tagBDSMAlexia Accumulates Punishment

Alexia Accumulates Punishment


"Get up slut!"

I slowly opened my eyes.

"Move it! Get into the shower NOW!"

I scurried from my sleeping mat at the foot of Master R's bed into the bathroom. I can't believe I slept through the alarm!

I'd been living with Master R for six months now. He was strict and punished disobedience severely, but, at heart, he was a kind soul. He looked after me well-- made sure I had enough to eat, exercised properly and had medical care.

Giving up my job and my old life was a huge step, but it was worth it. I love pleasing Master R. His pleasure is my only goal in life and it is through obeying him and following his guidance that I will attain that goal.

In the bathroom, I shaved-- my legs and my pussy, taking care not to arouse myself-- and stepped into the shower. I had to make sure I was squeaky clean to avoid displeasing Master R and receiving punishment.

After showering, I patted myself dry as Master R had taught me to and went to present myself to him.

He was in the living room. As I entered, I dropped to my hands and knees-- at home, I was not allowed to stand upright in his presence, unless he instructed me to do so-- and moved toward him.

I stopped in front of him. I raised my upper body and clasped my hands behind my back so that my breasts stuck out more. I raised my head high and spread my legs wide.

Master R leaned forward and pushed my long hair off my shoulders. He caressed them gently-- knowing how much he conveyed in his manner of touching.

He moved to my breasts-- flicking and pulling gently at my nipples. He moved to forward and began drawing out patterns on my tummy before touching my pussy with his fingertips-- he traced the outline of my lips, flicked my clit just once and buried to fingers inside me. His other hand gently squeezed my buttocks. I was getting aroused.

All too soon he pulled away.

"Very good Alex. You have been a good slut and cleaned yourself properly. However, your failure to wake up on time this morning will be severely punished. That's fair, is it not?"

"Yes, Master R, that's fair."

"Good. I'm glad we agree. But that punishment will have to wait for this evening. I have something planned for you today. I think I might incorporate some punishment into those tasks too though, just to reinforce the lesson. On all fours-- butt in the air."

I moved into the required position, wondering what he had in store for the day ahead-- it must be really important if he is delaying my punishment for it.

Master R stood behind me, and pulled my buttocks apart. He applied a cold lubricant to my asshole.

"Hold still and relax Alexia."

He inserted a finger as deep as it could go and pulled it out. He added more lubricant and repeated the process with two fingers.

"Good Alexia. Now the next bit is part of the punishment for disappointing me this morning."

"Yes Master R. I am sorry to have disappointed you."

"Sorry won't help you now my slut."

With that, he shoved the tip of a butt plug into my asshole-- stretching it wide apart. I honestly didn't think I could take anymore.

"Please Master R. I can't take anymore of it. It won't happen again. You can punish me in other ways."

"No! I choose how to punish you! Now if you just be quiet and still, I might consider being gentle. "

I burst into tears. Master R stopped and rubbed my buttocks as a sort of consolation.

While I was somewhat distracted, he slammed the rest of the butt plug into me.

I screamed out in pain. It felt like fire in my rear end!

"Yes, my dear slut, punishment hurts. That's why it works."

I continued to cry.

"Stand upright," he instructed.

I did so, feeling the butt plug move slightly too.

"Ok my slut. Today we're going out. Go wash your face. Empty your bladder and then I want you to put on no panties over that butt plug. Put on your short, black skirt. Wear a low-cut t-shirt-- no bra and those red stilettos. Meet me here in 5 minutes. Hurry! I'm timing you!"

He clicked something on his watch. I rushed off to do as instructed and returned quickly to the living room.

I dropped to my hands and knees and went to him.

"Ah, late again my dear slut. Six minutes and three seconds. This behaviour cannot go on."

"I'm sorry Master R. I really tried to be quick but this butt plug..."

"Slut, neither excuses nor sorry will help you now, but we do have to get going. Pull up the skirt and lay over my lap-- butt up."

I was expecting a good spanking, but he barely touched my ass. Instead, he tied some rope around my hips-- as a sort of rope belt. He then attached another piece of rope to the middle at the back-- leaving the loose end free over my buttocks.

"Turn over slut."

I did so.

He pulled the loose rope from the other side hard-- forcing it between my buttocks and pushing the butt plug in hard.

I yelped.

"Save the sound effects and spread your legs. Bend your knees."

I did so, almost in tears.

He pulled at the loose rope hard, then pulled it up against my pussy-- forcing it up against my clit-- and then tying it to the front of the rope belt he made earlier.

"Good. That will keep things in place. Stand upright."

He left the room, leaving me standing in my stilettos and short skirt with a butt plug stretching me out and rope eating into my flesh.

He returned moments later with a litre bottle of water, my pills and some porridge.

"Quick slut. We're late already. Make sure you drink all that water. I'll be back in 10 minutes. You will make sure you are done by then. Is that clear?"

"Yes Master R."

He set off. I took my pills and ate the porridge. The water was tough to drink. I was bursting before I got halfway through. I had to do it though-- I couldn't disappoint Master R further.

With much difficulty, I managed to down the last drop just as Master R returned. My tummy had expanded and I looked pregnant.

"Good slut. Now my dear Alexia, its time to get busy. You will, however, do twenty sit ups and twenty push ups first. You will do so with your knees together at all times-- like a lady. I will sit here and use the whip on you when I feel you have not put in your best effort.

I did the required exercise despite the discomfort of the butt plug, earning only two whacks.

"Ok Alexia, stand up, pull up your t-shirt and pull at your nipples away from your body while I speak to you."

I stood up, pulled up my t-shirt and pulled at my nipples.

"So Alexia, today we are going somewhere near the mall. Because you haven't had a full exercise session today, we will be walking. You will do it in those stilettos as punishment. You will not speak during that walk unless I give you express permission to do so. You will keep up with the pace I set. You will walk with your hands clasped behind your back and your legs closed tightly such that your knees rub against each other. I will from time to time spray your chest with water so as to show off your breasts. You will also have another litre of water to drink. It must be finished before we reach the mall. Any questions?"

"No Master R, no questions."

"Good. Fix your clothes and wait here."

I did so as he left the room and returned moments later with a spray bottle filled with water and two one-litre bottles. He handed me one. He opened the other and poured the other over me. It was cold but refreshing. It made my clothes and my hair cling to my body. It did put my breasts on display. My t-shirt was a pale pink, through which you could see my dark, engorged nipples. It also clung to my now large belly and the top part of my skirt stuck to the top of my buttocks-- showing to anybody that cared to look that they were spread apart.

My bladder was beginning to get full, but I dared not ask for permission to empty it now.

He led me out the house and we began our path to the mall.

The mall was only a few minutes away, but with every step I was reminded of the huge butt plug embedded inside me. My bladder was filling up. Master R was walking fairly briskly and it was hard to keep up in my stilettos. Also, I was self conscious about who was watching-- I got many stares-- and I still had to drink my water.

My bladder soon became pretty full and I knew I had to take care of it very soon. I tried giving Master R pleading looks but he only looked at my chest when he was wetting it-- never at my face.

We reached the mall. I'd finished the water and disposed of the bottle. My desperation to run to the bathroom grew stronger with every sip and every step, but it increased exponentially when I saw the restroom sign.

I knew it was wrong to ask, but I was desperate.

"Master R, may I please use the ladies room very quickly?"

I could immediately see that I had angered him.

"What did I say about no talking? You will not use the ladies room! You delayed us this morning and now you want to stop and use the ladies room! No! Let's move! NOW!"

He grabbed my elbow and pulled me with him. I nearly tripped over my own feet.

We walked through the mall. People pointed. People stared. Parents tried to hide their children's faces.

We walked out one of the other entrances of the mall to the river that lay behind. We walked alongside the river.

I couldn't control it anymore. The sound of the river broke me completely. It came rolling down my legs-- a small trickle at first, then a gushing waterfall.

Master R stopped to let me finish, but I knew that he was disappointed in me.

He pulled me forward roughly when I was done and we made our way to a back entrance to one of the houses near the mall.

We stopped before the door and Master R told me to get down on my hands and knees and turn around-- presenting my plugged asshole to the door.

I did so and he knocked three times on the door.

"Remain here in that position Alexia, until I tell you otherwise."

The door was opened and Master R went inside, shutting the door behind him.

It sounded like he was talking to another man. I couldn't make out the words but it sounded like they were good friends.

I remained in position outside. I was soaked-- partly in water, partly in my own pee.

Master R and his friend came back. It was a man-- a rather attractive man I had to admit.

Master R introduced him.

"Alexia, this is my friend Luke. You may address him as Master L."

"Pleasure to meet you Alexia," Master L offered.

"Likewise Master L," I responded.

"No no no," Master R interjected, " I have not yet given you permission to speak sweet slut. You have added to your already huge pile of punishment."

I didn't know what more to say. I was just being polite. I bowed my head and remained quiet, in position.

"Alexia," Master R said calmly, "you will spend the rest of the day with Master L. I will collect you in the morning and we will attend to your punishment then. For the rest of today, you belong to Master L. You will obey him the same way you obey me. You will participate in whatever way he wishes you to and do whatever he commands you to do. He is allowed to punish you should you displease him, but there will also be punishment from me for you should you embarrass me in such a manner.

"You should also utilise this time as a cleansing period to think about your actions-- your tardiness, your talking out of turn and your pissing. You will receive punishment for this with interest when you return to me.

"Master L will have company this afternoon and evening and you will service them as he wishes for you to. He will explain further shortly. You are now to stand up and remove your skirt."

I did so.

Master L inspected the rope running between my legs and my pussy lips.

"Good," he said to Master R, "you can leave her with me."

Master R said goodbye and left through the front of the house.

"Ok you disobedient slut, hands behind your head and open up those legs."

I put my hands behind my head and spread my legs.

"Keep that position and move inside slut," he commanded.

I did as he said to. He followed me in and closed the door behind us.

We were in a living room with a large brown leather couch, cherry wood coffee table and huge flatscreen tv.

"Kneel on the table slut. I'll be with you shortly."

I kneeled with some difficulty-- the tight ropes chaffing my skin. He returned moments later with two bags.

"Now slut, since you can't keep your mouth shut, I'm going to gag you. Open wide."

He slipped a ball gag into my mouth and fastened it around my head. It didn't hurt, but was uncomfortable, and did prevent me from speaking. It had a hole through the middle though and it took me a moment to figure out whether I wanted to breathe through my nose or my mouth.

"I will have two sets of guests over later and I require you to be at your best. I will feed you a liquidised meal now. Swallow or you will choke."

So that's what the hole was for! I couldn't taste the food, but swallowed obediently.

"Ok slut, now for the good stuff. I will remove these ropes. The butt plug will remain in place for now."

It was a relief to have those ropes taken off and the butt plug wasn't being forced in anymore-- I tried pushing it out with my anal muscles.

"No slut," he said sternly.

I stopped.

"Okay, I'm now going to apply a cream to your outer pussy lips and then a very thick chastity belt. The belt might be a bit tight but its just for the rest of the day. It has a modified dildo that will rest in your pussy and will attach to the butt plug you have in. It also has a few other functions that will be revealed later."

He applied the cream, shoved the dildo in and locked up the chastity belt in a matter of seconds.

The dildo and the butt plug rubbed against my insides in a very awkward manner, but I had other worries at the moment.

The cream was cooling at first, then began to burn, now it was making me itchy but I couldn't get to that part of my body! Nor could I ask for relief!

I whimpered a bit and tried to reach around.

"Who gave you permission to move slut? You will be punished."

Seconds later I felt a painful jolt in pussy and rear. It hurt like hell. Even when it was over, I was still in pain.

"That's what this belt is good for slut," he sneered.

"Sit on the couch now!"

The itch was still there; the pain was still there but I moved onto the couch despite it.

This man was cruel and evil. Not at all like Master R. However, I couldn't see how to get out of it without getting myself electrocuted, so it was probably in my best interests to co-operate.

"I'm going to attach nipple clamps and weights. Remove your t-shirt."

I did so and he attached the clamps. They hurt, but not unbearably.

"On all fours slut."

I changed position.

He attached weights. They pulled my nipples further down than they've ever been. It felt like someone was slowly ripping my nipples off.

"Ok off the couch slut. On the floor. Crawl around like a dog."

I did so. He kicked me and pointed to the door I had just come in.

"Dogs belong outside."

He opened the door and led me out.

"I'm going to put this naughty dog on a leash."

He tied a rope loosely around my neck and tied the loose end to the door handle.

"Sit down slut. Cross you legs. Ass on the floor."

I followed his instructions. Sitting like that pushed the butt plug in hard and made the itching worse. It also pulled my nipples and their weights in a new direction. The chastity belt's edges dug into my flesh.

"Hands clasped behind your back slut."

I did as I was told and he tied my hands there with several pieces of rope and many knots.

"Ok slut, I'm going to leave you here until my guests arrive. I can't have a disobedient slut running loose in my house. You'll have to think about your actions. You really are a disgrace. I expected a lot more.

"You will sit here for two hours. Then I will come get you to prepare you for my guests. You are not to move or make a sound. Don't even think about undoing those knots and leaving. I have the chastity belt control and will use it."

He turned and went inside, leaving me alone, sore, scared and as itchy as hell.

*to be continued*

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