking, our left arms behind us supporting our weight. It just seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do right then. In some respects, this ritual I'd invented was actually working. There was a connection between us that we had not experienced before.

I had my eyes open at that point. Although the chanting and breathing had me very mellow, I was also incredibly turned on. I was very eager to watch Shanna get herself off. She still had her eyes closed, and was very gently running her fingers up the length of her slit. Her fingertips parted the soft, sparse hair and slid lower, where I could see her outer lips. I could also see that she was incredibly wet. Her fingers glistened in the candlelight. Then she withdrew her hand and brought it up to her mouth, parting her lips slightly and drawing her fingers across them, leaving her lips and tongue wet. She licked her lips and her hand returned to her pussy.

Well, that was so damn hot that I increased the pace of the fingers on my own pussy. At first, I'd just been gliding my fingertips across the skin, which was silky smooth. Then I reached down between my lips and found my pussy hot and slippery. I'd pretty much been wet all day, thinking about this. Now I was positively sopping. I got my fingers good and juicy and rubbed the tips around and across my clit – just hard enough to tease myself. My legs and Shanna's slid together as we worked ourselves, our hips rising and falling, the motions unconsciously bring us closer to each other. I followed her lead and brought some of my cream to my lips and tongue. It was warm with a mellow flavor, just a slight tang. I swallowed what was on my tongue and smiled, made an "Mmmmm," sound.

At that, Shanna opened her eyes. They were wide and electric, the blue sparkling with intensity. I tore my eyes away from her pussy and looked right at her. We were eye-to-eye, about two feet apart, and at the same moment we both slid our fingers up inside ourselves. Legs spread, left hands behind us to hold our weight, right hands pumping steadily, deeply thrusting two fingers into our pussies, hips rising and humping, breasts quaking gently with the motions, looking into each other's eyes. The pleasure was so intense, without even touching my clit, that I couldn't help but cry out, a simple "Oh!" saying all that needed to be said.

That broke the ice. Shanna moaned, "Oh god yes," and started laughing. Sexy breathless laughs as she fucked herself with two fingers, watching me do the same. The drama has dissipated, replaced by a sense of pure fun and enjoyment. She tossed her head back and said, "This feels amazing."

I couldn't respond, because I was about to come. Hard. I'd moved my fingers up to my clit, which I was rubbing quickly. My mouth was wide open, gasping as I said, "Oh God, Oh God," over and over, with no sound coming out. Shanna noticed my impending orgasm.

"Oh yes, come for me Alex. God, I love watching you come."

This registered somewhere in my mind as somewhat unusual. Was she actually watching when she stayed in the room during "Alex time?" But conscious thought was quickly replaced by an explosion of pleasure. My toes curled, my hips shook and bucked, my eyes went wide and out of focus and I convulsed as though someone had hooked a live wire to me. 10,000 volts of pure pleasure tripped through my wires.

It faded just a little. I kept my fingers working on my clit, my intense state of arousal keeping me right on the edge. Plus, Shanna was coming too. This was something I'd never witnessed before. She had her clit trapped between two soaking wet fingers, rubbing them up and down vigorously. Her eyes were looking up at the ceiling and a high-pitched moan was coming from her. Finally, her back arched and a long, continuous groan became a scrambled muddle of filthy talk and utter nonsense.

"Uuuuuuuhhhhhfuckfuckfuck that pretty pussy fuck me fuck me shaved pussy so tight so fucking sweet oh fuck yes."

She kept going too, and we leaned forward. Our foreheads met above the candle, still guttering between us, and we leaned on each other for support, still going at it. Our left hands no longer held us up, so we used them to finger our own pussies while our right hands worked our throbbing clits. We were hunched forward, masturbating furiously, our faces pressed together, not kissing, just...melding. We never touched each other's pussies, but I truly felt like I was fucking her and her me. It only took seconds before we gasped and grunted and came on our fingers at the same time, collapsing to the side in each other's arms. Our naked bodies were slick with sweat and girl juice.

Once we caught our breath, I whispered a thank you in Shanna's ear. "Wouldn't want to miss out on that," she replied softly. "When's the next one?"

I laughed, and we cleaned up the candles and other crap, then took separate showers in the shower room down the hall. That night, we studied a bit and watched some tv. When it was time for bed, I climbed into my bed in my comfy pajamas (fleece!). Without saying a word – without needing to say a word – Shanna climbed into my bed as well. I lay on my side, and she curled up with her back to my front. I put my arms around her, nuzzled her silky hair, and settled in for a wonderful night's sleep.

Oh, and yes, I know I promised dick sucking and other perverted things in this chapter, but I wanted to relate this story as well. I'll get to the really dirty things soon enough, I promise!

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